"Identify Ways To Ensure That Evidence Of Abuse Is Preserved" Essays and Research Papers

Identify Ways To Ensure That Evidence Of Abuse Is Preserved

the following types of abuse: (1.1.1) • Sexual abuse Sexual abuse is the forcing of undesired sexual behaviour by one person upon another • Emotional/psychological abuse Emotional/psychological abuse may involve threats or actions to cause mental or physical harm; humiliation; voilation • Financial abuse Financial abuse is the illegal or unauthorised use of a person’s money, property, pension book or other valuables. • Institutional abuse Institutional abuse involves failure of an...

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What to do if there are suspicians of abuse

and caring Reassure the person that you believe them and that it is not their fault/they are in no way to blame Do not promise that you will keep it secret (may need to pass on to help them, important not to say one thing and do another) but only to people who need to know and will help Protect the individual – ensure they are in a safe place and protected from any further possibility of abuse Medical assistance if required Report Report the allegation immediately to a senior colleague (manager...

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signs of abuse

formative assessment feedback form 1.1 & 1.2-Define the following types of abuse... physical abuse. signs of physical abuse are Fractures Burns Bed sores Fear Depression Unexplained weight loss Assault (can be intentional or reckless) Sexual abuse Loss of sleep Unexpected or unexplained change in behaviour Bruising Soreness around the genitals Torn, stained or bloody underwear A preoccupation with anything sexual Sexually transmitted diseases Pregnancy Rape – e.g. a male...

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Define the Following Types of Abuse

the following types of abuse: • Physical abuse Physical abuse involving contact planned to cause bodily harm, feelings of intimidation, other physical suffering or injury • Sexual abuse Sexual abuse is the forcing of undesired sexual behaviour by one person upon another • Emotional/psychological abuse Emotional/psychological abuse may involve threats or actions to cause mental or physical harm; humiliation; voilation • Financial abuse Financial abuse is the illegal or unauthorised...

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Safeguarding: Abuse and Care Quality Commission

1. Know how to recognise signs of abuse 1.1 / 1.2 Define the following types of abuse / Identify the signs and/or symptoms associated with each Physical abuse - the non accidental use of physical force on an individual resulting in pain. Examples of Physical abuse include hitting, inappropriate restraint and misuse of withholding medication. Evidence of physical abuse includes slap marks, lacerations and injuries that can’t be easily explained. Sexual Abuse - direct or indirect involvement in...

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Unit CT298 205 Know How To Recognise Signs Of Abuse

Know How To Recognise Signs of Abuse.    1.1 Define the following types of abuse:    Physical­​  This can be defined as a physical injury which has been caused by actual bodily  harm I.e hitting, biting, slapping. The abuse may leave markings which there are no reasonable  explanations for.     Sexual­ ​ Defined as sexual acts both direct and non­direct contact. Sexual abuse varies from  innuendo, harassment and indecent exposure to physical touching to penetration.     Emotional/psychological­ ​ These types of abuse can be define as the use of threats...

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Unit 204 Safeguarding Abuse

signs of abuse 1.1 Define the following types of abuse: Physical abuse - force feeding, hitting, slapping, misuse of medication and use of restraint etc. Sexual abuse- rape and sexual assault, indecent exposure, penetration or attempted penetration etc. Emotional/ psychological abuse – emotional abuse, bullying, ignoring, shouting etc. Financial abuse – theft, fraud, exploitation etc. Institutional abuse - Institutional abuse is different from other categories because it is about who abuses and how...

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Abuse and Unsafe Practices

recognise signs of abuse (1.1+1.2). Physical abuse- Deliberate use of force that results in bodily injury or pain. Signs of physical abuse- · Marks on body · dont want to join in with others · misuse of medication · bruises Sexual abuse- Involvement in sexual activity without consent. Signs of sexual abuse: · Recurrent genital or urinary infections · Abdominal pain · Refusal to undress for activities · Blood or marks on underwear Emotional/Psychological abuse- Any action that...

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Safeguarding: Abuse and Social Care

the following types of abuse: • Physical abuse – Body harm. Bruising, fear… • Sexual abuse – Forcing sexual behaviour. Bruising around genital areas, fear from p/care… • Emotional/psychological abuse –Verbal abuse to maintain power and control, taking empowerment away from an individual. Fear of guving opinions or speaking out loud… • Financial abuse –Taking money or making somebody financially dependant. Money keep on disappearing from a wallet. • Institutional abuse – Setting unflexible...

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Abuse and Care Quality Commission

of abuse. Physical abuse Physical abuse is defined as the use of physical force that may result in bodily injury, physical pain, or impairment. If anyone slaps, pinches, pushes someone else also throwing things at someone, if unexplained bruises appear or black eyes. Sexual abuse Sexual abuse is unwanted sexual activity, with perpetrators using force, making threats or taking advantage of victims not able to give consent. Emotional/psychological abuse Emotional or psychological abuse is any...

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Nvq Level 3 Abuse

Page West Lancashire College CANDIDATE’S EVIDENCE REPORT Candidate’s Name Sharon Tilburn Location ……………………………. Date ………………………………………… Time ………………………………… Assessor’s Name ………………………… Evidence Gathering Method:- Direct Observation Reflective Account Witness Testimony Written/oral Questioning Expert Witness Work Products Simulations Project/Assignment Professional Discussion ...

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evidence collection

 Evidence Collection and Preservation When collecting the evidence, it is crucial that cross contamination is avoided at all costs. In order to ensure that the evidence does not get contaminated whilst being collected, the investigator must ensure that all of the collection tools are clean and sterilized and that gloves are changed when handling each different sample. The methods of collection differ depending on the type of evidence and where it is found. Ideally, evidence should be collected...

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Market Abuse

Corporate Law Assignment Criminal sanctions for market abuse by traders and investors are not adequate and we need other forms of enforcements –like the administrative sanctions, the civil penalties/fines etc.? Answer: Administrative sanctions may be the most viable solution to curb the problem of Market Abuse as there is a lower burden of proof for prosecution and it solves the purpose of deterrence. Background: Market abuse is a very general term to describe actions by investors...

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Child Abuse and Identify National Policies

Unit 4 1. Know how to recognise signs of abuse 1.1 Define the types of abuse * Physical abuse * Sexual abuse * Emotional/psychological abuse * Financial abuse * Self-neglect * Neglect by others 1.2 Identify the signs and/or symptoms associated with each type of abuse 1.3 Describe factors that may contribute to an individual being more vulnerable to abuse 2. Know how to respond to suspected or alleged abuse 2.1 Explain the actions to take if there are suspicious...

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PHYISCAL ABUSE • WHAT IS PHYISCAL ABUSE AND WHAT IS THE SIGNS AND SYMPTONS • Physical abuse can be when someone is being hit, kicked, force feed, being restraint. • The signs and symptoms can be bruising or other unexplained injuries i.e. broken bones. • Physical abuse is abuse where there is damage to physical features of the body which can be bruises and broken bones ETC. SEXUAL ABUSE • WHAT IS SEXUAL ABUSE AND WHAT IS THE SIGNS AND SYMPTONS • Sexual abuse can be when someone touchs you...

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Child Abuse

Introduction Child abuse has been the most intriguing issue in most of the third world countries. The primary individual who receives more trauma, humiliation and stigma is the child. Abuse is not a good way to support the growth and development of the children. It is not also supported by the people namely social workers because of the negative effects that it may bring to the children which might reflect in their future self. Moreover, there are programs and organization that promotes...

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Child Abuse

Child Abuse Even though child abuse is not fully recognized as a criminal act it does effect children both physically and mentally; to prevent child abuse talk with the authorities. “Child abuse is any recent act or failure to act, on the part of an parent or caretaker” (Peterson 8). Child abuse is broken down into four types of abuse. The four types of child abuse are physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. There are a lot of causes of child abuse. Sometimes the effect it...

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describe factors that may contribute to an individual being vulnerable to abuse

contribute to an individual being vulnerable to abuse. Factors may include if theindividual has a mental disabilty such as dementia or not having the mental capacity. If the individual is secluded or isolated or vulnerable.There could be factors for the abuser which could include the abuser having lack of training, also abusing their power. Sometimespersonal issues have a part to play which could include the carer/abuser being stressed or having a history of abuse and continuing the cycle. There are numerous...

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Describing the Different Types of Abuse

Describing the different types of abuse 1. Physical abuse – This is causing someone physical harm, for example hitting, pushing, slapping, kicking etc. 2. Sexual abuse – Any form of sexual activities that a person has not or cannot give consents to or have been forced into, for example rape. 3. Emotional/psychological – This is causing some mental distress by using verbal abuse, threats, humiliation, control and intimidation. 4. Financial abuse – Taking people’s money goods or property...

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Discrimination and Performance Evidence Record

Evidence ref: Evidence ref: Performance evidence record Diploma Health and Social Care Level Candidate name Use this form to record details of activities (tick as appropriate) Observed by your assessor Discussion Seen by witness Self reflective account Questions NB Your assessor may wish to ask you some questions relating to this activity. Ensure that they are recorded...

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actions to take in response to evidence or concerns that a child or young person has been abused, harmed (including self-harm) or bullied, or may be at risk of harm, abuse or bullying.

report has been asked for by Veronica Cozens, class tutor. The report asks to: 3.1 Define the term ‘safeguarding’ children and identify the characteristics of different types of abuse. 3.3 Describe the actions to take in response to evidence or concerns that a child or young person has been abused, harmed (including self-harm) or bullied, or may be at risk of harm, abuse or bullying. Procedure I have obtained the information from the following sources: Child Protection and Safeguarding Awareness...

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unconstitutionally obtained evidence The exclusionary rule is the rule that defines the circumstances in which a court will exclude evidence on the grounds that it has been obtained in violation of the accused’s constitutional rights. Traditionally the common law did not have an exclusionary rule. The court allowed evidence to be admitted that had been obtained through the use of illegal means, for example, searching a dwelling without a search warrant, any evidence obtained is an illegal evidence, but this was...

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Nvq Level 3 Health and Social Acre

signs of abuse 1.1a Define the following types of abuse: – Physical abuse 1.1b Define the following types of abuse: – Sexual abuse 1.1c Define the following types of abuse: – emotional/psychological abuse 1.1d Define the following types of abuse: – Financial abuse 1.1e Define the following types of abuse: – Institutional abuse 1.1f Define the following types of abuse: – self-neglect 1.1g Define the following types of abuse: – Neglect by others 1.2 Identify the signs...

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Child Abuse

Child Abuse Child abuse is any form of maltreatment to a child or children and could either be physical, emotional, or sexual. It can also be described as an act or failure to act by a parent or caretaker which results to harm of the child. There are four major forms of child abuse, Physical, abuse which is the infliction of serious injuries or actions that may lead to infliction of injuries or death. Sexual abuse is a situation where an adult engages...

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Subatence abuse

 Substance abuse is a devastating issue that can be found in almost every society. Though this is not a household problem, it is definitely neither an uncommon problem across the world today. The issue often starts in the teenage years and can escalate to various lengths of severity well into adulthood. Substance abuse has a negative outcome and also has many adverse effects on the abuser and on those around them, like their families and other impressionable youth. Drugs and alcohol provide the...

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Level 2 Dip Health & Social Care

and social care Define the following types of abuse (a) Physical abuse – This is the deliberate use of physical force that results in bodily injury, pain or impairment (b) Sexual abuse – this is direct or indirect involvement in sexual activity without valid consent (c) Emotional / psychological abuse – this is any action by another that damages an individuals mental wellbeing. It includes the denial of basic human rights (d) Financial abuse – this is the theft or misuse of an individuals...

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HSC 024 safeguarding unit 5

protection in health and social care. Please define the following types of abuse and list some of the signs and/or symptoms associated with each type of abuse HSC 024 1.1 1.2 Physical abuse Definition: Signs/symptoms: Sexual abuse Definition: Signs/symptoms: Emotional/psychological abuse Definition: Signs/symptoms: Financial abuse Definition: Signs/symptoms: Institutional abuse Definition: Signs/symptoms Self-neglect Definition: Signs/symptoms:...

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Ways to Prevent Animal Abuse

has lost weight rapidly—a possible indicator of abuse. 3. Make the call. Without phone calls from concerned citizens who report cruelty in their neighborhoods, we wouldn't know about most instances of animal abuse. It all comes from the public, it all starts with YOU—that's why it's so important to keep your eyes and ears open. 4. Provide as much as information as possible when reporting animal cruelty. The details that you provide can go a long way toward assisting an investigating officer. It...

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unit 5

assignment aims to support the Learner to acquire knowledge and understanding of the knowledge evidence requirement for unit, and to guide the learner towards gathering evidence to demonstrate their competence for this unit. Having acquired the knowledge the Learner needs to demonstrate to their assessor they understand the knowledge requirement and can apply this in their work practice. All knowledge evidence should be related to the expectations and requirements of the Learners job role. Aim: ...

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Safeguarding Adults From Abuse Booklet

Safeguarding Adults from Abuse Staff Handbook This guidance booklet has been produced to help people working directly with vulnerable adults to understand how to raise concerns they may have about abuse. This booklet supplements the Safeguarding Adult Guidelines. ] It is the responsibility of everyone to recognise suspected or actual abuse and to take appropriate action in line with the procedures in this document. IGNORING ABUSE IS NOT AN OPTION ] All individuals regardless...

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Trace Evidence

Trace Evidence Trace evidence is an important part of a team in solving crimes in forensic investigations. According to Edmond Locard, there is specific that no matter wherever people interact with their environment or is physically involved in a crime often leaves something at or something away from the scene. Those in this category of evidence include many diverse types of macroscopic or microscopic materials that certain examples are easily visible to our “naked eye”. The subject is broad and...

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Institutional Abuse

Institutional Abuse (Elder Abuse) Definition Mistreatment of someone living in a facility for older people. This includes nursing homes, foster homes, group homes or board care facilities where the staff, are paid to provide care. Physical signs and symptoms Broken bones, sprains, dislocations Broken eyeglasses Open wounds, cuts, punctures, untreated injuries in various stages of healing. Sudden changes in behaviour A care giver who refuses to let visitors see elder person alone. Reports from...

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204 abuse booklet

Types of abuse... Physical – Punching, Kicking, Scratching, slapping, biting, scalding, hair pulling, poking, pushing, pinching, burning, shoving, tripping over, binding limbs, choking, beating, cutting, starvation, imprisonment, force feeding, deliberate dehydration, twisting arms, sleep deprivation, torture, drowning, bruising, Signs or Symptoms:-Injuries that have not received medical attention, frequent or regular falls and injuries, “pepper-pot bruising” finger-marks, bruising in areas not...

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Assignment #1 Evidence: CRJS355 Real/ Physical Evidence Real or physical evidence is evidence that can be addressed to the court directly without any interposing of a testimony of witness other than what is required of the basis for such evidence. Real evidence and physical evidence is basically the same thing physical evidence is just object that has been involved in the actual crime scene or took place and played some type of part in it. But when it comes to real evidence it basically...

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Unit 4

4 Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care 1 Know how to recognise signs of abuse 1.1(a) Define the following types of abuse: physical abuse Physical abuse is the use of physical force that could potentially lead to an injury, physical pain or an impairment. 1.1(b) Define the following types of abuse: sexual abuse Sexual abuse is any action that pressures or forces someone to do something sexually they don't want to do. This includes any actions that may restrict a persons...

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Confidentiality: Abuse and Young People

experiencing problems. Policies and procedures * Ensure safe recruitment is practised by checking the suitability of staff and volunteers , all will be surplus to CRB checks. * Raise awareness of safeguarding issues, helping children and young people develop the skills needed to keep themselves safe. PHSE can be used to implement this. * Continual development and practise of procedures for identifying and reporting cases or suspected cases of abuse. * Support for children or young people who...

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Evidence Values and Knowledge

implications of the nature of knowledge in nursing practice. Part of the way in which nursing practice is developed is through evidence based practice. Evidence based practice informs modern practice by using reliable, valid and relevant research and clinical experts to inform and improve nursing practice and patient care, enabling care that improves and makes a positive difference (Malloch & Porter-O’Grady 2010). It is through evidence based practice that pre-registration nurses are informed and trained...

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Safeguarding and Protection

1.3 Describe factors that may contribute to an individual being more vulnerable to abuse There are certain factors that have the potential to make individuals more vulnerable to abuse. These include: Not enough trained staff Staff being under stress/personal issues Mental awareness of individual i.e. dementia Greed of the carer If the carer was abused themselves; may make it more likely for them to become an abuser Communication difficulties Individuals that do not have good support networks i.e...

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Assignment: Abuse and Capacity Act Safeguarding

of safeguarding and protection in health and social care Task A AI Physical Abuse- Physical abuse is an act of another party which involves contact in which causes pain, suffering or bodily harm. Sexual Abuse- Sexual abuse is the forcing of undesired sexual behaviour from one person to another without permission. Emotional/Physiological Abuse- Emotional abuse or mental abuse is a form of abuse characterised by a person subjecting or exposing another to behaviour that may result...

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Child Abuse Essay

Child Abuse Child Abuse is harm done to a child; this person causing the abuse can be either a child or an adult. Sadly, child abuse has been practiced in all cultures, and in all ethics throughout the world. In certain places child abuse started to be noticed and considered as one of the major problems in society. It is normally caused by stress or an economic problem, the average of child abuse is frightfully high, which is unacceptable we should unite as a society to make this end throughout...

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Health and Sociual Cate

1. Know how to recognise signs of abuse 1.1 Define the following types of abuse: a) Physical abuse b) Sexual abuse c) Emotional/psychological abuse d) Financial abuse e) Institutional abuse f) Self neglect g) Neglect by others 1.2 Identify the signs and/or symptoms associated with each type of abuse 1.3 Describe factors that may contribute to an individual being more vulnerable to abuse 2. Know how to respond to suspected or alleged abuse 2.1 Explain the actions to take if there...

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Child Abuse

on an issue that is slowly making our society hollow and will cause a major collapse of all value systems if timely action is not taken. It can be very difficult to talk about child abuse or more specifically child sexual abuse, which we are discussing today, and even more difficult to acknowledge that sexual abuse of children of all ages including infants happens every day. This has become the subject of great community concern and the focus of many legislative and professional initiatives....

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Running Head: ELDER ABUSE Abusing the Elderly: Consequences and its Victims ELDER ABUSE Abstract Elderly abuse happens in the United States every day and it is an unforgivable crime. The elderly cannot take proper care of themselves and need someone else to care for them with basic necessities such as shelter, water and food. Sometimes this is not the case and the elderly are neglected of these basic needs. That’s not all, they are physically hurt, bruised and even broken bones can...

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Child Abuse

Villanueva 1 Recognizing and Responding to Child Abuse Nursing 32 – Pediatric Clinical Instructor Gwen Green-Brown Nursing Research Article Villanueva 2 Erika Villanueva February 17, 2008 Nursing 32 – Pediatrics Clinical Nursing Research Article Gwen Green-Brown Recognizing and Responding to Child Abuse Childhood abuse occurs nationwide among a variety of races and ethnicities. It affects several children...

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Long-term Effects of Child Abuse When children are being abused people tend to focus on the physical attributes of being abused and neglect to realize the long-term effects abuse can cause a child. Being abused by a parent or authority figure is not only physical, but emotional. The physical scars or bruises are only a small portion of the pain and suffering a child goes through when he/she is being abused. The emotional suffering a child endures when being abused lasts a lifetime. A scar or bruise...

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There are some people that like to be in control all the time. Abuse comes in many forms. One of the worst is physical abuse, although mental and verbal abuse can be just as damaging. The scars are not as evident, but they can last a lifetime. Some occur in abusive relationships, bullying and child abuse. Mental abuse is a form of violence that affects the mind, often leaving the abused feeling worthless, lacking empowerment in their lives. The victim finds that even simple decisions about their...

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Research Paper Prevent Child Abuse

Maria Gomez 28 November 2012 ESL 34X Prevent Child Abuse Are we doing enough to prevent child abuse? Is the government and social services doing the right things to prevent child abuse? Children are suffering from a national epidemic of child abuse and neglected. “According to a report in May 2010 from United States Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Children & Families, approximately 772,000 children were found to be victim of child maltreatment in 2008; 71.1%...

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Child Abuse and Young People

 TDA22-1.1 Identify the current legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures for safeguarding the welfare of children and young people including safety Children have the right to be protected from all forms of physical or mental violence, injury or abuse, neglect, negligent treatment, maltreatment or exploitation including sexual abuse by those looking after the. Child protection legislation can be separated into two main categories Criminal Law and Civil Law.  Criminal Law covers people...

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Unit 5 Health and social NVQ3

2/8/14 Unit 5 1.1 Define the following types of abuse. Physical abuse. Physical abuse is when someone is being hurt/harmed, by physical actions like hitting, biting, burning, force feeding, shaking and pushing. Sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is when an individual is forced to perform sexual acts or watch sexual acts, such as penetrative sex, touching in a sexual way and watching pornography. Emotional/psychological abuse. Emotional abuse is when you make someone feel worthless using act's...

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Child Abuse and the Justice System

Katie Whitmer English 111-N1 Ms. Mary Lanier 21 April 2011 Child Abuse and the Justice System Child abuse is a growing problem in the United States. Three million cases of child abuse were reported in 2009. One of those cases was my niece Leah. Leah endured mental and physical abuse for the first three years of her life. Leah now lives in a safe place with my parents. Although, Leah sees a child therapist once a week because of the damage her mother did to her, she is thriving in her new home...

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Child Abuse Essay

Lauren Arnold 3rd hour Mrs. Williams Effects of Abuse on Babies, Infants, and Toddlers Later in Life The causes of child abuse on infants, babies, and toddlers are catastrophic. There are several people who get abused from infancy to adultance. Each person who gets abused and survives the trauma is left with devastating memories. Many abused children come from homes that are disturbed, chaotic, and violent. (Markham). A child who has been abused is more likely to grow up into an angry teenager...

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Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care

Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care 1.1 Define the following types of abuse: Physical abuse Physical abuse is any non accidental act of violence or rough treatment that causes physical injury, pain or discomfort. Examples of physical abuse include: Beating - e.g. Punching, pinching, shoving, striking with hand or other instrument Burning and scalding Rough handling or physical coercion Stabbing Tripping Spitting Restraining to furniture The misuse of physical...

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experiences can shape people's behavior and lifestyle. " Most childhoods with abuse tend to have a major impact on the way that they will turn out in life. Most will always have problems, even in adulthood and some will become abusive themselves. In William Faulkner’s Barn Burning and Jamaica Kincaid's Girl, both authors utilize characterization, major conflict, focalization, and expectations to show hardships and abuse that some children had to face in their homes. In both of the short stories...

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Animal Abuse

 Animal abuse Richard D. Acton Colorado Christian University . Animal abuse When Richard Acton was young he had a neighbor. The neighbor was on the small side. It always seemed as if he was getting bullied. He was so shy, he always stayed in his house. He was seldom seen in the yard playing or anything. And if he appeared in the yard, he would not stay out long. One day Richard asked his parents about him, and what they thought. They told Richard to sit down that...

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Examine the ways in which the design argument provides evidence for the existence of God

Examine the ways in which the design argument provides evidence for the existence of God The design argument is an explanation used by theists to prove the existence of God. It is also called the teleological argument. The word teleological comes from the Greek word teleos which means ‘end’ or ‘purpose’. The argument uses observation of the natural world to provide evidence of design and uses this evidence to back up the existence of God as what has been designed needs a designer. As the argument...

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Army Substance Abuse Program

ASAP - Army Substance Abuse Program Download PDF Version Download Flashcards Online Flashcards Email Icon Email to a friend 1 What does ASAP stand for? Army Substance Abuse Program 2 What is the mission of ASAP? The ASAP’s mission is to strengthen the overall fitness and effectiveness of the Army’s total workforce and to enhance the combat readiness of its Soldiers. 3 What are the objectives of ASAP? •Increase individual fitness and overall unit readiness...

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Hello there

following types of abuse: • Physical abuse • Sexual abuse • Emotional/psychological abuse Financial abuse • Institutional abuse • Self neglect • Neglect by others Answer • Physical abuse Physical abuse involving contact planned to cause bodily harm, feelings of intimidation, other physical suffering or injury • Sexual abuse Sexual abuse is the forcing of undesired sexual behaviour by one person upon another • Emotional/psychological abuse Emotional/psychological abuse may involve...

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Sigmund Freud, Women and Child Abuse

questions are; did Freud sexually abuse children and did Freud have a personal vendetta against women? Life and Times Sigmund Freud was born in 1856 to a Jewish Family and grew up in Freiberg, Moravia which is now a part of the Czech Republic. Freud was the eldest of eight children from his mother and had older half-brothers from his father's previous marriage. The family was very poor, but realizing Freud's outstanding intellect, every effort was made to ensure that Sigmund obtain the best education...

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Collect and Preservation of Evidence

Abstract Physical evidence is what is collected after a crime has been committed. This evidence may be introduced into a trial. This would be the evidence that is collected that is from a non-living origin. There are many types of physical evidence that the investigators collect. This type of evidence can conceivably include all or part of any object. The evidence that is found at the scene of a crime is considered evidence. One type of evidence that is found is physical evidence. This type can...

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