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Identify The Purposes Of Different Types Of Organisation

into one file (with three different parts) and submit hardcopies of it before 2.00 pm on 26 July 2013. Deadlines Part A of the assignment: draft to be shown before 14 June 2013 Part B of the assignment: draft to be shown before 28 June 2013 Part C of the assignment: draft to be shown before 12 July 2013 Final Submission of all of the three components (part A, B and C): You must submit all of the above components collated into one file (with three different parts) and submit hardcopies...

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Identify the Purposes of Different Types of Organisation That Exist in the Market

external and internal factors which affects the decisions of business. We can divide business environment into two parts A. The Micro Environment of Business These are powers which are deeply related with company and company can control these type of environment by improving its capacity and efficiency.  1. Suppliers Suppliers are the persons who supply raw material to company.  2. Customers Customers are the persons who buy goods from company.  3. Market Intermediaries  Market...

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1.1 Identify the Purposes of Different Types of Organizations

Human Resource Management Institute (HRMI) Edexcel BTEC HND in Business – HRM Unit No/Title: Unit 1/Business Environment Unit Code: Y/601/0546 Assignment No: 1/2 Assignment Title: Organization Purpose & It’s Environment Grading Opportunities Available Date Set: 7th October , 2012 Due Date: 4th November 2012 Student ID: ______________________ Student Signature: ___________________ Outcomes/Grade Descriptors Achieved (Please Tick) ...

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Explain Different Types of Business Information, Their Sources and Purposes

Explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes Business information is one of the three main segments of the information industry. The primary forms of business information include: · News · Market research · Credit and financial information · Company and executive profiles · Industry, country and economic analysis · IT research · Television Types of business information include Verbal information Verbal communication can either be done face-to-face...

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Different Types of Business Information, Their Sources and Purposes

Different types of business informaiton, their sources and purposes Business information comes from a wide variety of sources and an effective business person will research information from a range of sources before making decisions. Business information is one of the three main segments of the information industry. The other two segments are scientific, technical and medical, and educational and training content. Verbal information is literally face to face which is seen as the best way to...

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TYPES OF ORGANISATION QUIZ 1) Which form of business organization do you think is most suitable for each of the following businesses? Explain your answer fully: a) A young student is planning to offer his services to neighbors as a gardener. He will purchase only cheap tools to start with. (3) The sole trader form is most suitable for this business, because sole trader is most common form- operated just by one person, and this business is running only by a young student, which is only one person...

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P1 Explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes

 Explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes Introduction Having just started as a trainee at the Corporate Communications Department of Emirates Group, my line manager has tasked me with preparing this set of introductory training materials, on business information in general, for new members of staff in the department, to increase my knowledge and enhance communication skills. Different types of business information, their source and purpose will be discussed...

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Cell and Different Tissue Types

Achieved Y/N Resubmission Achieved Y/N Resubmission Achieved Y/N P1 describe the organisation of the eukaryotic cell in terms of the functions of the organelles Y/N P2 describe the four different tissue types Y/N M1 use diagrams or micrographs to compare and contrast the four tissue types Y/N D1 explain the relationship between cells, tissues, organs and organ systems in the organisation of the human body Y/N Student Declaration I declare that this assignment is...

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Organisational Purpose. Examples of practitioner, business and academic literature on the topic of organisationalPurpose’ show why the topic seems confusing to many business executives. If the ‘Purpose’ is to define the organisation’s reason for being, then which stakeholder group are we referring to? Stock exchange investors identify a differentPurpose’ than will customers, and different again to employees. Let us consider the full range of possibilities of the coffee-mug...

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Different Paradigms for Analysing Organisation

Introduction Organisations that are increasingly becoming flatter owing to the growing popularity and importance of team work for effectiveness in performance and high performance goals to obtain competencies so as to meet challenges in the business environment. With the growth in complexity in the internal and external business environment, organisational structural changes have become highly complex as well. When it comes to analyzing organisations several complex issues and areas prevent an...

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Types of Business Organisation and Ownership

Type of business, purpose and ownership (P1) To run a business smoothly or effectively all business have aims or purpose, this could be survivor, to grow, to become a market leader. A business also aims to provide exception service or to create a reputation as the best on market. Types of business To understand how business works and what they set out to achieve, it’s necessary to have an understanding of the main types of business sectors which exists within a business organisation. ...

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Printing and Different Types

equipment 1. Identify different types of equipment and their uses. • Telephones – To make and receive calls. • Photocopier – To photocopy documents etc. • Printer – To send print jobs. • Computer – To produce documents and various other tasks. • Scanner – To scan documents. • Shredder – To shred any documents with personal information on. • Fax – To send documents through a telephone line. 2. Describe the different features of different types of office equipment...

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Business Purposes

UNIT1. BUSINESS PURPOSES Task 1– P1 Identify the purpose of four different business organisations Business Ownership Size Scale Purpose Employees Income/profit Tesco PLC 260000 in the UK, 380000 worldwide £46.6b sales National and international: 1500 stores in the UK and 2700 worldwide Tesco's purpose is the make a profit. They supply goods and services to consumers. Their strapline is ‘every little helps’ Tesco is a public limited company (PLC). This means that the company...

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Identify the Different Types and Different Methods of Assessment Used in Teaching.

Q: Identify the different types and different methods of assessment used in teaching. Provide examples of when and why you would use particular methods of assessment (including peer and self) and how they meet the needs of learners. What are the strengths and limitations of each method? Evaluate how you would involve your learners in the assessment process in your specialist area. A: Without realising it, a teacher /trainer is involving their learners from the initial meeting, when you may use...

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Different Types of Documents Produced in a Business Environment

1.2 Describe different formats in which text may be presented The different formats in which text may be presented are font typefaces, headings, font size, effects (bold, italics, underlined), colours and text boxes. We can format text in paragraphs, tables and columns. We can add bullet points, headers and footers. We can also add tables, graphs, diagrams and flowcharts as a clear way to represent data and processes. 1.3 Explain the purpose and benefits of producing high quality and attractive...

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Type of Business, Purpose, Ownership and Influence of Different Stakeholders( Tesco and Dagenham Park Leisure Centre)

1. Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of contrasting organisations. TESCO PLC Tesco plc. (Public limited company) is a global grocery and general merchandise retailer, headquartered in Cheshunt in the United Kingdom. Tesco is the third largest retailer in the world, measured by revenues and the second largest, measured by profit. Tesco has around 5380 stores around the world; David Reid is the chairman and Philip Clarke. Most of the people think that Tesco is an international...

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The Different Approaches to Organisations and Their Environment

There are three different types of approaches to organisation which are classical, neo-classical and modern. Below I have explained in detail what they mean according to my research. Classical approach to organisation has concepts that are commonly known as classical concepts or classical theories of an organisation. An organisation is the structure of power, relationships, objectives, roles, activities, communication and other factors that exist when a person works together with someone. The...

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Different Types of Software

Different Types of Software Type | Operating systems | Examples | Microsoft Windows. Linux. Macintosh OS X. | Purpose | Control your computer. | More » When you turn on a computer, the operating system is usually the first piece of software you see. It lets you install software, organize your files, and tell your hardware what to do. The operating system keeps all your software and hardware (such as your mouse or printer) working together. | An operating system | | Type | Word processors...

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Operating System and Different Types

Computer Systems | Assignment number + Title: | 1. Decoding the Jargon | Assessment Criteria: | P1 P2 M1 | Purpose / Aims (learning outcomes) | LO1 Understand the components of computer systemsP1 Explain the function of computer hardware componentsP2 Explain the purpose of operating systemsM1 Compare the features and functions of different operating systems | Introduction (Scenario) | You have been approached by a small business ‘ABEC Media’ (selling music &...

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types of meeting

Types of Meetings There are several types of meetings, including formal, semi-formal and informal. A Formal Meeting Formal meetings follow set meeting procedures that are not always used for informal meetings. The following three types of meetings are formal: • Annual General Meetings • Extraordinary General Meetings • Board Meetings They all have: • An Agenda • A Notice of Meeting • Motions are put, discussed and voted on following certain rules • Proposers and Seconders of motions...

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Identify the Three Main Types of Business Organisations Recognised in Scots Law.

1 Identify the three main types of business organisations recognised in Scots law. A. Sole trader The most popular style of small business enterprise, it’s simple to set up and does not require any formalities. Sole trader often is a one person who manages and owns the company. They take all the profits, but must also include all losses. Indeed, if the only operator becomes insolvent personal assets may be used to satisfy creditors, such as a house, car, etc. They are personally responsible...

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Contrast the ownership and purposes of two different business organisations

Introduction M1 Unit 1: Business Purposes Red Group 10A/Eb1 Asid Ashraf 10L Assignment 6 (M1) Scenario: The Editor has asked me to identify and research two different businesses in the area to help promote them to the local community. Requirements of M1: Contrast the ownership and purposes of two different business organisations. Task 6(a): Select two businesses to contrast (your choices must be checked and approved by your teacher). The two businesses are Tesco and Oxfam. Task 6(b): Use the same...

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Identify the Mission, Objectives and Responsibilities of an Organisation Within Its Environment

Identify the mission, objectives and responsibilities of an organisation within its environment The mission, values and key objectives of an organisation and assess the influence of stakeholders Mission, values and key objectives are of high significance to any organisation. An organisation will state a mission that will describe the function or role it aims to provide in the form of products or services. Although the focus is long term it puts perspective on the short term so that the long-term...

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Schools as Organisations

Schools as organisations 5 TDA 2.5 2 3 20 28/02/2015 T/601/3325 Unit purpose and aim This unit aims to prepare the learner for working in a school. It covers knowledge and understanding of the school context. Learning Outcomes Assessment Criteria Exemplification The learner will: 1. Know the different types of schools in the education sector The learner can: 1.1 Identify the main types of state and independent schools 1.2 Describe the characteristics of the different types of schools...

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Different Type Of Computer Systems

Different Types of Computer Systems  This is a presentation describing the purposes of PCs, laptops, netbooks, PDAs, tablets & servers. PCs General purpose computer This computer is designed to perform and is capable of performing in a reasonably efficient manner, the functions required by both scientific and business applications. Note: A general purpose computer is often understood to be a large system, capable of supporting remote terminal operations, but it may also be a smaller computer...

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How Their Style of Organisation Helps Them to Fulfill Their Purposes

How Their Style of Organisation Helps Them to Fulfil Their Purposes. In this report I will be stating the different aims, Objectives and purposes of two organisations; I will also explain how the organisational structure and strategic planning help the businesses to achieve their aims and purposes. Then I will be explaining how I think the structure of two organisations helps to control their activities and fulfill their purposes by looking back on my previous information on P3. Aims, Objectives...

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Business Environment. Understanding the Organisational Purposes of Business

Introduction In this assignment I am going to identify the purposes of different types of organisations, describe the extent to which an organisation meets the objectives of different stakeholders and explain the responsibilities of an organisation and strategies employed to meet them. I am also going to give examples based on my own personal experience. Identify the purposes of different types of organisation Business organisations can be divided mainly into two sectors. The private sector...

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Analysis of different types of information

 Analysis of different types of information 02.09.13 Introduction As a part of my assignment I have been asked to write a report into the information used in ERC and the methods used to transmit this. Action taken I’ve looked at different departments to see to see what different methods of communications are used and what the purpose/audience is. I looked at the source of information to see if this was suitable. Results In ERC I found many different methods used to communicate...

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Information on Different Types of Computers

Information on Different Types of Computers (Classification Essay) Abstract This essay is about the three types of computer systems: netbook, desktop, and laptop. They all have a different in function and purpose (they function according to what your needs are). The desktop is perfect if you are looking for a computer that is non-portable, high performance, tough and affordable. However if you are someone who want something a basic...

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Vegetarianism and Different Types

save animals from dying and becoming our meals for dinner. Thesis statement: To understand Vegetarianism we would have to know what vegetarianism is, the benefits of being a vegetarian and the different types of vegetarians. Specific purpose: To inform my audience about the benefits and different types of vegetarianism. Body: I. What is Vegetarianism? A. The principle or practice of excluding all meat and fish, and sometimes, in the case of vegans, all animal products (such as eggs, cheese...

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The Purpose and Ownership of 4 Local Business Organisations

The purpose and ownership of 4 local business organisations |4 business organisations and their |Purpose |Profit free, not for profit, at |Size and scale |Linking the ownership to the size and | |ownership | |costs, below costs | |scale of the business organisations | |Cancer...

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Types of Anti-Depressants and Their Purpose

Types of anti-depressants and their purpose Since the discovery of depression there have been a variety of ways to treat the various conditions whether that is through therapy or in modern times through medication. There is an almost endless list of medications used to treat these disorders and these are broken down into a few different categories. You have anti-depressants which are broken down into to five different categories (Townsend, 2008). Within these different types are a variety of different...

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Identify and Briefly Describe the Features of Any Four Structures You Are Familiar with and Discuss the Reasons for Diversity of Type and Structure of Organisations. Give Examples Where Appropriate

explanation of organisational structure, four types"#, with any breakdown of viewpoints of organisation culture, whether it be by structualists or ideologists , they all agree there is always 4 cultures and 4 structures. Four types of structure which are identified by structualists, are common within organisations today, these are Functional Structure, Matrix Structure, Web Structure and Closter Structure. Firstly the Functional Structure, is where the organisation itself is structured around functions...

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Different types of computer systems in

Different types of computer systems in different environment According to the size and power computers are classified. Super computers Super computers are employed for heavy usage like construction of atom bombs, weather forecasting, finding oil, earthquake predictions, electronic design and scientific simulations. These computers are extremely faster that other computers currently available. They can perform hundreds of millions of commands per second. Mainframe computers Mainframe computers...

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Different Type of Software

Different Types Of Software. SOFTWARE It is a collection of computer programs and related data that provide an instruction to the computer and tell computer that what to do. There are three types of software. 1. System software 2. Application software 3. Programming software. System software System software is a computer software that is designed to operate the computer hardware, to provides the basic functionality and also used for...

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Types of Organisations

assessed:- LO1 -1.1 Identify the purposes of different types of organisation1.2 Describe the extent to which an organisation meets the objectives of different stakeholders.1.3 Explain the responsibilities of an organisation and strategies employed to meet them. | Internal Verification | Brief Internally Verified | | Date | | Assessment Decision Verified | | Date | | HNC Assignment Front Page Unit 3 – Organisations and Behaviour ...

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Compare and Contrast Different Structure of Organisation and Culture

Unit 3: Organisations and Behaviour Edexcel BTEC Level 5 HND Business and Accountancy Unit 3 Assignment: Organisations and Behaviour Useful Websites: www.managementhelp.org www.mindtools.com www.businesslink.gov.uk www.12manage.com www.businessballs.com Section 1 Understanding the relationship between organisational structure and culture You will need to:  compare and contrast different organisational structures and culture Here you need to briefly describe the different types of organisational...

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Different types of company

 BUSINESS LAW COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT: 2013-2014 Craig Shaw Contents 1. Introduction 2. Company vs Partnership 2.1 Benefits of adopting a company 3. Types of company 4. Shareholding model 5. Starting the company 6. The Articles of Association 7. Conclusion and recommendations 1. Introduction As an employee of a management consultancy specialising in starting up business ventures, I have been approached by 3 graduates wish to develop an idea into a business venture. This report aims to give...

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Notes on Different types of customers

received is of bad quality not happy because of the staff Delayed flights not good service untidy accommodation product they received was not as it was descripted. not a noth seats on the plane not getting what they want queues why do organisations need to know about customer complaints? To keep their reputation keep one customer happy expand business keep customers keep business to improve to fix one problem How to deal with customers? Offer a discount or a complimentary item such...

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Different Types of Credit Cards

* Limited Purpose Credit Card * Charge Credit Card * Specialty Credit Card * Prepaid Credit Card: * Business Credit Cards * Gold Credit Card: * Platinum or Titanium Card: * Silver Credit Card: * Rewards Credit Card: * Balance Transfer Credit Card ] 3. Conclusion 4. Reference INTRODUCTION In this assignment, I am doing a particular study about the different types of credit cards...

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Unit 1 P1 Describe the type of business purpose and ownership of two contrasting organisations

Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting organisations (P1) Profit Orientated Ownership – Are they sole trade, partnership or limited company? Liability – What type do they have, limited or unlimited? Size – Local, National, International or Global? Size – Number of tore or branches? How many countries do they operate in? Market Share – What is their share of the industry? Sector - Primary, Secondary or Tertiary? Purpose Not for profit What is their legal make up...

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Types of Organization in the Private Sector

08/04/2013 The learner has been given a position of business coordinator at EUCC who will study Environments by using the tools and techniques for the purpose and demonstrate his/her Understanding of the concepts. 1.1 Identify the purposes of different types of organisation by stating their categories, Aims and objectives (AC 1.1) * Types of organisation in the private sector: Typical sole traders include tradesmen such as plumbers, electricians, television repair people etc. Nowadays lots of people...

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The Different Types of Clouds

can fall to Earth as rain, hail, sleet, or snow. Objective: Students will create a picture that shows three different cloud types (Cirrus, stratus, and cumulus). Student Materials: 1 piece of blue construction paper per student 3-4 cotton balls per student 1 bottle of glue per 4 students crayons Management Strategies: This lesson is intended to be an introduction to cloud types and is appropriate for large group (whole class) instruction. The complete lesson will take about 50 minutes. Cooperative...

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What are the main types of problems that may occur when supporting a business event? You should include at least three different types of problems in your answer

clearly marked with your name, the course title and the Unit and Assessment number. Please note that this Assessment document has 3 pages and is made up of 3 Sections. Name: Daniel James Rimmer Section 1 – Understand how to support the organisation of a business event 1. When organising a business event, describe the range of support activities that may be required. The event must be planned entirely covering all aspects of what may be required in the event. The support activities that...

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Organisation and Behaviour

organisational structure and culture within southern bakeries limited (SLB) and give you recommendations about what could be improved. Indeed, you identify that changes should be applied to achieve the new business goal and enable the company to grow. I will also explain how changes could impact on the business considering advantages and drawback of different structures and cultures available to you. Culture and organisational structure within SLB: First of all, a structure is the architecture...

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Organisation and Behaviour

Business Pathways Unit Code: HNBS 103 Organisations and Behaviour Introduction The aim of this report is to compare and contrast different organisational structures and cultures within businesses, observe how the relationship between an organisations structure and culture can impact the performance of the business. Discussing individual approach to the business environment. Comparing different approaches to management and leadership in organisations. Organisational structure works within...

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The Different Types of Easements

What Are the Different Types of Easements? An easement is a legal right that allows someone to use part of a property that he or she does not own. There are several different types, the most common being affirmative, negative, express, implied, permissive, prescriptive, conservative, preservative, continuous, discontinuous, apparent, non-apparent, permanent and limited, easement by necessity, quasi and customary easements. The various rights granted by each depend on the nature of its creation...

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Unit 1 P2 Describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting organisations 2

Describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting organisations (you must choose one public and one private or one local and one national organisation) P2 Introduction – What are you writing about? Explain what stakeholders are. List internal and external stakeholders. Describe each stakeholder Introduction In this task, I will be talking about the different stakeholders of the two organisations. I have chosen the two organisations are the Harris Academy Peckham...

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Different Types of Therapy

Running head: Types of Therapy Types of Therapy   Abstract: The ultimate goal of this paper is to explore to different types of therapy. Type of therapy is to help the client deal more successfully with a disorder or a situation. The specific treatment goals depend on the individual client, the therapist’s theories and the situation at hand. The goal may be concrete, such as quitting smoking, or more abstract, such as anger management. The ultimate goal of this paper is to explore...

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Different Types Of Text

Different Types of Text 1. Analytical Exposition Text Definition of Analytical Exposition Exposition is a text that elaborates the writer‘s idea about the phenomenon surrounding. Its social function is to persuade the reader that the idea is important matter. Generic Structure of Analytical Exposition 1. Thesis: Introducing the topic and indicating the writer’s position 2. Arguments: Explaining the arguments to support the writer’s position 3. Reiteration: Restating the writer’s position Language...

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Different Types of Dbms

designed as the means of managing all the records. Database Management is a software system that uses a standard method and running queries with some of them designed for the oversight and proper control of databases. Types of Database Management Systems: There are four structural types of database management systems: * Hierarchical databases. * Network databases. * Relational databases. * Object-oriented databases Hierarchical Databases (DBMS) : In the Hierarchical Database Model...

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Different Types of Human Communication

Different Types of Human Communication Most animals communicate with each other in some way. Dogs bark at those they perceive as a threat in order to communicate their hostility and in some cases the threat that they will attack if provoked; bees have a pouch in which they carry the scent of their hive so as to identify themselves as members of the community. However, it is only in humans that communication breaks off into different types of communication: verbal and non-verbal, and formal and informal...

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Different Types of Computer Games

Different Types of Computer Games Genres Role-Playing Games (RPGs): These type of games immerse players in a fictional setting wherein they control a character and must advance through the game through social interaction with non-playable characters (NPCs), decision making that can change the outcome of the game and player advancement such as skill trees and levelling up. These games can be split into two groups, single player RPGs such as Skyrim, Fallout and Mass Effect where the character interacts...

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Analysis of Recruitment in an Organisation

roles of the human resource professionals. The level of performance of and organisation depends on the effectiveness of its recruitment function. Organisations have developed and follow recruitment strategies to hire the best talent for their organisation and to utilize their resources optimally. A successful recruitment strategy should be well planned and practical to attract more and good talent to apply in the organisation. The objective of the recruitment process is to obtain the number and quality...

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Competitors 5.Public 6.Customers. It’s all direction is very imported for a business peaces micro marketing sector. The Sainsbury Propose segmentation and criteria to be used for products in different mark The Sainsbury Market segmentation is very organising. In billow we can identify three different products market segments on Sainsbury. Sainsbury's Basics Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce Baked Beans in sweet tomato sauce a very famous product in Sainsbury. It’s so chip pricing product for...

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1Respondents that uses different types of

uses different types of water at home. On this survey, we included on what type of water did the prospected customer uses at home and for us to innovate and established a well-organized business. Based from the tabulated results, it shows that our proposed business "AQUA BEST PURIFIED DRINKING WATER" fits to needs of our prospected customer since 90% of them uses purified drinking water at home. 2.Respondents way in refilling Purified drinking water. On our survey, we identify if in...

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Different Types of Appraisal Methods

Abstract Appraisal Methods are used today to evaluate employees in organizations today. There are many different type of methods that an organization can choose from. When deciding on which methods are used organizations must consider informational, motivational, and developmental use. Furthermore an organization must consider what is effective for them to accomplish their desire goals for the company and employee. In today’s competitive, global environment it is important for...

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Know the Different Types of Schools in the Education Sector

1 Know different types of schools in the education sector. 1.1 Identify the main types of state and independent schools. There are many different types of schools in the education sector. There are state schools which are funded by the local authorities and are also known as mainstream schools. They all have to follow the national curriculum and include Community schools, Voluntary schools of which there are 2 types, controlled and aided, Foundation and Trust schools and also Specialist...

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What are the Different Types of Adoption?

Kendra Brown SPC 2608 Section #B1 April 3, 2013 Title: Same sex couples and adoption. Topic: Should same sex couples be allowed to adopt? Specific purpose: To persuade my audience that same sex couples are capable of raising an adopted child. Thesis statement: Introduction: Attention Material: Imagine being a child, living in a foster care for years, being moved around at any given time to strangers. Thesis Statement: Preview: I will discuss the many benefits...

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P2 Explain the Different Types of Discrimination

Explain the different types of discrimination Discrimination has many meaning and many different ways people can discriminate against others. Discriminations can be as simple as a person making a judgment against someone else by the way they dress or the way they speak or it can be the people are discriminated against (out casted/left out) because they choose to be different or have a disability or different colour of skin or even religion. Discrimination is unfair treatment of a person action...

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