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Ib Math Sample Portfolio

MATHS PORTFORLIO SL TYPE I CIRCLES   In this portfolio I am investigating the positions of points in intersecting circles. (These are shown on the following page. The following diagram shows a circle C1 with centre O and radius r, and any point P. The circle C2 has centre P and radius OP. Let A be one of the points of intersection of C1 and C2. Circle C3 has the centre A, and radius r. The point Pʹ is the intersection of C3 with (OP). This is shown in the diagram below....

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Ib Maths Portfolio Tasks 2012

Standard Level The portfolio - tasks For use in 2012 and 2013 © International Baccalaureate Organization 2010 7 pages For final assessment in 2012 and 2013 –2– MATME/PF/M12/N12/M13/N13 CONTENTS Type I tasks   Lacsap’s Fractions Circles Type II tasks   Fish Production Gold Medal Heights INTRODUCTION What is the purpose of this document? This document contains new tasks for the portfolio in mathematics SL. These tasks have been produced by the IB, for teachers to use...

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Math portfolio

 IB Math: Studies Statistics Portfolio: What is the relationship between the numbers of goals the top sixteen players of the FIFA world cup 2014 score with the height of the players? Due date: Friday November 23, 2013 School Name: Franklin Delano Roosevelt Course: IB Math Studies Name: Valerie Philco What is the relationship between football player’s height that is participating in FIFA and has scored more than fourteen goals...

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Ib Math Ia Sl Portfolio

Math SL Portfolio – Tips and Reminders Checklist Notation and Terminology Check for the following: • I did not use calculator notation. (I didn’t include things like ‘x^2’ for or Sn for Sn) • I used appropriate mathematical vocabulary. Communication Check for the following: • The reader will not need to refer to the list of questions in order to understand my work. • My responses are not numbered. • I have an introduction, conclusion, title page, and table of contents...

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Ib Sl 2012-2013 Math Circles Portfolio

OPA Circle Style The three circles; O, P and A intersect to create an interesting investigation regarding circles. Since this is a Calculus course, the investigation does have to deal with Derivatives. The most important and the focus of this portfolio is the line segment, OP’. Using the given diagram above, this investigation consists of finding the general equation for discovering OP’. The values that are given are that r, is the radius of C1 and C2. OP and AP are the radii of C3. This information...

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Ib Math Sl Syllabus

IB Mathematics SL Year 1 Welcome to IB Mathematics. This two-year course is designed for students who have a strong foundation in basic mathematical concepts. The topics covered in this course include: * Algebra * Functions * Equations * Circular functions * Trigonometry * Vectors * Statistics * Probability * Calculus ------------------------------------------------- Resources: * Textbook: Mathematics SL 3rd edition. Haese Mathematics 2012 ISBN: 978-1-921972-08-9 ...

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Portfolio Samples

get going, it’s much easier to continue. T F 9. Study with a friend (as long as you can stay focused on studying) T F 10. Be in control! Don’t let a TV show or a phone call stop you from studying. T F 11. There is no way to study for a math quiz/test; you either know it or you don’t T F 12. Cramming is useful to learn a lot of information in a little amount of time. T F 13. Pets are helpful when studying, especially if they sit on your lap. T F 14. When studying, make a...

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Math 10 Ib Porfolio

Math 10C Pre-IB Portfolio Assignment Type 1 Investigating the Quadratic Function A quadratic function is one where the highest exponent of the independent variable is 2. The quadratic function can be written in the general form of, where a, b, and c are...

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Ib Math Portfolio Logarithms

Logarithm Base IB Math SL Type I Portfolio Lisa Phommaseng Logarithm Base Consider the given sequences: Log28, log48, log88, log 168, log328,… Log381, log981, log 2781, log8181,… Log525, log2525, log12525, log62525,… : : : ,… For the first sequence Log28, log48, log88, log 168, log328,… you are to find the next two terms of each of the sequences you would have to determine the pattern. As we can see, the value of the bases, 2,4,8,16,32 are increasing by squares of 2 (ex:...

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Math Portfolio Type 1

Math Portfolio SL TYPE I LACSAP’S FRACTIONS Introduction This assignment requires us to solve patterns in numerators and denominators in LACSAP’S FRACTIONS, and the first five rows look like: Figure 1: Lacsap’s Fractions 1 1st row 1 3/2 1 2nd row 1 6/4 6/4 1 3rd row 1 10/7 10/6 10/7 1 4th row 1 15/11 15/9 15/9 15/11 1 5th row Then...

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Sample Portfolio Essay #1

Sample Portfolio Essay #1 My time at Isothermal has greatly affected my life in many ways. Thanks to my time spent at Isothermal, I have decided that upon completion of my education, I hope to be able to work as a Spanish educator at K-12 and college level and as a Spanish-English translator. I have decided on these careers because of my love for the Spanish language and the fact that Spanish educators and translators are in high demand. I also believe that these are career choices with which I...

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Ib Math Project 1

Lacsap’s Fractions IB Math SL SL Type 1 December 11, 2012 Lacsap’s Fractions: Lacsap is Pascal backwards and the way that Lacsap’s fractions are presented is fairly similar to Pascal’s triangle. Thus, various aspects of Pascal’s triangle can be applied in Lacsap’s fraction. To determine the numerators: To determine the numerator (n), consider it in relation to the number of the row (r) that it is a part of. Consider the five rows below: Row 1 ...

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Ib Math Portfolio Sl

Taipei European SchoolMath Portfolio | VINCENT CHEN | Gold Medal Heights Aim: To consider the winning height for the men’s high jump in the Olympic games Years | 1932 | 1936 | 1948 | 1952 | 1956 | 1960 | 1964 | 1968 | 1972 | 1976 | 1980 | Height (cm) | 197 | 203 | 198 | 204 | 212 | 216 | 218 | 224 | 223 | 225 | 236 | Height (cm) Height (cm) As shown from the table above, showing the height achieved by the gold medalists at various Olympic games, the Olympic games were not held in...

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IB Math Exploration

 Determining the Enthalpy of Combustion of a Wood Chip IB Chemistry 12 September 18, 2014 Ryan Ingham Table 1: Raw data collected from the temperature probe and scale for the water, the aluminum can and the wood chip. (Quantitative) Quantity Initial Temperature (±0.1K) Final Temperature (±0.1K) Aluminum Can 46.29g (±0.01g) 296.5 314.7 Water 250g (±0.1g) 296.5 314.7 Wood Chip Before: 4.64g(±0.01g) ...

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Ib Math Studies Ia

IB Math Studies Internal Assessment: What is the Relationship between Points per Game Scored and the Height of the Players in the NBA? By xxxxxxxxx Candidate #xxxxxx February 17th 20xx Mrsxxxx Contents Introduction……………………………………1 Chi-Squared Test……………………………...2 Correlation Coefficient Calculations and Line of Best Fit Calculations………………………...3-4 Discussion/Validity……………………………5 Conclusion…………………………………….5 Raw Data……………………………………6-7 Bibliography…………………………………..8 What is the...

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Math Ib Ia Sl

Jonghyun Choe March 25 2011 Math IB SL Internal Assessment – LASCAP’S Fraction The goal of this task is to consider a set of fractions which are presented in a symmetrical, recurring sequence, and to find a general statement for the pattern. The presented pattern is: Row 1 1 1 Row 2 1 32 1 Row...

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Math Portfolio 1

angles. After all, triangles do mean three angles. Compared to math class back in elementary school, IMP is totally different. When I used to just solve given equations from a book and memorize methods to solve various problems. Now I actually have to create my own equation and work with that. But honestly speaking I preferred doing math the old way. It felt more normal and more like math. Since I started IMP, math has begun to feel more like science class, with different experiments and...

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IB Math study guide

Math Studies: Units Project Talha Mirza 1A Gilmartin Dear noble tribe leaders of T-Island, I have created a brand-new system of units for us to use in our daily lives called the T-Dog system. You will find this system to be quite useful, as it includes six unique units which measure temperature, length, time, weight/mass, volume/displacement, and currency. By utilizing these units, life will be made easier for us. Moreover, if it is ever decided to switch to other well-known systems, it is...

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Maths Portfolio Misconceptions

necessity (Stephanie Welch, 2010). A decimal is a proper fraction, which is a number less than 1. It is a part of a whole number. Since our numbering system is based on the powers of 10, it is called a decimal system. Decem in Latin means ten (The Maths Page, 2012, Lesson 3). Decimal fractions are represented as the numbers found between two whole numbers. The decimal fraction shows part of a whole number and is written after the decimal place. Some key understandings in learning about decimals...

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Maths Sample Paper

maths sample paperUnsolved Paper−1 Class 10, Mathematics, SA−1 Time: 3 hours General Instructions 1. All questions are compulsory. 2. Draw neat labeled diagram wherever necessary to explain your answer. 3. Q.No. 1 to 11 are of objective type questions, carrying 1 mark each. 4. Q.No.12 to 20 are of short answer type questions, carrying 2 marks each. 5. Q. No. 21 to 31 carry 3 marks each. Q. No. 32 to 38 carry 4 marks each. Max. Marks 90 1. For some integer m, every even integer is of the form...

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Math 1342 Name _______________________ Lab 1 – Chapter 1 Put the answers to the following questions on the blanks. 1. A survey regarding choices of colors of chairs in the lobby area is sent through email to all 5000 employees at a particular company. 30 people respond to the survey. a) What is the sample? (Include a number) ________________________________ b) What is the population? (Include a number) ________________________________ c) Would this sample...

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Maths Portfolio (Stellar Numbers)

STELLAR NUMBERS In order to develop this mathematics SL portfolio, I will require the use of windows paint 2010 and the graphic calculator fx-9860G SD emulator, meaning that I will use screenshots from this software with the intention of demonstrating my work and process of stellar numbers sequences. Triangular numbers are those which follow a triangular pattern, these numbers can be represented in a triangular grid of evenly spaced dots. The sequence of triangular numbers is shown in the diagrams...

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Lesson Plan Sample Math

SAMPLE LESSON PLAN 3: MATHEMATICS |Content Objective: |Language Objective: | |(Aligned with TEKS) |(Aligned with ELPS)(3C) | |6.9A Construct sample spaces using lists and tree diagrams. |Speak using grade-level content area vocabulary in context to...

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Sample IB Written Task

Sample Written Task 1 Criterion A The rationale seems to be a few words over the 200-300 word limit, clocking in at 303 words total; not that bad but it needs to stay within the word limit. The rationale also doesn't give a clear cut purpose as to why he is doing this. He does give some background information about why exactly he chose this exact topic for his written task, but he doesn't tell us what exactly he's trying to do and what the task is about. I get the feeling that the writer of...

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Ntse Maths Sample Paper

Sample Questions in Mathematics 1. If a and b are positive integers such that a b = 125, then (a − b) a + b − 4 is equal to 1. 16 2. 5 5 2. 25 3. 28 4. 30 × 53 ÷ 5 −3/ 2 = 5 a+ 2 then the value of a is equal to 1. 4 3. 2. 5 3. 6 4. 8 An electric contractor purchases a certain amount of wire. 10% of which is stolen. After using 85% of the remainder, he had 54 m of the wire left. How much wire did he purchase? 1. 300 m 2. 350 m 3. 375 m 4. 400 m 4. ×, y and z are...

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sample exam for math

BIRONDO EDUCATION SUPPORT TUTORIAL CENTER MATH IV- CHAPTER 2-1 to 2-3 I. Decide whether the relation is a function. If it is a function, state the domain and range. 1. {(-5, -2), (-1, 1), (3, -6), (8, 1)} 2. {(2, -9), (2, -2), (6, 8), (8, 1), (11, -7)} 3. a x 4. b y c z 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. II. FUNCTION NOTATION. Solve the following: 1. f(x) = x3 – x 2– 6x 2. g (x) = a. f(-2)...

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Ib Math Portfolio Type 2

Introduction In this task, I will develop model functions representing the tolerance of human beings to G-force over time. In general, humans have a greater tolerance to forward acceleration than backward acceleration, since blood vessels in the retina appear more sensitive in the latter direction. As we all know, the large acceleration is, the shorter time people can bear. Using the data shown in the task and Mat lab analysis, we can get several model functions to represent the tolerance...

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2015 2016 IB Course Selection Part 2 IB Free Resource

 IB 15-16 Course Selection Guide Part 2 Go next page for the answers! Hong Kong Programme Name Subject requirement Minimum grade suggested Bachelor of Economics Math HL IB Score: 36 Bachelor of Accounting Mathematics SL IB Score: 36 Bachelor of Social science No specific requirement IB Score: 35 Bachelor of Business administration and Law Eng lit HL and Math SL IB Score: 40-41 Bachelor of architecture...

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Ib Math Sl Ia - Circles

Alma Guadalupe Luna Math IA (SL TYPE1) Circles Circles Introduction The objective of this task is to explore the relationship between the positions of points within circles that intersect. The first figure illustrates circle C1 with radius r, centre O, and any point P. r is the distance between the centre O and any point (such as A) of circle C1. Figure 1 The second diagram...

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communication NUR Portfolio Task Lecturer: bc Due Date: 23rd of May Background: The reflective portfolio is an continuous assignment in NUR1001. It required us to complete the task every 2 weeks that relates to the material being taught. I personally had found this challenging but rewarding because it allows us to provide the process of our study development skills and be able to reflect on our down knowledge overtime, presenting evidence of what we learned each week. A portfolio contains materials...

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PORTFOLIO {draw:frame} William Yohanes Numberi 01120090183 Faculty of Economic Management 2009 Daftar Isi Cover depan…………………………………………………………………………..1 Daftar isi…………………………………………………………………………………2 Kata pengantar……………………………………………………………………….3 Bab I……………………………………………………………………………………….4 -Mengenal diri sebagai pembelajar Bab II………………………………………………………………………………………6 -Kegiatan perkuliahan -Rangkuman -Strategi belajar Bab III…………………………………………………………………………………….13 -Time...

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Math Portfolio

Math Portfolio HL- Type 1 INVESTIGATINGRATIOS OF AREAS AND VOLUMES The purpose of this portfolio is to investigate the ratios of areas and volumes when a function y= xn is graphed between two arbitrary parameters x=a and x=b such that a‹b. Task 1 The general formula to find area A is [pic] The general formula to find area B is [pic] Therefore, the ratio of Area A to Area B is- = [pic] ÷ [pic] = [pic] × [pic] = n : 1 n:1 is the general conjecture formed. The given...

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Career Passports and Career Portfolios

Portfolios have long been used in some professions to showcase professional work and skill. In education, portfolios have also been used for assessment, including self-assessment (Lankes 1995; Pond et al. 1998). Both career portfolios and career passports reflect this dual focus—students assess themselves in the process of developing a product, and the resulting product showcases and documents their experiences and skills. A distinction is sometimes drawn between a portfolio as developmental and...

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Pedram Ghodrati Math Why do we have to learn algebra? Math is an academic subject which many students struggle to master. I remember when I was in high school, I always had a hard time understanding math. In senior year I almost dropped out of school because of the difficulty of high levels of math classes. I just read an article called, “Is Algebra Necessary?” by Andrew Hacker, an American political scientist and public intellectual. He is currently Professor Emeritus in the Department of Political...

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Assignment Portfolio Theory and Management Individual Assignment Introduction This report exams the performance of fund 49 from different perspectives. Then, I composed a portfolio for client Jim using fund 49 and other four asset classes. The report contains five parts, first part identifies the style of fund 49 and pick out its corresponding benchmark. Second part conducts performance evaluation by different ratios. Third part compares fund 49 and fund 50 from different aspects. Forth part exams...

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 Portfolio Assignment SUS1501 – Sustainability and Greed Student Name: Shitlhangu Mercy Tsakani Student Number: 40525007 Date: 2014.05.06 Teaching Assistant Name: S GEORGE Declaration: By submitting this portfolio, I implicitly declare that this is my own work except for the “Introduction” which was kindly written for me by my lecturer. Introduction My aim in compiling this portfolio was to reflect on the things that have struck me throughout this crazy...

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Portfolio Management: Calculation of Variance of Portfolio

Sub: Finance Question: Calculation of variance of portfolio. Topic: Portfolio management ClassOf1 provides expert guidance to College, Graduate, and High school students on homework and assignment problems in Math, Sciences, Finance, Marketing, Statistics, Economics, Engineering, and many other subjects. Suppose there are three risky assets, A, B and C with the following expected returns, standard deviations of returns and correlation coefficients. E (rA)= 4% E (rB)=5% E (rC) =15% S.DEVA=5%...

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Normality Test shows the distribution is close to normal. [pic] (d) [pic], so the process is not capable of meeting specifications. [pic] (e) [pic] 6.60 (a) [pic] (b) [pic] (c) [pic] (d) [pic] (e) [pic] 6.66 (a) [pic] (b) As you can see the sample 18 and sample 30 is plotted out of the control limit, we can conclude that the process is out of control. (c) [pic] The process seems to not in the statistic control, since these data tend to skew to the right and they don’t fit to the line of the probability...

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Ib Maths Sl Portfolio Lacsap Fraction

IB Maths SL TYPE I Lacsap’s Fractions Portfolio Lacsap’s fraction Introduction: Lacsap’s fraction is a symmetrical triangle that has the following pattern in the first five rows The shape is similar to Pascal triangle. It has the same quantity of symmetrical triangle as Pascal triangle. And Lacsap is the inverse alphabet order of Pascal. These make me think about Pascal triangle and I made an assumption that elements in Lacsap triangle may have the same relationship as in Pascal triangle...

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how to use resources while working on my portfolio assignment. I learned how to use the Occupational Outlook Handbook. I already knew how to use the CFNC site because I used it throughout high school. These websites helped me to research how many years it will take me to be a nurse, what qualities a nurse must have, the amount of money they will earn, etc. It’s awesome that there are websites to help you to research about your career. I can use my portfolio as a tool as I complete my studies at Durham...

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Republic of the Philippines LAGUNA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY Siniloan (Host) Campus Siniloan, Laguna College of Hospitality Management and Tourism PORTFOLIO In Partial Fulfillment of the requirements For the degree of Bachelor of Science in Tourism Submitted to: MR. FRITZ S. CALLANTA Practicum Coordinator Submitted by: DARYL MAY B. SARMIENTO BS Tourism S.Y. 2013 – 2014 DARYL MAY B. SARMIENTO 177 L. De Leon...

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MATH 122 SYLLABUS Faculty Information: Name: E-mail: Office: Office Hours: Section 08 B-1-122 MAK MW 6:00 – 7:15 PM Fall 2013 Corrina Campau campauc@gvsu.edu A-1-132 MAK Phone: (616)331-2052 Tuesday, Thursday 3:45 – 4:30 PM Monday, Wednesday 3:30 - 4:30 PM Monday, Wednesday 7:15 – 8:00 PM by appointment only Prerequisite: MTH 110 (a grade of C or better is recommended) or assignment through GVSU Math Placement. You may wish to take the MTH 122 proficiency test which would allow you to...

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Math Portfolio

MATH PORTFOLIO NUMBER OF PIECES Kanishk Malhotra 003566-035 (May 2012) In physics and mathematics, the ‘DIMENSION’ of a space or object is informally defined as the minimum number of coordinates needed to specify each point within it. Thus a line has a dimension of one because only one coordinate is needed to specify a point on it. A surface such as a plane or the surface of a cylinder or sphere has a dimension of two because two coordinates are needed to specify a point on it (for...

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Creating a Portfolio

portfolio Creating a Portfolio What is a Portfolio? A portfolio attests to your work, accomplishments, and skills, and documents the breadth and depth of your ability and experience. It rounds out your resume, making you more attractive to employers and increasing your chances of being hired or of receiving a promotion. Basic Portfolio Contents A generic portfolio might include these elements: • Title Page • Table of Contents • Personal statements (Mission, Values, and Goals) ...

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Ib Math Sl Type Ii Ia

Lacsap’s Fractions IB Math SL Internal Assessment Paper 1 Lacsap’s Fractions Lacsap is Pascal spelled backward. Therefore, Pascal’s Triangle can be used practically especially with this diagram. (Diagram 1) This diagram is of Pascal’s Triangle and shows the relationship of the row number, n, and the diagonal columns, r. This is evident in Lacsap’s Fractions as well, and can be used to help understand some of the following questions. Solutions Describe how to find...

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Career Portfolio

DEVELOPMENT PORTFOLIO Table of Contents Introduction 1 Significant Life Experiences 2, 3 Analysis of Accomplishments 4, 5 Inventory of Skills and Competencies 6 Work Philosophy and Goals 7 Resume 8, 9 Sample of Work 10 Credentials, Certificates, Workshops 11, 12, 13 Appendix 14 INTRODUCTION The Career Development Portfolio I am submitting...

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Portfolio Optimization

Portfolio optimization - a practical approach Andrzej Palczewski Institute of Applied Mathematics Warsaw University June 29, 2008 1 Introduction The construction of the best combination of investment instruments (investment portfolio) is a principal goal of investment policy. This is an optimization problem: select the best portfolio from all admissible portfolios. To approach this problem we have to choose the selection criterion first. The seminal paper of Markowitz [8] opened a new era...

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Math Lab Sl 11

Cindy Hwang IB Math 11 SL 1-3 IB Math Portfolio Gold medal heights Aim: The aim of this task is to consider the winning height for the men’s high jump in the Olympic Games. Introduction: The Olympic Games which are held in every four years have an event called Men’s High Jump and usually an athlete tries to jump over a bar which is set up in a certain range from1 meter to 3 meters. The table 1 shows the record of the gold medalists during the Olympic Games held during 1932 to 1980. Note:...

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Ib Environmental Ia

diversity of the smoky hill high school IB class of 2013 and 2014 Candidate Name: Zainab Sanni Candidate Number: 000631-063 Date of Submission: 10 April 2013 Word Count: 1,078 Research Question: How does the diversity of the different ethnicity of the junior class of IB students at Smoky Hill High School differ from the diversity of the different ethnicity of the finishing senior class of IB students at smoky hill high school? Over the years, has IB been more accepting of the different cultures...

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Assessment Essay on Portfolios

Carol Gestwick, (1995) in Developmentally Appropriate Practice: Curriculum and Development in Early Education, postulates that, “Portfolios are collections or samplings of information relating to each child’s development progress in an educational setting.” In addition, portfolio is a collection of student’s work which is being collected over a period of time, so that the class teacher, principal, vice principal and parents can view the child’s progression in the various subject disciplines offered...

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Math Sample

sources of information should be used to ensure fairness and to balance the limitations of any single measure of knowledge, skills or abilities. These sources may include undergraduate grade point average, letters of recommendation, personal statement, samples of academic work and professional experience related to proposed graduate study. A cut-off score (i.e., a minimum score) should never be used as the only criterion for denial of admission or awarding of a fellowship. Use of multiple criteria is particularly...

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portfolio managment

so he will be able to contribute $110,000 to add to the current portfolio. He wants to be able to retire in 20 years, by age 65, and would like to have at least a million dollars for retirement as well as a surplus of greater than or at least $40,000 in order to pay for his new step-son’s college fund. He would like to be able to only use about half of the retirement to live off of, and keep the rest either invested in his portfolio, or set up college funds, IRA’s, etc. to help his family with his...

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Cindy Johnson 11-16-2010 English 9A—Glotfelty Unit 4 Portfolio “Cinderella” vs. “Little Red Riding Hood” “Why, Grandmother, what big teeth you have!” Almost anyone would recognize those words addressed to the big bad wolf in the fairy tale” Little Red Riding Hood,” just as most people would also recognize “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” as the words of the fairy godmother from “Cinderella.” What most people may not realize, however, is that although “Cinderella” and” Little Red Riding Hood” are...

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在抽樣方面,需要做以下之判斷及決策: ─ 是否要用機率樣本(probability sample,亦即random sample)? ─ 抽樣架構(the sampling frame)為何?也就是那些人真正有被抽選到之機會。 ─ 樣本之大小(The Sample Size)。 ─ 抽樣設計(the sample design),即抽選人或戶之實際策略。 ─ 回收率(the rate of response),即真正得到資料者在選取樣本中之比例。 ■ 樣本之選取的三個關鍵 ─ 得到樣本時所用之the sample frame(樣本架構)。 ─ 樣本內每一單位或個案都必須是用機率抽樣之程序,獲得每一個單位都應知道被選取之機率為何。 ─ 抽樣設計之細節,如樣本大小,及抽樣程序等,都會影響到樣本之代表性。 ■ The Sample Frame 任何一個選擇樣本之程序都會給一些人被選入樣本之機會,也同時會排除一些人。因此,第一個評估樣本品質之步驟即為了解the sample frame 。 ─ 抽樣方法可以歸成三大類: ...

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Ib Math Ia

Level The portfolio - tasks For use in 2012 and 2013 © International Baccalaureate Organization 2010 7 pages For final assessment in 2012 and 2013 2 MATME/PF/M12/N12/M13/N13 C O N T E N TS T y p e I t as k s Circles T y p e I I t as k s Fish Production Gold Medal Heights INTRODUC TI ON W h a t is t h e p u r p ose of t h is d oc u m e n t ? This document contains new tasks for the portfolio in mathematics SL. These tasks have been produced by the IB, for teachers...

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Ib Chemistry Lab Format

AP/IB Chemistry Internal Assessment Lab Format The following titles and subtitles (in bold) should be used for your lab report and given in this order within your lab report. Title: choose one to fit your experiment I. Design A. Problem – must be a focused, clear research question. B. Hypothesis (When appropriate) • Clear answer to Problem – • Logical rational • your conclusion should address the hypothesis you are giving here. C. Variables...

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Portfolio Theory

1: “Foundations of Portfolio Theory” by. H.M. Markowitz (1991) Foundations of Portfolio Theory by H.M. Markowitz is based on a two part lesson of microeconomics of capital markets. Part one being that taught by Markowitz, which is solely geared toward portfolio theory and how an optimizing investor would behave, whereas part two focuses on the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) which is the work done by Sharpe and Lintner. In this article Markowitz speaks strictly on portfolio theory. He states...

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Portfolio Management

Question 1 & Question 3: Through the questions’ requirements, the choice of “S&P 1500” is decided because of diverse companies which can be seen as the good random samples contributing to accurate data and future analysis. Therefore, 20 companies’ stocks are selected from 8 fields. For example, Apple is from Information Technology Field, P&G is from Health Care Field and so on. By the instrument of Bloomberg, ten years’ historical data of stock prices, returns, market capitalization...

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Math Today

 Math Today When We Have Devices Luke A. Douglas Ashford University MAT222: Intermediate Algebra Instructor Robb March 3rd, 2014 Math Today When We Have Devices Some think that math has no place in the world, and I must admit that I am one of those people. I understand that we do use math everyday but in an age of technology it’s no longer needed as much as it once was; or is it? I theorize that math is still an important tool that we must remain proficient at to keep...

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Math IA

IB Math Studies Internal Assessment: Is the distance a tennis ball travels horizontally dependent on the angle of which it is dropped at? Exam Session: May 2014 School Name: Teacher: Course: IB Math Studies Word Count: 654 Name: Is the distance a tennis ball travels horizontally dependent on the angle of which it is dropped at? Introduction In tennis, players hit the tennis ball in certain ways so the ball goes the way they want it to go. Hitting it at certain angles...

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