• Ib Math Sl Body Mass Index Portfolio
    IB Math SL Portfolio Body Mass Index (Type II) AmyXu April 11th/2012 In this portfolio, there will be investigations on the topic of the relationship between females of different ages and their body mass index (BMI-a measure of one's body fat). Body m
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  • Ib Math Portfolio Logarithms
    Logarithm Base IB Math SL Type I Portfolio Lisa Phommaseng Logarithm Base Consider the given sequences: Log28, log48, log88, log 168, log328,… Log381, log981, log 2781, log8181,… Log525, log2525, log12525, log62525,… : : : ,… For the first sequence Log28, log48, log8
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  • Ib Math Ia Sl Portfolio
    Math SL Portfolio – Tips and Reminders Checklist Notation and Terminology Check for the following: • I did not use calculator notation. (I didn’t include things like ‘x^2’ for or Sn for Sn) • I used appropriate mathematical vocabulary. Communication Check for the fol
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  • Sample Portfolio Essay #1
    Sample Portfolio Essay #1 My time at Isothermal has greatly affected my life in many ways. Thanks to my time spent at Isothermal, I have decided that upon completion of my education, I hope to be able to work as a Spanish educator at K-12 and college level and as a Spanish-English translator. I ha
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  • IB Math Studies Chi Square IA
     Predictability of Social Media Usage to Grade Averages IB Math Studies Spring 2013 Table of Contents: Introduction/Purpose……………………………………………………………..p.3 Data Collection Method……………………………………………………….....p. 3 - 4 Data Analysis: Chi-Squared Statistic Frequency...
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  • Ib Math Sl Ia Type 2
    IB Math SL Type II Internal Assessment High Jump Heights Aim: The aim of this task is to consider the winning height for the men’s high jump in the Olympic Games. The table below gives the height (in centimeters) achieved by the gold medalists at various Olympic Games. Year | 1932 |
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  • Ib Math Sl Type Ii Ia
    Lacsap’s Fractions IB Math SL Internal Assessment Paper 1 Lacsap’s Fractions Lacsap is Pascal spelled backward. Therefore, Pascal’s Triangle can be used practically especially with this diagram. (Diagram 1) This diagram is of Pascal’s Triangle and shows the rela
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  • Ib Math Project 1
    Lacsap’s Fractions IB Math SL SL Type 1 December 11, 2012 Lacsap’s Fractions: Lacsap is Pascal backwards and the way that Lacsap’s fractions are presented is fairly similar to Pascal’s triangle. Thus, various aspects of Pascal’s triangle can be applied in Lacsap’s fraction
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  • Ib Math Studies Ia
    IB Math Studies Internal Assessment: What is the Relationship between Points per Game Scored and the Height of the Players in the NBA? By xxxxxxxxx Candidate #xxxxxx February 17th 20xx Mrsxxxx Contents Introduction……………………………………1 Chi-Squared Test…………â€
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  • ib math studies
    Sasha Lopez Mr. Davis IB Math Studies, P.4 November 1, 2011 Fallacies In Marketing and Advertisements A fallacy is an error in logical thinking. Fallacies are defects in an argument that cause an argument to be invalid, unsound, or weak. Having a background in fallacies benefits you...
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  • Ib Sl 2012-2013 Math Circles Portfolio
    OPA Circle Style The three circles; O, P and A intersect to create an interesting investigation regarding circles. Since this is a Calculus course, the investigation does have to deal with Derivatives. The most important and the focus of this portfolio is the line segment, OP’. Using the given
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  • Ib Math Sl Syllabus
    IB Mathematics SL Year 1 Welcome to IB Mathematics. This two-year course is designed for students who have a strong foundation in basic mathematical concepts. The topics covered in this course include: * Algebra * Functions * Equations * Circular functions * Trigonometry
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  • Ib Math Ia
    MATME/PF/M12/N12/M13/N13 MATHEMATICS Standard Level The portfolio - tasks For use in 2012 and 2013 © International Baccalaureate Organization 2010 7 pages For final assessment in 2012 and 2013 2 MATME/PF/M12/N12/M13/N13 C O N T E N TS T y p e I t as k s Circles T
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  • Ib Maths Sl Portfolio Lacsap Fraction
    IB Maths SL TYPE I Lacsap’s Fractions Portfolio Lacsap’s fraction Introduction: Lacsap’s fraction is a symmetrical triangle that has the following pattern in the first five rows The shape is similar to Pascal triangle. It has the same quantity of symmetrical triangle as Pascal trian
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  • Math portfolio
     IB Math: Studies Statistics Portfolio: What is the relationship between the numbers of goals the top sixteen players of the FIFA world cup 2014 score with the height of the players? Due date: Friday November 23, 2013 School Name:...
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  • Math Lab Sl 11
    Cindy Hwang IB Math 11 SL 1-3 IB Math Portfolio Gold medal heights Aim: The aim of this task is to consider the winning height for the men’s high jump in the Olympic Games. Introduction: The Olympic Games which are held in every four years have an event called Men’s High Jump and usually
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  • Math Investigation Sl Lacsap's Fractions
    Lacsap's fraction Ryohei Kimura IB Math SL 1 Internal Assessment Type 1 Lacsap’ fraction Lacsap is backward word of Pascal. Thus, the Pascal’s triangle can be applied in this fraction. How to find numerator In this project, the relationship between the row number, n, the numerator, a
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  • Math Ia
    Portfolio Assignments – IB Mathematics HL General Information All students enrolled in IB Mathematics (HL) must complete 2 portfolio projects. These portfolio projects (internal assessments) will compose 20% of your IB examination grade, with each of the other two papers (external assessments) m
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  • Math Ia
    IB Math Studies Internal Assessment: What is the Relationship between SAT Scores and Family Income of the Test Takers around the World? Exam Session: May 2011 School name: International School Bangkok Teacher: Mr. Demille Date: December 8th, 2010 Course: IB Math Studies Word Count: 1,832 Name: B
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  • Ib Studies Linear Regression Paper
    Title - People Measurements in IB Math Studies Introduction The task was to gather the conclusive data from both 1st and 6th period IB Math Studies classes in the terms of each student’s separate data in the areas of height (measured in inches), shoe size, and arm span, also in inches. Data
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