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I Can Not Forget That Day

A day I would like to forget It started out as a normal day, I went to school but, school got out at ten because of snow. As my little brother and I were walking off the bus, I saw a u-haul parked in our driveway. I thought I was going blind for a second, I didn’t know what was going on. My first thought was “Does my mother know about his move?” Before I saw anything else, my step-dad walked outside to greet my brother and I. All three of us plus his mother and sister came inside the house and...

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The Day I Never Forget

Thank you for teaching me how to love  Showing me what the world means  What I've been dreaming' of  And now I know, there is nothing that I could not do  Thanks to You  For teaching me how to feel  Showing me my emotions  Letting me know what's real  From what is not  What I've got is more that I'd ever hoped for  And a lot of what I hope for is  Thanks to you  No mountain, no valley  No time, no space  No heartache, no heartbreak  No fall from grace  Can't stop me from believing  ...

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the day i will never forget

A Day I Will Never Forget I have always been told to never judge a book by its cover, but in these terms regarding people. Just like the cover of a book, first impressions are not always as they seem. They are very crucial in everyday life and can be the basis of how our relationship with a person begins. You really find out someone’s true colors after you start getting to know them. This all happened to me when I saw and met my current girlfriend. Upon first talking to her I was wondering...

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A Day I Will Never Forget

I’ll never forget that day. It was in February that my father told me my older sister might not be coming home. I was home alone and had been since the very end of January. My dad called me from the Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado. It started out with what seemed to be a normal conversation. “Hi, Dad! How’s Bridgette doing?” “She’s still goin.’ Just had another seizure. We got some news today.” “Oh, yeah? What is it?” “Well, if your sister has surgery, there’s a chance she won’t...

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The Day I Will Never Forget

suitable way to introduce some bad news in a formal way? a) I feel really bad about this but… b) I’m sorry to have to break the bad news but… c) I regret to inform you… d) I’m so sorry about… 4. Which of the following is an expression suitable for a formal letter? a) Regards to Jane b) Please give my regards to Jane c) Say hi to Jane d) Give Jane my best wishes 5. Which of the following is NOT a suitable final sentence for a formal letter? a) I look forward to hearing from you soon. b) Hope to see you...

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A Day I Will Never Forget 1

The day of December 1, 2000 is a day I will never forget. It was a Friday. I was involved in a car accident that changed my view on life. The accident was the scariest experience I had ever had in my life. The day had started out too good to end the same. It was something about the day that didn’t sit right in my stomach. The day started out good, everyone woke up on the right side of the bed. Our daily routine wasn’t hectic like usual, there was usually an argument over the shower, comb...

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Never Shall I forget

Never Shall I Forget… “From the depths of the mirror, a corpse was contemplating me. The look in his eyes as he gazed at me has never left.” (Pg. 115) These were the last and final words used by Elie Wiesel in the book Night. The book retells the personal story of the main character and author, Elie Wiesel, and the tales of the suffering he and other Jews went through during the holocaust. Elie and his family were captured towards the end of the Second World War by the Nazis and sent to concentration...

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The Day I Will Never Forget

The Day I Will Never Forget I will never forget the bright light in the sky. I saw this light in the sky years ago when I was just a boy; I still to this day can remember it vividly as if it was just yesterday. I’m not exactly sure what it was in the sky, but whatever it was had defied all physics and natures law. When I was about nine years old I went with my parents one Saturday evening. One of my dad’s friends were throwing a pool party out of town. It was a nice summer’s night in or...

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I Can I Will

While reading the book, I Can I Will, I found the messages that were sent across to be very forceful and pertained to a lot of my own life experiences. The book teaches me to overcome my negative preconceptions and always say “I can I will.” It also teaches me to believe in myself, have positive self-affirmation, and spend my energy on important aspects of my life. Furthermore, it enlists self-confidence in the reader and allows an individual to introspectively assess the qualities that are needed...

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A day i will never forget

something that I had to live with for the rest of my life. I can still barely believe it, mostly because I don’t want too, but I will do my best to recall this day, the worst day of my life. “Are you ready to go?” I asked Jim as I jumped out of his computer chair. We were going to take my new Carola for a spin.  “I don’t know, Mrs. Smith is really piling on the homework,” said Jim, looking at his very full backpack.  “Jim, it’s the Queen’s Birthday. She didn’t give us the day off school, just...

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The day i met shakespeare

The day I met William Shakespeare It’s 2pm local time in London and I just arrived. A 19 year old all alone in London, haha I’m gonna get lost. I might check in to the hotel and then check this big town out, tomorrow I’ll visit Madame Tussauds and Stratford-upon-Avon, where Shakespeare grew up. Madame Tussauds is pretty close to my hotel, so I take that first. I walked over there and by the time I was listening to British music. I got lost two times on my way to Madame Tussauds, so I bought a...

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A Day I Can't Forget

Jeanna Sims Journal # 1 A day I can’t forget Since I was a little girl I have been so passionate in helping others. My dream was to become a pediatrician. I love working with children. I believe that is why I have three on my own. That is the only reason I decide to become a Nurse. I know that is not the only reason I can help but I choose that way because I experience how important it is when I ‘m sick to have someone that cares about others and what they...

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A Dream That I Will Never Forget

A dream that I will never forget suddenly crushed over my mind. In the dream I was lively telecasting an opinion about money in a worldwide news report. It was all about money and start out with a question as following. Do people control money or does money control people? Sometimes, it can be hard to tell especially when money is the cause of many conflicts in society. Furthermore, money is not only a danger to society but it affects all people individually. Moreover, money places a value on the...

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I Can Feel the Raindrops

Each one is as unique as can be. I wonder if raindrops ever get lonely. They fall through the sky, hit the ground, and spread out. They're surrounded by one another, but are they together? Do they think of themselves as part of a whole? Do they think themselves separate beings? I don't think they're part of a whole. I don't think that at all. People think of my school as a whole. "They like school more than friends." I hear it all the time. I know the ones they speak of; they make...

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The Day I Will Never Forget

2 The Day I Will Never Forget The hardest thing I had to face in my life when I was younger was when I was thirteen. That day would be July 14, 2005 and it is the day my grandmother passed away. My family and I went through so much about seven months prior to her passing. We got through the tragedy. She was eighty-two years old at the time. I will never forget her telling me the night before that she had to go to the doctors for a check-up meanwhile I was in school but when I got home, I would...

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The Day I Will Never Forget

The day I will never forget Everyone has something that reminds them of something or someone. For some the smell breadfruit reminds them of the meals their mom made in every fashion since it was the only thing she could afford. For others, it's a father playing with a child, an event they either experienced or long to experience. Then there are some who remembers a love one through a special song. For me it's a little bit of all. When I smell hot barber green marinating with the sound of rain...

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A Trip I Will Never Forget

summertime 2008 when I got my 99’ Dodge Intrepid back from the previous accident, I begun my road trip to Yellowstone National Park in early morning. As I drove down the road, I soon realized that I had never been anywhere alone before. This was a new feeling for me, one of strength and fear rolled into one. My trip was nerve wrecking because I faced a certain problems with my car that I have never experienced before, but it taught me a lot about how to maintain my car. The first problem I got was after...

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How I Can Make a Difference As A Scholar

different capabilities to make a difference; difference that can change one’s family, school, community, country, and even the world. But before he can do a difference around him, he must first make a difference within himself. As a scholar of this prestigious university, the University of Bohol, I can also make a difference. But as I said, in order for me to make a difference in my surroundings, I must first make a difference within me. I was once a stranger in this university, seldom talks to anyone...

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A Day I Will Never Forget

From the day I first saw my son to now When I first saw my baby he was all wrapped up in a stiff white blanket with footprints from all colors of the rainbow. His eyes were closed because his cheeks were so puffed up that they kept him from being able to open them up. His face resembled a red puffy marshmallow. His head was so long and narrow it almost reminded me of a little alien head. He had a full head of curly golden sandy brown hair. His nose was small as could be. It was like a little button...

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The Day I Lost Him

The Day I lost Him Do you ever look at your boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend, brother/sister, or anyone you love and wonder what would life be like without them? Or do you ever imagine that they would just be gone one day? I never think that way. I think that everyone is invincible and everyone is going to live forever. That is how it seems at least. That is definitely not the case. I guess you could call me an idealist, but in reality people that you see everyday could be gone tomorrow. That...

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The Day I Will Never Forget

Photos 62 Photos See All . Jordan Mark Schmigiel 18 hours ago. What have I become My sweetest friend? Everyone I know goes away In the end And you could have it all My empire of dirt I will let you down I will make you hurt. ~ Johnny Cash Like · . Brittany Oryszak and Chris Phillips like this.. Write a comment... . . ...

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A Day I'Ll Never Forget

I looked around my room once more, turned-off the lights then closed the door quietly. I crept into my parent's bedroom and kissed my mother on the forehead lightly, pulled the comforter tighter around her frail body then let my gaze linger on my father's empty side of the bed. After a few moments, I headed to my younger sister's room. Little Mia. She would probably hate me for leaving, but she needs to grow up and learn to be independent sooner or later; just sooner than she thought, much sooner...

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I Believe I Can Fly

Tom Dilley Alyse Cleaver EN 102-5191 15 July 2013 Writing Project 1: Final Draft I Believe I Can Fly I remember my first time flying on an airplane. My father, brother and I all flew down from Fairbanks, Alaska to Phoenix, Arizona on the Christmas of 1990 to see the Grand Canyon. This was our little vacation while my mom was in Hawaii. It was my first time flying and I was so scared during takeoff that I did not even make a sound. My brother gave me the window seat since it was my first time...

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An Adventure I Shall Never Forget

An adventure I shall never forget Malia and I were very excited about the trip. We had planned it for more than one and a year and a half. The radio was playing in the background. I heard something about a new rumor about cruises disappearing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It was like the Bermuda triangle. A new way to sell souvenirs I thought. The bags were packed and our passports were lying on the kitchen table, ready to be used for the first time. My family was somewhat poor compared...

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The Day I Met My Bestfriend

Turning my face to a nearby window, I began to watch the dance performed by the raindrops. I took a momentary distraction from this image by picking back up my 4B charcoal pencil and skilfully tracing over a faint pattern. I put my pencil aside and spotted the weather outside. I was sorry for the people outdoor who were not allowed inside, regarding , once, I was stuck external, too. I had only very recently found comfort in this classroom ; in this comforting place I call my refuge. Thanks to my...

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If i become a priminister for a day

If I become prime minister for a day, I will formulate new policies to bring down the prices of essential commodities, food and vegetables. I will ensure to check oil prices. I will frame good policies for the health of children, women and elderly people. I will ensure the security of the country internally and externally is upgraded. I will ensure laws to empower women. I will create better atmosphere to root out the corruption and make government transparent. I will reform the laws for better...

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can i study now

com/subjects/the-best-day-of-my-life-page1.html http://dictionary.reference.com/ http://hamariweb.com/dictionaries/urdu-english-dictionary.aspx Best Day of my Life The best day of my life was when I found out that I was not god. This might of course need some explanation on my part, but once you understand what I mean, you would get my drift. I grew up as a child with a lot of self-confidence. I was alone most of the time as I was living away from my parents with my grandfather. Despite being a small kid, I have...

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I can only imagine

It all started one night as I was on duty at La Loma Luz hospital, in my home Country Belize, Central America. I was doing some paper work, about 2:30 A.M. I heard Someone called ‘Nurse, nurse’; I turned towards where the sound was coming from. A room to My left was empty and had been locked with a key for a couple weeks. I heard it unlock and saw It opened, I sat there transfixed for a brief moment, and then I prayed. I spoke towards the door ‘You devil you won‘t play...

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A Time I Will Never Forget

A time I will never forget It was winter 2010and the weather was bad. The snow was knee deep and still falling. I was at work and sitting at the reception desk. It had been such a busy night with people checking in and people coming off the street looking for somewhere to stay. A woman came in to the reception area with her three kids. Straight away I could tell she was a gypsy traveller, the way she spoke and looked. She went on to tell me that she needed a room for the night as she was...

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A Day I Cant Forget

Samantha)and boy, am I into sports. My sister, on the other hand, Is not so sporty, and is more into fashion and makeup (YUCK!). My favorite sports are soccer, football, baseball and my most favorite sport is basketball. Well now that I have told you what I like, I think that I should tell you a story. It all started when I was playing soccer and it started to rain, and boy, was it raining a lot. I had to get home. So I ran, and on the way I tripped and banged head. I couldn't get up. There...

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The Day I Will Never Forget

per couple per day. They paid a deposit of 1 021 605 ZMK to secure their accommodation. Dinner costs 85 134 ZMK per person and they both had dinner at the hotel restaurant four times. Use the formula below to calculate the total amount they will pay at the end of their ten-day stay at the hotel in Zambia. Total amount due = (number of days × A) + (8 × B) – C, where: A = accommodation cost, B = cost per dinner and C = deposit paid (2) 1.2.2 (3) 1.2.3 On a particular day they travelled...

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A Day to Remember - I Can Still Remember It Like It Was Yesterday

I can still remember it like it was yesterday. It all started at about 2 p.m. It was the time I went back from school on foot. I was so tried and all I wanted was to just relax and eat. When I arrived at the front gate, I was shocked.The gate and the door were opened. It was because at that time there was nobody in my house as all my family members were not at home I was frightened and did not know what I should do. Should I go inside or call the police? I was hesitant because my family went out...

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a day i will never forget

 SUMMARY This is the story of Mama King, an elderly woman with a strong and indomitable spirit. We meet Mama King when she is placed in Frangipani House, a rest home, by her children who live in America. Her experience at the rest home is a claustrophobic one that robs her of her freedom, and slowly leeches away at her senses. She delves into her memories in order to survive that experience, but eventually gains enough lucidity to escape. This escape leads to the family descending on the island...

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I Love

and this broken heart lonely stands. I wait for your gentle kiss, and those soft lips I really miss! Your bright eyes and the way you smile, they only last for a while, But I will wait for you here, until you come and dry my last tear, I just want you to know, I will always be waiting for you. Marika Armstrong I Love You With All My Heart When things are changing all around us and the world seems to move too fast, don't forget, I'll be right beside you. So when you look...

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The Little Engine That Could: I Think I Can, I Know I Can

That Could. Over the years, I learned to read the book. Each night, my mom and I would read it together. By the age of five, I stumbled a little but I could pick up the book and read it with ease. At the age of six, I read it with no problem. As years went by, my mom would pick up the book occasionally and we would read it together. When I would get in trouble or bring home bad grades, we would pick up the book and read it. I didn’t understand the reason my mom did this. I always thought that maybe...

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If I Were a Boy One Day

A Day of an Opposite Gender Its 7:30am in a Friday morning. I can’t wait for the weekend. Left my Xbox on last night, chips all over the room and dirty laundry everywhere. I get up take a shower, eat and get dressed. I pick whatever I find first thing on my dresser. After all those things, I usually play COD on my Xbox. I play with my friends and online gamers. It’s been 30 minutes since I started playing. Its 8:50am, I’m going to be late I thought while getting my shoes and bag on. As I arrived...

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The Day I Nearly Died

The Day I Nearly Died Year after year our family takes a trip to Colorado for spring break. It’s an exhilarating trip because I get to see all my wild and wacky relatives as well as spend some quality time on the slopes. Something funny or embarrassing always happens. This time was different. This time, I could have died! Generally when we go out on the slopes, falling down is one of my specialties. Putting an extremely clumsy person on skis and sending them down the hill, I found...

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The Day I Became a Doctor

Ok, this entry would be my first ever entry since I became a doctor. hukhuk.. (clear throat). ;p and probably my last entry to tell about my medical school life (Probably, but not certainly). So if you are boring to read this kind of article in my blog, don't worry because this gona be the last one I suppose. All praises are only due to God. God has made my life much much easy. God had given me opportunity to learn lots of things at oversea. God had given me health throughout my stay here. God...

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Memorial Day

Memorial Day? What does it mean to you? What symbolization does it hold in you? Ladies and gentlemen, sadly enough, the true meaning of Memorial Day has been seemingly lost by the majority of Americans today. Many confuse this day for Veterans Day or even Armed Forces Day. Although it is highly appropriate to honor all our veterans, living and dead, and to recognize their immeasurable contributions to our country, this is not the true meaning of Memorial Day. When I asked you what the day means...

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What Can I Do To the Transformation Of The Philippines?

 What can I contribute to the transformation of the Philippines? (I must start from being nothing) For the past years, I have been thinking about what are the things that would make Philippines shine as one of the best countries in the world. Known from its cultural diversity and beautiful surroundings, our country has indeed proved to the world that somehow we can catch up with the teething troubles of being an archipelago. And as years passed, it seems like our country is becoming more...

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I Can Make as a Fool

I can make u as fool Ads related to internship topic in mutual funds 1. Internship Programs - Turtle-Foundation.org‎ www.turtle-foundation.org/InternshipNGO A great opportunity for one wanting to pursue Environmental Career!‎ 2. Internship Program - StudentWorldAssembly.org‎ www.studentworldassembly.org/ Apply to Gain Valuable Experience, Network, & Affect Change Worldwide‎ 3. Summer internship at FSD - fsdinternational.org‎ www.fsdinternational.org/ Intern with FSD this...

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My Perfect Day

No day is perfect as something always seems to go wrong. Little or big there is always a flaw. That is what I have always believed in and probably always will. Anyone that says something is perfect is either lying through their teeth or overlooking a bunch of things. Some days do come close though. Some days just are so wonderful they seem perfect. They seem like the best day you've ever had. That doesn't mean they are but they do come very close. For me a nice summer day always is the start of...

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"If you forget me" pablo Naruda

 “If You Forget Me” Pablo Neruda This poem dramatizes the conflict between the poet’s passionate burning desire and unconditional love for a woman, and his stern attitude toward her if she doesn’t feel the same. By demonstrating excellent personification, imagery, and sentimentality, this poet portrays love, compassion, and optimism. Although the poet expresses deep emotion for his love, he also acknowledges that love can be dangerous, and refuses to be damaged. To begin with, while explicating...

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Reasons Why We Forget and How We Can Improve Our Memory

following passages will discuss the reasons as to why human beings forget information, as well as review ways in which memory can be improved. There are number of theories and experiments that have focused on determining why we forget the information we were at one point or another able to recount. The following section will focus on highlighting a range of medical conditions as well as theories that provide reasons for why we forget. The loss of memory is commonly referred to as amnesia. Amnesia...

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A Day I'Ll Never Forget

will be a normal day. People go to work or school and live their daily lives. The day of October 31, 2011 my daughter's mother was induce becuase she was pass her due date. That day was crazy from waking up in the morning and the trip to the hositpal. From watching my daughter's mother go through the pain she went through and when the time came when my daughter was born was a unrealistic feeling. The day of October 31, 2011 I will never forget that day. My girlfriend and I woke up at five o'clock...

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Comparison Between “Always” and “Tonight I Can Write”

The poems by Pablo Neruda that I chose to analyze are complete opposites. In “Always” he describes his feelings for a woman and how they are forever. In “Tonight I Can Write”, Neruda writes about the end of a relationship, the end of love. His descriptions are very vivid in both poems, vivid enough that they make the reader feel what the writer is feeling. In Pablo Neruda’s “Always” the narrator is trying to express his feelings for the woman he loves. He starts the poem starts by telling his loved...

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Best Days in My Life

Best Days in My Life After a long time I went to visit my homeland . Those days were my best days in my life. I mean colorful days in my life. for the first time, after a long time, I saw my grandparents . who were amazed to see me again . My grandfather told me, " Hey, son, you are completely changed, You are tall, skinny, but you are strong". My grandmother said that when I was a kid, I was like...

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Discriptive essay on a day I will never forget

Trip I remember it like it was yesterday blood was everywhere; my pants leg was soaked and weighted down from the bleeding. The bottom of the truck had turned into a crimson sea of red. The throbbing in my thigh had been replaced with numbness and nausea. As everything started to fade, I remember my cousin Joe saying over and over in a nervous voice, "You will be okay, just hang in There..." Fishing is one of my favorite things to do but there is one fishing trip that I will never forget. Earlier...

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Debate on Columbus Day

To change Columbus Day to no longer be a holiday would be turning a blind eye to a difficult history, yet still turning that eye away from a history with a side to be celebrated. I instead ask of you to celebrate Columbus Day, learn the full history, including the wrong doings of Columbus and his crew, and celebrate the good change brought about by this event that ultimately led to the lifestyle you lead today. If the wrongs of every event in history were to be scrutinized would we have a history...

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Childhood Days

I wish I could rewind back to my childhood… The time I have spent in (school name) is quite unforgettable. My parents had decided to enroll me in (school name) in a small village with a unique motive. (School name) is a place where one can discover the wonders of village kids and how these kids grow their senses into an extraordinary realm. That has been an inspiration and I feel I am executing and documenting my life positively in a creative way. I hope I am always able to go on this way. I spent...

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Christmas Day

Christmas Day! One of the most memorable days of my life was the Christmas of 2007. I woke up to the bright sunlight seeping through my window, and I knew today would be a Christmas I would never forget. The weather was fit for the season with fresh white snow gently falling from the sky, as I looked out the foggy window. I remembered this Christmas as if it happened yesterday. The night before Christmas I remember sneaking down the steps, only to see my mom sneaking the presents under the poorly...

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Pleasant Day

morning. I got up bright and breezy prepared to enjoy a stress-free holiday in Port Dickson. On the way, we kept watchful eyes on the scenery. We chatted happily on the way. It took about 2 hours to arrive at our destination. I fanned the mat under a shady tree. After that, my brother and I changed our swimsuit and swam freely in the sea. There were many people at here. We just like a family. It was a sunny day. The sun was shining brightly in the sky and the fresh air brushed against my face. I felt...

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A Special Day

A Special Day Beep beep beep... the sound of my alarm clock went off. It was seven o'clock in the morning. I was still very sleepy. I didn't want to wake up yet and was just rolling around in bed. I couldn't go back to sleep now that I'm awake. I was laying in bed planning out my day. Today is a very special day for me and I want everything to be perfect. Today is my sweet 16 Birthday. I'm happy but worry at the same time. I wanted to go to school dress in the prettiest outfit and have the nicest...

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Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day

Shall I Compare Thee To a Summer’s Day? William Shakespeare Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate: Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And Summer’s lease hath all too short a date: Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines, And oft’ is his gold complexion dimm’d; And every fair from fair sometime declines, By chance or nature’s changing course untrimm’d: But...

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What Can I Do with a Computer

Extra Credit Project Table of Contents Section 1 2 Section 2 4 Section 3 6 Section 4 7 Documentation of Prices 9 Section 1 (What Can I Do With A Computer): Due to the fact that I am an Accounting and Finance double major there are many needs that this computer I am buying for the University of Delaware and after must contain. To start off, I will start with talking about what this computer needs for both aspects of college and post college. First and most obviously, this computer needs...

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A Night I’ll Never Forget

A Night I’ll Never Forget A Night I’ll Never Forget Life was hectic for me during December 2003, but there are several dates that stand out in my mind that culminated that year for me. December 13 is, of course, my son’s birthday, a day that is forever etched into my heart. My wife’s birthday is December 22, and our anniversary is December 28. Do you remember growing up and your grandparents would tell you what they were doing when they heard that Pearl Harbor had been bombed? You have...

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The day which i will never forget

hapenned when i was still in the tender age of ten. Outside it was dark and stormy which matched my mood exactly. I was feeling down and bored. The was no one at home with me to talk to, so i was completely alone in the double storey house. Mom and dad were on a vacation, which left only my siblings and me. But at that time as i recall, they went out with their friends, and left me unwanted at home. It was a terrible feeling, to be alone in the big dark house. i imagined that everytime i turned around...

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A Day I

Essay A Day I’ll Never Forget Every person should have a Grandma like mine. She was the definition of love. She never got mad, she never yelled, she was never too busy for me, she never turned me away and she never grew tired of listening to me. She was beautiful, polite, graceful, confident, quiet and peaceful. Her manners were flawless and her home was always spotless. She has been deeply missed since the day she died in 2010. I remember the day it happened like it was yesterday. I came into...

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A Bad Day

A Bad Day Everyone has gone through bad times in their life. It is the moment when you wish the earth would open up and swallow you. The embarrassment and discomfort felt during that time which may only last a few seconds feels like the time has stood still. I woke up at 6.00 am, when I was rudely awakened by my screaming alarm clock. I pounded on it until I found the ‘snooze’ button. My eyelids felt heavy and dropped down. Tiredness got the best of me. I rolled back over to catch a few more...

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using a computer every day can have negative

us not only some simple advices like how important of brushing our teeth everyday but they also help us to understand things that are extremely great like why the Earth moves around the Sun. Books appears everywhere, at library or bookstore, and we can read them anytime we like. However, it has some disadvantages because of lacking pictures that make reader feel boring when they are reading. Books are full of words so it requires people should be a patient person to read them all. Consequently...

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