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Hr Manager Interview Paper

Kierra Johnson February 24, 2015 Interview of a HR Manager / Specialist For my interview of a HR manager or specialist I chose to interview someone from a popular company who has a plant local to where I live in Oxford, PA. I interviewed Eric Maholmes the Human resource director for Tastycake which is now Flowers Baking Company of Oxford, Inc. I asked Eric a variety of questions from his educational background, to his duties as director, and what the hardest parts of his job are. Mr...

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Hr Manager

Subject: Applying for Human Resource Manager Post. U U Dear Sir/Madam, With reference to your recent advertisement in (www.acbar.com) May 16, 2013), I would like to apply for the post of (Human Resources Officer) that you had advertised, for the reason that I have decided to cooperate with you. I have done my D.B.A, C.E.L, and right now I am doing my B.B.A which is the appropriate qualifications for the mentioned position; in addition, I have had a 6-year HR Working and training experience during...

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Interview with a Manager

Interview with a Human Resource Manager Being a healthcare human resource manager is a lot harder than what some people might think. Some people become healthcare HR managers because they think that by having the experience of any management position it could be the same, but even though the main idea of managing people is the same, in the case of a HR of a healthcare facility many state and national regulations have to be followed in order to be in compliance with the patient care and safety...

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Hr Manager

on-boarding for all new recruits. Ensure proper evaluation is done prior to end of probation period or renewal of contract Creating the job descriptions for the whole company Organizing and carry out exit interviews. Performance Appraisal Develop a performance appraisal process Train managers and supervisors on the process Enhance and supervise the performance appraisal process, to ensure periodical evaluation and proper documentation is maintained in line with Company Policy. Training and Development ...

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Responsibilities and Duties of an HR Manager

Responsibilities and Duties of an HR Manager Human resource (HR) department deals with wide range of activities from strategic planning level to the day to day operations level. Therefore defining roles and responsibilities of HR manager is a quite complex task so that I would say about few, main function. Human Resources staff members are advocates for both the company and the people who work in the company. Consequently, a good HR professional performs a constant balancing act to meet both...

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Every Line Manager Is an Hr Manager

Discussion on: Every Line Manager is an HR Manager Introduction “Slowly but surely, line managers are taking over the HR front line. Gone are the days when the first port of call for any people management query was the HR department.” – Lucy McGee (Personnel Today) This is partly because HR as a function has transformed over the past decade. Administration is often outsourced, legislation has become more complex, European Union regulations have to be understood and adhered to, compensation...

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Interview with a Manager

| MANAGER INTERVIEW | | | Introduction: “Leadership is understanding people and involving them to help you do a job. That takes all of the good characteristics, like integrity, dedication of purpose, selflessness, knowledge, skill, implacability, as well as determination not to accept failure” (Burke 1995). The purpose of this paper is to interview a manager from an organization and find out the leadership styles she uses to effectively manage the staff there. This paper also looks at...

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Hr Interview

Top 10 HR Interview Questions & How To Answer Them   These are top 10 HR interview questions and will help you in preparing for the interview. The key thing to remember when responding to interview questions is to keep your answers brief and to the point.  If you are faced with a difficult question, make sure you stay calm, don’t get defensive, and take a moment to think about your response before you answer. Remember, the responses below are only suggestions. Try to personalise your response...

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Manager Interview

and skills of a manager in any organization in Bangladesh. To complete the study, we conducted an interview with a manager of a reputed organization. The functions, role and skills of a typical manager in any organization in Bangladesh have been described below based on the study. WHO IS A MANAGER A manger is an individual who is in charge of a certain group of tasks, or a certain subset of a company. A manager is often has staff of people who report to him or her. A Manager is the person responsible...

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Interview with a manager

Interview with a Manager March 1st. 2014 Michelle I met for coffee with Gretchen Knipfel, Regional Manager of Marketing and Sales at Our House Senior Living. Our House provides assisted care, memory care and senior apartments in a residential setting where residents are able to maintain relationships and stay active in their community. Our House has been a primary living resource in Wisconsin and Minnesota for over 15 years. Gretchen’s territory provides care for 165 residents. She has been...

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White Paper on Hr Audit

HR Audit: 101 A Nonprofit HR Solutions White Paper By: Sidney Abrams Senior HR Consultant, Nonprofit HR Solutions May 2010 Introduction Do you lie awake at night thinking about questions such as:  Is my organization in compliance with federal and state guidelines requiring that certain information be posted in view of all employees and applicants?  Are my organization’s jobs properly classified as exempt and non-exempt? Would these classifications pass a Department of Labor audit...

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Manager Interview

The interview to be shown herein particularly summarizes the whole conversation between Sean, an IT Operation 's Team Chief in a Call Center Agency and myself. Call Centers are primarily known for assisting clients in facing troubleshooting issues with the client 's computer-operating procedures. Through a phone call from the client, the agents are able to connect themselves with the problem and thus be able to solve the issue though instructional details given over the phone towards the clients...

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Interview with manager

Throughout the essay, the managers will be referred to as Mr X and Mr Y and their company’s will be referred to as Company X and Company Y respectively due to confidential reasons. The first manager that was interviewed in order to fulfil this task was Mr X. He works for Company X, which is, a large service based organisation at the position of ‘Head of Corporate Credit Administration.’ His key responsibility at this bank is to provide credit administration support to Corporate, Investment...

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Cv of Hr Manager

Profession : Manager-HR & Administration Marital Status: Married Profile: [pic]Enthusiastic, conscientious development manager who is eager to advance skills to a management level. Self-motivated & disciplined at managing multidimensional, complex projects. Highly analytical abilities, recognizing problems/concern to evaluate alternatives & implement solutions. During the past 10 years I have worked with senior management positions for company development. Work Experience: Manager–Human Resource...

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Interview Guide for HR

Interview Guide for Human Resource Management Activities Preamble 1. Introduce yourself and team member. 2. Request permission to tape the interview 3. Inform the respondent that the interview would last not more than 40 minutes Company’s Background 1. Name of the company 2. Organizational Structure 3. Main business activities 4. Date of establishment 5. Number of employees Respondent’s Background 1. Name, Age, Gender 2. Length o service with the company 3. Position/job title in...

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Hr Recruitment Process

composition of its workforce. 2 Scope: It extends to the whole organization . it covers all company employees : (Porters,Runners,Drivers,Delegates,staff,Jr.Management,Senior Management & Cadres) 3 Responsibility: * Technical Direct Manager * Human Resources * Top Management 4 Definition: The recruitment process is designed to staff of the organization with the new employees,and it uses many different recruitment sources to attract the right talent in the defined time...

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Manager Interview

Managers make many decisions every day. Thankfully there are many tools available to a manager as they make these decisions. Tiffany is a General Manager of a franchise in the quick service restaurant industry. She is faced with decisions dozens of times in one day. A large portion of the decisions that she is faced with are made to solve structured problems, however, sometimes an unstructured problem does arise that she needs to address. As well as solving problems Tiffany must also make plans to...

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Hr Roles and Responsibilities Paper

while trying to keep HR practices consistent at all the locations. Some of these challenges can include variations in political, economic, and social circumstances. These circumstances may require Human Resource Management to change so that it is meeting the demands of that particular region. Another change to consider is that different offices in different locations are set in their ways and can sometimes be resistant to any sort of change. This can cause a barrier in HR Management goals that...

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HR manager interview

HR Executive/Manager interview Questions (10 Questions) 1- What made you choose HR to be your career? Answer: I work well with people and I have great communication and organizational skills. I like to be treated as a valuable person that 2- Tell me about your company’s culture. Answer: The culture of the company is diverse as it is an equal employment opportunity employer. 3- What, according to you, are the qualities that an HR executive/manager must have? Answer: An HR executive...

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Becoming a HR Manager

Become a Human Resource Manager   I will be talking about becoming a Human Resources Manager. In my current role I am an Office Manager, where I focus on the basic aspect of the human resource field. I would like to further my career in this field since there are so many. I plan on becoming a HR manger and/or HR director. With the extremely high competition in the business world, corporations are looking to recruit the best and the brightest in employees. To keep these employees happy...

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Role and Functions of Hr Managers

Role and functions of HR Managers Introduction The Human Resource Department deals with management of people within the organisation. There are a number of responsibilities that come with this title. First of all, the Department is responsible for hiring members of staff; this will involve attracting employees, keeping them in their positions and ensuring that they perform to expectation. Besides, the Human Resource Department also clarifies and sets day to day goals for the organisation. It is...

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Jamba Juice Hr Interview

Manager Interview- Jamba Juice Company Business and HR Strategy Jamba Juice’s company strategy focuses on the customer experience, optimizing store performance and developing a people pipeline. Jamba believes that each team member and manager contributes to the profitability of his or her respective store and that each store makes a difference. Therefore human capital is their main priority and greatest asset. Jamba Juice’s HR strategies are highly in line with meeting their performance...

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Qualities to Be an Hr Manager

Qualities it takes to be a Human Resource Manager When we talk about human resource manager’s qualities, we must first understand what human resource management is and how these qualities affect their performance as a team leader. Human resource management required people with abilities to direct, plan, organize and carry out organizational function and regular evaluations of the employees’ relations and job performance of an organization. The job responsibilities also requires the staff to...

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Sport Manager Interview

Sport Manager Interview Paper For my Sport Manager Interview I interviewed Mr. Matt Seibring who is an Assistant Director in Competitive Sports. I asked Mr. Matt questions that related to his job and basically to help prepare and give me advice for my career plans in the future. In the Assistant Directory role they have professional staff that reports all information and how everything is going throughout the work day. Mr. Matt manages the coordinators and has to make sure all of the supervisors...

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Qualities of Hr Manager

Qualities of Hr manager 1.Active Listener . Being a great manager means more than nodding your head when an employee comes to you with an issue. Employees want to know they have your full attention because they often expect an answer or proposed solution to their issue right then and there. Active listening requires the listener to understand, interpret, and evaluate what they hear. The ability to listen actively can improve personal relationships by reducing conflicts, strengthening...

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HR - Job Interview and Selection Procedures

 Job Interview & Selection Procedures A job interview is one of the most important parts in personnel selection. It is the time a potential employee and employer begin to discuss and exchange information that determines whether there is a successful fit between the interviewee and the employer. A job interview is a time to discover the qualifications of the potential employee and also the type of communication skills, abilities and personality they will bring to the organization...

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Role of Finance and Hr Manager

The Role of Finance Manager The role of finance manager in the company is an important one. The function of the finance manager is not confined to the management and making of the accounts but it also plays a major role in dividend decisions, capital budgeting decisions, capital structure outlay of the firm, decision related to the merger and acquisitions, and all the investment decisions of the firm. Thus the finance manager plays an important role in any business enterprise. The different...

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Hr Managers Challenges

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction.1 MNCs Overview1 Human resource and human resource management concept.1 Multinational companies in Tanzania..2 Challenges facing HR managers in managing HRs in MNCs in Tanzania.3 The Challenges of Workplace Diversity 3 Retention challenge 4 Loyalty challenge facing HR managers 5 Challenge of employees high Expectations5 conclusion6 Reference…………………….………………………………………………………………………..7 Introduction. (Sharon, 2005) views Multinational Corporation as an enterprise...

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Roles of an Hr Manager

ROLES OF AN HR MANAGER Administrative roles The administrative roles of human resource management include policy formulation and implementation, housekeeping, records maintenance, welfare administration, legal compliance etc. i. Policy maker: The human resource manager helps management in the formation of policies governing talent acquisition and retention, wage and salary administration, welfare activities, personnel records, working conditions etc. He also helps in interpreting personnel...

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Leadership Interview Paper

Leadership Interview and Reflection Paper Grand Canyon University LDR-600 Leadership Styles and Development Tiffany Helton April 24, 2013 When interviewing a leader in an organization in order to discover their leadership style one must ask critical questions. I had the opportunity to interview Casey Aguirre who is a Team Manager at the Salem Call Center for T-Mobile. Casey has been with T-Mobile for over 11 years. In this interview we discussed her leadership style, the steps she took to...

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Four Competencies of an Hr Manager

Human Resources Management Following are the four competencies of An HR Manager a) Strategic Contribution b) Business understanding c) Personal reliability d) Internal meeting Strategic contribution Human resources practitioners involved in strategic management at the level of culture, facilitate rapid change, are involved in strategic decision making and create a market-based connectivity of the operation (Boselie & Paauwe, 2004). In this area of expertise, management culture...

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Interview Paper

I have decided to do my interview paper on my mother in law because she grew up in Colorado and California and had a unique childhood growing up. My mother in law is 59 years old, Caucasian, Born in Arvada, Colorado. She has 5 brothers and 3 sisters and is a widow with two daughters. I believe she is eligible for this interview paper based off of the information I knew about her and the information I gathered from my wife as well. I decided on six questions that I felt would give me the best understanding...

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Hr Interview Questions

HR INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 1 .TELL ME ABOUT “YOURSELF” ANS. A. HI, I AM SRINADHAREDDY,I AM currently working in achala services,banglore as test engineer B. I have over 2 years of experience in manual testing of web applications C. I have completed my mca from s.v university , tirupati. D. I have even worked as assistant lecturer in seicom degree college in the department of computer science . E. I am basically from andhra pradesh but settled down in Bangalore. 2. WHY ARE YOU CHANGING...

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Questionnaire to Interview Managers

the management work of the two managers that have been interviewed and at the same time, evaluate the ‘universality of the management’ concept by relating the similarities and differences in the managerial work. Basically, manager is the people who coordinates and overseas the work of other people so that the activities are completed in both efficient and effective ways to achieve organizational targets (Robbins, Bergman, Stagg and Coulter, 2009). The first manager interviewed in this task is Mr...

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Argument of Hr

Argument of HR 1. Executive Summary This paper explores the deficiencies of the two briefs which are “Anyone can do HR” and “HR focuses on costs which must be controlled”. Obviously, these two briefs are one-sided. He can not fully understand the important position in the development of a enterprise. In modern times, HR has been promoted to a high degree of enterprise development strategies and plays more and more important roles in the development of enterprises. In the modern business management...

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Nurse Manager Paper

Nurse Manager Paper NUR 4301 Nursing Seminar The nurse manager I selected to interview is a Baccalaureate degree nurse and has attended several in-house training sessions related to her position within the hospital. She attended Lenoir Rhyne University to obtain her BSN and has been employed with the institution for 13 years and has been in nursing for nearly 20 years. She is currently certified as a Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) and is also a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. The Hospital...

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Hrd Interview

300-2, Interview Assignment Human Resources 360o: The Person, Profession, and Perspective. Focused, determined, intellectually curious, and hard-working are just a few terms to describe the gentleman I had the pleasure of interviewing. Mr. Ray Harrell is a seasoned HR/HRD professional with a plethora of work experience and knowledge in the arenas of human resource management and human resource development. A combination of education and practical skill has allowed Ray to climb the HR ladder and...

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Management Interview of a Walmart Store Manager

When told to do a management interview, I thought a little bit before I asked someone to do the interview. I wanted to do the interview with someone with multiple experience, and possible someone I worked with. I then asked Dan Rogers, store manager of the Willmar Wal-Mart, because I had worked with him for two years and was someone that I could follow and learn from. Dan is the store manager of Wal-Mart in Willmar, Minnesota; He has been with them for 10 years. Dan's duties consist of befriending...

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Leadership Interview Reflection Paper

 Leadership Interview & Reflection Paper Grand Canyon University: LDR600 January 28, 2015 Interview Transcript Interview: - Franchesca Santana Director of Operations at First Service Network. Miss Santana is a twenty eight year old Dominican woman who graduated at the top of her class in Business Analytics’ she has successfully started her own companies which she later sold. Miss Santana currently works for First Service Networks (FSN); First Service Networks is a multi-site facilities...

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Interview paper

Interview Paper One day forty four years ago, a baby was born in Texas. He was growing up healthily in the warm Texas wind and heat year after year. His name is James Cambell, a man who never stopped chasing his dream with great zest although he is now forty four years old. Spring has always rightly been identified with youth, and the sorrows of youth are poignant and unrepeatable, but he never thinks it is too late to achieve something, a dream or a goal, could be very large or very tiny...

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Job Analysis Hr Manager

Job Analysis HR Manager * Updating job requirements and job descriptions for all positions. * Establishing a recruiting, testing, and interviewing program. * Conducting orientation and training programs for employees. * Conducting job evaluations; preparing pay budgets. * Scheduling management conferences with employees; hearing and resolving employee grievances; counseling employees and supervisors. * Maintains employee benefits programs and informs employees of benefits...

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Interview Paper

Kassondra Edwards -The Public Administration Major: Interview Question 1: Tell me about your mother and father- What were they like? -“My mom has always been very fun but at the same time being very strict and disciplining, I was always loved her as a child but she would get angry really easily. But now I realize it was all just because she was stressed out about life. My dad was super funny and I guess that he is where you get my humor from. I didn’t live with him but I wuld get to visit him...

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interview final paper

Interview-Final Paper The person that I chose to interview is named Chris Turton. Chris is currently one of the newest project managers for Maccormack Company. Although the company offers services such as plumbing and fire protection, his main focus is within the HVAC department which stands for heating ventilation and air conditioning. Chris went to Lynn Vocational Technical Institute where he majored in sheet metal and HVAC for his shop. During his senior year, his school offered a program in...

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Effective HR

and band and transitions. There are ten professional areas, two of them being Core professional areas – Insights, Strategy, and Solutions and Leading HR. The first core professional area insights, strategy and solutions show the direction of the profession as a practiced business discipline with a people and organisation specialism. Secondly leading HR has three main areas for leadership to develop, personal leadership, leading others and leading issues. Next there are eight other professional areas...

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Interview Paper

Aspects of Development Rules, what rules? According to (Slavin, 2012), “Society could not function without rules that tell people how to communicate with one another, how to avoid hurting others and how to get along in life generally.” In this paper you will not only learn how these children knew these rules but you will learn about the development of four children. You will learn how they develop cognitively, emotionally, socially, morally and spiritually. Sensorimotor Stage According to...

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Case Manager Interview

Case Manager Interview Date of Interview: 10-25-13 Facility: Stanislaus County Behavioral Health & Recovery Services The interview with a case manager took place in Kevin on October 25, 2013 at 11:00am and it was done approximately at 12:15pm. What we will be evaluating in this interview using the questionnaire...

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Historical Development of Hr Manager (Ireland)

Historical Development of Hr Manager (Ireland) In explaining the historical development of the personnel function of the Hr manager, I will begin by giving a brief description of the 6 different types of personnel manager: The Social Reformer Before personnel emerged as a specialist management activity at the beginning of the 20th century there were those who intervened in industrial affairs to support the severely under privileged factory workers. The Acolyte of benevolence The first...

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Manager Interview for Management

PROJECT Title: MANAGER INTERVIEW Submitted By: NAME: M Tayyab Saqib Reg.No: L1F10MBAM2121 Section: E Subject: Introduction To Management Submission Date: 18-01-2011 Submitted To: Prof. Aniqa Rehman Three Digital Pictures: | | | Manager Introduction: Name: Imran Shehzad Designation: General Manager Department:...

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human resource ınterview

 JOB INTERVIEWS Interview with HR Profession INTRODUCTION In this paper there are two parts. Part one is about the job interview definition, types of the interview and the interviewer biases. In the second part there is a interview notes with HR profession who are working in the Hotel Bosporous as a human resource executive. A job interview is a process in which a potential employee is evaluated by an employer for...

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Bajaj Allianz Hr Overview

| | | Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company HR Overview Introduction: Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between Bajaj Finserv Limited (recently demerged from Bajaj Auto Limited) and Allianz SE. Both Bajaj & Allianz enjoy a reputation of expertise,...

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Interview Paper

rebellion against her mother’s faith. Nick doesn’t believe in religion either. Eva loves that about him. Religion is not pushed on any of her daughters but she says she will support them if they ever want to learn about it. Eva was asked during the interview if there was anything in her life that she thought was bad even though the end turned out to be for the best. She answered, “Being pushed into a religion, marrying Mark and struggling through my younger years was something I had to go through. Without...

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Case 2: the Hr Function of Harrison Brothers Corp.. Corp.

The Human Resource Function of Harrison Brothers Corporation 1. How does McCain view her role as human resource manager? Brenda McCain, Human Resource Manager at the Westpark store, views her position as the primary contact for all human resource related topics and issues. She has developed policies and procedures as a guideline for the hiring process and spends a lot of time managing the human resource staff. Brenda’s primary responsibilities are interviewing and hiring applicants, assisting...

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Human Resources For Health Care Managers HA 530 Unit 3

HEALTHCARE MANAGERS Compensation and Benefits Options Within The Healthcare Industry Kaplan University Abstract The Human Resource Department is one of the most significant areas inside a business. Their job functions consist of providing effective policies and procedures, administrative duties, and staffing; In addition, HR must ensure the company’s vision, mission, and values are being followed by other departments in the organization. Within the HR department...

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Human Resource Management Paper

recruiting the right people for the job, orienting and training, managing wages and salaries, providing benefits and incentives, evaluating performance, resolving disputes, and communicating with all employees at all levels. Examples of core qualities of HR management are extensive knowledge of the industry, leadership, and effective negotiation skills, formerly called personnel management. When viewing HRM from the point of ensuring that structures and processes are identified and instituted to manage...

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Personal Interview Paper

 Personal Interview of Cassandra Garcia Carolyn Brown BSHS/355 04/ 06/ 2015 Dr. Karen Miner Personal Interview of Cassandra Garcia Mrs. Cassandra Garcia is a Licensed Professional Mental Health Therapist for Cobb & Douglas Counties Mental Health Department, located at 1650 County Services Parkway, Marietta, GA 30060. Although, Mrs. Garcia has been a Licensed Professional Mental Health Therapist for a little more than a year, she has worked for the Department...

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HR System for Riordan Manufacturing

Analysis of Riordan Manufacturing Barbara Norftill University of Phoenix � � Analysis of Riordan Manufacturing Riordan Manufacturing has issued Service Request SR-rm-004 Analyze HR System for all plant locations per Hugh McCauley, COO. This paper is written in response to the service request. The request is to analyze the HR system to integrate the existing variety of tools in use today into a single integrated application. Riordan would like to take advantage of a more sophisticated, state-of-the...

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The Respective Roles and Hr and Line Managers in Managing People

operations. HRM is said to be one of the most resourceful benefits of an organization but at the same time, it’s the easiest to get rid of. With this in mind, this paper will focus on the key points that will be used in making a presentation to a meeting of lime managers to clarify their respective roles in HR and managing people. The paper also articulates the key purposes of Human Resource Management; definition and background analysis as well as the barriers to communication that one might encounter...

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Acc Manager

exit from our company, we may have some standard exit procedure, they are called Exit interview. The steps listed below should be followed: A. Once an employee provides notice that they are leaving (i.e. retiring, resigning, etc.) the City, the immediate supervisor should contact a member of their assigned Human Resources Generalist Team about the pending employee separation and request that the exit interview process be initiated. The supervisor should provide the employee’s name, contact information...

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Hr Research Paper-Job Analysis

research paper is a job analysis for the open position within National Park Community College’s financial aid department. A new employee can make or break your organization. Some leaders or managers are tempted to hire someone as quickly as possible and not putting a lot of thought into the process. In order to fill a vacant position, leaders must analyze the position, create a description that fits the core job requirements and qualifications, formulate a selection strategy for the interview process...

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Interview Guide

Q.1: Draw up an interview guide for use in the selection of candidates for each of the following: (1)  Management Trainee (General Management) (2) General Manager (HR & Administration) You may use either your own organization as a reference, or any other.  What criteria would you need to look for and how would you assess the suitability of the candidates against the criteria? Interview Guide for Management Trainee (General Management) A management trainee (general management)...

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