"How Would You Respond To A Corporate Decision To Which You Are Ethically Opposed" Essays and Research Papers

How Would You Respond To A Corporate Decision To Which You Are Ethically Opposed

Short Paper 2 “How would Aristotle respond to Utilitarianism?” How would Aristotle respond to Utilitarianism? The Definition of “Utilitarianism” is an ethical theory holding that the proper course of action is the one that maximizes the overall "good" of the greatest number of individuals. It is thus a form of consequentialism, meaning that the moral worth of an action is determined by its resulting outcome. The most influential contributors to this theory are considered to be Jeremy Bentham...

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As an Actor How Would You

As an actor, how would you perform Masha and Medvedenko at two points of the play, communicating their relationship to the audience? Masha is the daughter of the estate manager, and the wife of Medvedenko. Throughout ‘The Seagull’ Masha’s unhappiness towards the life she bears is emphasised, this can be demonstrated through her clothing as she is only seen wearing black which typically symbolises death and sadness. Masha claims, “I’m in mourning for my life. I am unhappy”, this transfers the meaning...

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How Would You Account for the Rise of Hr

How would you account for the rise of the human resource function within large firms? Word Count: 1928 MSc in Management Year One How would you account for the rise of the human resource function within large firms The term “human resources” is used to refer to the department of a business or organization that deals with the hiring, administration and training of staff (Oxford Dictionary, 2012). The field of HR management is a bit more complicated to define, as it seems to have a variety...

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how creativity can help you to make decision

How Creativity Can Help You To Make Decision? “I go wherever creativity takes me.” – Lil’ Wayne Creativity, it cannot be seen but it can be shown through our acts and ways of thinking. There is no limitation to it. it enlarges our imagination and reaching out our dream to make it come true. It changes impossible to possible and can't to can. it enhances our point of view and widens our perspective. It takes us out of our cocoon and comfort zone. Creativity is different in each and every one...

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Explain how you would perform the role of Haemon

Explain how you would perform the role of Haemon during his interaction with Creon, in order to reveal his changing attitude(s) towards his father. The character Haemon appears on stage just as his Creon has deemed Antigone to her death as a punishment for a crime of family loyalty. In performing the role of Haemon, I would come onto centre stage in a costume of traditional Greek military attire adorned with royal crest of arms to portray his princely supremacy as a Theban prince. Creon’s costume...

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Ethically Defensible Decision Making by Danaa Ross This paper defines ethically defensible decisions, elements of ethnically defensible decision, and gives examples.

Assignment: Ethically Defensible Decision Making by Danaa Ross This paper defines ethically defensible decisions, elements of ethnically defensible decision, and gives examples. In addition, this essay explores ground rules and implications. Ethically Defensible Decision Making Danaa Ross Management 350 Robert (Mick) Collins February 05, 2004 Thus far in class we have learned to increase our problem solving skills by using different critical thinking tools; however, we have not yet broached...

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How Would You Describe the Respective Attitudes of Martin and Green: Ethnocentric, Polycentric, or Geocentric?

2. How would you describe the respective attitudes of Martin and Green: ethnocentric, polycentric, or geocentric? What factors do you suspect of having influenced their respective attitudes? Charles Martin has a geocentric attitude while James Green’s attitude is ethnocentric. While in college, Martin majored in African studies. Upon graduation, he served in the Peace Corps in Kenya. During this time, he became accustomed to business procedures in Africa. He really enjoyed working in Kenya...

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Would You Be Happier If You Were Richer

Would you be happier if you were richer? A Focusing Illusion by Kahneman • The belief that high income is associated with good mood is widespread but mostly illusory o However those who are rich tend to be more tense and don’t spend time in enjoyable activities • Focus illusion: he says people exaggerate the contribution of income to happiness because they FOCUS on the conventional/established/standard achievements when evaluating their lives. • Measuring subjects well being through surveys...

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How would you cut government spending?

year over budget. How would you cut spending? December 1, 2013 How would you help to bring the National debt down? Each year the government spends countless amounts of money on things that could ultimately be put toward the debt we owe. The estimated amount of debt as of now is about $17,237,634,587,000. Some ways that you could reduce government spending is mandate a policy that would take $10 yearly for every person in a house hold. Another would be to cut out all the...

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How would you solve this problem using Maslow's motivational theory

text styles also makes the slides fun.  In your textbook, there are General Project Guidelines which should be considered when developing a PowerPoint project. These guidelines are recommended as a general formatting aid, to assist the presentation developer in achieving successful audience communication. Please address the following as a part of your discussion: Name 3 General Project Guidelines that you find useful. Why are these guidelines considered so essential to any PPT presentation? Feel...

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Practice What You Preach

Practice what you Preach | Business Ethics ECBA 401-20-0911 | By: Gail E. Campbell For: Dr. Robert Stevens | Practice what you Preach Being ethical can be shaky because the meaning is hard to pin down and the views of many are different. The law often incorporates ethical standards to which most citizens go by is what makes ethics and the law not the same. But laws, like feelings, can deviate from what is ethical. Even though being ethical is not the same as doing “whatever...

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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture The culture of an organization is the set of values, beliefs, behaviors, customs, and attitudes that helps its members understand what the organization stands for, how it does things, and what it considers important"(Griffin, 49). In other words, "the way things work around here" (Dr. Williams). In order for any small business or large corporation to be successful, the employees must understand what is expected of them. While things might be slightly different in a large corporation...

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If you were president Harry Truman, would you have made the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima?

IF YOU WERE PRESIDENT HARRY TRUMAN, WOULD YOU HAVE MADE THE SAME DECISION AS HE DID, WITH DROPPING THE ATOMBOMB ON HIROSHIMA? The 6th of August 1945 was a day that people will always remember with terror. On this day, an atomic bomb was used by the U.S. against Japan, in the city of Hiroshima. This was the first time in world history. Before this sad event, Japan and the U.S. were having conflicts with each other because Japan tried to invade parts of Europe and the Pacific. In an attempt stop Japanese...

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Would You Be You in a Different Society?

Position Paper If asked the question, “Would you still be you in a different society,” many people would quickly answer yes, of course. Up until the point of being asked this question, many of these people have only experienced life in one country or area of the world. They figure that the way of life they have always had is very similar to life elsewhere in the world today. If not already known to these people, life is far from the same in countries throughout the world. To completely up and...

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Genetic Engineering Is Ethically Justified

Genetic Engineering is Ethically Justified. Discuss (10) Christians have what the secular world does not have: infallible and unchanging principles upon which to draw. The Christian view of genetic engineering (GE) is based on the following principles. Humans are both finite and sinful. We lack both the wisdom and purity necessary to decide matters of human “perfection.” It is, therefore, immoral to use such genetic technologies as human eugenics and human cloning. Thus a theology of health and...

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Which country would you rather be ill in and why?

Which country would you rather be ill in and why? Health systems have played a part in the dramatic rise in life expectancy that occurred during the 20th century. They have contributed enormously to better health and influenced the lives and well-being of billions of people around the world. Their role has become increasingly important. The National Health Service was set up in the 1940s, post-war Britain, based on the principle of universal healthcare free at the point of use, financed entirely...

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What Makes You What You Are

Personality: What makes you the way you are? - Science News - The Independent At some point in your life, you've probably filled in a personality questionnaire ("Do you see yourself as....?"), and wondered as you ticked the boxes if there can really be any validity to such a simplistic way of assessing people. Surely the scores just reflect your mood on the day, or what you want the investigator to think. Surely everyone gives the same answer, which is "it depends". Or even if the scores measure...

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The Benefits Of Corporate Social Responsibility Will Move You To Act

The question, I learned, is harder to answer than you might expect, principally because most corporate do-gooders approach their social good efforts with more of an eye toward impact on the community than on the firm. With some effort, however, I’ve pulled some meaningful responses from corporate leaders I’ve reached and learned a great deal in the process. Garratt Hasenstab, Director of Sustainability at the Verdigris Group Garratt Hasenstab, Director of Sustainability at the Verdigris Group...

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Single Strongest Argument

Identify and explain the major factors in the social environment that create an atmosphere in which business criticism takes place and prospers. dasdasdassadasdasdadadasdadsdadasdasdassssssssssssssssssssss- ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss- ssssssssssssssssssssssscourse? Or is it still a vital reality? 4. Give an example of each of the four levels of power discussed in this chapter. Also, give an example of each of the spheres of business power. 5. Explain in your...

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Which among the learning theories provided you with new information? How would you apply this in your practice?

Which among the learning theories provided you with new information? How would you apply this in your practice? Learning and teaching go hand in hand. As nurses in health care, while taking care of adults, there is lot of education and teaching that happens in the hospital and teaching is performed among patients, among fellow nurses and other health care workers and introduction of new equipment or procedure. This was a good exercise as there was opportunity to learn more about learning theories...

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is that you god

just theory. They come out of your own adventures." Loren Cunningham     Have you ever questioned yourself on hearing God's voice, whether it is for a life changing decision or a passing thought?  Have you ever been inches away from your goal and wondered,  "Is this really you, God?"  If so, then this book is for you.   Is That Really You, God? Hearing the Voice Of God is the story of how one man's dream of seeing young people impact the nations by sharing the good news of Jesus...

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What would You Do ? and Country

IELTS SPEAKING PART ONE TOPICS. YOU Describe yourself. FAMILY o Describe your family? o Do you have a large or small family? o How much time do you spend with your family? o What do you like to do together as a family? o Do you get along well with your family? o Are people in your country generally close to their families? WORK o What do you do? o What are your responsibilities? o How many hours do you work each day? o Do you enjoy your work? o Is there...

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How Would You Characterize the Large Household Appliance Industry and Market?

Case Analysis 1) How would you characterize the large household appliance industry and market? According to the textbook, I would characterize the large household appliance industry and market have great potential and opportunistic revenues; especially, in the developing countries such as China, India, and Southeast Asia areas with great portion of population do not own any or very few of these appliances; moreover, the population of these countries is very large; for example China population about...

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How Would You Describe Mcdonald's Business Strategy?

1. Answer the questions for the case “integrating McDonald's Business, Human Resource, and Staffing Strategies" page 49, Chapter 2. [ 15 Marks] Questions 1: How would you describe McDonald's business strategy? What are the foundations of its competitive advantage? Answer: McDonald’s business strategy is a specialization strategy. The organization is built on a foundation that gives it a competitive advantage and a business strategy that is consistent, flexible, and specialized. McDonald’s niche...

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How important is it to implement Ethics and CSR for managers of today’s organization? How does ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility affect the management of today’s organizations?

 How important is it to implement Ethics and CSR for managers of today’s organization? How does ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility affect the management of today’s organizations? Abstract This article describes the importance of ethics and corporate social responsibility for managers of today’s companies and the effect it can have. In the beginning the discussion starts with the definition of organizational culture and goes then to the part of ethics and corporate social responsibility...

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hi how are you doing

You may think now – wow – how can you stop bullying when you can barely see it happening! I mean how are you supposed to put an end to it when it goes on 24/7? The best way for you to make a start is to talk to your friends and have a discussion in your class and make a set of rules to put an end to it. Then present the idea to your whole school. The next step is to create an Anti- Bullying team so you can end bullying at your school. Bullying is so bad that it can end up with dying and...

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You Are What You Wear

believe that you can tell a lot about a person by observing what they wear. Is this true? A man in a nice pressed three-piece suit, carrying an expensive briefcase is obviously a businessman, right? A woman wearing a long ruffled colorful dress, with many jewelry pieces around her neck and wrists and colorful beads braided onto her hair must be a hippy or a gypsy, right? It is easy to label people based on how they dressed, sometimes too easy. Let’s face it; the first thing you do to a person...

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How do you find the real you

Farah Omar 900142215 Troy Hedrick RHETT 1010 27 October 2014 How do you find the real ‘you’? what is it? Culture reinforces the idea that each and every one of us has a ‘you’, an identity that shows how valuable we are. Generally speaking, theories have different point of views; it depends on from which perspective you look at it. For instance the way I look at the self is from 3 views, which are scientific, spiritual/religious and cultural/psychological . Basically what I learned through out...

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This is how you say Hi

Hey so this is how you say Hi. Hi! You can also say hi by saying Hello, Hola, and bye..... wait that is not right. Bye is how you say bye. You can Which of the following describes the selection of federal judges? The president nominates someone to fill a vacancy, and the Senate confirms the choice. The Senate nominates someone to fill a vacancy, and the president confirms the choice. The president nominates someone to fill a vacancy, and the House confirms the choice. The House...

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How Do You Get People to Like You

How Do You Get People To Like You Be polite. Be yourself. That way, people like you for who you are. Many of us mistakenly believe that it's wrong or conceited, to think we have any good qualities. We may spend a lot of time berating ourselves for our negative qualities, thinking that self criticism is the key to improving our performance. However, a constant focus on our supposed shortcomings can hinder our efforts to make friends with other people. How can we have the confidence to make...

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How would you direct the first scene of Antigone

How would you direct the opening scene of Antigone and what effect would you want to achieve for your audience? The set design would be very simple; I would have a cyclorama being backlit with light that slowly gets brighter in the background. This scene takes place just as the sun is beginning to rise and I would want the audience to know this. Placed in the middle would be the altar, which is where Antigone and Ismene would centre themselves through the scene, I would do this because I would...

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Which Leader Would You Rather Have: One That Is Morally Strong or Morally Weak?

Which leader would you rather have: One that is Morally Strong or Morally Weak? When asked the question, which leader would you want to have…one that is morally strong or morally weak, it makes you wonder what would be the best for the country. Someone that is morally weak doesn’t care about other people, just the best thing for him or her and in some instances that could be the best thing. They know what they want and they will never stop until they get it. Yet, sometimes the person can case...

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How Would You Classify the Starbucks Product Using the Marketing Consideration for a Consumer Product? What Individual Product Decision Has Starbucks Made?

QUESTION 2 How would you classify the Starbucks product using the marketing consideration for a consumer product? What individual product decision has Starbucks made? A product represents "the heart of an organization's marketing program". Without a product, there were no price, design, target market, marketing mix, promotion strategy etc. simply, there were no business. Starbucks products can be defined as "Convenience Products" because there are "relatively inexpensive" and "limited shopping...

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How Would You Want Your Audience to Respond to Mrs Farley’s Disgrace? Explain How You Would Perform the Role in Act Two, Scenes Two and Four in Order to Achieve Your Aims.

How would you want your audience to respond to Mrs Farley’s disgrace? Explain how you would perform the role in Act Two, Scenes Two and Four in order to achieve your aims. In Act Two, Scene Two, as an actress I would enter as Mrs Farley at a brisk walk, to hide the fact that I’m in a hurry to get my laces tied, but to show that it is important that my laces are tied tightly. I would also have my blanket wrapped around my stomach to hide my small, but still noticeable bump. I wouldn’t differ my posture...

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How Advertisements Persuade You

How Advertisements Persuade You The creators of advertisements try to create a rhetorical situation by creating a certain tone or image in dating website advertisements. A commercial for example is trying to persuade you or inform you into doing or knowing something. Online dating has become very popular. Online dating websites allow you to socialize with other individuals seeking same interest as you. Match, E harmony, and Christian mingle create rhetorical situations, which make single...

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What Would You Do? Paper

What Would You Do? Episode __ : Helping the Homeless I. Relate the video to conscience Conscience, as defined by the Merriam – Webster Dictionary, is “the part of the mind that makes you aware of your actions as being either morally right or wrong”. It’s that tiny voice inside your head that tells you if what you’re about to do, what you’re doing or what you’ve done is essentially right or not. A lot of people nowadays tend to ignore this for fear of being ridiculed or judged by other people,...

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Ethical Decision Making

Subject: Human Resources, Task2, Ethical decision making   This is to bring to your kind notice that recently we have received a report from the quality assurance department regarding the toy collection which has been recently been made for elementary schools for our South American client. The toys made did not pass the quality check as it includes a metal whistle, which contains high percentage of led which is highly harmful for the children. The shipment needs to be left by the end of the week...

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How productive are you

How Productive Are You? Find out how you can get more done. © iStockphoto/pryzmat When we want to get more done, many of us simply work longer hours, move deadlines around, and multi-task. Although these strategies can provide some short-term relief, they aren't sustainable in the long term. Pretty soon, this approach becomes a way of life, leading to high levels of stress and eventually, poor productivity. Productivity is a measure of how much you accomplish – not how busy you are...

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How You Act

RUNNING HEAD: How you act effects what grade you get! Kendra White University of Phoenix How you act effects what grade you get! 12/26/2011 How you act affects what grade you get! The Impact of Student Behavior on Student Learning is an important subject. There are varying issues that affect student behavior, and a students ability to learn and perform efficiently. This paper will discuss some of the behaviors...

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How Would You Define the Word “Democracy” Give Full Reasons for Your Answer?

democracy, due to the fact that there are many models of democracy, which in turn have their own opinions on what the term means. For example direct democracy can be seen as government by the people. In contrast representative democracy can be seen as government for the people. Also depending if one agrees with political equality will alter your definition for example if a person has high level of social significance they would believe that democracy is the rule of the elite and political equality...

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how you learn

being organized. Not only did I appreciate being organized I was a very conservative human being. I would frequently attempt to conserve EVERYTHING. When my mother got home from the grocery store I would find myself constantly sprinting to the kitchen and hiding all the grocery’s that I classified as “the good stuff”. I would do this so my brother would not eat what I considered my food. In class I would cram as many notes on to a single page to help conserve my class spiral, and make it last the entire...

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why you should learn how to surf

 Introduction: My name is Kimberly and I want to introduce you to this wonderful sport of surfing and hopefully inspire you to give it a try. I first started coming to Ventura in the 1970’s when my Aunt and Uncle lived here and my Aunt owned a Beauty Shop on the corner of Seaward and Pierpont. I moved here in 1988. My 2 boys and I have camped and surfed all up and down the California coastline from San Luis Obispo to San Diego. I moved away for a while and then moved back home a couple of...

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Analyse Different Ways in Which You Would Establish Ground Rules with Your Learners, Which Uderpin Behaviour and Respect for Others.

Analyse Different Ways In Which You Would Establish Ground Rules With Your Learners, That Underpin Behaviour And Respect For Others. The definition of ground rules is “the basic rules or principles on which future actions or behaviour should be based” www.dictionary.reference.com. In any teaching or learning environment it is important to establish ground rules to set boundaries for all participants and to create an ideal learning atmosphere, as 'no group can work successfully without rules...

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You decide paper

your personal-tax liability. If you decide to buy this particular stock you will not only acquire all the assets that comes from obtaining this stock, but you will also acquire all of the liabilities of Smithon. In my professional opinion, issuing debt in Johnson Services Company to pay for the Smith Company would not be considered a favorable business move. In fact, I would not recommend this course of action for many reasons. One simple reason is that you would inherit Johnson Company’s existing...

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How hot can you be?

How Hot Can You Be? Obesity has become a really big problem in our society. A high percent of this country’s population is struggling with this problem and the diseases that correlate with being overweight. Doctors, health departments, and pharmaceuticals companies have been doing studies and research trying to find a medication to resolve this problem. In this desperation people who want to lose weight are trying products solely based on advertisements they see in the media. Big companies know...

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how you spent your puja vacation

Strategy formulation Strategic formulation is a combination of three main processes which are as follows: Performing a situation analysis, self-evaluation and competitor analysis: both internal and external; both micro-environmental and macro-environmental. Concurrent with this assessment, objectives are set. These objectives should be parallel to a time-line; some are in the short-term and others on the long-term. This involves crafting vision statements (long term view of a possible future)...

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Finding the Leader in You

a very useful visual illustration of a person’s character. The goal of the Johari Window is to demonstrate the importance of open communication, and to explain its effect on group trust. The model also teaches you the importance of self-disclosure, and shows how group feedback can help you grow, both personally and professionally. (http://www.mindtools.com/CommSkll/JohariWindow.htm) The Johari Window is for improving self-awareness, and mutual understanding between individuals. It can also be used...

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Corporate Social Responsibilty

Business Management | Corporate Social Responsibility:A brief discussion on the role of CSR as an invaluable asset to companies for the creation of financial & non-financial value, including the utilization thereof to reduce the impact of corruption and bribery, and growing economic value for both companies and society. | | | A global mind shift has occurred recently in the business sector regarding the value of reputation and how it directly impacts, not only the company’s profit...

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Perfect Guy How Would You Describe

Perfect guy! How would you describe a perfect guy? One who has got all the best qualities? Well, for me a perfect guy is someone who has got a good personality along with looks. One who is caring, loving, sweet, friendly, open minded, devoted, honest, kind, understanding, respectful, romantic, possessive, protective, supportive, proud to have her, has got deep eyes and loves her to infinity. Makes her feel special, makes her realize her importance in his life, makes her laugh even when she doesn’t...

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You and I

You and I In life, everyone has their own set of moral values and ethics by which they abide. These values are different and original to everyone but just because we have different morals and values, does that make us wrong? In terms of Oedipus, his morals and ethics are very different from many people and in many ways would be frowned upon. In Oedipus the King, Oedipus has to make many hard and difficult decisions throughout the book but there are 3 that stand out to me. They are when Oedipus...

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Corporate Control over Media

Introduction What percentage of the audience actually trust what they see on television? How many times have you felt that a particular topic is being inclined to a certain political belief? Have you ever come across a situation where you felt that what you were seeing was sort of fabricated to the advantage of the interests of that media? Have you ever felt that you seem to be viewing more hours of advertising than actual media content? These are questions that lingers in the minds of media...

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How Unethical Are You

How (Un)ethical Are You? Most of people believe that they are ethical and unbiased. They imagine they’re good decision makers, able to objectively size up a job candidate or a venture deal and reach a fair and rational conclusion that’s in their, and their organization’s, best interests. But more than two decades of research confirms that, in reality, most of them fall woefully short of our inflated self-perception. This article explores four related sources of unintentional unethical decision...

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Ethical Decisions Scenario Analysis

Axia College Material Appendix C Ethical Decisions Scenario Analysis For each of the following scenarios answer the questions and explain whether your answers fit with traditional or modern ethical thinking. After you have finished responding to the scenarios, discuss whether you generally make ethical decisions using a traditional or a modern ethical model. Provide an example using an experience you have had in your daily life.   | ...

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Commentary on "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been"

Commentary on "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been" 10/17/06 Joyce Carol Oates has achieved many things through her writing, and is recognized worldly for her short story "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" This story is centered on a young teenage girl as many of her stories are. Oates as a writer is fascinated with adolescence of young females. She chooses to write about the trials and tribulations of growing up in modern society. She pries on the dark aspects of youth often...

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How does Religion give you guideance

Guidance does Religion gives for right conduct? In this paper I will explain my views on what guidance religion gives us for right conduct. Many religions that I know teach us how to live righteous lives and give us the instructions on how to do so. I will also explain how religion and guidance are related. Having guidance in our lives helps us to determine our fate. Religion gives us a focus and helps us understand our purpose to the life we live. With religion instilled...

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How to write a good essay

How to Write a Good Essay! Although there are some similarities to History and English essays, TOK essays are unlike any other essay that you will write and there are some specific things that the examiners are looking for and that you are going to have to do if you want to do well. Some really good essays won’t score high marks because they don’t do exactly what it says in the mark scheme. So before you even put pen to paper you should read the mark scheme so that you know exactly what it...

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Corporate Decision Making at Google

be adopted by a lot of companies in the future as the management will need to be in sync with the fast-paced lifestyle of the employees. Google's corporate philosophy embodies such casual principles as "you can make money without doing evil," "you can be serious without a suit," and "work should be challenging and the challenge should be fun." 2) How is the firm organised ? Google’s culture is informal, equal, involvement, and empowerment and it has an aversion to bureaucracy. # The “70-20-10...

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How Many Of You Recycle

How many of you recycle? I try to recycle as much as I can, and I enjoy doing it. I recycle because I know that I am some how helping our environment and economy. Today I will be telling you about recycling and reasons why you all should recycle as much as you can. I will begin by talking about the reasons why most people do not recycle. Why recycling is important, and reasons why you all should recycle more in your everyday life. Reasons why many people don’t recycle. According to the article...

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What You Eat Is What You Are.

“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.” This simple yet compelling aphorism was written by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin in one of his most prominent books, the notorious Physiologie du Gout, ou Meditations de Gastronomie Transcendante in 1826. It was so cogent in that era that it is still used today, especially among cooks. Alternatively, Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach wrote in an essay entitled Concerning Spiritualism and Materialism in 1864 that a “man is what he eats”. According...

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You Have Received a Gift of Money. the Money Is Enough to Buy Either a Piece of Jewellery You Like or Tickets to a Concert You Want to Attend. Which Would You Buy? Use Specific Reasons …

You have received a gift of money. The money is enough to buy either a piece of jewellery you like or tickets to a concert you want to attend. Which would you buy? Use specific reasons … On my 20th birthday my parents gave me 500 euros to spend however I choose. I couldn’t believe my eyes! There were a lot of things I could buy with 500 euros but about a month ago I had set my eyes on a wonderful piece of jewellery and was determined to buy it. It was an exquisite pearl necklace that would match...

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