• The Role of Play in Child Development
    What is play? Play is “a recreational activity; especially the spontaneous activity of children.” (Webster, 2010) Play is such a basic function and daily routine in a child’s life. Although the roles of play and the types of play change though age, it all incorporates in the growth and develop
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  • How to Make Playdough
    Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about how to make play dough. Central Idea: Making play dough at home can be easily made in three steps, less expensive, and just as fun for children to play with. How to Make Play Dough Introduction I. Attention-getter: Play-Doh was originally an
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  • Health and Social Care's perspective of Categories of Play
    Categories of Play There are 6 categories overall, when it comes to the categories of play. The first one is Physical which obviously consists of the child’s physiology. So muscle development would be improved through play and this can include gross motor skills as a whole. According...
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