• Clean and Green India
    Another World Environment Day has just gone past with environmentalists / politicians making some noises and esteemed newspapers / electronic media giving adequate cover in their main columns and, I think that was about all . World Environment day has become another ritual which has to be gone throu
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  • Clean and Green
    CLEAN AND GREEN maintain our environment clean and green Keep plants around the house. Plants are amazing at cleaning their environment. Having them in your house can reduce indoor air pollutants by more than half. Great choices are English ivy and peace lilies, which absorb toxic gases like benze
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  • Clean Delhi, Green Delhi
    Clean Delhi, Green Delhi is the slogan that is promoted by the Delhi government on a big level to make the city more greener and a great tourist attraction. Infact the capital city of Delhi is quoted as Green Delhi for its lush greenery scattered around the whole city that Delhi got from its colonia
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  • how to keep our earth clean and green
    What does it mean to be green? "Green" is more than just a color. It also means taking special steps to protect the environment — the water, the land, and the air we breathe. I Can Save the Earth by Anita Holmes Do you think keeping Earth “clean and green” Earth's main natural...
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  • Clean Up Mumbai Campaign
    Greater Mumbai Cleanliness And Sanitation Byelaws 2006 Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai Solid Waste Management Department Helping make CLEAN Mumbai Clean-Up Mumbai Campaign An MCGM Initiative Mumbai Facts • Every public space is splattered with paan stains and there is li
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  • Green Marketing
    GREEN MARKETING 1. INTRODUCTION: People around the world are becoming more aware of the environmental stresses humans are placing on the planet. Newspapers, magazines, television, and other media feature wide coverage of environmental problems, whether they are local (e.g., depleted fisheries and
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  • How to Make Miri an Educational Hub City
    HOW TO MAKE MIRI TO BECOME AN EDUCATIONAL HUB CITY EDUCATION is the responsibility but also a role for government and Malaysian people to provide a sound and a chances for every under graduates to proceed themselves to the higher level of education in local and private universities at all over th
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  • Clean India
    CLEAN INDIA Managing of Solid Waste 1/1/2011 Group 12 Edwin Jude Hariom Singh Kiran S Kumar Kushal Sutodiya Vineeth V Abstract Due to rapid urbanization and uncontrolled growth rate of population, solid waste management has become acute in India. The current practices of the uncontrolle
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  • Man and Green Technology to Heal Earth
    Man and Green Technology to Heal Earth Natashia Terrell Computer Literacy: INF 103 Instructor: Virginia Booth September 28, 2011 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 4 GREEN TECHNOLOGY 5 WHY GREEN TECHNOLOGY IS NEEDED 6 INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY 10 THE EPA AND GOVERNMENT ROLES in PROTECTING THE
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  • Green a Park
    Model to observe linkages Green Park near your home There are over 13000 park, gardens, playgtounds, traffic circles and strategic green areas in Delhi. It’s not the sight of the green grass, trees or children playing that greet the eye when you take a walk through a neighbourhood park. Most s
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  • Living Green
    We Can Improve Our Current Ecological Crisis By Living Green  by: Marcus Wilson Our world continues to deteriorate as natural cataclysms, nuclear power plant issues and general apathy evokes havoc. This earth will soon be gone unless its citizens make an effort to do something about it. There is
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  • House Like Green House
    HOUS E LIKE GREEN HOUSE, IS IT ADOPTABLE IN THE PHILIPPINES? Introduction Inventions as we all know had made great changes in human life and the history of the world. From the very moment computers started to be small and could be used at home until the day it totally invaded the human world. In
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  • Green Building
    Copyright(c) 2002 Congressional Information Service, Inc. A building revolution: How ecology and health concerns are transforming construction SOURCE: Worldwatch Institute AUTHOR: Roodman, David M.; Lenssen, Nicholas [David Malin Roodman is a research associate at the Worldwatch Institute, whe
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  • Hospitality Industry Green Issues
    Introduction (Scope) In our partnership assignment as part of Enterprise Development Project subject, we have chosen Hospitality Industry Green Issues as the topic for various reasons. First of all, it is because in our generation today, global warming has been a very serious issue from day to day.
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  • Green Building
    Green Building Building green is now very popular, because of the major environmental issues that have developed in the last decade. Today the world is experiencing a severe energy crisis, which cannot be solved by simply passing the task to others. A green building is located to take advantage of
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  • Go Green
    VERACITIES TRUTH in SPIRIT, not truth in words * VERACITIES * Achievements * About the Blogger * Guestbook * Members VERACITIES « Back to VERACITIES « Older Entry | Newer Entry » Going Green for a Brighter Tomorrow Posted on April 22, 2012 at 12:30 PM | |   Â
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  • Green Technology
    Table of Contents ❖ What is Green Technology? ❖ Alternative Fuel Sources o Fuel cells o Solar energy o Battery technology ❖ Green Transportation o Smart cars o Bicycles o Walking ❖ Waste and Water Recycling o Wastew
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  • Eng 105 Research on Green Technology
    Contents Topic Page No Introduction 4 Background 5 Areas of research 6 Hypothesis 7 Methodology
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  • Go Green
    Going Green April 12, 2010 Prepared By: The population of our planet grows rapidly each day which require even more use of those natural resources that are in limited supply. As pre-parent adults or even as we grow older we think about those things that we want to do to make our children’s
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  • Green Product
    Green Products Introduction The term is used to describe a product that meets one of these criteria. 1. It has qualities that will protect the environment. 2. It has replaced artificial ingredients with natural ingredients. Green products are those that have less of an impact on the environ
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