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How To Choose Your Future Job

Philippines How Should You Choose Your Friends? Joan Gabriel N. Garcia BSIT-2 English 3: Speech and Oral Communication First Semester S.Y: 2013-2014 July 15, 2013 Page 1 of 4 According to LaFamille 2010, when you say the word 'friends', it feels like it should be forever. It does not always happen this way. Especially, when we choose our friends haphazardly, based on only feelings alone. Everyone wants a friend who makes them feel good about themselves. We do not choose friends based...

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Future Job

Outline Topic: A good salary is not the only thing people look for in a job. Do you agree or disagree? Present your ideas. I. Introduction Many people believe that choosing a job is only looking for certain one with high salary. However, there are some other major factors that you should consider before choosing your job including: career prospect, fringe benefits, working environment, job security, replacement values. II. Body * Employees are desirous of many opportunities for...

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How Does Your Passion Shape Your Future

How does your passion shape your future? In today’s era, one could quiet observe that the most famous statement is, “The future lies in the hands of the youth”. But, had this question not entered into our minds—“How can this be possible?” Living in a seemingly unprogressive nation, we, the youth, could help make it possible by starting to consider first our very own selves instead of blaming it all to the authorities. Take responsibility for your life. Experiment with different things and you’ll...

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How to Choose a College Major (Process Essay)

How to Choose a College Major At some point in the process of choosing a college, you may have to choose a college major, or at the very least begin to narrow your options. While being undecided for awhile is fine, you probably want to have some idea of what you want to do when you start the college application process. You want to make sure you make the right college choice, and there’s nothing worse than finding your dream school only to realize it doesn’t offer the major you’ve ultimately chosen...

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How Does Ite Class Affects Your Future

from Doug Vogel, President of AIS, discuss international opportunities that exist for our MIS students. Munir Mandviwalla,Temple, followed with a summary of the IS career outlook, looking at data that is currently being collected to quantify salaries, jobs, and roles that our students are pursuing. These beg the question of what students pursuing MIS degrees have to look forward to when they graduate and in their career development. Repeatedly throughout our conference, we have heard the need for LEADERS...

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Your Future Is in Your Hand

5/1/12 Future Is In Your Hands - Research Paper. Print version essay Term Papers and Free Essays Browse Essays Search Essays... SEARCH Read full version essay Future Is In Your Hands Future Is In Your Hands Print version essay is available for you! You can search Free Term Papers and College Essay Examples written by students!. Join Essays24.com and get instant access to Future Is In Your Hands and over 30,000 other Papers and Essays Category: Miscellaneous Autor: anton 27...

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How will science and technology change your lives in the future?

How will science and technology change your lives in the future? Though humans may try to predict the future, nobody seems to ever get it completely right. But when it comes to the job market, one thing is certain: with the world experiencing one scientific breakthrough after another, exciting new career possibilities are bound to emerge. It may sound like science fiction, but what seems far-fetched today is often the technology of tomorrow. “Technologies like the Internet, cell phones, and personal...

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your future

Your future is in your hand Life is like a wheel, sometimes above, sometimes below, such is human nature in life. By era milieu is loaded with information and technology, the current momentum continues to move forward without delay. Therefore, young people should be prudent and should have plans in the future that need to be instilled in every themselves. When a second thought, in the future we can foster responsible practices in the minds of ourselves. In fact, you need to practice ourselves in...

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Build Your Future Today

Build Your Future Today Introduction If I were to ask you, “What is the next major decision you need to make in your life, what would it be?” Perhaps you’ll be looking at your next investment proposal. Or perhaps you are thinking about how to celebrate your next wedding anniversary with your spouse. Or perhaps, you’re trying to decide whether or not you will join our Toastmasters club today. Madam Toastmasters, my fellow Toastmasters, dignitaries, and our most honored guests, to help you decide...

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How Education Affects Your Career

* How Education Affects Your Career Education is the key to unlock your career potential. Many people are going back to school to continue their education. No matter what your career, more education will help you. You can increase your self-confidence, impress your employer, and earn more money. Imagine how confident you will feel, having earned your degree. It is hard work going to school, studying, doing homework, and taking tests. It is even harder doing it while employed. But like all things...

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how to get a job

Revise your resume. Before you start job hunting, make sure that your resume is as complete and up-to-date as possible. Your resume is an important distillation of who you are, where you come from, and what you can offer. Here are a few tips to consider: Be honest. Never lie in your resume; it will come back to haunt you later. Use active verbs. When describing what you did at your last job, make the sentence as tight and active as possible. For instance, instead of saying "Served as patient contact...

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How to Know Your Passion

How to know your passion •1 Grab a pen and a piece of paper. Prepare to make a list. • 2 Ask yourself some simple questions, like: What are my goals? If I could do one thing for the rest of my life, what would it be? What do I love to do? What would I do, even if I didn't get paid to do it? • 3 Dig deep within yourself, think about what you love to do with your spare time, and whether it's something you could do full time. You don't have to be good at it, and it doesn't have to make...

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Job Satisfaction

What is Job Satisfaction? Job satisfaction has been defined as a pleasurable emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job,an affective reaction to one’s job and an attitude towards one’s job. Job satisfaction is an attitude but points out that researchers should clearly distinguish the objects of cognitive evaluation which are affect emotion,beliefs and behaviours.This definition suggests that we form attitudes towards our jobs by taking into account our feelings, our...

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How to Choose a Roommate

How to Choose a Roommate To choose a roommate can be one of the most important decisions an undergraduate makes during her/his college life. It can be an overwhelming experience. Sometimes it can turn into a wonderful adventure. Sometimes it can cause massive headaches. Knowing what qualities to look for in a good roommate can make the college roommate experience more enjoyable, but finding a good roommate is not easy. It can be much easier to have a roommate who has the same sex. No one wants...

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My Future Carrer

How do you see your own future career, what would you like to happen and how do you think your life will change in the coming years? There are various options open nowadays. The problem of choosing the future profession has always been very important. The profession a person chooses in many ways determines his/her future life. To make a right choice first of all you should understand what you like to do. Usually there are several factors that influence the decision of young people. They concern...

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The Future of Job

with the changes as much as possible otherwise they will be off track from the race of competition. Finally, adopt with the competitive business environment organizations must have strong internal support. In my assignment, here I tried to understand how Johnson & Johnson +the world’s most comprehensive and broadly based manufacturer of health care products, pharmaceuticals and medical services able to make their decision in terms of handling its internal and external environment. This assignment...

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How to Increase Your Salary

TIPS HOW TO INCREASE YOUR SALARY Talk about salary negotiation is not an easy thing to do. Often even can lead to frustration and heartache.No special training or courses that teach how to effectively negotiate a salary. Most employees facing his superiors to negotiate a salary in an emotional state so weakened his own position when negotiating. The ability to negotiate salary needs to be owned either by subordinates or by a boss who will face a demand for a raise from his subordinates. There...

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Steve Jobs

entrepreneur Steve Jobs is a man who have a great idea to know what is the important in business in order to have progress. Steve Story touches to every individual who have plan to make their business exist. Being a businessman according to Jobs experience is not easy to build if you have not a good vision to it. Steve Jobs story tell about what is the world of business is all about and it is not only a passion but it require double goals, effort and strategy in order that your product will be sold...

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Extrinsic Motivating Factors on How Fourth Year Students Choose Their Career

EXTRINSIC MOTIVATING FACTORS ON HOW FOURTH YEAR STUDENTS CHOOSE THEIR CAREER A Research Proposal Presented To the Faculty of National University In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course English Communication 2 Researched by: MANALO, Paul Adrian LOMERIO, Siljohn PORTO, John Joshua RUSTIA, John Tom Kenneth of Pre121 INTRODUCTION One of the most critical decisions in a student’s life especially in a Fourth Year High School Student is choosing a career that...

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Tips How to Have Successful Job Interview

Tips on How to Have Successful Job Interview Before you start to read our manual we would like to tell you that the manual is divided into ten parts: general preparation, days before, day before, day of interview, waiting, during, right after, day after, week after and weeks after. Then please relax and come to this way. General preparation Get references and letters of recommendation. First, you need references and letters of recommendation. You should think of three to six people...

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Critique on Is Your Job an Endangered Species

2013 Technology taking over job opportunity In “Is Your Job an Endangered Species?” Andy Kessler effectively organizes his work by using different grouping skills. He introduces his idea by grabbing the attention of his audience; however, his informal tone isolates his audience. Kessler writes to persuade the reader on his belief that the advancement in technology is negatively impacting the job industry by replacing thousands of everyday jobs. He cynically groups workers into...

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Why to further your education

Furthering your education is a Plus General purpose: To persuade Specific purpose: To persuade students and teenagers to further their education after high school. Central idea: By furthering education after high school people are less likely to get Pregnant as teens or before marriage, gets put on welfare, and are more likely to make better pay. INTRODUCTION 1. Attention material A. Two brothers Ellis and Kidd both graduated from high school. B. After high school Ellis went on to college...

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How to Prepare for a Job Interview

How to Prepare For a Job Interview Kim Sangster Preparing yourself for a job interview can be stressful for some people, but now that you have an interview it is time for you to overcome your fear barriers and prepare yourself before the interview. The first impression is always the best impression so you want to dazzle the employer by walking in shoulders high, well dressed and groomed, nice smile, firm handshake, eye to eye contact, and sit when asked by the employer. ...

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Job Interview Questions and Sample Answers

Things You Should Never Say in a Job Interview. Check Them Out! Best Interview Answers www.InterviewAdvisers.com Secrets to Help You to Get Hired in Your Next Job Interview. Start Now! The Best Interview Answer CareerConfidential.com/FreeEbook Answers Top 50 Interview Questions DownLoad Free Ebook Now. See More About job interview questions and answers job interviews interview questions job interview tips Ads How To Speak English DoTellAll.com Learn About How To Speak English. Become A Smarter...

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How to Do a Successful Job Interview

Job Interview Success Are you looking for a job in this tough economic time? Have you applied at any companies lately? If so, you may be getting a call for an interview any day. If this happens, you need to know how to be successful in the interview from the start. Knowing that you have applied to a company, and realizing that you may be getting a call for an interview, you initially need to get all of your references and letters of recommendation. Think of about three to six co-workers or...

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How to Start Your Own Restaurant

Research Paper on How to Start Your Own Restaurant Did you know that the very first restaurant in the world was opened in Paris in 1765?  A tavern keeper, Monsieur Boulanger, served a single dish, sheep’s feet simmered in a white sauce. Boulanger's business was different from other food businesses, like cafes and inns, because Boulanger's business was centered on food, not alcohol, like taverns, or coffee and tea, like cafes.  Customers came to Boulanger's establishment primarily to eat, and this...

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Job Descriptions

Session Long Project submit a sample job description for the position you hold with your current employer.  Were there any areas in this job description that you felt were missing that were pertinent to your job?  If you were working in the human resource department how would you know if the candidate applying for the position could do the job?  If not currently employed, use your last position.  Be sure to incorporate module concepts into your assignment.  Limit your response to 4-5 pages and remember...

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Choose and Explain Your Theory and Theorist

CHOOSE AND EXPLAIN YOUR THEORIST AND THEORY 1 Choose and Explain Your Theorist and Theory Heather Jones Rasmussen College This essay is being submitted on October 25, 2014, for Tosca Grimm’s EC100 Foundations of Child Development class. CHOOSE AND EXPLAIN YOUR THEORIST AND THEORY 2 Choose and Explain...

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How Economic Influence Your Life?

world, there is scarcity, and because there is scarcity, we have economics, the study of how individuals, firms, and entire nations deal with the limitations imposed by scarcity to prioritize and allocated limited income, time, and resources. The opportunity cost of doing this article is that I could have spent my time doing something else. However, I would not have learned about how economics affects your daily life. Understanding what I have given up in order to do or buy something is another...

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Creating Your Dream Job

shall define compensation and benefits along with their advantages for a company and its workers. My dream job will be Compensation Manager in HR department. Compensation managers plan, direct, and coordinate how and how much an organization pays its employees. Benefits managers do the same for retirement plans, health insurance, and other benefits an organization offers its employees. Job Description: Compensation and benefits managers typically do the following: • Set the organization's pay...

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Part-Time Job Survey Report

Report title: The part-time job situation of students in Oxford Brookes University Course: UPS - C Student name: Cathy Words : 1,095 Content Abstract 2 Introduction 2 Methods/ Procedure 2 Present the results of research 3 Chart 1. Hours students spend on part-time job. 3 Chart 2. The reason students have a part-time job. 3 Chart 3. Influence and purpose of part-time job. 4 Chart 4 most difficult thing when having a part-time job 5 Discuss the results and provide...

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Choose Your Own Religion

Choose Your Own Religion (But Not That One) Freedom of religion has been a principle in the United States since it became a country. However, just because it is written in the United States Constitution does not mean everyone will follow it. Too many times have people in America been shunned for their personal beliefs. Freedom of religion includes the freedom to worship any god, freedom to not following any religion, and the freedom to not believe in any god at all. In today's society there is hardly...

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Job and Career

Job and Career Our life is an odd mixture of different moments of action and inaction, work and rest. Work provides us with an inner creative joy. It saves us from the routine and apathy of life. It puts our energies to a proper use. Unused energies create disorders in us. They make us physically unhealthy and mentally unhappy. Time hangs heavy on our shoulders when there is no work. It provides us with money for our life hood. It makes our life meaningful and peaceful. Idleness is more boring and...

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what economics is and how you may use economics in your future career and/or your daily life

what economics is and how you may use economics in your future career and/or your daily life? After World War II, economy is increasingly becoming the focus of national competition in the world. Furthermore, economics as a new breach of human sciences is applied widely in human daily life as well. For example, almost everyone has to consider price, tax, money and welfare in real life. It can be seen from that economics play a significant role in human life. This essay will discuss what is economics...

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How My Education Is the Key to a Successful Future

"How My Education is the Key to a Successful Future" (794 words) Education has always been labeled by people throughout time as a necessity, seen as "if you don't graduate high school you'll work at fast-food your whole life" or "if you don't go to college you'll have a desk job in a little cubical". Sadly in this modern ever so competitive world of employment this seems to be an unavoidable reality with "improper education". The truth is education is a huge asset to life, seeing how...

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Why Should You Choose Accountancy

[Before we proceed, how many of you are planning to pursue accountancy?] Mention the word “accountancy” what comes first in your mind? People immediately think of figures, numbers, adding, subtracting and a big line of books. To most, accountancy is something dead, old and boring. Yet accountancy is not a boring, nor dead subject – in fact, it is one of the most exciting and challenging subject. Why should you choose accountancy? Good career prospects, stable (excellent) job market, short academic...

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Future career

Future Career Every person thinks a lot about his future and admits that hard work lies ahead. "Mother to Son…"Young people claim that they are willing to make the sacrifices needed to reach their goals. "If you don't think about your future, you cannot have one.""Hold fast to dreams"So it is vital to hitch your wagon to a star. In order to reach our goals, we should be persistent, optimistic, hard working, imaginative, creative… and so on, but practical and down to Earth. So, most young people...

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Manage your money - Save for the future

in the red, and facing difficult financial choices when they are just starting out. Now you’re on your own, you might be tempted to spend money on all the things your parents wouldn’t let you have before. You may be tempted to spend money that you don't have on junk food, going out with friends and on new outfits that you don't need. Today I want to persuade you that college student should learn how to manage their money Starting Manage money early and starting strong will help ensure that college...

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Thinking Your Way to a Better Jobs

CASE INCIDENT 1 Question 1 Thinking Your Way To A Better Jobs a) Try to love our Jobs We must love our job, make it interesting like setting our mind every day woke up and feel that we are the part of our organization. When this kind of feeling already in our mind, our soul it can drive our body go to work without regardless and full of passion. Our jobs is our daily routine and always be a part of our live life. b) Be supportive In order...

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How I Am Going to Choose My Life Partner?

or even university level. Why I feel like so; cause it is probably the single most important decision that all of us can make. I am sure that other than some brave people it looks like most of us, myself included, rely mainly on our instincts to choose the one person we want to be with forever. Therefore, the decision is very important and the discussion is useful. While conducting this study, I have amazingly found that most people who get married in modern society do not have the foresight, life...

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Part Time Job

university student to have a part-time job rather than pay attention to studying. It goes without saying that university student prefer to choose a part-time job in many countries, they want to have a valuable and colorful life in the university, a part-time job can give student some different experiences. It will give student some social experience to make them more active. I will discuss the positive and negative influences of having a art-time job, then I will give my opinion.    ...

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Tips on How to Improve Your School

How to Improve Your School Did you ever feel that your school is not the best it could be? Do you want to do something about it? Grab some friends and let's get going! Ad Steps 1. 1 Talk to someone. Talk to your school administrators, the PTA or PTO that represents your school, civic organisations, and other groups that have to give you permission, or groups that can offer resources for your efforts. Ad 2. 2 Add a garden. A garden is a great way to get some plants to serve at lunch or give to...

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How to Change Your Culture

Changing your organizational culture is the toughest task you will ever take on. Your organizational culture was formed over years of interaction between the participants in the organization. Changing the accepted organizational culture can feel like rolling rocks uphill. Organizational cultures form for a reason. Perhaps the current culture matches the style and comfort zone of the company founder. Culture frequently echoes the prevailing management style. Since managers tend to hire people just...

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How to Increase Job Performance

How to Increase job performance ….the main thing that matters to you as an employer is probably the way people do their jobs, and the results that they achieve. You cannot afford to employ people just because they are nice guys; you need to turn them into nice productive guys (Hackett, 1979). The above assertion by Hackett, (1979) cited in Ejiogu (2001:91) clearly explains the need and rationale for training, capacity building, appraisal or evaluation and motivation of staff or employees by the...

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Relection Paper on One Week Job

career that is best for everyone. So, how does one choose the career that is best for them? In the process of deciding which career path to take, one must be passionate about the job, determine if obtaining a college degree is a requirement for that job, and consider future technological advances that could overcome a position. To begin with, those who are passionate about their job most likely have an exceptional work ethic compared to those who despise their job. When one is passionate about something...

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Choose career should be based on interest

Choose career should be based on interest There is an old saying that if you are trying to choose a career, you should think about what you are interested in, if you do not interested in your career, you may make a wrong decision. There are three reason to show choose career should be based on interest. There is an old saying that if you’re trying to choose a career, you should think about what you would do if you didn’t have to work. If you had a million dollars and you could do anything, what...

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Technology and Jobs Abstract Have you ever asked yourself whether or not technology may possibly be taking away multiple jobs from us humans? Why is this so? Jobs are becoming increasingly obsolete due to the fact that now, the job can be done by a computer. Now, when you go to the grocery store, there are self-checkout registers in which you, the consumer, do the work while the cashier’s job becomes less aggravating. Also, in the medical field, there are many operations and procedures that can...

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Understanding Job Satisfaction Loyalty and Commitment

people looked to get a job as soon as they graduated high school or college and hoped to stay there for the rest of their life. All they wanted was a stable job that could provide for them and their family. They didn't care so much about benefits or huge pay raises. They were satisfied with a small annual raise or just a pat on the back ensuring them of their job security. They were so satisfied with this that they didn't even think about looking for another job. (Retaining Your Star Performers) ...

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How Companies Track Your Info

Web site, we’ll record it and link it to your Guest ID,” Pole said. “We want to know everything we can.” Also linked to your Guest ID is demographic information like your age, whether you are married and have kids, which part of town you live in, how long it takes you to drive to the store, your estimated salary, whether you’ve moved recently, what credit cards you carry in your wallet and what Web sites you visit. Target can buy data about your ethnicity, job history, the magazines you read, if you’ve...

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How to Paint Your Car

because today I will show u how to paint your own car. The entire activity can take about five to six hour and requires a lot of precision; but it allows you to expand your creativity and even save a couple of bucks. Before even thinking about painting a car, you must first have dry and dust free area(carport). Also if your car is older than 2000 models, you must follow the first step if not you may skip and start at the second. The first step to a great looking paint job that will last is having...

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How to Choose a Car

Name: Georges B. Saad Subject: English 201 Topic: How To Choose A Car. Thesis: “Choosing A Car Involves Many Steps “ Points Step 1: • Affordability • Repair Cost • Safety • Comfort • Entertainment • Other Options and Extras Points Step 2: Affordability: • Cost Of Car Compared To The Options and Specifications You are Paying For. • Miles/Gallon or Fuel Consumption Repair Cost: • Availability of parts in the market • Cost of parts and durability ...

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How Will Our Future Be?

How Will Our Future Be? The way the future is heading seems to be very clear but as before things may change. The time to come will never reveal itself until it has actually been. From this point of view I will try to describe the way I see the future coming our way. One of the major aspects when discussing the future is how will the law be handled and how power will be dealt with. Will we be able to decide for us self what we want to do with our lives and will the right of every individual be...

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How to Start Your Own Business

A word young man associate with: force, obstinacy, creativity and of course with fresh ideas for the future. Almost every young person has a purpose to have his own business, they want to be worthy in this big and cruel world. But it is not enough to have a dream or idea. Business is more difficult then we can imagine. Mostly all young people like to dream, they are dreamers. But if they want to make their dream come true they have to be stubborn and very strong inside. Recently in accidentally...

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How to Motivate Your Subordinates

15-3: Test Your Leadership Style Exercise 15-3: Test Your Leadership Style University Of Phoenix Oluwole O. Oshinubi MGT/210 August 21, 2010 The Leader/Supervisor Mix As a 50–50 type, you probably do not believe in the need to motivate others. Instead, you maintain that the staff should have a natural desire to work as hard as you do, without needing somebody to egg them on. You do your job well, and you expect the same from your subordinates. This means that while your own level of...

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Job in the Future

with these economic and politic crisis, our old trend of job-orientation will developed in unexpected ways. One of those ways is mentioned in Reich’s prediction about how jobs in the future become. As stated in “The future of Work”, the occupational inclination in the future favors hands-on experience much more than simply formal education. Reich predicts that on-the-job experience shall account for the success of a worker on the job market as the market requirements become more and more realistic...

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Dream Job Dialogue

Dream Job Dialogue Dream Job Dialogue Cathy Furman Grand Canyon University: EDU 310 October 29, 2011 Dream Job Dialogue This is a dialogue between my best friend and me. My friend name is David and I am going create a script and discussing my future role as an educator... In this dialogue I will be answering three questions. The first question is what do you believe will be the future of American K-12 education, and how will you make an impact on it? The second question is what are the...

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Planning Your Future

PLANNING MY FUTURE 2 Planning my future is vital to me; it is like designing a solid foundation for me and for my family. During these irregular times in our economy credentials play a vital part on the amount of opportunities that I have access to. In this essay I will talk about what steps I will take and what challenges, accomplishments, and experiences I plan on...

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Job Analysis and Job Specification

PROJECT Please choose one of job for this project (the job must be difference with the presentation assignment), after that: 1. Arrange job description, job analysis and job specification 2. Specify the source to get the prospective candidate 3. Specify the selection tools for the candidate (like test, etc) 4. Arranges 5 questions for each types of question (situational interview, behavioral interview, job related interview and stress interview) I. Job Description, , job analysis...

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How to Increase Your Marks

How to increase your marks Andrew Fuller Getting better marks has a lot to do with how you approach studying. The twelve most powerful ways to increase your marks don’t involve you working harder but they do involve you working smarter. 3.Put off pleasurable activities until work is done. This is a painful one but if you play computer games before you get down to studying, the levels of dopamine in your brain lessen and you will lose the drive and motivation you need to study effectively. Work...

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Job You Will Like to Do

When it comes to a job that I will like to do in the future, I would like to choose teaching, which is considered one of the best jobs in the world. There are lots of children all over the world can not go to school simply due to the lack of teachers. Several months ago, I watched a TV program showing that teachers were badly needed in many parts of our world, places like western parts of China, Southeast Asia, and Africa. It also broadcasted the stories of a couple from the United States who...

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