"How May Financial Managers Budget For Unforeseen Changes And Improvements In Information Technology That May Require Large Capital Outlays" Essays and Research Papers

How May Financial Managers Budget For Unforeseen Changes And Improvements In Information Technology That May Require Large Capital Outlays

Budgeting for Unseen Changes Carrie "Shellie" Cobbs Health Care Financial Accounting HCS 405 Robert Hammer November 17, 2013 Budgeting for Unseen Changes Financial managers must account for a portion of their budget to be designated for information technology changes and improvements. If a health care organization is planning for a large change to a new computer software system or making upgrades to their current system the financial manager must have figured this movement into the budget to help minimize...

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Financial Information System

Financial Information System (FIS) Definition - What does Financial Information System (FIS) mean? A financial information system (FIS) accumulates and analyzes financial data used for optimal financial planning and forecasting decisions and outcomes. FIS is used in conjunction with a decision support system, and it helps a firm attain its financial objectives because they use a minimal amount of resources relative to a predetermined margin of safety. FIS can be thought of as a financial planner...

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Capital Budgeting

Introduction Capital budgeting is one of the most crucial decisions the financial manager of any firm is faced with...Over the years the need for relevant information has inspired several studies that can assist firms to make better decisions. These models are assigned so that they make the best allocation of resources. Early research shows that methods such as payback model was more widely used which is basically just determining the length of time required for the firm to recover the outlay of cash...

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Concept of Financial Budgeting

discussion question What is a flexible budget? What types of organizations may use flexible budgets? Why are flexible budgets useful? Next, imagine you are preparing a business’s cash budget, which involves determining the amount of cash to keep on hand. How might the nature of the business affect your decision? Provide specific examples in your response Answer: A flexible budget shows different levels of expenses into the budget that vary depending upon the changes in the amount of actual sales volume...

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Operating Budget

 Health Care Budget HCS/577 July 27, 2015 Professor Michelle Gomillion Health Care Budget Most entities and organization create budgets as a guide for controlling its spending, prediction of profit, and it expenditure as they progress toward a set goal. Budget involves pulling resources together to achieve a specific goal. According to Gapenski (2006), budgeting is an offshoot in a planning process. A basic managerial accounting tool use in holding planning and control functions together is...

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Manage Budget and Financial Plans

Planning a Budget Davis Service Group is a large public limited company employing around 17,000 people. Its shares are quoted on the London Stock Exchange.The business is based on service contracts to source, clean and maintain industrial textiles, such as protective clothing and linens. This is across four key sectors: workwear, healthcare, hotels and restaurants, and general facilities, such as washroom linen Budgets are forward financial plans. They show financial targets over a given...

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What Is Organizational Capital

Kindley, M. (2001) What is Organizational Capital? – Interview to Erik Brynjolfsson – CIO Insight The recent bursting of the internet bubble, together with its unsustainable and sometimes bizarre business models, has resurrected the debate on the degree to which IT investments contribute to productivity growth. While economist Erik Brynjolfsson is a firm believer in the long-term contribution of technology to productivity growth, he also believes the answer isn't as easy as buying a few computers...

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Cost of Capital at Ameritrade

Cost of Capital at Ameritrade What factors should Ameritrade management consider when evaluating the proposed advertising program and technology upgrades? Why? Mr. Ricketts believes that his role as CEO is to maximize shareholder value by accepting any project whose expected return on investment is greater than the cost of capital. Therefore, the main factors that Ameritrade management should consider are the expected return on investment for the project, and how this compares to the project’s...

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Budget Managment Analysis

Budget Management Analysis Christina Hewett University of Phoenix Financial Resource Management NUR/571 Ralph Gigliotti August 03, 2013 Budget Management Analysis “Finance should be a fundamental nursing administration content area to meet the growing need for nurse managers with core competencies in financial and budget management” (Finkler, Kovner, & Jones, 2007, p. 476). Health care organizations depend on nurse managers to budget the finances of his or her department appropriately. Budget...

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It Is Often Claimed That the Process of Computerising Accounting Information Systems (Ais) and Telecommunicating Accounting Information over the Web Enhances the Accounting Functions in Business Organisations Operating

creating an optimal governance structure is important for every manager. Decisions made under uncertainty and risks are often forces them to keep under control the various aspects of financial-economic activity. All this activity is displayed in the larger numbers of documents that contains diverse amount of information. If everything is properly treated and systematized it is away to guarantee the effective management. “ “Technology is rapidly changing the nature of the work of most accountants...

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Budget Preparation

Introduction: A budget is a financial plan and a list of all planned expenses and revenues. It is a plan for saving, borrowing and spending. A budget is an important concept in microeconomics, which uses a budget line to illustrate the trade-offs between two or more goods. In other terms, a budget is an organizational plan stated in monetary terms. In summary, the purpose of budgeting is to: 1. Provide a forecast of revenues and expenditures, that is, construct a model of how our business might...

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Role of the Financial Manager

Role of the Financial Manager Financial managers wear many hats. They oversee the preparation of financial reports, direct investment activities, and implement cash management strategies. Each day there are new organizational paths and computer programs being perfected to record and organize data. Many financial managers are spending more time developing strategies and implementing the long-term goals of their organization. According to Brealey, Myers, and Marcus "Financial Managers are faced...

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Financial Forecasting: Riordan Manufacturing

FINANCIAL FORECASTING: RIORDAN MANUFACTURING Introduction Financial forecasting allows financial managers to anticipate events before they occur, particularly the need for raising funds externally. An important consideration is that growth may call for additional sources of financing because profit is often inadequate to cover the net buildup in receivables, inventory, and other asset accounts. When forecasting, one must take into account estimated future levels of receivables, inventory, payables...

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Rodolfo Furniture Store Budget Analysis

Rodolfo Furniture Store Budget Analysis Edric Hernandez-Cruz Gisela Franqui-Atiles Valerie Santiago-Rodriguez Yachira Rodriguez-Cuevas University of Phoenix PR Campus ACC / 561PR Rafael Marrero Diaz November 9th, 2012 Rodolfo Furniture Store Budget analysis is important for any corporation. From small businesses to large enterprises; all organizations evaluate the numbers in order to get a picture of where the company stands economically. This will serve as a basis in order to make...

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Case Analysis: U.S. Budget

Case Analysis of U.S. Budget By: Adrienne Chavis Professor: Frank Pidgeon PA 581- Government Budgeting and Finance Introduction This paper discusses the financial complexities of the U.S. Government and its Department of Education. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the funding level of the U.S. Government and its Department of Education. It also reviews several trends that are identified at 2009 actual, 2010 and 2011 amounts for outlays and receipts, and relationship to the Gross Domestic...

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Guillermo Furniture Store Budget Analysis

Store Budget Analysis Paper Hilton Glynn, Steven Briggs, Courtney Mercer, and Scott Langer ACC/561 6 June 2010 William Wyngaard Guillermo Furniture Store Budget Analysis Paper According to Horngren, Sundem, Stratton, Burgstahler, and Schatzberg (2008), a study suggested that more than 150 organizations in North America listed budgeting as the most frequently used cost-management tool. This indicates that the importance of Guillermo’s budget cannot be over-stated. A budget establishes...

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Technology Change, Managing Change and Resistance to Change

Running head: Technology Change, Managing Change and Resistance to Change Technology Change, Managing Change and Resistance to Change James Thomas Managing Organizational Change – GM597 Keller Graduate School of Management   Table of Content I. Executive Summary II. Literature Review III. Change Model IV. Discussion V. Conclusion VI. References VII. Appendix   Executive Summary This paper will touch on the topic of technology change and how it affects organization...

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Health Care Budget Paper

Health Care Budget Paper Financial Management means planning, organizing, directing and controlling the financial activities such as procurement and utilization of funds for an organization. It means applying general management principles to financial resources of the enterprise or organization. The scope of financial management can cut across a wide range of the organizations departments and can involve investment decisions including investment in fixed assets. Investment in current assets...

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Financial Theories Overview

Running head: FINANCIAL THEORIES OVERVIEW Financial Theories Overview Velda Eaton University of Phoenix – School of Advanced Studies Financial Theories Overview Theory | General Description | Current Examples | Significant Attributes | Efficiency Theory | The germinal theory proposed by Fama (1965) states An efficient market is where there are large numbers of rational profit-maximizers actively competing trying to predict future market values from new information on inherent values...

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Accounting Research Paper—Technology Impactions

research paper—technology impactions With development of economics, people have been thinking about how they could increase the efficiency of working. Technology is one of the ways people figured out. It is the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science. Before the development of modern technology, there was...

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Financial Management

XYZ working capital cycle and how to improve each part. Budgeting, which for many companies, stands as the cornerstone for management planning and control, is still relevant even in our today dynamic and rapid changing economy. Many still make use of traditional budgeting but its limitation has lead many companies today to seek for better approaches in form of Zero-based budgeting for static market and activity based budgeting for dynamic markets. In this report, rolling budgets has been suggested...

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Information Systems Briefing

Information System Briefing Grace Hummel HCS/483 November 19, 2012 Professor Tonya Cheek Information System Briefing Unstructured decision-making process that cannot be described fully before the decision is made. Strategic planning requires judgment, expertise of organizational members, board of directors and committees. DDS (decision support systems) are to help improve decision-making work balance of judgments and analysis; MIS (management information systems), which is gathering and processing...

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Master Budget

Master Budget Master Budget Definition The master budget is the aggregation of all lower-level budgets produced by a company's various functional areas, and also includes budgeted financial statements, a cash forecast, and a financing plan. The master budget is typically presented in either a monthly or quarterly format, and usually covers a company's entire fiscal year. An explanatory text may be included with the master budget, which explains the company's strategic direction, how the master...

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Cash Budget

Definition of Budget It is an estimation of the revenue and expenses over a specified future period of time. It can help to create a system when someone wants to open a shop or start investments. A budget can be made for a person, family, group of people, business, government or anything else that makes and speaks money. It can also help to establish a planned level of expenditures and it can help to maintain a budget for a company either on an accrual or a cash basis. Structured planning can...

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Improving Patient Safety by Utilizing Information Technology

Improving Patient Safety by Utilizing Information Technology to Integrate Departments across the Healthcare Continuum by the Implantation of an Electronic Health Record System Mark Anthony Waite HCS/587 March, 19, 2012 Kaye Brown Need for proposed change As the push towards patient safety increases with regulatory agencies such as the Florida Agency for Healthcare administration (ACHA) and The Joint Commission (TJC), formerly the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare...

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Corporate Financial Reporting: Its Roles in Capital Market

In capital market, the financial reporting and corporate disclosure are important since ...

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Changes in Society, Culture and Technology and Their Impact on Human Capital

CHANGES IN SOCIETY, CULTURE AND TECHNOLOGY AND THE CONSEQUENT IMPACT ON HUMAN CAPITAL 2. The changes in society specifically are transformations in society, culture and technology. Social changes include any alteration in the society in terms of cause and effect of intra social relations, or the institutions of family and marriage and other such cultural aspects. Change is absolutely inevitable and it is largely unplanned. The four major factors encompassing the social changes are:- (a) Change...

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Developing Information Systems Strategies

 Developing Information Systems/Information Technology (IS/IT) Strategies Author: Mark Stone m.stone@herts.ac.uk Submittal Date: 11th May 2008 Table Of Contents Introduction 3 Why should an Organisation develop an IS/IT Strategy? 4 Common problems and barriers in developing an IS/IT Strategy 5 The objectives and development of an IS/IT Strategy Framework 6 Conclusions and Summary 8 References 9 Bibliography 10 Introduction Present day organisations, regardless of commercial...

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Zero Based Budget

From traditional budget planning to zero-based budgeting (Relevant to PBE Paper II: Management Accounting and Finance) Dr Fong Chun Cheong, Steve, School of Business, Macao Polytechnic Institute Introduction A budget is an important financial plan that incorporates a systematic analysis and interpretation of financial forecasts in terms of products, markets and the application of resources. It requires managers to plan. It needs operational and financial resources information for decision making...

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Role of Finance and Hr Manager

The Role of Finance Manager The role of finance manager in the company is an important one. The function of the finance manager is not confined to the management and making of the accounts but it also plays a major role in dividend decisions, capital budgeting decisions, capital structure outlay of the firm, decision related to the merger and acquisitions, and all the investment decisions of the firm. Thus the finance manager plays an important role in any business enterprise. The different...

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Financial Planning Worksheet

of Phoenix Material Personal Financial Planning Worksheet Directions Based on your readings and discussions in class this week, answer the following multiple choice questions. 1. The process of creating a detailed plan to meet your financial needs and prepare for the future is called a. developing goals b. personal financial planning c. collecting financial information d. personal finance The answer would be (B)  Personal financial planning. 2. Which of the following...

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Human Resource Information System

nor measuring and tracking human capital and using the HR information system generally. The function of human resources (HR) departments is generally administrative and common to all organizations. Organizations may have formalized selection, evaluation, and payroll processes. Efficient and effective management of "Human Capital" progressed to an increasingly imperative and complex process. The HR function consists of tracking existing employee data which traditionally includes personal histories...

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Information Technology and Information Systems

The Information technology industry, where nothing is predictable and constant change has become a usual trend, is now on its new phase of its evolution stages. According to Richard L. Nolan, MBA Class of 1942 Professor of Business Administration: “Information Technology is no longer being used as just a tactical resource, it’s now fundamentally influencing business strategy and competition” (http://www.alumni.hbs.edu/bulletin/1997/april/text/theory_text.html 04.02.06). This paper will examine and...

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meaning A budget (from old French bougette, purse) is a financial plan and a list of all planned expenses and revenues. It is a plan for saving, borrowing and spending.[1] A budget is an important concept in microeconomics, which uses a budget line to illustrate the trade-offs between two or more goods. In other terms, a budget is an organizational plan stated in monetary terms. In summary, the purpose of budgeting is to: 1. Provide a forecast of revenues and expenditures, that is, construct...

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Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Tyies Wells ACC/548 June 27, 2010 William J. Carter III, MSA Comprehensive Annual Financial Report The Office of Financial Management provides vital information, fiscal services and policy support that the Governor, Legislature and state agencies need to serve the people of Washington State (Investopedia, 2010). Included in this briefing, a comparison of the governmental and for-profit financial accounting will be discussed, an understanding...

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information technology system

The business landscape changes so quickly. It is a very challenging world. The key forces are always customers, competition and change. The ever changing business environment forces businesses to continue to push forward and to reinvent revitalize and resize by Business Process reengineering. BPR is a business strategy. It focuses on the analysis and design of workflows and business processes within a business. It aims to help businesses fundamentally rethink how their work is done and this is...

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Information Technology vs. Information Systems

Running head: Information Technology vs. Information Systems Information Technology for Managers John Alexander Keys to Information Technology Abstract 1. In your own words, define the terms "information technology" (IT) and “information systems” (IS) and explain their components and infrastructure. Why is it important for a manager to be involved in IT and what are the critical responsibilities for the manager? 2. Case Study (discuss the case and answer questions at end of case):...

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Societal: Project Manager Possesses

Why is the project manager often called a super-manager? In an organization, if there is a project manager that is known to execute projects within the scheduled time frame and whose estimates are exact, he probably acquired a substantive amount of knowledge and experience over the years on project management. This “Super” project manager possesses therefore some valuable skills that can be taught to other project managers within the organization. Thus, this “super” manager will often be assigned...

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Use of Real Options Theory in Financial Management/Modeling

Business 650, Managerial Finance Use of Real Options Theory Financial Management/Modeling I April 18, 2011nstructor: Abstract At a previous employment environment, the president of the corporation acted on a whim, rather than, conducting a series of testing for his expansion to go into other businesses ventures. Within a few short months, the plan was abandoned for lack of profitability. As an employee, I thought of this as a failure on the owner’s part. However, the Real Options Theory...

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MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING AND ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE: IMPACT OF ALIGNMENT OF MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING SYSTEM, STRUCTURE AND STRATEGY ON PERFORMANCE Introduction In the search to understand management accounting in competitive environments and advance technologies, change has increasingly become a focus for research. Many firms have experienced significant changes in their organizational design, competitive environments and technologies. Business environments exhibit a variety of structures and processes...

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Financial Ratios and Health Care Organizations

Financial Ratios and Health Care Organizations Monique Thomas MHA 612 Financial and Managerial Accounting Instructor Stacy Hiles September 10, 2012 Financial Ratios and Healthcare Organizations Health systems routinely compare their financial results to those of a peer group of healthy competitors. Although managers of most organizations strive to achieve the outcomes of comparable healthy competitors, it is equally important to examine those of unhealthy competitors. By doing so, managers...

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Change in an Organization

Change: The process of becoming different. The Disadvantages of Change in an Organization by Elliott Taylor, Demand Media Change in business is good, but it's seldom easy and can often be expensive. Managers are often drawn to change by imagining the possibilities and positive impact it can have on their organization. Before launching an idea, however, spend a little time wrestling with the costs and disadvantages also a part of the change. Ads by Google Bible School For Free 100% Free. World...

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Changes in Management Accountig

described as the field of undergoing changes. ( Goretzki Strauss Weber 2013)In today’s world, business environment requires the stakeholders to make decisions as fast as possible. They have to follow changes not only in internal company situation but also changes in technology, science and business world. Management accounting studies proved that having the right managerial tools in place not only helps improving financial results but is also crucial for improvement in on-going performance, control process...

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Manager Interview

and skills of a manager in any organization in Bangladesh. To complete the study, we conducted an interview with a manager of a reputed organization. The functions, role and skills of a typical manager in any organization in Bangladesh have been described below based on the study. WHO IS A MANAGER A manger is an individual who is in charge of a certain group of tasks, or a certain subset of a company. A manager is often has staff of people who report to him or her. A Manager is the person responsible...

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Zero Based Budgets

for its needs and costs. Budgets are then built around what is needed for the upcoming period, regardless of whether the budget is higher or lower than the previous one. Because of its detail-oriented nature, zero-based budgeting may be a rolling process done over several years, with only a few functional areas reviewed at a time by managers or group leadership. Zero-based budgeting can lower costs by avoiding blanket increases or decreases to a prior period's budget. It is, however, a time-consuming...

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Urban and Real Estate Information Technology

Urban real estate information systems: the suppression of radical innovation. John S Kirkwood School of Environment & Development, Sheffield Hallam University E-mail: j.s.kirkwood@shu.ac.uk ___________________________________________________________________________________ John S Kirkwood Page 1 5/02/2003 Abstract Information and communications technologies are continuing to bring about significant changes in society. These changes may be viewed as the direct consequence of technological...

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Working Capital Optimization

profit performance PERSPECTIVES David Giat Business Analytics & Advisory Services Working Capital Optimization: 11 Lessons for Improving Payables If you’re thinking about working capital, you aren’t alone. Facing uncertain demand and constrained credit markets, CFOs continue to focus on building and maintaining their companies’ cash positions. Working capital optimization (WCO) is back, but this isn’t your father’s WCO — the environment and tools have changed. Today it is more important...

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Financial Disintermediation

that would normally have been placed in a bank or other financial institution (financial intermediaries) directly into investment instruments issued by the ultimate users of the funds. Investors and borrowers transact business directly and thereby bypass banks or other financial intermediaries. (2) The elimination of intermediaries between the first case providers of capital and the ultimate users of capital, withdrawal of funds from financial intermediaries such as banks, thrifts, and life insurance...

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Acme Home Improvements Inc

I. Executive Summary Acme Home Improvements Inc., founded in 1982 in Raleigh, N.C., has recently decided that an expansion into Canada and Mexico is essential. Acme currently has 125 U.S. locations with annual sales of $5,400,000,000 with $280,000,000 net income. Acme Home Improvements Inc. immediate expansion into Mexico City is in the interest of seeking greater profits and buffering against downturns in the U.S market. Acme’s Chief Operating Officer, has decided to sponsor the project to...

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Perspectives of Information System

Managing the Digital Firm 1.2 Perspectives on Information Systems What Is an Information System? Too often you hear someone say, "Oh yeah, I know how to use a computer. I can surf the Web with the best of them and I can play Solitaire for hours. I'm really good at computers." Okay. So that person can pound a keyboard, use a mouse at lightning speed, and has a list of favorite Web sites a mile long. But the real question is: "Is that person information literate?" Just because you can pound the keyboard...

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Assignment No.4 Capital structure analysis

 Assignment No .4 Capital Structure Analysis Introduction: Over the short term, there can be many substantial price shifts in a particular stock, but the vast majority of these price shifts are due to the changes in potential future earnings. The same can be said about the long-term valuations of a stock: earnings will be the main driver of the stock's price. After all, investors will not invest in a company that is not making, nor...

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Cash Budget and Report Analysis

Introduction For this piece of assignment, a cash budget will be made for Doomy Corporation for the second quarter of the year. For this budget, all the sales figures for the second quarter and some of the expenditure have been given. Hence, to prepare a cash budget, the sales figure given will be used and some calculations will be worked out in order to fully prepare an outstanding budget for Doomy Corporation the following information will be used efficiently. “Doomy Corporation, a rapidly expanding...

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Information System and Information Technology

1. How can information systems and technologies help to achieve the six strategic business objectives mentioned in the textbook? Illustrate your answer with an example for each objective. Firstly by using information systems and technologies, the outcome of successful grade of efficiency and productivity, and better information management are able to help on achieving operational excellence. Like before online or phone orders were being placed in a large warehouse which contains uncountable...

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“While Shareholders and Managers Will Have Different Objectives, the Extent to Which Managers Will Have Discretion to Pursue Actions That Are Not Consistent with Shareholder Wealth Maximization Is Severely Limited.”

Managers are hired to act on behalf of the shareholders of a firm. However, this is not always the case as both parties have different objectives. The difference in interests between shareholders and managers ‘derives from the separation of ownership and control in a corporation’ (Berk and DeMarzo, 2011: 921). Whereas shareholders are interested in maximising their own wealth, managers may have more personal interests which differ to that of the shareholders. Downs and Monsen (no date, cited in Chin...

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Technology and Tourism

Technology and tourism Anna Baines The author Anna Baines is a freelance journalist. Abstract The travel and tourism industry is starting to exploit technology. This is going to change the nature of the services offered, and the nature of work within the industry. Employers and employees may have different perceptions about the likely benefits of technology. Discusses the changes at the “higher” and “lower” organisational levels and suggests that the industry is only partially prepared for the...

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Capital Budgeting Methods for Corporate Project Selection

Capital Budgeting Methods for Corporate Project Selection In a 2001 Graham and Harvey survey of 392 chief financial officers (CFOs) asked “how frequently they used different capital budgeting methods?” Approximately 75% of the CFOs replied that they use net present value (NPV) or Internal Rate of Return (IRR) always or almost always (Smart, Megginson & Gitman, 2004, pg. 251). Projects are viewed as capital investments in the corporate world, and as such, are evaluated closely for their possible...

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finance for non-finance managers

Basic Finance for Non-Finance Managers As a line manager, department head, entrepreneur or financier, you will at some point find yourself having to analyze a spreadsheet or have some form of financial recording to do as part of your job description. Spreadsheets, budgets, cash flow projections, business statistics, figures and the financial side of a business is not just meant for accountancy experts. Many are baffled by balance sheets, or confused by the financial statements of a business entity...

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Financial Information

Financial Information 1. Why is financial information important for a business- provide four reasons * For owners and managers to be able to make sensible business decisions. * For prospective investors to know where the company stands financially. * Financial institutions such as banks can use this information to decide whether to give the company things such as loans etc. * For everyone within the company to understand its financial position, regarding assets, liabilities, equity...

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Financial Management: Summary and Definitions.

Financial Management: Summary and Definitions Analysis of ch16: Working capital management is a managerial accounting strategy focusing on maintaining efficient levels of both components of working capital, current assets and current liabilities, in respect to each other. Working capital management ensures a company has sufficient cash flow in order to meet its short-term debt obligations and operating expenses. Implementing an effective working capital management system is an excellent way for...

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Cash Budget

operations to ensure that cash is available. Otherwise, companies may find themselves in a liquidity crisis –unable to meet payroll, pay suppliers, or pay subcontractors - which leads to bankruptcy or an operational shutdown. Importance of Cash Budget A cash budget is a projection of how your business will earn and spend money during an upcoming period. Preparing a cash budget is important because the process forces you to think about your...

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