"How Did Tycos Initial Problems Establish This Connection As A Very Real One For The U S Markets" Essays and Research Papers

How Did Tycos Initial Problems Establish This Connection As A Very Real One For The U S Markets

Case Study: Tyco International: Leadership Crisis Case Study: Tyco International: Leadership Crisis Gupta Bhagirath, BUS604 Grand Canyon University Abstract Tyco International Ltd. NYSE: TYC is a highly diversified global manufacturing company incorporated in Switzerland, with United States operational headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey (Tyco International (US) Inc.). Tyco International is composed of five major business segments: ADT Worldwide, Fire Protection Services, Safety Products...

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Ccm Hockey: Relaunch of U+ Pro Skate

RSM458H1S CCM HOCKEY: THE RE-LAUNCH OF THE U+ PRO SKATE BY Since the first introduction of its automobile skate in 1905, Canada Cycle and Motor Company Limited (CCM) has been a dominant player in the hockey skate market. By introducing numerous hi-tech features into its products, CCM has been able to establish itself as a major competitor in the world of hockey skates, ranking 3rd in the global market share ranking of the Skates market for Hockey Equipment Companies (Exhibit 7). However, with...

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Tyco International- Corporate Malfeasance

Tyco International- Corporate Malfeasance Case Summary Tyco began in 1960 when it was founded by Arthur Rosenberg and started as an investment holding firm. In 1973 Joseph Gaziano took over for Rosenberg as CEO and pursued many hostile acquisitions. He was successful and was able to grow the company to a net worth of $140 million before he passed away in 1982. The CEO who took his place was John Fort who came in with the basic strategy of maximizing shareholder wealth through dramatically...

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Introduction This story begins with a brief history of Tyco, followed by an explanation of Tyco CEO L. Dennis Kozlowki’s rise to power. As Kozlowki rose to become the second-highest-paid CEO, some red flags pointed toward the impending disaster. Most notably, Kozlowski’s aggressive approach to business, his lavish lifestyle, his clashes with the former, more conservative CEO, and his ousting of those who criticized Tyco’s activities all acted as indicators of Kozlowki’s unethical behavior. (Tyco International:...

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Product Life Cycle Strategies and the Real Market Situation

Maturity and Decline. Real market situation 1. Introduction Stage As the name meaning, the product in this stage is new and just begin to enter the market. For example, in the year 2004, Orange introduces a new product, which is the 3G (Third Generation) mobile phones into the market. The company had spent huge amount of development and research cost for the product in the development stage. At the introduction stage, Orange's main objective is to build up the market awareness. Therefore, the...

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Why Does Ebay Have Problems in Its Asian Market?

does E-Bay have problems in its Asian Markets? TUI University XXXXXXXX Module 1 BUS 401 Introduction to International Business & Global Marketing XXXXXXXX 18 April 2008 There are several reasons why EBay failed trying to enter and get a foothold into the Asian Markets. American companies as a whole have had difficulties trying to get into the Asian Global market beginning in the year 2000. The biggest reason is our cultural differences. EBay was an outsider and did not understand...

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Tyco International: Leadership Crisis

Tyco International: Leadership Crisis Case Study Paper Group Project Abstract In 2002, Tyco International became the center of attention in a fraudulent scandal. CEO Leo Dennis Kozlowki, and CFO Mark Swartz, among other members of the board of directors in Tyco International, were found at fault for the misuse of company funds. The internal investigation and federal finding revealed that Tyco’s money was use for personal forgiveness loans, bribes paid in form of bonus for business deals...

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Tyco Downfall

the basic components. In an organization there are different mechanisms of coordination such as direct supervision and then Standardization of work, skill, outputs, or norms. This usually depends on how large an organization or how old. This is the basic structure of an organization. This is all very structured and one would think easy to follow. A large organization based off of skills is where the worker rather than the work or the outputs is standardized. He or she is taught a body of knowledge...

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Market vs. Justice Globalism

Market Globalism & Justice Globalism Since the Industrial Revolution of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, our planet has gone through a huge variety of changes. We can now drive cars, we have the Internet, we have TV, etc. One of the biggest changes though has been on the global level- not with ourselves. Due to increased availability to travel, and for ideas and situations to spread more rapidly, this has lead to a phenomenon called globalization. Globalization, simply put, refers to the...

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Business Case Study Interpretation: Tyco

Business School Review 1. What are the goals and objectives of Tyco? How well has the company performed? Show your analysis and interpretation. Tyco was a holding company of the highest caliber (at the time of this case’s publishing), with a simple plan that was painstakingly engrained into the corporate culture. Everything about the company screamed Wall Street success, despite that one CII report to the contrary, and this success could be credited to the stubborn adherence to meeting 15%...

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Real Madrid Harvard Case

Real Madrid (RM) has been worldwide-known as one of the best soccer club in the world. From its beginnings in 1902, this Spanish soccer club has set the standards of a championship soccer organization and in 1905 had his first international game. A major turning point in the club’s history came with Bernabeu, Real Madrid CF appointed president (1943).He created the strongest brand in soccer synonym of prestige and champions, wining 6 European Cups. He coined “best in Europe” by international press...

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Perfect Competition Is Rare In The Real World

in the real world, but the model is important because it helps analyze industries with characteristics similar to pure competition. This model provides a context in which to apply revenue and cost concepts developed in the previous lecture. Examples of this model are stock market and agricultural industries. Perfect competition describes a marketplace that no one participant can set the market price of an exchangeable product. This is generally considered an ideal, rarely found in markets today....

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Examining the Market Structure of Barbershops

E x t e n d e d e s s a y I n h l e c o n o m I c s T o p I c : Examining the Market Structure of Barbershops in West Amman I n t r o d u c t I o n For a male living in Amman, getting a decent haircut is quite an undertaking. I myself have witnessed this first hand, having tried over ten different barbershops and even trying to cut my own hair at one point but to no avail. The main problem I find here is the lack of expertise in most of these barbershops. None of them seem...

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Title Pages No Content: A. Discuss how the turnaround team may use Gerard and Teurf's key communication(s) to transform the ethical values of Tyco. 3 - 4 B. Using Ford and Ford's FOUR (4) types of change conversation, describe how Tyco would go through the process of the communicating change. 5 - 7 C. Ed Breen applies four step of kotter’s eight-step Change Management Model to implement organizational changes to restore ethical value of Tyco. 8 - 10 Appendix Plagiarism Statement ...

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Markets Driven vs Driving Markets Approach

the “market driven” and “driving markets” approach of Microsoft. Which approach do you consider Microsoft utilizes? Customers first? Or innovation driven? Justify. By Viola Mosweu & Nkosana Nkomo Microsoft employs two approaches in being market oriented-a market- driven approach and a driving markets approach. Market driven refers to a business orientation that is based on understanding and reacting to the preferences and behaviors of players within a given market structure. Driving markets, on...

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TYCO Case Study

Assessment 6: Case Study 20 - TYCO Ted O. Padgett Columbia Southern University The Case Study 20, Tyco: "I'm Sure That It's a Really Nice Shower Curtain" (Stanwick & Stanwick, 2009, pp.389-402), expresses the viewpoint the authors have about the former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski's lack of demonstrated ethical behaviors. Kozlowski's actions professed the opinion that he was exempt from the very rules he established. Ethical guidelines for the very company he was tasked with...

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Real Estate Markets

»Real estate – Rental sector« 1. Real Estate Market in Germany: The real estate industry is one of the largest sectors of the German economy. More than 700,000 German companies are active in the real estate industry and employ around 3.8 million people, comprising 22% share of all businesses and 10% of Germany’s workforce. The gross value added of the real estate economy totaled 406 billion € in 2007, which equals a share of 18.7% of Germany’s gross value added. Housing and residential buildings...

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Market Attractiveness and Market Potential

Market Attractiveness and Market Potential I. Outline A. What makes markets attractive to enter? B. How can we forecast before entering or in early stages of the evolution of the market, the level of market potential and industry sales? C. Are there entry advantages? What are the sources of such advantages? Are these durable? D. If there are entry advantages, should you always enter first? II. Market attractiveness A. Market size B. Growth rate ...

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How Did Roosevelt Solve the 1930's Usa Economic Crisis?

came to power, he faced one of the hardest presidencies in history. Following the economic boom of the 1920’s, America was thrown into turmoil after the Wall Street Crash in 1929. Overproduction and debt were the main problems. In the cities, expensive goods such as cars, fridges and radios were being manufactured at an overwhelming rate. In the countryside, farming was made easier by technology so farmers over produced goods, to increase profit, but the result of this was that prices were driven...

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problem with sales forecast

1a. Problems with Sales forecast (264-271) Target users don’t always know wat the new product will actually be, wat it will cost, and wat its drawbacks will be, nor will they had a chance to use it. And if they do know, they may want to keep some information from us or offer outright falsehoods. Complicating tis problem is that market research on these potential users is often poorly done-eg, horror stories about focus groups abound. Competitors don’t still. They are trying very hard to ruin...

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How to do Market Research

How to Do Market Research--The Basics Is your business a product in search of a customer? Use these tips to create a product or service customers will clamor for. BY LESLEY SPENCER PYLE | September 23, 2010| 21 inShare59 Marketing research can give a business a picture of what kinds of new products and services may bring a profit. For products and services already available, marketing research can tell companies whether they are meeting their customers' needs and expectations. By researching...

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Failure at Tyco International, Ltd.

Failure at Tyco International, Ltd. LDR / 531 January 31, 2011 Clance Doelling Failure at Tyco International, Ltd. Tyco International Ltd is a diverse manufacturer who grew tremendously in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. The company had big ambitions with an aggressive program of acquisitions during this period where they spent an estimated $62 billion to purchase more than 1,000 companies. However, unbeknownst to the shareholders of Tyco and the world, Tyco was led by a management team and...

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How Does Jane Austen Tell the Story in Chapter 7 of Pride and Prejudice?

How does Austen tell the Story in Chapter 7? In chapter 7, Lydia and Catherine are first properly introduced as characters that reflect negatively towards the Bennet family, and Mr Bennet in particular: “Their minds more vacant than their sisters”. Austen writes that the sisters attempt to flirt with the soldiers of the recently arrived militia -something that the Mr Bennet is strongly against, and claims they are the “silliest girls in the country” for doing so. This negative portrayal of...

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Bond Market Power

Bond Market Power: The reasons behind James Carville's quote stating that if he would want to be reincarnated as the Bond Market as appose to a political figure or religious leader (Ferguson, N, 2008) is clear, the Bond market since its inception over 800 years ago has been the most influential financial instrument throughout history. Its longevity and power far surpasses any leader. It affects the outcome of wars, the success and failures of even the largest economies and also touches the lives...

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‘Examples of how changes in the environment affect organisations.’

‘Examples of how changes in the environment affect organisations.’ Contents Introduction……………………………………………………………………………………3 Tube gets first Wi-Fi at Charing Cross………………………………………………………… 3 Nintendo hit as high Yen takes its toll on business………………………………………………..4 Water to be tested from BP Oil Spill….....................................................................................4 EU to launch Google search investigation……………………………………………………...

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market srudy


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How did the Nazis control Germany

How Far did the Nazi Regime depend on fear rather than popular support for maintaining their control of Germany between 1933-39? What is this essay asking you to do? Determine whether the Nazi regime used fear as a method of control of the German people or whether there are other reasons for the fact that the Nazis kept power and control of the German people. For example Did propaganda also help? Was the regime actually popular with Germans? Why was there no opposition? Did the Nazis...

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The Reading-Writing Connection

The Reading-Writing Connection It has been argued that reading and writing share a significant connection. This may provide the key for successful learning of multiple languages, but how? In order to answer this question, we must know exactly what the connection is, and means. It has already been determined that reading and writing are important life skills, and yet, though many articles and papers discuss this importance, few choose to explain the claimed connection. To narrow down, the same...

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Urban and Real Estate Information Technology

Urban real estate information systems: the suppression of radical innovation. John S Kirkwood School of Environment & Development, Sheffield Hallam University E-mail: j.s.kirkwood@shu.ac.uk ___________________________________________________________________________________ John S Kirkwood Page 1 5/02/2003 Abstract Information and communications technologies are continuing to bring about significant changes in society. These changes may be viewed as the direct consequence of technological...

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Summary of Market Wizards

I enjoyed reading Jack D. Schwager's MARKET WIZARDS (interviews with top traders), because interviews in this book are straight forward detailed and very informative. I selected this book, because it is very interesting to me that how did these top notch traders reached at this level of trading. So I can evaluate the efforts, struggles and learn to implement on myself, to improve my trading skills. In this book Mr.Schwager has interviewed those traders who have struggled during the last 3 decades...

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How Convincing Is the Case That the Eradication of Pollution Should Be Left to the Market Mechanism?

another. As far as the market mechanism is concerned we can see through the different market approaches towards sustainability, an extension to private property rights, environmental charges and green taxes how the market can benefit the eradication of pollution however the problems and consequences of these mechanisms highlight the extent how much of a common resource the environment is to us, the alternatives to market based mechanisms like the government also show problems in their attempts to eradicate...

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Norge Electronics Portugal S

Organizational Design and Management, Prof. S. McGuire June, 29th 2014 Problem statement: Nevertheless Norge Portugal is achieving high sales results, there seems to be disconnect between the type of changes that is enforced by Joao Silva in the organizational climate and his conflicting management style. Joao Silva’s management style was shark which did not correspond to the entrepreneurial culture and the type of change that the organization had to make. This has caused employee dissatisfaction that...

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Evaluate the Claim That Migration Creates Global Connections.

Evaluate the claim that migration creates global connections. In this assignment, the strengths and weaknesses of the claim that migration creates global connections, will be discussed. This will be done by discovering what counts as migration and how it is valued, how global connections can be both positive and negative, about the concepts of 'diaspora' and 'translocalism' and how important they are when considering both migration and global connections. To enable the discussion of the subject matter...

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Organizational Culture Can Be One of the Most Important Means of Improving Organizational Performance.

Organizational Culture can be one of the most important means of improving organizational performance. Organizational Culture has become very important in the last 25 years. Even though it is intangible in nature, it plays a role that is significant and affects employees and organizational operations. It may not guarantee success but companies with strong cultures have almost always, done better than their competition. What is organizational culture? Edgar Schein, a very well known scholar on the...

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French Connection Marketing

Autumn/ Winter season of 2012 has approached swiftly. French Connection has been featuring sleek, modest, formal clothing for its customers since the brand began. This winter has brought a sense of glamour to fashion using dark materials and embellished collars. In the macro environment, weather plays a major role in what customers buy as within the micro-environment, fashion trends are relevant within certain cultures. French Connection UK markets towards 18-34 year old men and women who earn more than...

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Examining a Business Failure - Tyco

Examining a Business Failure - Tyco Examining a Business Failure - Tyco Introduction This paper will describe how specific organizational behavior theories could have predicted the failure Tyco International (Tyco). This paper will discuss the contributions of leadership, management, and organizational structures to the organizational failure of Tyco. Organizational Behavior Organizational behavior is a field of study, meaning that it is a distinct area of expertise with a common...

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How to Establish a Business

Choosing the Type of Business to Establish Introduction Rationale There are so many types of businesses people can choose from. They vary according to countries, peoples’ cultures and communities, likes and dislikes, needs and wants, values and even religions. At many instances, the nature of the government also affects the determination of the natures of the businesses, their downfalls and successes. General business policies are formulated and tailored to the existing government laws...

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M&S Case Study

 SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND DESIGN LOGISTICS AND GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT M&S Case study Assignment Mark&Spencer As it is well known, the retailer M&S had been a giant in the UK market, offering several products and services that have had a big participation in the daily life of the population that in some way had been influenced by any branch of this company in any place where they stay selling its goods, whether in the UK or on overseas places. Marks...

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Why Sappe was Able to Penetrate the Eastern Europe Market

Why Sappe was able to penetrate the Eastern Europe market “Consumers in Europe face the same daily situations as those in other parts of the world in terms of… and having more disposable income to spend on leisure activities…looking for products that can help them have a better quality life.” (Czinkota et al., 2014) The foregoing is a clear indication that the Eastern Europe market was open to any new idea that suited the consumers’ needs and tastes. In addition, unlike their Western Europe counterparts...

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Financial Markets Approached by Game Theory

extent game theory is a helpful approach to the financial markets Game theory is the science that mathematically captures the behaviour of agents (humans, nations or animals) in strategic situations (when the individual success depends on the choices of others players). Before it, election choice was framed in the idea of individual election without interaction among agents, situation that biased social sciences’ analysis because in many cases, one agents’ response reflects not only his or her preferences...

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The motivation problem

THE PUZZLE OF MOTIVATION HOOK: Before I start I would like to ask you how many of you have scientific methods this semester? So you have to write a report and the subjects are fairly complex yet it is compulsory. Most of you are probably thinking that you have to get started with this report soon but you can’t find any motivation to do so. And the others who had it last semester, how did you find the motivation to start it? It’s often said that the hardest part is to start isn’t it? Well my subject...

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Tyco Management Planning

Tyco Management Planning Neltresia McLellan Management: Theory, Application and Practice Daniel Boose June 7, 2010 Management Planning for Tyco International Management begins with planning. Planning is the key function that involves laying the foundation and setting the organizational vision, goals, and objectives. Tyco International's Board of Directors is responsible for directing, and providing oversight of, the management of Tyco's business in the best interests of the shareholders...

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Dove & Real Beauty

Executive Summary: Dove decided to differentiate itself though an unconventional new campaign titled “The Campaign for Real Beauty,” that challenges the traditional beauty marketing tactics of idealized and unattainable beauty standards. The campaign proved to be wildly successful and can be attributed to Dove’s careful market research, planning, and implementation. This case is examined through the neo-classical framework that I have used in other classes in examining cases that have already...

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Debate and Discuss ‘Critical Thinking’ and How Its Application Will Be Useful for a Manager. Give Reasons and Real Industry Exam to Explain.

Debate and discuss ‘critical thinking’ and how its application will be useful for a manager. Give reasons and real industry exam to explain. Organizations have developed from cavemen in pre-historic time, dividing into hunters and gatherers to large organizations such as Wal-Mart and United Nations. For the smooth running of an organization, a good management is a must. With time, management structure has changed too. It has transformed from allotting people to doing different tasks, to providing...

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Stock Market and Initial Margin

5513 FINS investment and portfolio selection 2012 past paper This is a closed-book exam. You must remain in the room when you write your examination. You may not refer to any books, notes, or other material, but you may use a calculator (but not a “programmable” one). Look over the entire exam before you start. There is a total of 105 points (+ 6 bonus points) 1.Firms that specialize in helping companies raise capital by selling securities are called ________. A) commercial banks B) investment...

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Countries at Very Low Levels of Economic Development Face Such Huge Problems That They Cannot Hope to Address Without Assistance from the Rest of the World. to What Extent Do You Agree with This View?

There are some countries in this world with a GDP less than $800, with populations earning less than $1 a day, life expectancies barely reaching past 40 years old and devastatingly poor levels of health care, school enrolment and adult literacy rates. These are the defining indicators of people living in low developing countries (LDC’s). Populations living in poverty, and the majority with an income too small to accommodate their basic needs and the resources in the national economy, even when equally...

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One Nation Under Corn?

industrialized corn crop. I decided on this subject after my own battle with illness. This battle, ended up changing my diet, and my life as it turns out. I have almost completely removed any corn derived product from my life (all-be-it difficult sometimes) and am a proponent of a purely organic vegetarian diet. One Nation Under Corn? Chad Cribb DeVry University One Nation Under Corn One of the many freedoms we enjoy in this great country is the freedom...

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How Is Cml Derived?

Q5 How the CML is derived? The line of possible portfolio risk and return combinations given the risk-free rate, risk and return of a portfolio of risky assets is referred to as the capital allocation line (CAL). A simplifying assumption underlying modern portfolio theory is that investors have homogeneous expectations, i.e., they all have the same estimates of risk, return, and correlations with other risky assets for all risky assets. Under this assumption, all investors face the same efficient...

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Stock Market Project

Investment Objective Analysis We worked together on their finance stock market project. We felt that our risk tolerance was different then it normally would be sense we had 500,000 to invest in the stock market compared to our own money. Due to the fact that this was fake money we found ourselves to be conservative as well as risky depending on the situation. We have been given three months to invest money in the stock market as well as with different types of investments such as shorting, limiting...

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Critically examine the contributions of Adam Smith and John Maynard Keynes and critically examine how they have influenced current management practices in the filed of economics

The purpose of this essay is to analyse and discuss how economists Adam Smith and John Maynard Keynes contributed to current management practices and more specifically how they influenced the field of economics. Through critical analysis the theories of Adam Smith and John Maynard Keynes will be explored. Smith contributions from division of labour and his ability to shift a mercantilist society to one of capitalism through his works in his “Wealth of nations report” will be critically analysed as...

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How Did the Stalemate End?

How Did The Stalemate End? The stalemate came about at Christmas 1914 along the Western Front. From there the different countries fought each other in different battles and tried to outflank the other. By March 1918 the stalemate was broken. In this question I will explain why the war ended and why Germany was finally beaten. New Technology like the Tank New technology was very important for the reason in which the stalemate on the western front was broken. The idea of tanks was brought...

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What Is the Essence of the ‘Tragedy of the Commons’? How Can This Tragedy Be Overcome?

essence of the ‘tragedy of the commons’? How can this tragedy be overcome? The theory behind the ‘tragedy of the commons’ has been around for thousands of years. Aristotle is quoted as saying ‘What is common to the greatest numbers, has least care bestowed upon it.’ This societal theory was brought into modern light by Hardin’s 1969 essay entitled the ‘The Tragedy of the Commons’. Since its publication the premise of the ‘tragedy’ has been used to explain how human nature has caused negative implications...

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How Successfully Did the National Government Deal with the Economic Problems of the 1930s

How successfully did the National Government deal with the economic problems of the 1930s? In dealing with the economic depression of the 1930s, it is my opinion that the recovery of Britain was mainly due to the stages of rearmament in the run-up to the Second World War. This is not to say, however, that the National Government failed to combat the rises in unemployment, reaching a peak of three million, and the ruined staple industries, they implemented several policies to reboot the...

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English Connections

Connections Essay The theme that I have selected is racism and discrimination. The texts I have selected are the poem Still I Rise written by Maya Angelou, the poem Nothing’s Changed written by Tatamkhulu Afrika, the film The Hurricane directed by Norman Jewison, and the film Mississippi Burning directed by Alan Parker. The connections between the texts I will discuss are how black people are not treated equally, how the texts are based on real life, the texts are set in the 1960’s, and...

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9-Step Problem Solving Model

9-Step Problem Solving Model Scenario One Reflection Paper This paper discusses the effectiveness, challenges, and application of the 9-Step Problem Solving Model with respect to the scenario involving USAuto and AutoMex. The effectiveness of USAuto's attempt demonstrates the importance of correctly following each step of the model to obtain maximum success. Effectively applying the 9-step model shows faults that USAuto made during their initial problem-solving attempt. We also discuss challenges...

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Cash Connection

Cash Connection 1. What are the dominant economic characteristics affecting the payday lending industry? The industry for short-term cash loans (payday loans) grew in the early 1990’s because of the shift in financial services marketplace. The cost structure of the market rose due to bounced checks, overdraft protection fees, and late bill payments penalties. Second the trend of regulation of payday advance service that allowed protection for consumers. To avoid such cost, payday loans were...

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French Connection: Market Analysis

By: Conor Carroll, Linda Fitzek, and Ruth Kennealy, University of Limerick. French Connection the high street fashion retailer could be in danger of disconnecting with its customers. Last year, investors were extremely anxious when the firm announced that sales were down by over 18% for a quarter. The British firm, which has enjoyed unparalleled success over the last five years, is now facing tough challenges ahead, as it tries to recapture the magic of its past sales successes. CEO Stephen...

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Of Mice and Men Real Life Problem Comparison Essays

isolated and lonely. I think the relationship between Lennie and George can definitely make connections to problems in the real world. Dealing with loneliness and homelessness could become very difficult after a while. If you only have one friend that you can rely on, and you know that they will always be there for you, that one friend becomes your home. It would be very difficult to separate from that one friend, and move on by yourself. You can tell that in the book, Lennie has a mental disability...

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Innovation in the Insulin´S Industry

1 INNOVATION IN THE INSULIN´S INDUSTRY – MARTIN MEISTER INNOVATION IN THE INSULIN´S INDUSTRY THE ELI LILLY AND PFIZER EXAMPLES Martin Meister Boston University MET AD 741 May, 2012 2 INNOVATION IN THE INSULIN´S INDUSTRY – MARTIN MEISTER Introduction The focus of the present paper is to understand why the pharmaceutical companies Eli Lilly and Pfizer failed in the introduction of what was supposed to be priced premium innovative products like the 100% pure synthetic insulin “Humulin”...

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Cuban Market Assessment Guide

and even though this is an interesting sight, the fact is that Cubans drive these old cars out of necessity rather than choice. In the first part of the 20th century, most new vehicles came to Cuba from the United States. This influx of cars stopped in late 1959 when economic reforms by the Cuban government, led by Fidel Castro, prevented Cubans from buying cars on credit. The subsequent U. S. trade embargo, instituted in October of 1960 in response to Cuba’s seizure of U. S. owned properties...

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