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How Can We Serve Our Country

HOW TO HELP OUR COUNTRY By Ramon J. Farolan Philippine Daily Inquirer Sunday, 31 July 2005     There’s a booklet making the rounds in Metro Manila ,that every Filipino who loves his country should get hold of and read, and hopefully put the points it raises into practice ,in order to help our nation. It doesn’t dwell on a shift to a parliamentary form of government or a federal system ,which are politicians are so fond of talking about as the answer tour problems, or as a way of providing a...

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How Can We Measure the Economic Growth of a Country?

How can we measure the economic growth of a country? Experts have proposed many techniques to assess the economic progress of a country. One of these techniques is to calculate the sum of all the goods and services produced in the country which is known as gross domestic product (GDP). The indicator was created in the wake of great depression in 1930s and still is used to measure individual countries’ economic performance. But now most of the economists claim that GDP alone cannot reflect the...

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How Can We Really Prevent Crime?

that we have to start controlling is guns. Then we have to decide what we want to do with all our drug offenders. To live in a safe community we must start sometime and somewhere and there is no better time then now. Gun control is a controversial topic like all others on the subject crime. There is many people for gun control and against it. The thing people have to start realizing is that they have to sacrifice something in order to get some kind of results. Sad but true, but how bad do we want...

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How Should We Spend Our Time?

Title: How Should We Spend Our Time? Introduction It is only fitting that November is chosen to be the Stewardship month and a very timely occasion to remind us of the abundant gifts, many talents and vast resources that God has blessed us and entrusted us to be used in the building of His kingdom, in service to the church and in helping others. November is a sensible month to celebrate Stewardship because UCCP recognizes the importance of proper management and effective utilization of our time,...

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Is Greed Destroying Our Country?

Nicole Hicks-Pinkard Is Greed Destroying Our Country? Greed comes from the love of money and power, which are the roots for all evil. One major cause of greed comes from the government and corporate firms that contribute to their temptation to do wanted is needed for them to obtain wealth and power within their industry. One should ask themselves, is greed destroying our country? The answer would be “yes.” Greed is the fifth of the seven deadly sins, which allows an one to become obsessive...

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How Can We Improve the Image of Pakistan Internationally?

How can we improve the image of Pakistan internationally? WE CAN IMPROVE THE IMAGE OF PAKISTAN BY FOLLOWING ROUTE Through Media The first thing we must do is to establish a panel of advertising companies who will lead the effort to establish our image abroad. Let them then acquire the services of local lobbyists and consultants in each country. We need to get our best advertising minds together to see what we can do in the electronic media on the world stage. Self: As they say, you...

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How Can We Reduce the Incidents

 How Can We Reduce the Incidents of Illegal Passing of Stopped School Buses? Patsy Hudson Mount Olive College How Can We Reduce the Incidents of Illegal Passing of Stopped School Buses? Safety at the school bus stop is an issue that is widely discussed with the beginning of each new school year yet it’s probably one of the most neglected topics as the school year progresses. Most of us as humans crave routine to have our day run smoothly and there is nothing more routine than the...

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How a Simple Gesture of Courtesy Can Change Humanity

Irregular Student “How a Simple Gesture of Courtesy Can Change Humanity” Basically, Courtesy is simply defined as showing of politeness towards other people. However, if you think about it further, this word means so much more as it can make huge changes in our lives, our nation, and the entire humanity. Nowadays, it is quite significant that we show kindness to other people, not just the ones we personally get to be acquainted with but especially those individuals we don’t know. Being...

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We Can Do It

Rhetorically Analyzing Essay A rather famous and notable propaganda piece known as the “We Can Do it” poster featuring Rosie the Riveter highlights the inequality women experienced during World War II. This poster stressed women’s empowerment and symbolized a major gender revolution during the 1940’s that would forever change how our country viewed women and their war effort. It also often times boosted worker morale and motivated women’s attempted involvement with the war effort. Although...

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How can we make India clean

Gandhi, the independence of India would've taken longer with more bloodshed and destruction to the country. Even after his death, his philosophy of non-violence inspired many prominent figures throughout the world. "Cleanliness is next to godliness". We can keep our city clean only if the people of our city think like us. Without public cooperation we cannot achieve anything. So first to keep our city clean there should be a huge awareness to the public via various mass media and news papers....

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We Can Lose Our Identity When Our Environment Changes

We can lose our identity when our environment changes A change in environment could cause us to lose our identity to some extent. Everyone's identity is different to a certain extent due to our upbringing and physical appearance. A person's name for example would tell a lot about themselves. The culture and language they have been using and even the meaning to the name is also part of a person's identity. The little details and characteristics of a person influences a person's identity to a certain...

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Can We Decrease Homlessness

Hicks 1 August 16, 2012 Can we decrease homelessness? The essay “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift is a brutal satire in which he suggests that the poor families should kill their young children and eat them in order to eliminate the growing number of starving citizens. At this time there was extreme poverty and a wide gap between the poor and the rich, the tenements and the landlords. Throughout the essay Swift uses satire and irony as a way to attack the indifference between classes...

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How We Raise Our Daughters And Sons

How We Raise Our Daughters and Sons: Child-Rearing and Gender Socialization in the Philippines Joseph Jayson M. Bonifacio SY 1216 At the moment of conception, sex is already determined, the egg cell contains an X chromosome, the sperm either contains X or Y, if the sperm is X and it unites with the egg the result is female which is XX. If the sperm is Y, the result is a male which is XY chromosome. After nine months the gender of the baby will prepare the mother to how she with the help of the...

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Reasons Why We Forget and How We Can Improve Our Memory

discuss the reasons as to why human beings forget information, as well as review ways in which memory can be improved. There are number of theories and experiments that have focused on determining why we forget the information we were at one point or another able to recount. The following section will focus on highlighting a range of medical conditions as well as theories that provide reasons for why we forget. The loss of memory is commonly referred to as amnesia. Amnesia causes an individual to...

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How to Stop Drug Trafficking in Our Country

How to Stop Drug Trafficking In Our Country By: Gerald K. Wiley English 122 Ashford University Teacher: Elizabeth Hoyle March 25, 2011 The paper is to open people eyes about drug trafficking in our country. Where do you think the drugs are coming in from? Some say from Cuba. Others say from Mexico. I believe that the majority of drugs come from Mexico. It is okay to say that we cannot track down where all of the drugs are coming from but we can try to prevent our children, the next...

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How Can It Help in Peace and Development Effort?

Theme: “ROTC: How can it help in peace and development effort?” Ladies and Gentlemen good afternoon. I am not here to brag about what our government, what any administration or what our Armed Forces has done, so far, to achieve peace and development in the country. I would not throw you any unnecessary info nor will I be presenting to you thorough analysis of data based on comprehensive research. But, instead, I’m simply gonna tell you how ROTC has changed my views and how these views, in my...

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Are We the Prisoners of the Progress/Technology in Our Country?

ARE WE THE PRISONERS OF THE PROGRESS/TECHNOLOGY IN OUR COUNTRY? In general terms, technology is a point of view that produces solutions to the problems about the world. Also, it is a process that moving very fast to meet people’s needs in daily life. In today’s world, technology expand so much that we became a part of the technology, but I think that being a part of the technological progress should not be considered as we are the prisoners of the progress. Yet, there are some objections...

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12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do to Help Our Country

12 LITTLE THINGS EVERY FILIPINO CAN DO TO HELP OUR COUNTRY ~book review 2050—a year that people have hoped to be the best, didn’t turn out to be as good as they have dreamed. For centuries, mankind has hoped to generate the best generation of leaders that they can have in order to sustain its existence. They have hoped, prayed and crafted the best scientist, politician, businessman and citizen that have ever walked down the deteriorating ground of earth. All of their dreams and aspirations have...

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How We Can Maintain World Peace

peace. The person can create something that ignites all of our collectives, hopes, energies and dreams. “We have before us the glorious opportunities to inject a new dimension of love into the veins of our civilization.” Said by Martin Luther King, Jr. It is up to us, we can’t wait for some one more powerful a Wiseman to deliver peace. We are wise and powerful one who chooses peace in every thought and action. As one said “we are not advocating violence, we want to love our enemies. I want you...

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Yes We Can

Greg Oberschelp CAS 137 1 PM Dr. Freymiller “Yes We Can” The word rhetoric is widely thrown around by many different people in today’s age. Many people don’t understand the real context of the word, but that does not mean it is not any less common. Rhetoric is all around us, whether it is on television, in a paper, or, just in an advertisement. For most people, rhetoric is most widely seen during election season, especially during the Presidential election. Candidates rely...

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The Brain and How We Believe

Nonfiction Analysis The Brain and How We Believe Authors Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman set a new scale on defining beliefs and their origins in their book Born to Believe. They take where beliefs come from to the next level with in-depth explanations of where they form in the brain and how most beliefs are even thought of. There are different types of people, different types of believers, and different beliefs in which they explain why we are who we are. While neurologists have been...

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How do we save our natural resources

 How do we save our natural resources? How do we show the younger generation that we wanted to save the world now? We need to show that we are saving our natural resources for the next generation and save the future of our planet we love so much. Do we love this planet enough to save it? What do you think of when we say save the planet? When we hear this we think of tree hugging people who want to do nothing more than tell us that we need to protect the trees. Well when we hear save the planet...

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How Can the Way We Organise Our Thinking by Using Mental Images, Concepts and Schemas Improve Our Memory?

different forms which can aid our memory. I am going to cover three ways of organising information, which are: using mental images, forming concepts and developing schemas. I will describe each of them individually, starting with short definition, fallowed by an explanation of how can we use them to improve recall. Finally I will refer to experiments to endorse the claim. Before I will go onto analysing ways we organise our thoughts I roughly describe the way we think. As we read in Spoors et...

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I Love This Country

Love This Country By John N. Panes Why do I love this country? I love stepping out of the house, ready to spoil myself with smiles as I sweep through the streets. I love this pill of contagiousness that I know will keep me invigorated throughout the day. I love how Filipinos, in spite of having 171 native languages, once see the typical curve in a fellow’s expression, understand the messages it spirits through – optimism and resiliency. I love how it brightens up my day. I love how the sun...

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Together We Can

price of living for us. Moreover, even though we barely had enough to provide for ourselves, we always did what we could, above and beyond, for others. Recently, much like most families in this nation, mine was affected drastically by the crisis we are in now. Although my family was not one to live in wealth before, we had to reconstruct the way we lived our lives. Even though my mother and I did not have much, there were many opportunities given to us. We were offered the chance to excel and flourish...

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How We Spend Our Downtime

you do now. Parents cared how their children acted back then, not like parents today. Kids weren't in trouble with the law as much as they are today either and drugs weren't as easy to get. Oh they could still get it back then, but not as easy and not as many kids did it. Life was easier and simpler and in a way - better. If life seems more rushed than ever, you might be surprised to learn that we Americans don't have less leisure time than we did 40 years ago. We actually have more leisure...

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Can We Describe How We Design

The theme addressed in the section of “Can we describe how we design” (Brawne, M. 2003, Architectural Thought: The Design Progress and the Expectant Eye, Architectural Press, Oxford) clarified the distinction between design theory and design methodology and focus on 6 architectural design theories appeared in history by a thorough exploring and comparison of the reason that each theory holds. Among which there are two significant points that worth further analysis and discussion. Architectural Design...

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How Can We Organise Our Thinking - Three Ways to Improve Our Memory

difficult processes to describe, as we think in three ways. We think in words and meaning: semantic thought, we think in images by making mental pictures: iconic thought and enactive thought based on impressions of actions, such as tying a shoelace. Our memory provides us with the ability to remember the past and things that we have learnt in the past. On a daily basis we are overloaded with information, so how do we process it? Firstly, we can organise our thoughts by involving and using mental...

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We can lose our identity as we start belonging to groups

Prompt: We can lose our identity as we start belonging to groups: “I am who I am, and I am proud of it”. These are the very words of my best friend, Fiona Atsi, which strongly shows the true meaning of identity. Our identity is commonly defined as a representation of the way we see ourselves and the way others see us. Our identity is composed of sub-identities, which makes each and every one of us unique. We have our own interests, different family backgrounds and even share different beliefs. As...

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Have We Outgrown Our Government?

Prof. Arbour October 7, 2013 Have We Outgrown Our Government? Given the current government shutdown, the crisis and anxiety that the country is now facing has now brought to light a question that many do not take into consideration in our current day. Is the current United States government efficient enough to run our prosperous and quite large country? Although many people believe that our government is a Democracy, they would be surprised to learn that our government, in essence, is actually...

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Societal Problem in Our Country

WHAT DO YOU THINK WOULD BE THE MOST SOCIETAL PROBLEM IN OUR COUNTRY? WHY? In my opinion, the most societal problem in our country is vandalism. It is because several factors and normally done by naughty and problematic teenagers at the age around 14 to early 20’s. According to dictionary, vandalism is wilful or malicious destruction of public or private property. The problems happens when there is behaviour or action done by people especially teenagers in spoiling the original functions of the...

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Yes We Can by Obama

speech and its impact In my essay I will be analysing the speech, “Yes we can” by Barrack Obama. The speech is to persuade the people of America that their quality of life can be improved. Barrack Obama portrays this by using various persuasive techniques to interest his audience and his famous quote, “Yes we can” Obama uses illusion in his speech by referring to “Anne Nixon Cooper who is a hundred and six years old” to show how extraordinary this woman was. At this point the audience responds in...

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Various Holidays We Celebrate in Our Country

Corruption On Taxtation System” Introduction: The Federal government to collect taxes on income other than agriculture income, taxes on capital value, custom, excise duties and sale taxes. In the modern age, corruption is found in almost all the countries of the world. It has been found in all the ages, like an incurable diseases. It has a great crime against the member of the society. Corruption in the tax administration is a two way process. For each corrupt employee, there is a corrupt private...

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Service to the Country

Service: A Duty? A Benefit? Or Both, Or Perhaps Neither? While the choice of service to your country, on a national, state, or local government level, is an admirable and important endeavor, the choice must be driven by one's own conscience. To think globally, or for the good of the nation and even for the future – cannot be forced. To compel someone to serve their country, as with the military draft(conscription), is a non effective notion that will neither guarantee the strength and quality...

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Can we Trust the Gospels?

Roberts, Mark D. Can We Trust the Gospels? Investigating the Reliability of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John: Crossway Books 2007. Pp.202 Taking exception to the words of Christ could only be in blatant disagreement with Jesus the Christ himself, a spirit of anti-Christ. Is this an over statement as to the importance of the words of Christ? The answer to this question is found in how you respond to another question: How can the words of Jesus ever be down played as anything...

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How Should We Live Our Lives

Introduction How should we live our lives? This question is the most confusing question that many of people lost there lives trying to answer. Many philosophers, sociologists and thinkers consumed many years trying to put theories, concepts, and norms to guide others to the most efficient way to live. One thing I had discovered is that life is easier than many people think you should have to open your eyes and start to enjoy life, instead of trying to explain it. This book will not be a guide or...

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Skin - We Can Only Understand Our Identity Once We Acknowledge Our Past.

One’s identity is who or what a person is and how they are perceived by themselves and others. Your identity defines who you are and where you fit in. It is a self-representation of your interests, relationship, social activity and much more. Some believe our sense of identity and belonging is shaped by various factors, including our experiences, relationships, and our environments. Conversely, others believe that personality is shaped by nature, and that one is defined by their biological characteristics...

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We Can but Should We?

We Can But Should We? Your name Your College NR-361: Information Systems in Health Care Instructor: your instructor Spring xxxx Introduction The digital age has given us the opportunity to store all sorts of information about ourselves electronically. Let's take a look at one of the current trends in technology that may help emergency responders enhance the care they give to us in the event of an emergency. Review of QR Codes Quick Response codes, or QR codes, were developed by an automobile...

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How National Debt Affects your Wallet

Anthony Lombardi Professor Kincaid Research Essay 10 November 2013 How National Debt Affects your Wallet In the times we live in today, National Debt can really put a dent in your wallet. “The national debt is the amount of money owed by the U.S. government to its creditors, which may include private individuals, corporations, banks, and other financial institutions as well as foreign governments” (Gale Encyclopedia). National debt is basically the result of the government spending more...

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Our Heroes!

Our Heroes–Men of Steel Faiza Zahid ..and if we don’t come back tell them we have sacrificed our today for their tomorrow… Being daughter of a soldier means that the passion for patriotism runs with the blood in the veins. You are brought up with a sense of responsibility and the aim of protecting the motherland no matter what. During childhood, the sheer dedication and devotion for the country was beyond my apprehension. I could not understand how someone can love the country more than his...

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We Cannot Live in It Can We Live Without It.............?

We can not live in it neither can we live without it. Water is very important to us. Period. We will die without it, but unfortunately we also can not live with too much water. Our bodies are not designed to handle too much water. Our infrastructures also can not withhold massive amounts of water. Therefore we hope things like tsunamis, or hurricanes or typhoon or heavy snowfall or blizzard would not occur in an extreme manner. We all know our resources are depleting and I am going to encourage...

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How We Are Influenced

How We Are Influenced Social psychology is the “scientific study of how people think about, influence, and relate to one another” (Myers, 2010, p. 4). There are many different “external social forces” (Myers, 2010, p. 8) that influence our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and attitudes, such as our family, peers, culture and gender; all of which persuade us in one direction or another. Any social situation we may encounter can be so powerful that it “leads us to act contrary to our expressed...

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How Has Moral Studies Influenced the Way We Look at Our Lives

How it has affected our lives : The one thing that has separated humans from being the animals they are as stated in the evolution theory is that humans are civilized. To put it in layman’s terms, we are on a different level of social, cultural, and moral development and therefore considered to be more advanced. To be civilized, we have to learn to live together with the environment and ourselves while making sure that we know the differentiation of what is “good” and what is “bad”. We need knowledge...

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We Look After Our Own

Analysis of We Look After Our Own Some stories are meant for entertainment, others to educate but Kath Walker’s, We Look After Our Own is written to draw change and develop an understanding of a darker side of life in Australia. Written in a time when change was dawing and aborignal rights was touchy subject, Kath Walker gave an insight into the life of an aboriginal through the story. She showed the battles they faced to gain minimum services and how they were treated like second class citizens...

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How can we make India clean

How true these words sound in the present context. There is so much pollution all around us today that normal breathing in itself is the greatest risk to our lives. Pollution has affected our lives so adversely that because of this, millions of people die annually. The way the environment is being polluted today stands testimony to the fact that we are irresponsible occupants of this Earth and by polluting the air; we are meticulously working towards our own destruction. According to the World...

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How music can touch our lives

undiluted form and format. Music plays a vital role in our daily life. It is a way of expressing our feelings and emotions. Music is a way to escape life, which gives us relief in pain and helps us to reduce the stress of the daily routine. It helps us to calm down, an even excites us in the moment of joy. Moreover, it enriches the mind and gives us self confidence. Music as we know it in our everyday language is only a miniature: that which our intelligence has grasped from that music or harmony...

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How Language Shapes Our Personality

Shapes Our Personality Can language shape our personality? Tongues we use are indispensible factors of us. If you think about it, human beings use the tool in form of language in every possible aspect of life. In school, at home, while watching TV, playing sports, reading books, at the store, even on the walk. It is also a part of one’s heritage, cultural belonging and ethnic identity. Language surrounds us from every possible direction. It would be “silly” to say it has no influence on our personality...

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Adolescent and Drugs, Our Children in Crisis and How We Can Save Them.

There are an estimated 1.2 billion adolescents worldwide; it is reported that one in every five people in the world today is of the adolescent age. It is during adolescence that our bodies undergo major physical and psychological changes as well as changes in our social relationships. It is also during these years that adolescents acquire many bad habits such as drinking, smoking and drug abuse. During adolescence, young adults are under all kinds of pressure from their peers to partake in drugs...

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To What Extent Can We Form Our Own Identities

Are our identities established through choice or constructed for us by society and what is expected of us in line with our gender, class and culture? Can we change our identities to fit in with how we want society to see us rather than how society expects to see us? Firstly we should not confuse personality with identity. Personality traits may be something we have in common with people we meet but identifying with a certain social group is something we choose to do usually...

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Bill Gates: Here’s My Plan to Improve Our World — And How You Can Help

Bill Gates: Here’s My Plan to Improve Our World —  And How You Can Help BY BILL GATES 11.12.13 6:30 AM I am a little obsessed着迷 with fertilizer. I mean I’m fascinated with its role, not with using it. I go to meetings where it’s a serious topic of conversation. I read books about its benefits and the problems with overusing it. It’s the kind of topic I have to remind myself not to talk about too much at cocktail parties, since most people don’t find it as interesting as I do. But like anyone...

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Can We Live with a Nuclear Iran?

Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions Can We Live with a Nuclear Iran? Amyn Jivani 6099660 POL1102 D – Politics and Globalization Professor: Dr Daniel Pierre-Antoine Moderator: Dr Daniel Pierre-Antoine War has commenced since the late 1800’s with over 150 conflicts and 600 battles occurring, and still taking place on a global perspective. People who witness war firsthand tend to feel that the most memorable moments are the moments that people wish to remember the least. The dilemma faced...

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Documentary: How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth?

CGC ID 1-01 Park, Hyeon Woo March, 4th 2013 Documentary: How Many People Can Live on Planet Earth? 1. Why is our Human population increasing super fast? Our human population is increasing very fast due to two important factors. One of them is that there are many young people that want to create their own children, therefore creating high birth rates. Another factor affecting population is declining death rates. With the modern day technology and innovations, death rates are...

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How Yoga Can Improve Our Lives

and happiness are desired yet not encouraged in ways that are achievable. If the mind and body are cared for properly, stress and disease can be avoided. Our culture today moves fast. The human species is not adapted to modern lifestyles. Our bodies were built to run and hunt, our minds were made to focus and survive. Though, now we spend more time stationary in our bodies and distracting the mind. Stress is so common among Americans, specifically in teenagers and young adults. The youth is truly wasted...

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Is Our Constitution Relevant Today?

Is Our Constitution Relevant Today? Is our constitution relevant today? It has been said, "This year we are going to make a fundamental transformation of our whole organization". It might be a challenging question but how can we turn ourselves into an even more successful organization? The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence holds the secret to success of the type of government “We the People” have, Natural Rights. It is the greatest document that was ever created to put our people...

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Supersize We: How Portion Sizes Are Correlated with Our Gluttony

Supersize We: How portion sizes are correlated with our gluttony By: Kirk Decker "Gluttony is an emotional escape, a sign something is eating us." - Peter De Vries As I wander through the labyrinth of my local grocery store, I cannot help but notice how things have changed. Metal carts overflowing with food and the once prevalent "market" section is now gleaming with the reflection of glass doors and the glow of brightly colored boxes, frozen meals ready for consumption. It was not always...

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Divorce. How can we prevent divorces? What can the government do?

and on self-restraint. We place more value on individualism, on self-expression and self-realization, and on personal choice" (Galston 4). These changes occurred because people's principles have changed. We are more accepting of divorce today than we were years ago. Gray believes that many marriages in trouble can be saved and a successful marriage all depends on the husband and wife working together. He also says that sometimes love is easy and other times it needs effort. We shouldn't expect to always...

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How Do We Become Human

How do we become human? We can become human only, if we relate. There are many possibilities of relating (show a connection and formal relationship). And if we analyze the many different wants, we will find a number of dimensions or value centers, which are necessary in the process of becoming human. These interconnected dimensions can be called Anthropological constants, and they are listed as follows: 1) Relating with one’s body, nature and the cosmos- we have to care for ourselves and it includes...

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How America Can Rise Again - A Critique

 How America Can Rise Again – A Critique POL101 – Introduction to Political Science Colorado State University November 12, 2013 How America Can Rise Again – A Critique James Fallow’s article “How American Can Rise Again” for The Atlantic Magazine is a thought provoking piece addressing the issues and fears facing a nation that may potentially be on the brink of losing its title as leader and innovator of the free world (2010). The article takes a fair-minded approach to...

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future of my  country hinges upon me; that if I die many will exult and that,  therefore, many will long for my perdition. But what shall I do? I  have duties to my conscience above all; I have obligations to the  families who suffer, to my aged parents, whose sighs pierce my heart.  I know that I alone, even with my death, can make them happy by  returning them to their country and to the tranquility of their  home. I have only my parents, but my country has yet many sons who  can take my place...

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Serve One Another

SERVE ONE ANOTHER Thesis: Serving one another is a command to all believers. It is in serving one another that we show the love of Christ. I. Serving one another theologically A. Definition of the word “serve” 1. Greek meaning 2. Reference support of the meaning B. What the Bible says about serving one another 1. Living as Christ’s example to serve others (Mark 10:45) 2. Serving is loving (Galatians 5:13) 3. Humility in serving (1 Peter 5:5-7 II. Serving one another...

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