• Pakistan in the 21st Century
    Pakistan in the 21st Century: Vision 2030 Executive Summary 1. Introduction A Vision is like a dream but which is experienced with both eyes open and With one’s feet on the ground. The Medium Term Development Framework (MTDF) 2005-10 launched by the Government in July 2005 presented the Vi
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  • Pakistan Dairy Industry
    White Paper on Pakistan’s Dairy Sector A publication of Pakistan Dairy Development Company Dairy Pakistan Township, Kot Lakhpat Lahore, Pakistan, Telephone: + 92 42 55142 145 Fax :(042) 5781909 Sponsored By: Nestlé Pakistan Ltd. & Tetra Pak Ltd. The White Revolution- Dhoodh Darya
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  • Idps Management in Swat, Pakistan
    MANAGEMENT OF INTERNALLY DISPLACED PEOPLE (IDPs) IN RELATION TO MASSIVE DISPLACEMENT IN SWAT VALLEY ©Aftab Hussain Malik, Ejaz Ahmed Bhatti [pic] Dr. Nadeem Ehsan, Chairman, EM Department CASE, Islamabad, Pakistan. Tel: +92518432273 Correspondence regarding this paper should be a
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  • Services Sector in Pakistan
    5/21/2010 Institute of Business Administration, University of the Punjab | | | Impact of Services Sector on Economy of Pakistan | Submitted To Ms. Bushra Usman BBA 2007-Semester 6 (morning) University of the Punjab Institute of Business Administration Submit
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  • Pakistan Startegy in War on Swat
    PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS IN SWAT Introduction Pakistan Army is engaged in active operations against miscreants including foreign/local militants in various parts of the country. The latest phase of military operation in Swat which is code named “Operation Rah-e-Rast” has been launched
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  • Challenges of Good Governance in Pakistan
    Challenges of Good Governance The nation celebrated this 'Pakistan Day' in a significant and unconventional manner. It was a noteworthy occasion in history of Pakistan this time for the challenges facing in maintaining good governance are yet to appear in coming days for government in place. The
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  • Pakistan
    Pakistan separated from its British Rule in 1947, after separation the country was divided into two sections east and west. Pakistan borders on the Arabian Sea between India and Iran on the west. Pakistan’s total land mass is an area of 796,095 sq km. Pakistan consists of fertile plains, hot deser
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  • Brand Audit of Telenor Pakistan
    Brand Audit and Planning Telenor Group Members: Syed M. Humair & Fahad Habib EMBA-2009-F-13 EMBA-2009-F-54 NUST BUSINESS SCHOOL Brand Management Submitted to: Zeenat Jabbar Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Brand Architecture 4 3. Brand Elements 5 3.1. Telenor L
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  • Resolution Day of Pakistan
    ISLAMABAD (Online) – The nation is celebrating Pakistan Day today (Tuesday) with a renewed pledge to make the country a strong, progressive and prosperous Islamic welfare state. Meanwhile, on the directive of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, the joint services parade of 23rd March, commonly kno
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  • Managerial Aspect in Banking Sector of Pakistan
    | | | | |
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  • Threats to Pakistan
    Pakistan’s Internal Security Threats in the age of Globalization ________________________________________ Pakistan is a consociational society where different religious group are always in conflict with each other on petty issues. There are many horizontal and vertical cleavages in Pakistan th
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  • Islamic Model of Welfare State and Contemporary Practices in the World: with Special Reference to Pakistan
    ABSTRACT The ultimate purpose of the state, for liberal philosophers, is the well-being of individuals. The term Welfare State emerged in the mid of 20th century. For the scholars of 21st century, the ‘Welfare State’ is a buzz word today. Every country calls herself a welfare state but the leve
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  • Proposed Budget of Pakistan for 2011-12
    Chapter 1 Budget 2010-11 summary The budget 2010-11 had the following main salient features: a) The total outlay of budget 2010-11 was Rs 2764 billion. This size was 12.3% higher than the size of budget estimates 2009-10. b) The resource availability during 2010-11 had been estimated at
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  • Essays Free for 10th in Pakistan
    VILLAGE LIFE There goes a famous saying that “God made the country and man made the town”. Village life here is very different from city life. It is free from the troubles and problems we have in the city. First of all, we find village life to be quiet. No noisy factories run in the village to
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  • Women Empowerment in Pakistan
    Aurat Foundation Women’s Empowerment in Pakistan A Scoping Study January 2011 This publication was produced as a scoping study by the Gender Equity Program (GEP) of Aurat Foundation with the financial support of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) . The study was car
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  • An Comparative Discussion on the Education Policy of Bangladesh and Pakistan, Focus on Women Education
    The National education policy of Bangladesh and Pakistan (A comparative analysis over the issue of female education) Introduction God has created both man and woman who have similar contribution in building the civilization. He has bestowed them with same qualities. So both man and woman shou
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  • The Improbable Future of Democracy in Pakistan
    The Improbable Future of 1 Democracy in Pakistan S Akbar Zaidi TP-3, Block B, Fourth Floor Mall Square Zamzama Boulevard Defence Housing Authority Phase 5, Karachi Email: azaidi@fascom.com Paper prepared for the Project on State of Democracy in South Asia as part of the Qualitative Assessmen
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  • Child Labor in Pakistan
    Eyes Wide Shut Child Labor: The Ignored Truth on the Pakistani Labor Market A term paper by Yousuf Zahid (1058156) Submitted to Mr. Shahid Hameed for the course Economics for Business SZABIST - August 2011 2 Executive Summary Skilled or unskilled, an all-adult labor force in Pakistan
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  • Pakistan 2020
    PAKISTAN 2020 A Vision for Building a Better Future BY HASSAN ABBAS A S I A S O C I E T Y PA K I S TA N 2 0 2 0 S T U D Y G R O U P R E P O R T PAKISTAN 2020 A Vision For Building a Better Future Hassan abbas May 2011 ASIA SOCIETY PAKISTAN 2020 STudY GrOuP rEPOrT AsiaSociety.or
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  • Police Reforms in Pakistan
    Stabilizing PakiStan through Police reform hassan abbas, Editor a rePort by the aSia Society indePendent commiSSion on PakiStan Police reform Stabilizing PakiStan through Police reform Hassan abbas, EDITOR July 2012 asia Society report by the independent commission on Pakistan Police
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