"How Can Consumers Protect Themselves Against Unethical Marketing Practices" Essays and Research Papers

How Can Consumers Protect Themselves Against Unethical Marketing Practices

Copperstone University Progromme : Diploma in Marketing Student Name : Richard Sikanyika Lecturer’s Name : Ms J Zulu Course Name : marketing 1 Assignment No : one Computer No : CU-DM-42-2921 Due date : 30-06-2013 Marketing Encourages People to Purchase What They Do Not Need Possibly the criticism most frequently made about marketing is that marketers are only concerned with getting customers...

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Unethical Marketing and its Consequences

 Unethical Marketing and its Consequences By Jose Gonzalez Dr. Henry Roehrich Park University MK351 26 January 2014 Outline Purpose Statement: To provide an understanding what constitutes ethics in marketing, what are some of the laws and code of ethics that protect unethical practices, and provide some examples of unethical behavior in marketing and their consequences? I. What constitutes ethics in marketing? A. Definition of marketing ethics II. What are...

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Ethics in E-Marketing

Ethics in E-Marketing: Spamming and Privacy Issues Kelli Fogerty National University Abstract This paper focuses the key ethical issues of Internet marketing. The two areas that will be emphasized are spamming and privacy issues. This study will first explore the nature of spamming by examining five elements of it: harvesting email addresses, untraceable sources, advertising harmful or illegal products, opt-out options, and malicious files. The next part of this...

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Consumers’ Attitudes toward Marketing Activities

LITERATURE REVIEW Consumers’ attitudes towards marketing activities are important from both a theoretical and a managerial standpoint (Gaski and Etzel 1986). As consumer attitudes significantly affect their behavioral responses to marketing activities, knowledge of consumers’ attitudes toward marketing has been used in economic forecast and found to be linked to several key macroeconomic variables (Chopin and Darrat 2000). Such information can also help devising effective strategies for companies...

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To What Extent Unethical Marketing Technique Could Damage the Sustainable Business Enivironment

To what extent unethical marketing techniques could damage the sustainable business environment. Discuss. Marketing is like a double-edged sword, if it is adopted properly, it will give profits to a company; however, if it is used inadequately, it will give harm. It is undeniable that today’s business operations have more intense competition level against each other due to the advancement of technology that allows people to receive more information. Marketing plays the key role in making products...

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Consumer behaviour in marketing ethics

Marketing can undoubtedly bring benefits to society, although some aspects of marketing may be questionable on ethical grounds. The aim of this assignment is to raise criticism of marketing and show that consumer behaviour is affected by ethical issues. Do consumers really care about marketing ethics? Ethics is a complex concept to define, and there is an attempt made by contemporary theorists to highlight ethical behaviour in a marketing context. Issues surrounding marketing ethics and social responsibility...

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The Marketing Process

Deniaro Brown 000-06-5073 When developing financial services marketing strategies, it is essential to appreciate some of the limitations cited in this chapter. However, it is equally imporant to appreciate the ethical dilemmas that these limitations present to the financial services marketer. The abuse of the consumers' inability to process the necessary information when evaluating a financial service is not only unethical, but in certain cases, it may violate regulations and result in legal repercussions...

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explain how practitioners can take steps to protect themselves within their everyday practice in the work setting

In every setting there should be a policy and procedures on whistle blowing. The whistle blowing Policy is put into place to provide protection against the person in the work place against victimisation or any form of punishment (physical or verbal) when concerns are genuine. If you suffer any victimisation or punishment due to whistleblowing you may be able to take your case to an Employment Tribunal. If you have any concerns about misconduct or malpractice that is occurring in your work setting...

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Marketing a Product and Business Ethics

MARKETING A PRODUCT AND BUSINESS ETHICS | | | | | MISS NANA AMA APPIAH | 5/24/2012 | | ABSTRACT In recent years, an increasing number of marketers, entrepreneurs and business managers have to deal with ethics and social responsibility issues about how to market their product and services all over the world. This study is going to present us some guidelines how marketers or the organization us a whole should market their product or services in an ethical...

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Unethical Business Practices

Alberto Martinez. Unethical Business Practices The modern business world is characterized for being aggressive and competitive. Companies must be alert and always ready to take advantage of opportunities as quickly as possible. If companies are not aggressive enough they risk losing business to other competitors. For all these reasons, many people now question whether there is a place for ethics in this highly competitive capitalist...

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Ethics and Innovations in Marketing and Its Relevance with Consumer Behavior

ETHICS AND INNOVATIONS IN MARKETING AND ITS RELEVANCE WITH CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Kishor N. Choudhary N.S.B.College, Nanded ABSTRACT: In order to be consumer-oriented, marketing will have to be truthful and ethical. That is why it is very important in marketing, as in any other field; to apply the principles of Ethics It is also important to apply the processes of innovation, to find new ways of marketing effectively. This Paper explains the concept of Ethics in Marketing and overview a number of issues...

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Direct to Consumer Advertising

Direct-to-Consumer Advertising Aletha F 4/1/12 Direct-to-Consumer Advertising Direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising of prescription drugs has become common place in today’s society. Every household with a television is aware of DTC advertising as they interrupt their nightly programs. Every national magazine or local newspaper offers advertising on the latest drug remedy for what ails us. This multi-media approach is relatively new for pharmaceutical companies as previously such efforts were...

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Business Studies - Competition and Consumers Act

Competition and Consumers Act on Marketing Practices for Australian Businesses" The Competition and Consumers Act (CCA) 2010 aims to enhance the welfare of Australians through the fair-trading of businesses and incorporating provisions to enhance consumer protection. This has a large impact on marketing practices exploited by Australian Businesses. The Competition and Consumer Act is a major legislation that restricts unethical business marketing practices in Australia. It helps to protect consumers...

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Unethical Research Practices

Unethical Research Practices Unethical research is commonly found within pharmaceutical companies. In a hurry to get new drugs to market, companies will often cut corners during the research process. Pharmaceutical companies will spend millions of dollars on drug research, but very little on unethical drug promotion (Parmar, Jalees, 2004). The purpose of this paper is to inform the reader of how unethical research practices can lead to death from both past and present case studies. Present Rizwan...

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Marketing Research and Buyer Behavior

Marketing Research and Buyer Behavior The four main stakeholders our textbooks refer to are the: • marketing researcher, • client, • respondent • the public. Each stakeholder has a different role to play and ethical issues that can arise with their participation in the project. Unethical practices such as low-ball pricing, abusing respondents, black-box branding, sales of unnecessary research, allowing subjectivity and violating the confidentiality of the client; are some of the...

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Ethical aspects of Social Media Marketing

aspects of social media marketing in the United States’ and the principal question assessed throughout this writing will be ‘Have social media marketing acted ethical or not?’ According to Nielson Report (2013, p.3), ‘Social media marketing typically refers to two practices involving social media- the use free tools and paid media’. According to Gaski (1999 cited Smith 2000, p8), marketing ethics is defined as “standards of conduct and moral judgements applied to marketing”. In relation to social...

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Marketing Ethics

Name: Loo Zheng Xian, George 13th September 2011 Marketing Ethics: A Response to Roger Crisp Introduction In his article “Persuasive Advertising, Autonomy, and the Creation of Desire”, Roger Crisp discusses his views on the issue of persuasive advertising. His overarching argument is that persuasive advertising ‘overrides the autonomy of consumers’ and he concludes that ‘all forms of a certain common type of advertising (i.e. persuasive advertising) are morally wrong’. In my response to this article...

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Consumer Protection Act

CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT 1986 History of 1986 Act :- The consumer protection act, 1986 is one of the benevolent social legislation intended to protect the large body of consumer from exploitation. The act has come as a panacea for consumers all over the country and has assumed the shape of practically the most important legislation enacted in the country during the last few years. With the Introduction of this law, consumers now feel that they are in a position...

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Ethics in Marketing

have chosen to write on this topic” Ethics in Marketing” because ethics in general always impact many aspects of businesses. Therefore, it is interesting to research how it impact marketing. Ethics are a collection of principles of right conduct that shape the decisions people or organizations make. Practicing ethics in marketing means consciously applying standards of fairness, or moral rights and wrongs, to marketing decision making, behavior, and practice in the organization. In a market economy,...

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Marketing the consumer society and Hedonism

Marketing the consumer society and Hedonism Contents Introduction Nowadays marketing is linked with pejorative definition, for many critics it is related with an hedonistic lifestyle. Hedonism is a philosophy an ethical system that evaluates the pursuit of pleasure as the highest good. In this article hedonism and marketing are related with materialism which can be defined as the pursuit of gathering as many material goods as possible in order to achieve happiness. This article underlines...

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consumer education

CONSUMER EDUCATION PROVIDES THE RIGHT PLATFORM FOR THE SELECTION OF THE GENUINE PRODUCT AND ELIMINATION OF THE DECEPTIVE PRODUCTS. ______________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION Consumer education is the preparation of an individual through skills, concepts and understanding that are required for everyday living to achieve maximum satisfaction and utilization of his resources. It is defined as education given to the consumer about various consumer...

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Consumer Behavior Paper

In this paper we will define consumer behavior and how marketing is related to consumer behavior. We will also select a purchase we made recently and describe in detail how each of the 4 P's (product, price, promotion, and place) affected our purchasing decision. Consumer behavior is the study of how people buy, what they buy, when they buy and why they buy. It is a subcategory of marketing ends elements from psychology, sociology, sociopsychology, anthropology, and economics. It attempts to understand...

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Consumer Movement Features

Introduction of Consumer Movement: The consumer is the center of all business activities. In modern days, it is said that the consumer is the king of the market. Business activities are carried out to satisfy, the wants of consumers. A commercial organization totally depends on the customer not only for its survival but also for its growth. At present customer is given top most importance and every attempt is made to satisfy the customer.  But in reality, the position of the consumer is different...

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Unethical Practices

åHOME|MAIN | | Banks and Unethical Practices | Almost every business concern is involved in unethical practices in one way or the other and so are the banks in Pakistan. The primary source of information on this subject amongst other sources are publications of SBP and annual reports of Pakistan Banking Mohtasib which was established in 2005 to resolve banker-customer disputes and since then it has effectively contributed towards improvement in banking sector.Banks in Pakistan are involved...

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Analyze the Opportunities and Challenges That Firms Practice Global Marketing

Introduction Global marketing refers to marketing activities coordinated and integrated across multiple country markets. The concept of this involves the creation of a single or standardized strategy for a product, service or a company (Johansson, 2006). Those markets are not only defined within country boarders, but are also defined by buyer preferences that are similar across countries. Recently, going global becomes a trend. As Crespy (1986) indicated, firms should turn themselves into global corporations...

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Consumer Awareness

CONSUMER AWARENESS GUIDELINES Be an Alert Consumer ! Also be a Responsible Consumer !! Issued by Government of Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies & Consumer Protection Department, Ezhilagam, Chennai-5. Phone: 044-28583222 / 28583422 Web: www.consumer.tn.gov.in E.mail: consumer@tn.nic.in A. WHO IS A CONSUMER? A ”consumer” is a person who buys any goods or hires any service for valuable consideration (including deferred payment). The term does not include a person who obtains goods or services for...

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P1: Describe How Marketing Techniques Are Used to Market Products in Two Organisations

P1: Describe how marketing techniques are used to market products in two organisations Tesco: Growth Strategy Tesco has a well established and reliable strategy for growth, which has allowed them to strengthen their business and drive expansion into new markets. The underlying principle for the strategy is to expand the range of business to allow them to deliver strong sustainable long-term growth by following the customers into large expanding markets such as financial services, non-food and...

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Unethical Food Marketing to Children

Unethical Food Marketing to Children In today’s society, the food and beverage industry is faced with an ongoing ethical dilemma because they are far more concerned with making money than providing a good, safe, and healthy product for consumers. The biggest victims in this unethical marketing scheme are children. Children are the least informed and most influenced of all potential consumers (5). Although children usually don’t directly purchase these products themselves, their desires strongly...

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Marketing Law and Ethics: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethical Behaviour in Marketing.

Marketing Law and Ethics Assignment One - Ethics Being ethical as a marketer has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. The 'negative' advantages are obvious, all of which point to personal and business gain. However, to say that one must act unlawfully to be unethical would be false. The provided statement is completely factual and is particularly relevant to marketing and, more accurately, business, in the fact that "ethics are not, by definition, counterproductive to profit, but may be...

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marketing essay

Unit 19 Essay Review the changing perception in marketing planning? Marketing is what you say and how you say it when you want to explain how awesome your product is and why people should buy it. Marketing is an ad Marketing is a brochure. Marketing is a press release. And more recently, Marketing is a Face book page or a Twitter account. Marketing, too many business people, is simply selling at a larger scale. The reality is that marketing sits at the intersection of the business and the customer...

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Legal Essay consumer law

Essay – Consumer Law “Discuss whether the current law adequately protects consumers.” A consumer can be defined as someone who buys the goods or services purchased for private use or consumption. The effectiveness of the law in protecting consumers has been effective but also non-effective because an assessment of its effectiveness can only be reached by a realisation of the development of consumer law in Australia. The legislation applies legal measures like laws such as the Trade Practices Act 1974...

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Green Marketing or Green Washing

Green Marketing or Green Washing In the competitive market place, companies will do anything to draw consumers attention towards their products or services. Today, many businesses are engaging in green marketing, the practice of promoting environmentally-safe products. Concerns are rapidly growing that some green marketing is just green washing. Companies are guilty of green washing when they mislead their buyers into thinking that their products are environmentally-friendly. They tend to hide...

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Unethical Business Practice of Walmart

Unethical Business Practice Most people would agree that the objective of most businesses is to make money in an honorable manner, and to conduct business in an ethical way. Well, not all businesses operate in an honorable and ethical manner. According to Lovelenna Rajeev, author of Ethical and Unethical Business Practice, “Business ethics are moral values and principles, that determine our conduct in the business world. It refers to the commercial activities, either with other business houses...

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Labor Practices

 Labor Practices Paper Shaylene Lambson PHL/320 6/16/2014 Douglas Reed Labor Practices Paper In a captivity business world there are many pressures and demands to be met by companies. Many times those demands lead business to adapt unethical behaviors. The United States has placed many laws to protect workers from those unethical practices but in an international business world, what protects international employees from falling victim those practices? This paper will address the...

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Deontological Ethical Analysis of Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Marketing

Ethical Analysis of Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Marketing In Deontological ethics, morality of an action is based upon the particular action’s adherence to moral laws independent of their consequences (DeGeorge 62). Direct-to-consumer marketing of pharmaceuticals has had heated debate with logical arguments from those for, and for those against allowing such practices to exist. I do not believe the marketing of the prescription medication to be solely unethical but more of as a shade of grey...

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Nestle: Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility

01What are the responsibilities of companies in this or similar situation?  Nestle.  The world's leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company. Its mission of "GoodFood, Good Life" is to provide consumers with the best tasting, most nutritious choices ina wide range of food and beverage categories and eating occasions, from morning tonight.The Company was founded in 1866 by Henri Nestlé in Vevey, Switzerland, where itsheadquarters are still located today. Nestle employ around 280 000 people and...

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Ethical Versus Unethical Behavior

Ethical versus Unethical Behavior Carlos Mercado University of Phoenix MGT 344 November 17, 2007 Ethical versus Unethical Behavior Companies establish ethics policies as a way to identify expectations of workers and to offer guidance on handling common ethical problems that might arise in the course of doing business. For an organization to determine whether a behavior is ethical or unethical, the terms must be defined. The term ethical behavior refers to how an organization...

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Green Marketing

Week 4 Group work “Green Marketing” has been a challenge to firms producing environmentally friendly products. The obstacles stated range from overexposure and lack of credibility, to the consumer not willing to pay a premium prices for “green” products, to poor implementation on the part of companies engaged in the practice. Discuss this issue: “When faced with a decision to market its products as “environmentally safe” or to market its products along conventional lines (matching competitive...

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Marketing vs Manipulation

explore the differences between marketing and manipulation in regards to advertising. The hope is that the reader will be able to see both sides of this argument and understand the goals of the opposing sides. In this case the reader should be able to understand that marketing can be perceived as manipulation; in fact in some ways it is. Ultimately as long as the consumer is not being taken advantage of through false advertisement it is not considered unethical. Through my research of advertising...

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Ethical Aspects of Marketing

Ethical Aspects of Marketing Developing a Business Plan August 4, 2009 Ethical Aspects of Marketing Executive Summary This report outlines the social, ethical and legal aspects of marketing. Environmentally Responsible Products Consumers have become more aware of the impact of both production and consumption on the wider environment in recent years. This is acutely apparent in the way products are now packaged. During recent years many companies have assisted in doing their...

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Importance of Consumer Behavior in Making Marketing Strategy to Marketers

ask you first how many times a day does you act like a consumer? If we stop to think about it, we find that the entire day is filled with consumption and consumption decisions. What should I wear, what will I eat for breakfast? How can simple decision be so important to society? Consumers answers these question by choosing the options that offer the most value. Consumer behavior is really all about value. (Babin/Harris, pg1) Now most importantly we need to know what is consumer behavior? What...

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Pervasiveness of Marketing

What Marketing Can Change Vital marketing decisions are made by every business; but as important as it is to make the right business decision… it is essential that marketing professionals understand how their marketing impacts our social values. There are several different ways that marketers get their message across to potential customers(1), each marketing communications tool can have different effects on us. Marketing is intrusive, businesses are constantly trying to push their brands in our...

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Practice: Marketing and Answer Test Question

Practice Test Questions, Semester 1 2010 Internet Marketing 350 1. The internet consists of all of the following except ________. a. computers with data b. users who send and receive data files c. a technology infrastructure to move, create, and view or listen to the content d. a central mainframe 2. According to the book, ________ is the country with highest percentage of internet users. a. the United States b. Norway c. China d. France 3. E-marketing...

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Consumer Behaviour

Case Study 3.1 – Personality and the Self-Concept in relation to mobile phones: What your phone say about you. Case Summary Consumers are faced with a large array of choice during their visits to phone outlets or even phone websites. Psychographic segmentation processes and anthropomorphizing are increasingly used by phone outlets, enabling consumers’ choices to be more personalized and less overwhelming. Phone brands are also personalizing the various mobile phones choices such as phone skins...

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MARKETING AND SOCIETY: A SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OVERVIEW ============================================= What is MARKETING? -We define marketing as the process of creating consumer value in the form of goods, services or ideas that can improve the consumer’s life. What is SOCIETY? -We define society as the community of people living in a particular region and having shared customs, laws and organization. What is SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY? -Social responsibility talks about the obligation of...

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Ethics in Modern Marketing

Ethics in Modern Marketing Abstract: The success of every marketing company depends upon their involvement towards their customers. The modern marketing concept mainly stresses the importance of developing a good relationship by every marketing company with its customers to enhance their business and to withstand in the competition. During the last two decades, marketing professionals were increasing their awareness of customer/ client relationships; society has become much more aware of ethical...

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Marketing Challenges in the Global Economy

Managerial Approach to Marketing Marketing Challenges in the Global Economy November 11, 2012 Abstract This article discusses some challenges faced with product development in the global economy. Brief case studies of Apple, eBay, and Levi Strauss & Co., provide real-world examples of the challenges – competition, reach of influences, infringement, etc. Embracing technological advances, such as social media, is essential for leveraging a competitive edge, provide the company can operate ethically...

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Marketing Explanation

Task 1: What is marketing? Marketing is a series of activities responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably (www.cim.co.uk) “Marketing is the art of creating and satisfying customers at a profit” (http://www.atkinsmarketingsolutions.com) ‘Marketing is the identification and anticipation of customers’ needs and the profitable satisfaction of those needs’ (Eric Davies, Successful marketing book, 2012, page 8) Background of marketing: Starting In the...

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Unethical Practices by Pepsi and Coca Cola

UNETHICAL PRACTICES BY COCA COLA AND PEPSI INTRODUCATION: AUTHORIZATION: This report is being submitted to DR. Muhammad Khalili, Professor of business ethics, University of Wollongong in Dubai. The topic of the report is unethical issues of coca cola in comparison with Pepsi. Purpose of the Report: In today’s competitive world, many organizations are practicing unethical practices to increase their productivity and profit without caring for the consequences of their actions. In order to...

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International Marketing Notes

Malinauskaite International Marketing for Exchange Students Discussion Leader Ch. 3 International Marketing Research I. Chapter Summary * Due to the high time and cost investment in entering a new market, companies must be very sure that the market they are entering will be successful. Thus, they either conduct marketing research themselves, or hire secondary companies to research the market and possible outcomes for them. * Decisions of whether or not to conduct marketing research based on:...

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Consumer Rights in Bangladesh

Consumer rights in Bangladesh Bangladesh is a small country with a huge population. Perhaps it is the country with largest consumer comparing its small area. Though in many sectors Bangladesh improves but it is matter of sorrow that after 40 year of independence consumer rights are yet been introduced in a significant manner in Bangladesh. Though there is lot of organization working for human rights in Bangladesh but no organization except Consumer Association of Bangladesh (CAB) working for...

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Marketing Initiatives of Milo

moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as Milo. Nestlé’s Slogan, “Good Food, Good Life” reiterates what they stand for in delivering qualitative products to the end-user being their main objective. The fundamental aim of Nestle is to increase profits however at the same time, raise the standing of living and quality of life for everyone by continually providing nutritional products to promote a healthier lifestyle for all of us. In every market, different companies offer products; consumers always...

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Practice of Marketing

Question: 1. Practice of marketing assignment. I have chosen Nando’s as my Fast Food outlet. It is a South African Fast Food Franchise that sells spicy chicken meals and many other sauces and spices. Nando’s is also sold internationally, but will always be known as South African. Nando’s is most recognized for it’s A-Grade chicken and it’s famous Peri-Peri sauces. 5 Most important strengths. One of the most important strengths is that Nando’s was founded and made in South Africa...

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Unit 3 - Introduction to marketing P2

Limitations and Constraints – P2 Legal constraints Sale of Goods Act 1979 The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 Consumer Credit Acts 1974 and 2006 Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations Data Protection Act 1998 Sales of Goods Act 1979 Under the Sales of Goods Act 1979 a company has to follow rules and regulations by law; this gives customers certain legal rights such as the right to return an item that may be faulty, if they want a refund...

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Benefits of Green Marketing

Polytechnic | Green Marketing | [Type the document subtitle] | Osman Mansoor- 20092465 5/16/2011 | Abstract: This paper is a literature review on green marketing that provides a brief explanation on such a marketing concept and the main intentions of promoting green products. It discusses the reasons to why there was a stumble in this arena during the late 19th century. Inspite of the world’s growing concern for the environment, lack of belief by the consumers, high price for the green...

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Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communications

 Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communications At any given moment during the day, decisions such as which brand of merchandise to purchase, which color paint to select, or what cable service provider to go with are being made by consumers. The selection and behaviors of the consumers go beyond their personal preferences and has been studied by psychologists for over a century. Knowing what appeals to consumers and what their preferences are is a crucial part of the business's success. ...

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marketing male contraception

Marketing Plan Male Contraceptive Executive Summary Introduction Analyzing current product and tests Before starting up a marketing plan for a male contraceptive product we need to take a look at different variables and retrieve some background information about the history and current situation in the male contraceptive market. In an article from Demetrius J. Porsche in the journal for Nurse Practitioners is mentioned that worldwide 30% of the couples use a male form of Contraception...

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Social Marketing

termed "social marketing." Rather than dictating the way that information is to be conveyed from the top-down, public health professionals are learning to listen to the needs and desires of the target audience themselves, and building the program from there. This focus on the "consumer" involves in-depth research and constant re-evaluation of every aspect of the program. In fact, research and evaluation together form the very cornerstone of the social marketing process. Social marketing was "born"...

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Consumer Behaviour

Consumer behavior 1. You are the brand manager of a new line of light weight autofocus, economically priced digital cameras. Describe how an understanding of consumer behaviour will help you in your segmentation strategy and promotion strategy. What are the consumer behaviour variables that are crucial to your understanding of this market ? The specification of five elements creates a promotional mix or promotional plan. These elements are personal selling, advertising, sales promotion...

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recent years. Digital Marketing- Uses all digital media, including the Internet and mobile and interactive channels, to develop communication and exchanges with customers. Electronic Marketing (e-marketing)- The strategic process of distributing, promoting, pricing products, and discovering the desires of customers using digital media and digital marketing. 2. CHARACTERISTICS OF E-MARKETING One of the biggest mistakes a marketer can make when engaging in digital marketing is to treat it like a...

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