• Travel and Tourism
    Running Head: TRAVEL AND TOURISM Travel and Tourism [Name of the writer] [Name of the institution] Abstract This study aims tо explore thе motivations fоr tourists' choice оf diverse tourism environments іn а Third 'World country, Nigeria. Results obtained from а questionnaire surve
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  • Medical Tourism in India
    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The study aims at finding the current scenario of Medical Tourism and also to get an overview of the healthcare industry in India. The survey also aims at finding out the performance of various hospitals in the region based on certain parameters and criteria’s to judge the mar
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  • The Economic Power of Electricity in an Emerging Economy: Focus on Nigeria
    The Economic Power of Electricity in an Emerging Economy: Focus on Nigeria By Sheila Ojei Re - submitted for the MA Global Management (Finance) Regents Business School London May 25, 2009 Table of Contents INTRODUCTION LITERATURE REVIEW METHODOLOGY DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS RECOMMENDA
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  • The Debt Crisis of Nigeria and Greece
    The debt crisis of Nigeria and Greece Introduction National debt is a problem that can inflict any country including the developed countries. Almost all countries go into budget deficit one way or the other and end up borrowing money. The most direct effect of the government debt is to place a bu
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  • Introduction of Tourism
    INTRODUCTION TO TOURISM : “God’s earth in all its fullness and beauty is for the people, Thomas Cook Yes god’s earth is very charming and beautiful ones. Travel from the ancient time has held a fascination for mankind .The urge to explore new places and seek a change of environment i
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  • Assess the Attitude of Waste Workers Towards Waste Management Practices Carried Out in Abia State, Nigeria.
    CHAPTER 1.0 INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH STUDY The city of Aba in Abia state is one of the most highly commercialised cities in Nigeria. The city generates large amount of waste as a result of industrialisation and dense population. The current waste management practice in the city which involves dumpi
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  • Nigeria and South Africa
    Introduction The literature review was crucial to this dissertation since it was the major part of the dissertation that examined several secondary sources and reinforced the aim which is to critically analyse and investigate the extent to which physical infrastructure has influenced the tourism in
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  • Tourism
    1.0 Background of the Study The success of tourism in any country depends on the ability of that country to sufficiently develop, manage and market the tourism facilities and activities in that country. Many developing countries depend mainly on tourism for economic growth and diversity. In Nigeria,
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  • Tourism and Hospitality Marketing
    Tourism and Hospitality Marketing Tourism and Hospitality Marketing A Global Perspective Simon Hudson © Simon Hudson 2008 First published 2008 Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of research or private study, or criticism or review, as permitted under the Copyright, Designs a
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  • Shell Nigeria
    Stakeholders in Sustainable Business Transformation Charmaine Catroppa Thompson Rivers University Open Learning ADMM 460: Business and Society Assignment 3: Research Report on Issues Related to the Construction of the Three Gorges Dam and the Sustainable Devel
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  • A Study of the Factors That Will Increase the Number of Chinese Tourist Visits to South Africa, with a Particular Reference to the Chinese Tourism Industry in Shanghai.
    A STUDY OF THE FACTORS THAT WILL INCREASE THE NUMBER OF CHINESE TOURIST VISITS TO SOUTH AFRICA, WITH A PARTICULAR REFERENCE TO THE CHINESE TOURISM INDUSTRY IN SHANGHAI. Grace H Gao A dissertation submitted in fulfilment of the requirements of the Master degree of Technology of Tourism and Hosp
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  • Rural Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria
    RURAL POVERTY ALLEVIATION IN Nigeria In addressing this topic; Rural Poverty Alleviation, it is necessary to define each of the words in this phrase. Efforts will therefore be made to clearly describe/define the following words; Rural, Poverty, and Alleviation. WHAT IS RURAL? To define what is ru
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  • Medical Tourism
    CERTIFICATE This Dissertation report on _______________________________ is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Of Amity School of Business, Amity University Uttar Pradesh. This is a bonafide work conducted by _______________________
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  • Hrm and Tourism in the Perspective of Commonwealth Games 2010
    HRM AND TOURISM IN THE PERSPECTIVE OF COMMONWEALTH GAMES 2010 Submitted by: (098)Komal Verma (088)Deepika Rajoria (090)Supriya Kashyap (085)Shelly Girdhar (66)Pawan Gulia TABLE OF CONTENT 1. Int
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  • Tourism
    Evaluation Study in Selected Overseas Markets Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India THE GALLUP ORGANIZATION Report on Evaluation Study in Selected Overseas Markets For Market Research Division Ministry of Tourism Government of India March 2007 Evaluation Study in Selected Overseas
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  • Tourism Potential
    SYNOPSIS THE ROLE OF MEDIA IN NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT INTRODUCTION 1. The media, with specific reference to the collective entity of newspapers, radio, television and the International Network (Internet), play a very important role in national development. National development involves changes or
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  • Country Risk Analysis of Nigeria
    Executive Summary This project focuses on existing problems, importance of efficient the country risk of Nigeria. In this regard we have identified their culture, people, economy, investment, opportunity, some key problems like Corruption, bureaucracy, piracy, Counterfeit, Criminal activities and
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  • Tourism Management
    Tourism Management 30 (2009) 169–175 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Tourism Management journal homepage: www.elsevier.com/locate/tourman Segmentation: A tourism stakeholder view Aaron Tkaczynski a, *, Sharyn R. Rundle-Thiele b, Narelle Beaumont b a b School of Management
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  • The Role of “Homowo” Festival of the Gas in the Promotion of Cultural Tourism in La
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  • Medical Tourism Report
    Medical Tourism and its Entrepreneurial Opportunities - A conceptual framework for entry into the industry Sara Caballero-Danell and Chipo Mugomba Graduate Business School Tourism and Hospitality Management Master Thesis No. 2006:91 Supervisor: Eva Gustavsson Tourism & Hospitality Manage
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