• Small Scale Industry
    SMALL SCALE INDUSTRY INTRODUCTION The definition for small-scale industrial undertakings has changed over time. Initially they were classified into two categories- those using power with less than 50 employees and those not using power with the employee strength being more than 50 but less
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  • Growth and Problem of Small Scale Industry
    Project On Growth and Problem of small scale sectors Submitted To : | DR . S. Gupta | Submitted by : | Abdul Hamid | Small-Scale Ind
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  • Small Scale Industry
    An industry where the creation of products and services is home-based, rather than factory-based. While products and services created by cottage industry are often unique and distinctive given the fact that they are usually not mass-produced, producers in this sector often face numerous disadvantage
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  • Marketing Problem of Small Scale Industries in North East India
    Sant K. Gupta Deptt. Of Commerce S.D.JAIN GIRLS’ COLLEGE Dimapur:Nagaland Marketing Problem Of small scale industries in North East India INTRODUCTION North Eastern region of India comprising the eight states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and
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  • Small Scale Industries Problems
    Article: Information technology: a growth navigator for small scale industries in India Small scale industries (SSI) have a significant role in the Indian economy in view of its contribution to production, employment, and export. However, since 1991 small scale industries in India find themselves
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  • Small Scale Industries
    Small-Scale Industries in the Globalization Era: The case of Jordan Basem M. Lozi, Assistance Professor, Al-Balqa Applied University, basem_lozi@yahoo.com Abstract The research examines the role of SSI in the economic development of Jordan by showing the effects of the SSI on the unemployment rate,
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  • Small Scale
    DEFINITION OF SSIs The definition for small-scale industrial undertakings has changed over time. Initially they were classified into two categories- those using power with less than 50 employees and those not using power with the employee strength being more than 50 but less than 100. However, the
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  • Swot of Small Car Industry
    Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations – www.fadaweb.com India's Small Car Dream The term "small car" is both relative and subjective. A small car in the US or the Middle East is regarded as big in countries such as India and Indonesia. Within a particular country, too, the small car ma
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  • Textile Industry
    AMITY INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL Topic:- INDIAN TEXTILE INDUSTRY Submitted to: Submitted by: Mr. L. Raghvan Mitesh Kumar Bizoara C-49 Sumeet Rattan
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  • Rice Industry in India
    INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 1 INTRORUCTION Organization is a social unit of people, systematically arranged and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals on a continuing basis. All organizations have a management structure that determines the relationship between different fun
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  • Handicrafts Industry Analyisis
    HANDICRAFT Introduction Handicrafts are unique expressions and represent a culture, tradition and heritage of a country. The Handicraft Industry is one of the important productive sectors. Various attempts have been made to define this broad and diversified industry. The following definition str
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  • Handicraft Industry in Nepal
    Term Paper On Handicraft Industry in Nepal Industrial Social Work Submitted by: Submitted to: Bikina Chhetri
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  • Analysisof Indian Drinking Water Industry
    ORGANIZATIONAL STUDY ON AL MAN HAL ENTERPRISES DECLARATION I do here by declare that the internship training report titled “organization study on AL MAN HAL ENTERPRISES” has been prepared by me. I also declare that the report has not been submitted by me or any other person for the award
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  • Silk Industry in India and China - a Comparative Business Environment Analysis
     Silk Industry in India and China -A Comparative Business Environment Analysis 2/18/2009 Goa Institute of Management Submitted by- Kanishka Belani-2008017 Mariam Noronha – 2008021 Neha Gupta – 2008026 Parikshit Bhinde -2008028 Soutik Sarkar - 2008052 Silk Industry in India an
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  • “Globalisation and Small
    “GLOBALISATION AND SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES IN INDIA – BANE OR BOON “ ABSTRACT : The catch word of the world economy is Globalization. India is no exception to it . Countries like India which have a huge population , high unemployment and generally people are poor , is unable to fulfill
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  • Recrutment and Selection in a Manufacturing Industry
    Chapter I INTRODUCTION As we all know on the field of business competition is increasing day by day. In order to face the competition there must be an efficient as skilled workers. So in this situation the organization must give more importance for recruitment and selection of
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  • Small Business in Nigeria
    Table of Contents Introduction------------------------------------------ 1 Constraint in small business : 1) Exchange rate-----------------------------------2 2) Access to loan -------------------------------2 - 3 3) Infrastructure --------------------------------3 - 4 4) Techno
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  • Application of Market Analysis for the Retail Industry in Ethiopia
    Application of market analysis for the retail industry in Ethiopia INTRODUCTION In Ethiopia, according to a census carried out by Central Statistics Agency (CSA) in 2004, there were 672,484 business enterprises of which 671,627 (99.9%) were private owned, 823 government owned and only 34 enter
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  • Pharmaceutical Industry
    INTRODUCTION The Pharmaceutical Industry which was a small scale industry made strides at a greater rate after 1970s. There are five types of Industry players in pharmaceutical industry: Ethical, generic, Biotech, OTC and Vaccine companies. The major players in this industry are Johnson & Johns
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  • Topic: History Of Banking Industry In India
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