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History Of Small Scale Industry

The path of small entrepreneurs is not rosy. Small entrepreneurs face the following types of problems: (1) Problem of raw materials: A major problem that the small entrepreneurs face is the procurement of raw materials. They have to confront with numerous problems like; i. Availability of inadequate quantity ii. Poor quality of materials iii. High cost of raw materials etc All these factors adversely affect the proper functioning of small units. (2) Problem of finance: Finance...

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Small Scale Industries

Project on Management of Small Scale Industries & Public Relations Management. SSI visited:- Nova Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. Kevin Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Introduction To Small Scale Industries. Small-scale industries are the backbone of the Indian industrial structure. They provide a variety of non-traditional low technology product. They are also engaged in the processing, preserving manufacturing and servicing activities. small-scale industries (SSIs) constitute an important...

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The Important Role Played by Small- Scale Industries in India.

The important role played by small- scale industries in India. 1. Employment generation: The basic problem that is confronting the Indian economy is increasing pressure of population on the land and the need to create massive employment opportunities. This problem is solved to larger extent by small-scale industries because small- scale industries are labour intensive in character. They generate huge number of employment opportunities. Employment generation by this sector has shown a phenomenal...

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Globalisation Would Finish Small Scale Industries in India

Globalisation would finish small scale industries in india INTRODUCTION The world is changing. The change is fast enough to notice the factors acting behind. Globalization is one of them. A factor that needs no introduction. Ever since, developed countries like USA and European countries have marched to conquer the rest of the world, developing countries have no solace but to succumb to what these developed nations call for. Days have gone when these developed nations ruled by the concept of...

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Small and Medium Scale Mining

  PROJECT TOPIC  : SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE ENTERPRISES DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA (A Case Study of Cassava Processing Industry) PROJECT PROPOSAL BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Interest in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their contribution in the development process continue to be in the forefront of policy debates in developing countries. The advantages claimed for SMEs are various, including: the encouragement of entrepreneurship; the greater likelihood that SMEs will utilise...

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Business and Small Scale Industries

THE ROLE OF SMALL SCALE INDUSTRY IN NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA Ayozie Daniel Ogechukwu, Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria, The Federal Polytechnic, Ogun State, Nigeria Abstract A business whether small or big, simple of complex, private or public is created to provide competitive prices. Business in Nigeria has been classified as small, medium and large. In both the developed and developing countries, the government is turning to small and medium scale industries, as a means...

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Small Scale Textile Industry

SMALL SCALE TEXTILE INDUSTRY ABSTRACT India is the world’s second largest producer of textiles and garments after China. It is the world’s third largest producer of cotton—after China and the USA—and the second largest cotton consumer after China. The Indian textile industry is as diverse and complex as country itself and it combines with equal equanimity this immense diversity into a cohesive whole. The fundamental strength of this industry flows from its strong production base of wide range...

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Contribution of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

the most efficient manner has continue to be the only viable and alternative for development of small scale enterprises in Nigeria and for the development, growth and survival of any economy. The development of small scale enterprises not only contributes significantly to imposed standard, they also bring substantial local capital formation and achieve high level of productivity. Small and medium scales are crucial to the development of all economies of the world. They are the modern day’s incubators...

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Growth of Small Scale Industries

The issues and challenges faced by the small scale tourism industries are the main aim of this essay in the essay it is critically analysed the difficulties and problems faced by the small scale industry and a lot of research is done on the small scale industries and it is discussed and argued in the essay. It is said that small scale industry is a very vital part of the tourism industry and economically it contributes a lot to the economy which is being talked about. Issues like innovative way of...

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Small Scale Industries Problems

Article: Information technology: a growth navigator for small scale industries in India Small scale industries (SSI) have a significant role in the Indian economy in view of its contribution to production, employment, and export. However, since 1991 small scale industries in India find themselves in an intensely competitive environment due to globalization, domestic economic liberalization, and dilution of sector specific protective measures. The formation of World Trade Organization in 1995 also...

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Small Scale and Cottage Industries

SMALL SCALE & COTTAGE INDUSTRIES (Their role, problems & prospects in India) (AN OVERVIEW) Small scale industries Definition The definition of small scale industries have changed from time to time. Earlier they were classified under two categories: * Using power with less than 50 employees. * Using no power, but strength of employees is more than 50, less than 100. However according to the latest definition a industry is said to be a small scale industry...

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Small Scale Industries

and small scale 12 A. Employment Trend 12 B. Employment - Industry Group-wise 13 C. State-wise Employment Distribution 14 D. Trend in Average Wages 16 6. Employment intensity of output in the large and small scale 17 A. Employment intensity of output in small scale industries 17 B. Small scale industry is job creator 20 C. The key to maintaining high employment growth 22 7. New entrances in the market as a small scale 22 8. Viability of small-scale...

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Small Scale Industry

SMALL SCALE INDUSTRY INTRODUCTION The definition for small-scale industrial undertakings has changed over time. Initially they were classified into two categories- those using power with less than 50 employees and those not using power with the employee strength being more than 50 but less than 100. However the capital resources invested on plant and machinery buildings have been the primary criteria to differentiate the small-scale industries from the large and medium scale industries...

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Small Scale Industries

Small-Scale Industries in the Globalization Era: The case of Jordan Basem M. Lozi, Assistance Professor, Al-Balqa Applied University, basem_lozi@yahoo.com Abstract The research examines the role of SSI in the economic development of Jordan by showing the effects of the SSI on the unemployment rate, production, and sales. The research concludes with policy recommendations to ensure the sustained and competitive growth of small-scale industries in Jordan. The results of the study show that the growth...

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Entrepreneur and Small Scale Industries

and importance of the Study, statement of the problem, Methodology, sources of data, period of study and Limitations of the Study. ▪ The first chapter deals with the history of entrepreneurship in India and relevance of entrepreneurship in Kerala. ▪ Second Chapter deals with the importance of Small Scale Industries in Indian Economy. ▪ Third Chapter describes the contents of the Project report ▪ The last chapter presents the project report of a new concern CHAPTER –...

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small scale industry

Definition of small scale industry INTRODUCTION �        An organization can be classified as a small business using criteria of employees ,annual sales or total assets .small industry any independently owned and operated profit seeking enterprise that has a fewer than 500 employees .small industry may be little in size ,but they have little impact on the world economy . in india ,small and medium industy play a vital role in the growth of economy . Small industry have a 40 percent of share in...

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Small Scale Industries

Small Scale Industries Introduction The Ministry of Small Scale Industries (SSI) is a defunct Indian government ministry. It was merged with the Ministry of Agro and Rural Industries to form the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. The ministry was tasked with the promotion of micro and small enterprises (MSEs). The Ministry of Small Scale Industries and Agro and Rural Industries (SSI&ARI) was created in October 1999. In September 2001, the ministry was split into...

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Management of Small Scale Industries

MANAGEMENT OF SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES SYBMS A CONTENTS:- SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES SMALL INDUSTRIES DEVELOPMENT BANK OF INDIA (SIDBI) SSI 1: TAJ PAPER BOX SSI 2: NATIONAL DIARY SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES An industrial undertaking in which the investment in fixed assets in plant and machinery whether held on ownership terms on lease or on hire purchase does not exceed Rs 10 million is defined as a small scale industry or an SSI. There are different categories of industries that qualify...

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Swot of Small Car Industry

Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations – www.fadaweb.com India's Small Car Dream The term "small car" is both relative and subjective. A small car in the US or the Middle East is regarded as big in countries such as India and Indonesia. Within a particular country, too, the small car market has fairly heterogeneous products. While a car equipped with the latest technology such as the Suzuki Swift is a small car, the basic Nano, which is available at one-third the price of the Swift, also...

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Small Scale Industries

HOW TO START A SMALL SCALE INDUSTRY The steps involved in starting a small-scale industry are:- • Conduct Market Survey and Study the products as regards their demand in the market. Check whether it is a seasonal product or it has demand throught the year 1. Study similar products available in the market that can be probable competitors. Analyze them as regards their utility, quality and cost. 2. Find whether the product can be exported. 3. Explore the possibility whether some...

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Globalisation and Small Scale Industry

Chapter – VIII GLOBALISATION AND INDIAN SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIAL SECTOR Globalisation means gradual integration of economies through free movement of goods, services and capital which has significant impact on the economies of both developed and developing countries. Therefore, globalisation refers to a process of growing economic interdependence among different countries of the world. Thus, in the globalised era, the whole world is changing into a global village in the sense that economic activities...

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Solutions to the Problems of Small Scale Business

1 INTRODUCTION A small-scale business is a business that is privately owned and operated, with a small number of employees and relatively low volume of sales. In addition to number of employees, other methods used to classify small companies include annual sales (turnover), value of assets and net profit (balance sheet), alone or in a mixed definition. The smallest businesses, often located in private homes, are called micro businesses (term used by international organizations such as the World...

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History of the Computer Industry in America

 “The Computer” It’s History and Spot in American Society “The Computer” It’s History and Spot in American Society It is not very often that a new invention comes about and touches every aspect of our lives. Such a device that changes the way we work, live, and play is a special one, indeed. A machine that has done all this and more now exists in nearly every business in the U.S. and in one out of every two households. This incredible invention is the computer....

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Growth and Problem of Small Scale Industry

On Growth and Problem of small scale sectors Submitted To : | DR . S. Gupta | Submitted by : | Abdul Hamid | Small-Scale Industries of India Introduction The industrial policy Resolution of 1956, while emphasizing the role of cottage and small scale industries, stated: They provide immediate large scale employment, they offer a method of ensuring a more equitable distribution of National...

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Problems Faced by Small Scale Industries

209 CHAPTER – V PROBLEMS FACED BY SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES The development of small-scale industries is hampered by a diversity of problems. There are certain problems common to all types of cottage and small scale industrial units. In this context, the present chapter is devoted to a detailed study of the problems of the small-scale industrial sector. It also seeks to suggest remedial measures. The basic requirement for the industrial development of a region is the presence of entrepreneurship...

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Challenges face by Small Scale Industries

Adverse effects of economic reforms and globalization. 9) Other problems. Marketing problems of small scale industries Small scale units are exposed to numerous problems. Major problems faced by these units are concerning raw-material, labor financial and marketing. Problem of marketing is more complicated in case of small scale industries. These units are in no position to face the onslaught of large scale limits w.r.t., quantity quality and cost and at the same time are not in a position to assess...

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Research Proposal On Financing Small And Medium Scale Enterprise In Nigeria

Methods Of analysis SCope. And limitation Plan of study References AWE JUMOKE BOLANLE 2008/758 ECO. 312 ACCOUNTING Research proposal. On FINANCING SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE. INDUSTRIES IN NIGERIA PROJECT TOPIC  : FINANCING STRATEGIES FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE INDUSTRIES IN NIGERIA PROJECT PROPOSAL  INTRODUCTION Interest in the role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the development process continues to be in the forefront of policy debates in developing countries. The advantages...

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Globalisation and Small Scale Industries in India

Advanced Research in Management and Social Sciences ISSN: 2278-6236 GLOBALISATION AND SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES IN INDIA Dr. K. Rajan* INTRODUCTION Industrialisation is essential for the economic development of a nation and for industrialisation, the role of small-scale industries are more important than that of the large scale industries in underdeveloped countries like India. The role of small scale industries is crucial in reducing the problem of high unemployment prevalent in under developed...

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How Has Managerial Incompetence Contribute to Small Scale Enterprise in the Country

to the study 1 1.2 Problem Statement 3 1.3 Objectives of the Study 4 1.4 Research Questions 4 1.5 Significance of the study 4 1.6 Scope of the Study 4 1.7 Limitations 5 1.8 Organization of The Study 5 Chapter 2 6 2.1 Small Business Defined 6 2.2 Challenges of Small Business 6 References 8 1.0 Introduction Many businesses begin operations on a shoestring, and some entrepreneurs never seek bank loans or other outside funding. However, many new and established businesses lack the managerial...

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Pricing Strategies of Small Scale Industries

Pricing Strategies of Small Scale Industries With Reference to Mid Western Development Region of Nepal 1. General Introduction 1.1 Pricing Strategies In general terms price is a component of an exchange or transaction that takes place between two parties and refers to what must be given up by one party (i.e., buyer) in order to obtain something offered by another party (i.e., seller). Yet this view of price provides a somewhat limited explanation of what price means to participants in the transaction...

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Small Scale Project Format

PROJECT PROPOSAL FORMAT (Small Scale Projects) 1. PROGRAMME / PROJECT TITLE A brief title that characterises the project. 2. LOCATION / TARGET POPULATION The island atoll or region where the physical activities of the project are to be implemented. 3. IMPLEMENTING AGENCY The agency responsible for carrying out the project activities. 4. EXECUTING AGENCY The agency responsible for financial management and co-ordination of the project. 5. START DATE The expected start date of the project...

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history of the cattle industry

Marketing-Steve Wolf Optional Essay History of the Beef Cattle Market From the very beginning when settlers brought longhorn cattle to America, beef cattle have been a major source of protein in the United States. Cattle have always been a favorite of mine to work with, having worked on a successful beef farm for five years now. I wanted to explore the history of the market and how the market has gone from a farmer buying 600 cows for $5400 in 1867(history on the net), to now when that same amount...

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Has Heritage Turned History Into an Industry?

To what extent has the concept of ‘heritage’ turned history into entertainment for profit? Heritage is a concept many would associate with pride and a sense of patriarchal belonging, a topic that would evoke positive emotions and reactions. You may assume it comes with no negative connotations. It regards the things an individual, or a group of individuals inherit for the past. This could range from natural landforms or the inheritance of physical characteristics, to the inheritance of cultural...

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growth theory in small scale industry

1426509 Title of the proposed dissertation:- To evaluate the growth theory in a small scale family business. A case study on Udaya Group of Companies, Palakkad, Kerala, South India. Aims of the investigation:- 1] To evaluate the relevance of success of family business in Indian Scenario. 2] How to co-ordinate the two conflicting characteristics (Family and Business) 3] To have different strategies to take the small scale family business to the next level of High Net-worth Individual Entrepreneurship...

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Asscb Case Report- Small Package Delivery Industry

Introduction The small package express delivery industry is a complex competitive environment. The “Porter’s five forces” combined give the competing companies the possibility to make profits with a low risk of entry and a weak bargaining power of suppliers. The intense rivalry between them and the strong bargaining power of buyers has a negative impact over the prices, which can lower the companies’ revenues. The most interesting thing about this case was the struggle of the global delivery company...

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Economies of Scale

Economies of scale The long run – increases in scale A firm’s efficiency is affected by its size. Large firms are often more efficient than small ones because they can gain from economies of scale, but firms can become too large and suffer from diseconomies of scale. As a firm expands its scale of operations, it is said to move into its long run. The benefits arising from expansion depend upon the effect of expansion on productive efficiency, which can be assessed by looking at changes in average...

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History Of Water Industry In Malaysia

founded at the confluence of the Kelang and Gombak Rivers. Furthermore, the rivers in Malaysia supplied 97 percent of the country’s raw water. From the past 200 years, Malaysia has harnessed this abundant resource for agriculture and water supply to industries and homes, where consumers have the convenience of running water at the turn of a tap. The foundation for piped water supply was started by the British, after they had set themselves up in Penang, their first base in Malaysia. When the population...

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History of the Event Industry

Event essay (2350 words) Throughout the years the event industry has gained a major place in everyday life. From the first events of the 19th century, such as the Great Exhibition, to a 2012 music festival. The event industry has developed a huge help to our country’s economy. To the extent of which the “government is supporting and promoting events as part of their strategies for economic development” (Bowdin and Allen, 2006). There are several types of events. Nowadays, there is almost an event...

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Small Industry

SMALL -SCALE INDUSTRY Smallscale industries plays a key role in the industrialisation of a developing country .This is because they provide immediate large-scale employment and have a comparatively higher labour –capital ratio: they need a short gestation period and relatively smaller market to be economic; they need lower investments ,offer a method of ensuring a more equitable distribution of national income and facilitate an effective mobilization of resources of capital and skill...

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Industries in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) provides a package of services to private sector entrepreneurs in Bangladesh in the small and cottage industries sector. It was created through an Act of Parliament in 1957 which was later amended in 1992. BSCIC has developed a total of 74 industrial estates throughout the country to foster the growth of SCIs in a balanced manner and also construction works for good number of estates including special type like Tannery, API (Active Pharmaceutical...

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Beer Industry Oligopoly

Introduction The brewing industry was once held to competition among many breweries in small geographic areas. That was almost a century ago. The U.S. brewing industry today is characterized by the dominance of three brewers, which I will talk about in this paper. There are many factors today that make the beer industry an oligopoly. Such factors include various advancements in technology (packaging, shipping and production), takeovers and mergers, economies of scale, barriers to entry, high concentration...

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History of Retail Industry

Module 7 Research Paper Table of Contents History of Retail Industry ............................................................................................................3 Corporate Stakeholders ...............................................................................................................5 Role of Retail Industry in its social, economic, and political setting……….............................5 Domestic and International Ethics................................

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Handicraft Industry in Nepal

Term Paper On Handicraft Industry in Nepal Industrial Social Work Submitted by: Submitted to: Bikina Chhetri Kesh Malla 6th Semester Date: 1st October, 2010 Concept: Handicrafts are unique expressions that represent a culture, tradition and the heritage of a country. Nepal is well known...

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CHALLENGES AFFECTING THE GROWTH OF SMALL SCALE ENTERPRISES IN KENYA (A Case study of Wajir Soko Mjinga Market) A Research proposal Submitted in Partial Fulfillment for the Award of Diploma in Business Administaration to the Mount Kenya University JULY 2013 ACKNOWLEDGMENT I take this occasion to thank the Almighty GOD for blessing me with his grace. I extend my sincere gratitude to my MKU supervisors...

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Business Plan for Small Scale Mining in Sierra Leone

years our company has been closely following the Sierra Leanean diamond “Industry” if we can call it that. Sierra Leone is a small country in West Africa mainly known because of the bloody and vicious civill war which ended about 3 years ago. I have visited this country a few times – each time for a period of 1 month or more. During those vistts I tried to familiarize myself with the diamond and gold mining industry. During those visits – I have been in Freetown (the capital of Sierra Leone)...

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Apple Inc History and Industry

History We can glean Insight into the history and composition of the PC Industry from itseponymous title. In the late 1970s, as Wozniak and Jobs were starting Apple computer, personalcomputers were an emerging product.The following chart (Reimer) gives an overall view of themajor market players since the mid-1970s. By 1983, the market share of the Apple II fell to 8% while the PC had 26%.Marketshare of Macintosh peaked at slightly more than 10% in the early 1990s and has since tapered tobetween...

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History of the Retail Industry

1. Write the history of the retail industry chosen. JUSCO is the acronym for Japan United Stores Company, a chain of "general merchandise stores" (or hypermarket) and the largest of its type in Japan. The various JUSCO companies are subsidiaries of AEON Corporation Ltd. The JUSCO name was adopted in 1970 by a company originally founded as a kimono silk trader in 1758. Renamed AEONin 1989, it operates stores throughout Japan under JUSCO and other names and also has a presence in Malaysia, Hong Kong...

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Funding Small Scale Enterprises

Financing small scale business enterprises CHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACK GROUND OF THE STUDY Over the years, it has become fashionable for successive government to come up with one economic policy or the other in a bid to bring about improvement in the nation during her regime. The then military administrator in the year 1986 while in power introduced an economic program called Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) which was foisted on Nigerians as an alternative to IMF/World...

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History of China

China. Those who were successful were usually blessed with a Dynasty which lasted for a while. The Chinese have prospered and suffered. The ancient history of China reflects the beauty of Chinese ancient culture and morality. With more than 5000 years of history, China has a wonderful culture and splendid civilization. (History of China) China’s history is told in traditional historical records that take us back to the three sovereigns and five emperors about 5,000 years ago, enhanced by archaeological...

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performance and effectiveness of small and medium scale enterprises as an instrument of economic growth and development in Nigeria has long been under scrutiny. This intense scrutiny has been against the backdrop of the low performance and inefficiency that characterized small and medium scale enterprises particularly in assessing its role on economic growth and development. Despite government institutional and policies support to enhancing the capacity of small and medium scale enterprises, SMEs has fallen...

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Small Business Big Gains

Small is Profitable INDIAN EXPERIENCE :-- INDIA is predominantly an agricultural country. A proper development of small-scale industries is vital for the healthy growth of our Economy. Small business has played a very crucial role in transforming the Indian economy from a backward agrarian economy to its present stature. The country can profit by Japan’s bold experience in this direction, which has been spread over more than three decades. The small-scale sector has emerged as an engine of...

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small scale units

The Small Scale Industry is an enterprise whose employee count and revenue falls below certain levels. Small Scale Industries in India provide job opportunity to more than 65 million people. Internationally SMEs report for 98% of business statistics and are accountable for triggering originality and competition. Small scale industry in India is renowned for its socio economic growth factors and even industrial expansion. One of the unique features of small scale industry is that its growth has...

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Small Scale Compared to Large Scale

same end product, are done on a much larger scale in industry. The aspects they may differ in are equipment, time taken, and many other things. In this report I will explain how and why laboratory and industrial scale differ using the example of preparation of aspirin. The first difference is that instead of weighing the 2-hydroxybenzoic acid on scales on a work bench in a beaker as you would in small scale, it is easier and safer to weigh it onto scales, in a plastic bag on the floor. This is easier...

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Large and Medium Scale Business

Small Scale Business Small Scale Businesses help every economy to achieve industrial growth and industrial diversification. Small Scale Business Enterprises are mainly of four different categories: 1.Small Scale Industrial Undertaking A Business Enterprise will be called Small Scale Business Undertaking if Investment in Fixed Assets, in Plant and Machinery, whether held on Ownership basis or on Lease or on Hire Purchase does not exceed 10 million Rupees and it is in no way owned, controlled...

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Small Scale Reflections of a Great House

Ramanujan's poem, ‘Small Scale Reflections on a Great House', with it's antithetical title is a catalogue of memories combining comedy and pathos while bringing out the truth that life is a journey comprising o joy, sorrow, success, failure, good times and bad times all stored in one's memories The poem begins with the poet stating that the house retains everything that comes in. "Sometimes I think that nothing that ever comes into this house goes out." Trivial things that would come in would only...

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Danish Cheese Industry

Danish Cheese industry Introduction The danish cheese industry is not the most profitable out there. There is a small estimated growth of 2% for the next decade, nonetheless, it is vital for with the EU. I have found articles that date back to 1949 where the danish milk and cheese industry trades occur meaning that this industry has a long standing history, professionalism and know-how. Eight years ago during the Nordost Coppenhagen convention the following figures were given about the danish...

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The Cereal Industry

Executive Summary: The cereal market is a booming industry. It has been around for over one hundred years and continues to attract millions of customers’ everyday. The market structure of the cereal industry is an Oligopoly. This is because there are four large firms, Kellogg, General Mills, Post, and Quaker Oats, which dominate the industry. There are also a few small firms who are involved in the cereal industry as well. The cereal industry targets all different age groups from young kids to...

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Minimum Efficient Scale, Tarrifs of Automobile Industries

Box4.4 Case Studies and Applications p111-112 Minimum efficient scale 1) Why might a firm operating with one plant achieve MEPS and yet not be large enough to achieve MES? A firm that operates with one plant may only achieve minimum efficient plant size (MEPS) instead of minimum efficient scale (MES) in accordance to the size of the firm. This can be reasoned that the individual plant is not large enough comparing to a firm that operates with several plants. An individual factory can be categorized...

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 Types of Measurement Scales Marc Waters MKT/441 June 9, 2014 Cyndie Shadow Types of Measurement Scales Introduction For this week’s assignment, students are to select four types of types of measurement increasing order of sophistication; they are Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, and Ratio. These are categories in which numbers are grouped. This paper will also demonstrate how they can be effective in surveys or questionnaires. Nominal The number we assign to some object, idea, or...

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Integrated Circuits (Impact on Us History)

Andrew Miller History 1302 - LaCoco Monday, May 9, 2011 “Integrated Circuits” Gordon E. Moore, co-founder of Intel, noted in 1965 that the power of integrated circuits doubles every two years.[1] This, known as Moore’s Law, is the basis for what I believe to have had the most profound impact on American History. Without integrated circuits, culture changing devices such as the iPhone would not be possible. These circuits were created in 1958 by Jack Kilby, inventor of the hand-held...

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