• Reliance Telecom Analysis
    Contents History of the Industry 3 Shift in Trend toward Mobile Telephony 3 Reasons for Growth in Mobile Subscriber Base 4 Segmenting the Indian Mobile Consumer Market 5 Key Success Factors 7 Government Policies 9 Industry Structure 11 Financial Performance and Analysis 15 SWOT Analysis 1
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  • Reliance Telecom
    A Brief Study On “TELECOM SERVICES OF RELIANCE COMMUNICATION’’ PROJECT REPORT Submitted for Partial fulfillment for The Award of the Degree of Master of Business Administration (2007-2009) INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF BUSINESS & RESEARCH # 62B, ELECTRONIC CITY, PHASE-1, O
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  • history of warid telecom
     EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. Banking operations and services are one of the basic needs of an economy. These include acceptance of deposits and disbursement of advances to individuals and others at higher rates. Banks perform various fundamental factions, which are directly or indirectly...
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  • Report on Telecom Services in Reliance
    Brief Study On “TELECOM SERVICES OF RELI NCE COMMUNICATION’’ PROJECT REPORT Submitted for Partial fulfillment for the Award of the Degree of BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (2007 – 2010) INTERNET INSTITUTE FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION Kanchana Bihari Marg, Kalyanpur, LUCK
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  • History Telecom
    history Telecom in the real sense means the transfer of information between two distant points in space. The popular meaning of telecom always involves electrical signals and as a result, people often exclude postal or any other raw telecommunication methods from its meaning. Therefore, the histo
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  • History of Telecom Industry
    History of the Telecom Industry • 1851 First operational land lines were laid by the government near Calcutta (seat of British power) • 1881 Telephone service introduced in India • 1883 Merger with the postal system • 1923 Formation of Indian Radio
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  • Indian Telecom Industry - Microeconomic Perspective
    CONTENTS 1. Acknowledgement 2. Introduction a. Overview of the Industry b. Timeline of the Indian Telecom Market 3. Market Structure: Present Scenario and Competitive Environment a. Barriers to Entry in a telecom market b. Overview of Market Structure and Evolution c. Universal Service Obl
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  • Reliance
    RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LIMITED ……..Where growth is a way of life Date: 27/6/2008 Ankit Kumar Sawai The Reliance Group of industries has acquired a leading role in the sphere of Indian industry through the dint of its ability to develop latent demand among the public and maintaining its pre
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  • Telecom Industry in India
    Introduction to Telecommunication Industry Indian Telecom Industry The Indian Telecommunications has more than with 225 million telecom subscribers. Today, it is the fastest growing market in the world and represents unique opportunities for U.S. companies in the stagnant global scenario. Ev
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  • Telecom
    HISTORY OF TELECOMMUNICATION IN INDIA In 1880, two telephone companies namely, “The Oriental Telephone Company Limited” and “The Anglo-Indian Telephone Company Limited” had moved to the Government of India with a vision to establish Telephone Exchanges all across the country. Initially th
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  • Telecom Annual Report
    telecom corporation of new zealand annual report for the year ended 30 june 2008 annualreport.telecom.co.nz/2008 k ey fac t S an d fi G u r e S our numBerS A team of We’re committed to enabling the delivery of broadband connections between 9,000 80% of New Zealanders by 2011
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  • Telecom
    A dream come true The Late Dhirubhai Ambani dreamt of a digital India — an India where the common man would have access to affordable means of information and communication. Dhirubhai, who single-handedly built India’s largest private sector company virtually from scratch, had stated as early
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  • Analysis of Distribution Channel of Reliance Communications
    Table of contents | Chapter Name : Chapter No: | |Executive Summary 07
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  • Hr in Reliance
    Preface “In my book, we have no greater asset than the quality of our intellectual capital, and no greater priority than the growth and retention of our vast pool of talent” Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Mr. Ambani meant the above mentioned words said by him, and his priorities, intellectual resou
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  • Telecom
    Introduction Telecom Industry Telecommunications is a basic infrastructure along with power and transportation and is thus recognized as the means for accelerating the economic growth in all the regions including remote and inaccessible areas in the country. It has become especially important in
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  • Telecom
    | | | |EXECUTIVE SUMMARY | | |
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  • Reliance Powre Limited
    Annual Report 2008-09 Power Profile Reliance Power Limited (RPower) is a part of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, one of the India’s largest business houses. RPower is engaged in the development, construction and operation of power generation projects with a combined planned capa
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  • Telecom Operators
    Marketing Management-I Submitted To- Dr. Ashwini Awasthi Group-12 Industry- TELECOM OPERATOR Service- Sim card Connection Submitted by- Ujjawal Parmar (101356) Vinesh Goel (101357) Pratik Bhatt (101358) Nihit Kshtriya (101359) Tanvee Singhal (101360) INISTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT NIRM
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  • Reliance Communication
    A Project report On “Study on different plans of Reliance Net Connect and which is the best selling Plan” SESSION: 2009-2011 Guided by: - Submitted by:- Dr. Sachin Mittal Rohan Ahuja MBA-IIISemester (MM) CERTIFICATE OF FACULTY GUIDE
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  • Reliance at a Glanc
    1. TELECOM INDUSTRY [pic] The telephone subscriber base in India has crossed 200 million. The GSM has more than half of this subscriber base - that is 115.3 million. Total subscriber base (mobile and fixed) of CDMA (code division multiple access) mobile group is has already c
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