• Nestle History
    Background Nestlé Company had started off from a single man's idea, and developed into a giant corporation. In 1866 Henri Nestlé, a pharmacist, developed a milk food formula for infants who were unable to tolerate their mother milk (Nestle.com). His product became a success, and it created a dema
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  • Capital Markets of Philippines. Hongkongs V
    I. Overview of the Hong Kong Capital Market Located in the heart of Asia, Hong Kong positioned itself to be a major international financial center of the continent. Its capital market is comprised of integrated network of institutions and markets which provide a wide range of products and servic
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  • History of Coffee
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  • Philippines -- Region 7
    Region VII - Central Visayas [pic] Table of Contents Introduction of the Whole Region I. Provinces
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  • Food in Philippines
    Food so exotic, so different, so tasty! In the Philippines, food is a serious pastime. Most countries have a culture which is eating three times a day from a clearly defined menu. But in the Philippines, the rules are different. Beside the normal three meals a day, there is also merienda....
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