• Psychology
    Polytechnic University of the Philippines College of Arts DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY Manila GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY (PSYC 1013) Course Description: This course has a broad coverage of the conceptual and empirical foundations of psychology in its main fields. The discussion of the theories, c
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  • General Psychology
    Lecture in General Psychology The Science of Psychology Psychology is derived from the Greek words psyche and logos, meaning soul and study. To the Greek, Psychology is simply a study of the soul. Psychology is defined as the scientific study of the behavior of living organisms, with specia
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  • Pepsi Cola Philippines Feasibility Study
    Trucking Business Plan Project/Business Introduction Pepsi Cola Products Philippines, Inc. Company Overview We are the BEVERAGE COMPANY OF CHOICE - preferred by customers, trade partners, investors & employees of the Philippines. As such, we continuously delight them by offering quality
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  • psychology
    CHAPTER I DISCOVERING PSYCHOLOGY DEFINITION AND RELEVANCE OF PSYCHOLOGY The word psychology was derived from two Greek words, psyche (soul) and logos (study), or “study of the soul”. Formally defined, psychology is the scientific study of thought and behavior. Psychology...
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  • Historical Dictionary of the Fashion Industry
    F ashion HISTORICAL DICTIONARY OF THE INDUSTRY FRANCESCA STERLACCI and JOANNE ARBUCKLE HISTORICAL DICTIONARIES OF PROFESSIONS AND INDUSTRIES Edited by Jon Woronoff 1. Japanese Business, by Stuart D. B. Picken, 2007. 2. Fashion Industry, by Francesca Sterlacci and Joanne Arbuckle, 2008.
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  • Reaction Paper in Psychology
    Cooperation and Competition In some situations, cooperation is dominant, whereas in others, competition is. Factors such as personalities of the individuals, volume of communication, size of the group, and reciprocity of actions determine whether individuals compete or cooperate in a social situa
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  • Isp in the Philippines
    An ISP (Internet service provider) is a company that provides individuals and other company’s access to the Internet and other related services such as Web site building and virtual . An ISP has the equipment and the telecommunication line access required to have a point-of-presence  on the In
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  • Research for Seafarers Contribution to the Economic Growth of the Philippines
    Chapter I INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The role of a yaya in today’s world is a great deal different. Mothers’ today maintain the ultimate authority and control over how their children are cared for by the nanny. Modern living requires long hours of social activities of parents or
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  • psychology
    STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM: 1. What are the changes occurs in an individual in the stage of development in terms of 1.1 Physical 1.2 Emotional 1.3 Social 1.4 Mental 2. How to classify Human Development in terms of 1.1 Physical 1.2 Emotional 1.3 Social 1.4 Mental 3. The Five...
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