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Henry Murray

Introduction Henry Alexander Murray was an American psychologist whose most significant contribution to the science was the development of personality theory based on ‘need' and ‘press.' For more than thirty years the scientist taught at Harvard University in Boston, MA. In addition, he took part in founding the Boston Psychoanalytic Society which today boasts over 130 professional members throughout various psychoanalytic fields. Murray is also the one to have developed a Thematic Apperception...

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Henry A. Murray: The Thematic Apperception Test

Henry A. Murray: The Thematic Apperception Test R.F Molloy College Henry A. Murray: The Thematic Apperception Test In reading 36, from the book “Forty studies that changed Psychology: Explorations into the history of Psychological Research” by Roger R. Hock, Henry A. Murray is introduced as a Psychotherapist who creates a method of testing a person’s personality and subconscious, thoughts, desires, and fantasies; otherwise known as a “projective” test (Hock, R). Murray and his partner, Christiana...

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henry murray

Henry Murray:Personology Biography Henry Alexander Murray Birthdate: May 13, 1893 Birthplace: New York City Wife: Josephine Rantaul (an heiress to the Duport Family Fortune in 1916) had a one daughter born in 1921. Death: June 23, 1988 Age(95) Cause of Death: Pneumonia Timeline 1915- Received his education at Groton School and Harvard College, securing his A.B. major in History. 1919- Following graduation from Harvard he enrolled in the Columbia College of Physicians...

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Judith Murray

Judith Sargent Murray Judith Sargent Murray was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts on May 1st, 1751. She grew up to be an American advocate to women's rights as well as a famous poet and writer. Judith lived in the time where women were not equal to men and did not have the same opportunities. Growing up, she watched her brother become well educated and she as well wanted to learn everything, but her parents refused to bring her up in the same way they did their son (Wikipedia). Women's voices were...

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Murray Darling Basin

1. Describe the geographical location of the area you have chosen as the case study. Include data about area, population, states/territories, rivers/wetlands, climate and land use. The Murray Darling Basin is a large geographical area that is of national significance both socially, culturally, economically and environmentally. It covers 1,061,469 square kilometers in area, which is about one-seventh of Australia’s total land mass and is home to over 2 million people. The Basin sits at the south-east...

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Geography Report; Murray-Darling River Basin

fishing, and introduction of exotic species, infrastructure development and pollution (W WF Global, 2004-2006). The purpose of this report is to investigate and explore the ongoing situation of the Murray Darling River Basin. The aim of this report is to identify the specific circumstances of the Murray-Darling River Basin and investigate the causes, effects and management of environmental issues occurring. 3.0 Methodology In order to complete this report a number of sources are going to be examined...

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Joseph Henry

Joseph Henry Joseph Henry lived from 1797 to 1878. Of Scottish decent, Henry was a son of a day laborer in Albany, New York. He was sent to live with his grandmother as a small boy in a village about 40 miles from Albany. At the age of thirteen, be became apprenticed to a watchmaker. He then became interested in theatre and was offered employment as a professional actor, but instead he attended Albany Academy where he was provided with free tuition. He has always been interested in science...

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Henry Ford

AUTOMOBILES: THE TUNRING POINT OF THE EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY Henry Ford was a man of great intelligence who had an impression that is still lingering today. The creation of the assembly line provided for technological, and economical expansion. The price of cars had lowered greatly from the increase in efficiency. Average People were now able to drive openly and freely with friends since the majority of people could now afford cars. Then creation of the modern car was something that did...

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Henry Patrick

April 8, 2013 Patrick Henry is not a very well know man today. When you ask people about him no one even knows who he was or what he did for America. In this parer hopefully you will learn more about who Patrick Henry was and see the important that he played in America history. Patrick Henry was born in Hanover Country, Virginia on May 29, 1736. He was born to John and Sarah Winston Henry. He was a figure of American’s struggles for liberty and self-government. Henry was a lawyer, planter, speaker...

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Henry Ford

The Leadership of Henry Ford "The great need of the world has always been for leaders. With more leaders we could have more industry. More industry, more employment and comfort for all." –Henry Ford Introduction Henry Ford was the creator of one of the largest automobile manufacturing companies, influencing society in a number of ways and forever changing the face of the auto industry. One of the reasons for his success was the high priority he placed on his employees’ satisfaction. While Ford...

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Henry Hudson

project is Henry Hudson. I bet your wondering who he is. I will tell you who he is and what he did. Henry Hudson was a great navigator and an early European explorer. Everyone believed that he was born between 1570 and 1575, in England and died after June 22 1611 (forty six years when he died). Henry Hudson lived in London with his wife Katherine and his three sons named John, Oliver, and Richard. Henry Hudson had four other brothers named Christopher, Thomas, John and Edward. Henry Hudson is best...

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Henry Morgan

19 July, 2013 The Early Tales of Captain Morgan (Privateer) Henry Morgan was born in Llanrhymney in Glamorganshire, now known as Welsh England, in 1635. (Carse 146) “Although there is no mention of Morgan in historical record until 1665, it is generally accepted that Morgan came to Jamaica in 1658.” (Schofield ) He was the oldest son of Robert Morgan, who was a prosperous farmer. He came from a famous family of professional soldiers. Carse states on page 146 that, “Schooling was no more for him...

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Henry A. Murray Personology

Henry A. Murray: Personology Personology is the science of people. It is used to interpret and organize the lives of humans. The central ideas of the science must be to "understanding of what we mean by the concept "person," and for development of methods of understanding the lives of persons as the "long unit for psychology"" (Barresi & Juckes 1988 pg 1). It is important to take accounts when studying personology from first person perspective instead of a third person perspective. Henry A. Murray...

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Henry Clay

Henry Clay: A Rising Nation: At the Center of It All Strati Young History 2010 Dr Dixon 10 Nov 2010 Many great men have been credited with helping America transform from a fledgling group of colonies, trying to assert the independence won from the British, to a “real” nation capable of holding its own on stage in the changing world of the 19th century. For most non-historians, the names of the Presidents during that era like Jefferson, Madison, Quincy-Adams and Jackson would almost...

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Henry Ford Henry Ford was one of America’s greatest businesspersons, the founder of Ford Motor Company and the man largely responsible for mass production in the American economy. This achievement led Ford to becoming a rich and famous man. Ever since Ford was a child, he had a dream to become an engineer and to manufacture cars. He began to pursue his dream when he introduced the Assembly line, by breaking down production into simple tasks. He lowered the skill level needed to work in a factory...

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Henry Lawson

use narrative to involve the responder in a range of experiences. Storytellers use narrative techniques to establish a setting and shape the characters personality. This is shown in Henry Lawson’s short stories the drover’s wife and the loaded dog as well as Roger hargreaves picture book little miss sunshine. Henry Lawson’s the drovers wife, explores the perspicacity of the bush heroine with the use of a narrator. The narrators’ avoidance of using a name for the drover’s wife prevents the responder...

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Henry Ford

Although automobiles existed before Henry Ford created his model, he was still a great influence on the country. Ford Motor Company was established in 1905 and "by 1929, half of all Americans owned a car" (Foner, 612). One of the most important thing that Ford had done was adopt the moving assembly line in 1913. This contributed to more people owning cars, which in turn stimulated the economy and increased the need for supplies. Spurring consumerism within the nation, Henry Ford and the automobile were...

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Henry Purcell

Henry Purcell is seen as one of the greatest composers of the Baroque period and one of the greatest of all English composers. His earliest surviving works date from 1680 and show a complete command of musical composition. They include some fantasias for viols, masterpieces of contrapuntal writing, and more contemporary sonatas for violins, which reveal some acquaintance with Italian models. Purcell, in his time, became increasingly in demand as a composer, and his theatre music in particular made...

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O. Henry

O. Henry Unpredictability is a coveted aspect in any author’s work. No matter how action-packed or descriptive a writer is, without a touch of surprise, his work is useless. This was no problem for O. Henry. The famous short story author’s intimate relationship with erratic plot twists came from the roller coaster of a life he led. His twist endings combined in his stories with clever, lighthearted irony that brought humor to otherwise not as humorous topics. This sense of humor was ever constant...

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Henry Ford

Henry Ford 1863-1947 American industrialist and essayist. One of the most esteemed figures in American industry, Henry Ford is credited with devising and implementing the continuous assembly line, thus making possible the era of mass-production, mass-marketing, and the modern, consumer society. Ford's efforts are additionally thought to have shaped American culture in the early twentieth century, tremendously speeding the process of urbanization by making the automobile available to the middle...

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Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger Table of Contents I. Biography A. Early Years B. Years following US Citizenship C. Washington Career II. Awards, Honors, Associations and Memoirs III. Memorable Quotes IV. References I. Biography Henry Kissinger was born as Heinz Alfred Kissinger on May 27, 1923, in Fürth, Germany. Kissinger's mother, Paula Stern, came from a relatively wealthy and prominent family, and his father, Louis Kissinger, was...

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Henry Mintzberg

Henry Mintzberg Born 1939; educator Education: McGill University; MIT. Career: Worked for Canadian National Railways 1961-1963; later he was visiting professor at a number of universities and business schools; President of Strategic Management Society 1988-91; consultant to a large number of organizations; visiting professor at INSEAD; director of the Center for Strategy Studies in Organizations at McGill University; professor at McGill The work of Canadian Henry Mintzberg counters much...

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Henry IV

Henry V Henry is a leader that grows throughout the play to become an excellent inspirational leader. His leadership is shown by the calmness, clarity and most of all the confidence he shows in leading his men. He focuses on his strength as an orator inspire his men to greatness. His influentence as a storyteller allows his men to envision the future. He uses motivation versus measurable goals. In today’s society many leaders should look to motivating versus measurable goals. If the goal...

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Henry The Navigator In The Age Of Exploration

Henry the Navigator in the Age of Exploration Prince Henry was born in Portugal in 1394. He was the third son of King John I. In the year of 1415, Henry helped his two brothers attack the port of Ceuta in Morocco. This inspired him to explore the unknown of South Africa. In the Algarve, Henry constructed his own school of navigation on a promontory called Sagres that juts out into the sea between Cape St. Vincent and Lagos bay. Prince Henry set up this school, so that there would be a place where...

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visions of grandeur: henry Ford

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to analyze the founder of the Industrial revolution in the United States. The choice for Henry Ford ‘s character was based on his Compliance authority leadership style that has developed America to the lean industrial and consumer based nation it is today. Ford’s vision of manufacturing and technical background has revolutionized manufacturing and leadership. Henry's strengths and weaknesses in his leadership style really develop the nation and destroy his...

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Sir Henry Morgan

Sir Henry Morgan Sir Henry Morgan was a Welsh privateer, pirate, and admiral of the English Royal Navy. He made a name for himself during the activities in the Caribbean. Primarily, he earned a reputation as one of the most notorious and successful privateers in history. He also became known as one of the most ruthless among those active along the Spanish Main. Henry morgan was the eldest son of Robert Morgan, a farmer living in Rhymney, situated on the Rhymney River, in south-east Wales, within...

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O Henry

O. Henry William Sydney Porter (September 11, 1862 – June 5, 1910), known by his pen name O. Henry, was an American writer. O. Henry's short stories are known for their wit, wordplay, warm characterization and clever twist endings. Biography Early life William Sidney Porter was born on September 11, 1862, in Greensboro, North Carolina. He changed the spelling of his middle name to Sydney in 1898. His parents were Dr. Algernon Sidney Porter (1825–88), a physician, and Mary Jane Virginia Swaim...

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O Henry

Edgar Allen Poe, William Sydney Porter (known as O Henry) is the most read author in the world and bears the title of « master of the short story ». He has been called many things. Some people have called him the twentieth-century Balzak. Some have called him the American Maupassant because of his so well made surprising endings. The short story is the one fundamental and self-contained genre in American prose fiction, and the stories of O. Henry certainly made their appearance in consequence of...

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The Flivver King: Henry Ford

The Flivver King: A Story of Ford America In the early 1900’s Henry Ford developed the idea of “a wagon that will run without a horse”.1 This idea and Ford’s success changed America and its people forever. The development of the automobile played a tremendous role in the economy, labor unions and society. Generally, when most people think of Henry Ford they reflect upon his wealth and contributions to the transportation industry as an infinitely positive phenomenon. It is thought that aside...

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The Prince vs. Henry V

The Prince vs. Henry V A comparison of attributes After reading Machiavelli’s The Prince and watching Shakespeare’s Henry V in class, one begins to notice similarities between the authors’ idea of what a “perfect king” should be. The patterns between the ideal ruler of Shakespeare and the ideal ruler of Machiavelli can be seen in numerous instances throughout this story. For the duration of this essay, I will compare the similarities in both pieces to give the reader a better understanding...

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Trial of Henry Kissinger

2012 Kissinger’s Offenses The book the Trial of Henry Kissinger was written by Christopher Hitchens, a political opponent of Henry Kissinger. He is considered to be a pretty controversial figure because of his confrontational type of debate. He is considered a political observer, polecemist, and a self-proclaimed left -winged radical. He can be remembered for being a critic of Henry Kissinger, Mother Theresa and Bill Clinton. The Trial of Henry Kissinger took a long time for the author to write...

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Comparing Henry V

Different Stories The play, Henry V is set in England. It is based around the battle of Agincourt. Olivier and Branagh both made film versions of this play which are completely different from each other. The portrayal of King Henry the V differed in ways that had to do with the time period in which the film was made, and also how the way theatrically the film was presented. Olivier had a glamorous, heroic, and positive attitude towards war. In this film, King Henry is seen as a heroic figure....

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The Success Story of Henry Ford

The Success Story of Henry Ford Henry Ford’s contribution as a leader can be best summed up by the following quote: “I will build a motorcar for the great multitude,” (Brainy, 2001). He didn’t invent the assembly line; he innovated it. He enabled cars to be manufactured at a lower cost so that the average person could purchase one rather than just the rich. With this goal in mind, 55% of all cars at the time were Henry’s Model T (Interesting, 2008). This revolutionized the automobile...

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Studying Notes

evident within the flow of the river. The Chowilla region has one lock located within the reserve, lock 6. A lock is a rectangular chamber which has gates at each end. Locks allow boats to shift from one water level to another. Each lock in the Murray River system has different water levels. The different water levels are they to control the flow, amount of water used for irrigation and preventing wasted water in an event of a flood. When the gates close they form a ‘V’ which is against the current...

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Henry T. Ford: A Biography

Henry T. Ford (1863-1947) Henry Ford once said: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether this happens at twenty or at eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young”. - Henry Ford Henry T. Ford, pioneering automotive engineer, is mostly credited forinventing the automobile. The fact is he did not, he...

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The Real Henry Ford

Today, when we remember Henry Ford we think of a hero; a man so creative and inventive that some of us could only hope to ascend his level of integrity. But these attributes can only be viewed in our history books. In the beginning Ford was of course everything we have learned about but as he grew older, as the company matured, his mood became austere and bitter. There, as most see it, is always room for improvement. But when possible enhancements to his automobiles presented themselves, Ford...

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A Biography of Henry Ford

A Biography of Henry Ford Henry Ford was an American industrialist, best known for his pioneering achievements in the automobile industry. From humble beginnings he was able to create a company that would rank as one of the giants of American and World industry long after his death. There is no doubt that Henry Ford was a successful business man. The Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford's legacy, has left its mark on every continent in the world. However, Ford didn't gain his success solely on his...

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henry VIII

Henry VIII was born in 28 June 1491 at Greenwich Palace as a third child and second son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York.  Not much is known about his early life – save for his appointments – because he was not expected to become king. In 1502, Arthur, his older brother, died at the age od 15, after 20 weeks od marriage to Catherine of Aragon, the youngest surviving child of King Ferdinand II Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castile. Arthur's death thrust all his duties upon his younger brother...

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Henry Ford, hero or villain

Henry Ford, Hero or Villain? Henry Ford spent his childhood growing up on a farm located outside of Detroit, his father wanted him to grow up and become a farmer however Ford had other ideas and whilst he was at the far he studied engineering and by 17 he had left the farm and went to Detroit to study engineering. Ford eventually invented the Model T, a car which was cheap so it enabled people who weren’t normally allowed the luxury to drive to be able to have their own car and take their families...

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Advanced Theories Paper

 Catherine Ashby COUN 635: Advanced Theories Dr. Geri Glover 7/25/09 Murray Bowen is one of the founding fathers of family systems theory. He even coined the term “family systems”. His career began at the Menninger Clinic working with families of people with schizophrenia. He was the first therapist to look at the individual’s development in the context of family relationships. Bowen believed that family members adopt certain behaviors and patterns for those behaviors based...

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congressional letter

Washington, DC 20515 Dear Representative: Robert Turner It saddened me to hear that a few months ago a bill to assist veterans in finding jobs, in which their military skills would be utilized, was voted down in Senate. Sponsored by Senator Patty Murray, "Veterans Jobs Corps Act of 2012", was thought to be a sure pass. The vote was 58-40; only 2 more votes were needed to pass this bill. This bill was effectively killed on the Senate floor by the Republican party on September, 19, 2012. The "Veterans...

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Research Paper Henry Ford

Daniel Rodriguez English 10 Mrs. Toman March 29, 2011 Research Paper: Henry Ford Imagine how life would be if our society did not have cars. Today, our society is dependent on cars for our daily routines. From transporting our food, clothes, and technology to just going to the store across the street, cars are a very important part of our society. In the 19th century, only the wealthy and upper middle class had access to automobiles, and they only used cars for fancy transportation...

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Henry Moore

through the body, by which means Moore explores and alternates concave and convex shapes. These more extreme piercings developed in parallel with Barbara Hepworth's sculptures.[38] Hepworth first pierced a torso after misreading a review of one of Henry Moore's early shows. The painted plaster Reclining Figure (1951) outside the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, is characteristic of Moore's later sculptures: an abstract female figure intercut with voids. There are several bronze versions of this sculpture...

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Henry VIII

Henry VIII was born on June 28th 1491, in Greenwich Palace, London. He was the second son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. Henry VIII came to the throne on the June 24th 1509, after his father’s death. Almost 18 at the time, Henry was interested in sport, dancing and feasting, than he was in governing his country. He left most of his ruling to his advisor, Cardinal Thomas Wosley. Henry’s reign was often overshadowed by his six marriages, as he hoped to have a male heir. His greatest achievements...

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Industrial Management

objective in mind that I want to pursue masters in Murray State university. In choosing Murray state university as the University of my Choice, I've looked carefully at the faculty and the available infrastructure; I also believe that I have better chances of updating my knowledge at your university. This program provides me the kind of exposure needed to broaden my thinking and undo my insular prejudices that might be still prevalent in me. In Murray State University people from every culture, nationality...

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Henry 8

Do you agree with the view that the main reasons for Henry's failure to obtain the annulment of his marriage in the years 1525-29 was the determined opposition of Katherine of Aragon? Within the years of 1525-29 Henry failed to obtain an annulment of his marriage, it was suggested that the main reason for this failure was because of the determined opposition of Katherine of Aragon however it is also argued that other factors such as the pope keeping peace between England and Spain as well as...

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The Life of Henry Knox

The life of Henry Knox Early Life Henry Knox was born on July 25, 1750 in Boston, Massachusetts. He was the seventh of ten children to William Knox and Mary Knox. In 1759 William Knox a migrant captain died at the age of fifty after suffering financial difficulties. Three years after the death of his father and at the age of twelve, Henry Knox was forced to leave the “Boston Latin Grammar school” and went to work to support his family. He was hired as a apprentice to a bookseller were...

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Henry Morgentaler and Abortion

At 82 years old, Henry Morgentaler is still Canada’s most visible pro-choice activist of the last four decades. Despite his age he is still as passionate and committed to his cause as he was in the 1960s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s – giving Canadian women access to safe and legal abortions. Confrontation with authority is familiar to Morgentaler. His journey to earn the title as the country’s best known abortion provider was unlikely, but expected considering the early traumatic experiences which led him...

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Henry The Eight

What was the relationship between Henry VIII's desire to divorce Catherine of Aragon and the onset of the English Reformation? Henry's move to reform the Church in England began with his desire to divorce Queen Catherine, who had not borne him any surviving male children. Henry wished to remarry with the young Anne Boleyn, but to do that he needed a dispensation from the Pope to declare the marriage with Catherine null and void. Since Henry had received a dispensation to marry Catherine in the...

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The Character of Henry Ford

Character of Henry Ford Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863, and grew up on his family's prosperous farm in Springwells Township. He was an American automobile engineers and entrepreneurs, founded ford motor company. He was also the first man to organize the work of the assembly-line and in an efficient way. His mode of production make cars a kind of public products, it not only revolution the way of industrial production, but also have a significant impact to the social and culture. Henry ford...

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Henry V

How do two of the set speeches represent Henry V's unique qualities that make him the ideal king? Henry V’s qualities as an ideal king are represented significantly in both his speech of “The Gates of Harfleur” and “Before the gates of Harfleur, Addressing the governor”. In both of these speeches Shakespeare has portrayed Henry V with a king like nature, conveying that possess the unique qualities that is needed to be successful king. In the first speech he evens the social status, exclaiming that...

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Henry VIII

Henry VIII Henry VIII’s decision to split with the Roman Catholic faith strengthened England and enabled it to become the leading and powerful country it is today and has been for five hundred years. His breach with the Roman Catholic Church, defied the greatest power of Europe, but in doing so he laid the foundation for England’s strength and self reliance. Henry started a new denomination, which separated England from Europe ideologically and politically. This isolation forced England to defend...

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Henry Sy Success Story

------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Introduction Henry Sy, Sr. (Chinese: 施至成; pinyin: Shī ZhìChéng; born December 25, 1924) is a Chinese Filipino businessman and the founder and chairman of SM Prime Holdings, the largest retailer and shopping mall operator in the Philippines. He earned his Associate of Arts degree in Commercial Studies at Far Eastern University in 1950. Acknowledged as the country’s "Retail King," he has come a...

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Henry VIII

The Six Wives of Henry VIII The English king Henry VIII is famous for many things: the Reformation, when he separated the English Church from Roman Catholic Church; the closing of the monasteries and persecution of non-conformists; being a great jouster and general sportsman of his time; and in later years feasting himself to humongous proportions. However, he is probably best remembered for having six wives. Each was very different, and each made her own indelible mark on English history. The...

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Shakespeare's Portrayal of Kingship in Henry V

Explore Shakespeare’s portrayal of Kingship in Henry V Shimon G.Forsyth The Play Henry V explores many ideas and themes surrounding the role of kingship. Written by William Shakespeare it is obvious that many of the same ideologies and views Shakespeare shared about the monarch have evidently been placed in the Play. Academic alike agree that Shakespeare is an ingenious writer an intellectual. Author Francis Meres singled him out from a group of English writers as "the most excellent" in both...

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Henry Ford's Efficiency Wages

production, wages are one of the most fundamental expenses incurred by firms. The efficiency wage hypothesis states that “the productivity of workers is affected by the wage rate that they receive” (Sloman 2006, G:5). Essentially the introduction of Henry Ford’s “5 dollar-a-day” employee wage structure evidently proved this theorem correct, with empirical evidence. The idea behind Ford’s supracompetitive (Raff and Summers 1987, s 58) wages must be critically evaluated and analyzed. This essay will briefly...

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Realism and Henry James

been "exposed as an insidious agent of the capitalistic-imperialistic-bourgeois hegemony" . The advent of realism was much appreciated by writers everywhere for it was a response to the changing cultural needs. William Dean Howells, Mark Twain and Henry James are few of the pioneers of American realism. With time, Howells abandoned the idea of the past and worked solely in the representation of American life. Twain, however, was in a limbo between his bonds with the past and a promise to the present...

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Terminal Illness Impact on Family Functioning and Bowenian Therapy

(Barker, 1999. p.155). Families create patterns that are passed on from grandparents to parents and from parents to children. These become the traditions and part of the value systems that are instilled in the lives of all that are involved. Murray Bowen developed his views of theory pertaining to family systems theory. His view is a theory of human behavior that views the family as an emotional unit and uses systems thinking to describe the complex interactions in the unit. (www.thebowencenter...

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Catch the mighty Murray cod by Murray cod lures

A Murray cod is a fish which is frequently found in Australia, especially in the fresh waters. It is a predatory fish which contributes to the Australian marine wildlife. It is the largest freshwater fish in Australia and among the largest in the world. The Murray cod fish is a heavy fish. It can be more than one meter in length and the largest Murray cod fish which has been recorded till date was around 1.8 meters in length and as heavy as 113 kg in weight!!! Because of the size and weight of these...

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Belonging - Rainbow's End

pride and determination are needed. Nan Dear of Rainbow’s End maintains this resilience by retaining her affiliation with the people of the Murray River as well as her close connection with her land. She demonstrates this through her use of colloquial yet highly modal language and the possessive first person pronoun ‘my’ in the line; “My birth certificate says ‘Murray River.’ Born there and, by crikey, I’m gunna go back and die there.” Nan Dear is well aware of the inequities arising from her Aboriginal...

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