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Hcs 446

This work of HCS 446 Week 2 Environmental Impact Outline comprises: ADA Guidelines Health Care - General Health Care Resource: Environmental Impact Outline document on the student website Develop an outline for hazardous waste management, fire and safety management, disaster management, security management, or ADA guidelines for a renovation or new planning of a health care facility. Each team is assigned a different area so there is no duplication. The outline will...

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HC 446 Week 3 Facility Planning Part II

This archive file comprises HCS 446 Week 3 Facility Planning - Part II General Questions - General General Questions Resource: Facility Planning – Part II located on the student Website Write a 1,050- to 1,450-word paper that includes the following elements: Regulatory requirements and their effect on the design and equipment Color selection implications and noise issues List of the type of equipment needed Electronic items needed Examination of budget...

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HC 446 Week 3 DQs

In this pack of HCS 446 Week 3 DQs you will find the next information: DQ 1: Differentiate (i.e. compare and contrast) between regulations and accreditation standards, how do each effect design decisions? DQ 2: If the site selected for your new healtHCSare facility is not zoned for that purpose, what are your options? General Questions - General General Questions HCS 446 Entire Course / Facility Planning   The earlier you register for your college classes, the better. Waiting too long...

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HCS 446 Week 1 Facility Planning Part I

 Facility Planning Part I Carrie "Shellie" Cobbs Facility Planning HCS 446 Terrie Rill August 10, 2014 Facility Planning Part I Designing a facility and the departments contained within it is a daunting task in the beginning. Research and planning are key steps that must be well thought out and executed for the most return on the space. Space is a high premium for hospital organizations that are looking to expand their impact on the community they serve. Whether the organization is looking...

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HCS 446 week 3 Facility Planning Part II

 Facility Planning-Part II Carrie "Shellie" Cobbs Facility Planning HCS 446 Terrie Rill August 23, 2014 Facility Planning-Part II Human factors are a serious reason to approach building design from several different angles. Understanding regulatory requirements will help the planning team meet the different codes required to build or remodel. Color selection and noise control affect the environment for both patients and employees so this must be selected carefully to impact the health and...

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HCS 446 Week 1 Individual

HCS 446 Week 1 Facility Planning Part 1 HCS/446 Facility Planning Part 1 Introduction This paper will discuss Virtua’s new ambulatory care clinic in Voorhees, N.J. It will features a surgical center for same-day surgery, cancer center, women’s imaging center, sleep center, diagnostic services and physician’s offices. This new state of the art master will have its unveiling in the spring of May 2012. This new ambulatory center is being built adjacent to a 463-million, eight story...

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Hcs 451

|Provide APA citations for all sources in the following fields. | |Robert L. Carroll. (2009). Risk Management Handbook for Health Care Organizations, 5e.Robert L Carroll, HCS 451 website. | |Ceniceros, R. (2008). Risk Management changes improves Health care delivery. Business Insurance, 42 (17), 10. Retrieved from MasterFile | |Premier database. ...

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HCS 451 Entire Course

this archive file of HCS 451 Entire Course you will find the next documents: HCS-451 Week 1 - Overview of Risk Management and Quality Management in Health Care Worksheet.doc HCS-451 Week 1 dqs.doc HCS-451 Week 2 dqs.doc HCS-451 Week 2 Risk Management Assessment Summary.doc HCS-451 Week 3 dqs.doc HCS-451 Week 3 Quality Management Assessment Summary.doc HCS-451 Week 4 dqs.doc HCS-451 Week 4 Organizational Performance Management Table.doc HCS-451 Week 4 Organizational...

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Hcs 325

Motivational Methods Paper Kerri McCaughey HCS/325 November 2, 2010 Professor Suwannee Srisatidnarakul, RN, MSN, CCRN Motivational Methods Paper Motivation most certainly plays a huge role in the workplace, therefore, it is imperative to understand fully the basic theories and methods, and of course how to apply these theories and methods to everyday workplace scenarios. These motivational skills and techniques will definitely play a key role for leaders and or managers, knowing how...

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HCS 483 Entire Course

archive file of HCS 483 Entire Course consists of: HCS 483 Week 2 EHR Presentation(Example-slides).zip HCS-483 Entire Course 2014 Latest Version A+ Study Guide.doc HCS-483 Week 1 DQ 1.docx HCS-483 Week 1 DQ 2.docx HCS-483 Week 1 Healthcare Information System Terms.doc HCS-483 Week 2 DQ 1.docx HCS-483 Week 2 DQ 2.docx HCS-483 Week 2 Technology Trends Proposal Progress Report.doc HCS-483 Week 3 DQ 1.docx HCS-483 Week 3 DQ 2.docx HCS-483 Week 3 Information...

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Hcs 212

Perspective on Health Care Paper (HCS 212) January 14, 2013 Submitted to: Professor Mary Helen A)What interested me about the history of health care? There's no doubt that the healthcare industry offers plenty of profitable careers. In fact most of the best paid and the fast growing careers belong to this industry. That's why I am heading in Health Care Administration because I want to be an administrator for Center of Disease Control (CDC). I have passion for serving people and to make positive...

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Hcs 514

Organizational Design Paper Kaylo Woods HCS/514 14 May 2013 Darlene Cantu Organizational Design Paper Overweight is defined as having excess body weight for a particular height from fat, muscle, bone, water, or a combination of these factors. Obesity is defined as having excess body fat (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013). Childhood obesity continues to claim the lives of many children around the world. There is an estimated ten million children...

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Hcs 325

Week - 3 Importance of Teams Murugareddy Pattiputtur University of Phoenix HCS/325 Dawn Sienkiewicz November 10, 2012 Abstract Teams are formed when individuals with a common taste, preference, liking, and attitude come and work together for a common goal. Teams play a very important role in organizations as well as our personal lives. Teamwork is essential for competing in today's global arena, where individual perfection is not as desirable as a high level of collective performance...

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HCS/514 MANAGING IN TODAY'S HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATION Start Date: 11/08/2011 PrintCOURSE DESCRIPTION This course focuses on the adaptation of organizational management to evolving health systems. Students will examine organizational theory, organizational performance, structure, change management and human resource management. Students apply various organizational theories to contemporary issues. Week 1 - Topic 1: Organizational/Management Theory Objectives Describe organizational design, function...

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Hcs 430

Regulatory Agency Jennifer Mendoza HCS 430 May 6, 2012 Brenda Young Regulatory Agency The health care industry has to have a good leadership foundation to carry out rules, regulations, and procedures. It is important for the success of any organization. In a healthcare organization, good leadership is more than just important; it is significant to the organization’s success. The Joint Commission is an organization which requires that the health...

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Hcs 571

Budget Management Analysis Juan Vazquez-Nieves HCS 571 August 27, 2011 Tamica Lewis Abstract A budget is an instrument used to help managers ensure that the resources used effectively and proficiently toward the goals of an organization. A budget projection can be made on a yearly base depending on previous year or existing one. They can further be broken down quarterly or monthly depending on it use. Generating a budget is complex undertaking, and for a budget to be effective the organization...

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Hcs 405

Reporting Practices and Ethics HCS/405 Reporting Practices and Ethics A major aspect of health care organization operation is that of financial management. Financial management of health care organizations incorporates ethical standards and proper reporting practices. Financial practices and ethical finance concerns are important to the success of any organization, particularly within the health care industry. The four elements of financial management, generally accepted accounting...

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Tammy A. Massey The Aurora Theater Shooting Administrative Ethics Paper HCS/335 Ms. Cynthia Williams March 14, 2013 The Aurora Theater Shooting 2 The article I chose was about the shooting at the movie theater in Aurora Colorado. I will show that the ethics of the Doctor –Patient confidentiality should not be protected because if the evidence in the case shows that he was a threat to society then the Psychiatrist should have told the authorities and also the people or places he...

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Hcs 514

Decision-Makiing Case Study Leslie K. Wood HCS/514 Version 2 6/10/2013 Dr. Kerubo Happiness Kinaro, PhD, BA, BSN (RN) Decision-Making Case Study Making decisions to cut clinical services to the underprivileged is a very stressful position. Having the right information, determining the validity of the information, and knowing how to access accurate information will help make necessary decisions more attainable. Making well thought, well informed decisions will maximize the benefits to provide...

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Hcs 350

Reporting Practices and Ethics Paper ChristyLynn Kern University of Phoenix Health Care Financial Accounting HCS 405 Financial management is an important aspect to health care financial planning. There are many financial decisions that are made every day and depending on the accounting records and the different transactions that are occurring. Finance management is something that health care organizations need to pay close attention to. The number one priority of a health care organization...

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hcs 475

Leadership Style Faye D. Baker HCS/475 – Leadership and Performance Development December 16, 2013 Shawn Matheson, MBA, LNHA, FACHA Leadership Style Transformational leadership is particularly important in the health care industry in today’s modern world because of past reputations. Some time ago the health care industry went through negative change. The health care industry was known as uncaring and cold toward patients. Transformational leadership...

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HCS 446 Week 5 Team A Disaster Management Team A Presentation

 Disaster Management Team A Presentation Marlyn Aguirre Kristy Borowicz Carrie "Shellie" Cobbs Jessica Wilson Facility Planning HCS 446 Terrie Rill September 07, 2014 Disaster Management Team A Presentation Overview of the environmental impact issue This was part of Kristy’s week 2 green section. The current issues with your environmental impact situation There are many issues that need to be considered when planning disaster management responses that affect the environment after a disaster...

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HCS 446 Week 2 Team A Environmental Impact Outline

 Environmental Impact Outline Carrie "Shellie" Cobbs Facility Planning HCS 446 Terrie Rill August 17, 2014 Environmental Impact Outline Examine local, state, and federal legal and regulatory requirements. Consider the following agencies: Occupational Safety and Health Administration Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires health care businesses to be prepared and have pre-planning set in place and practiced so that employees are aware of what to do in an emergent situation...

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HCS 446 Week 4 Facility Planning Floor Plan

 Facility Planning Floor Plan Carrie "Shellie" Cobbs Facility Planning HCS 446 Terrie Rill August 31, 2014 Facility Planning Floor Plan The process of designing a new floor plan for the family medicine clinic is arduous and detail oriented. This student is fortunate enough to have been included in the design vetting project with other employees to help design the future state of Centura Health and how patients will access health and wellbeing services. This student is seeing the vision brought...

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HCS 490 Week 4 DQ 1

This paperwork of HCS 490 Week 4 Discussion Question 1 comprises: What are the benefits and risks of advertising and marketing health care products and services to potential health care consumers? List two benefits and two risks and explain your rationale for your answer. General Questions - General General Questions HCS 490 Week 1 Individual Assignment Health Care Marketing Information Matrix HCS 490 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Government Regulatory Agencies and...

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HCS 490 Week 5 DQ 2

This archive file of HCS 490 Week 5 Discussion Question 2 includes: What effect will the current government initiatives that focus on expanding health care coverage to more Americans have on health care costs and health care services in the United States? General Questions - General General Questions HCS 490 Week 1 Individual Assignment Health Care Marketing Information Matrix HCS 490 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Government Regulatory Agencies and Impact on Consumer...

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HCS 490 Week 2 DQ 2

archive file of HCS 490 Week 2 Discussion Question 2 comprises: What effects will changing population demographics have on health care costs and services? General Questions - General General Questions HCS 490 Week 1 Individual Assignment Health Care Marketing Information Matrix HCS 490 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Government Regulatory Agencies and Impact on Consumer Choices Outline HCS 490 Week 3 Individual Assignment Demographic Paper HCS 490 Week 4 Individual...

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HCS 465 Week 2 DQ 3

This paperwork of HCS 465 Week 2 Discussion Question 3 contains: What are 2 differences between Descriptive Analytical survey designs? Explain each. General Questions - General General Questions HCS 465 Week 1 Individual Assignment Literature Review in Research An Annotated Bibliography HCS 465 Week 2 Individual Assignment Applying the Background and Methodology of the Research Process to Problems in Health Care HCS 465 Week 3 Individual Assignment Applying...

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HCS 465 Week 3 DQ 1

This file of HCS 465 Week 3 Discussion Question 1 contains: What is the difference between descriptive inferential statistics. Provide an example of each in your response. Add where you got the info ~ General Questions - General General Questions HCS 465 Week 1 Individual Assignment Literature Review in Research An Annotated Bibliography HCS 465 Week 2 Individual Assignment Applying the Background and Methodology of the Research Process to Problems in Health Care...

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HCS 465 Week 1 DQ 2

In this file of HCS 465 Week 1 Discussion Question 2 you will find the next information : Completing the assigned readings for each week is a critical component of each class. As you refer to the Course Syllabus, Week 1, you will see the assigned chapters articles(electronic reserve) which relate to the 3 objectives listed for week 1. In this DQ, please highlight an area of interest from any of the assigned readings. Share with the class 2 items which are helpful to know...

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HCS 465 Week 2 DQ 1

This pack of HCS 465 Week 2 Discussion Question 1 comprises: Deborah, a Nurse Practicioner in Ob/Gyn, proposses to research the efficacy of fetal monitoring. Her research project would required the use of the Fetal Scalp Monitorduring vaginal delivery. Having done this hundreds of times, she knows it is not too intrustive a procedure. She requests 'exempt status' from the IRB of the hospital. If you were a member of the IRB, would you grant it? Please explain your response...

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Final HCS 475 1

Smiley Hospital: Leadership and Decision Making Amber Cooper, Catherine Burd, Cindy Wright, Joanne Stephens, Kelly Wyman HCS 475 October 27, 2014 Dr. Lloyd Ford Introduction Challenges and Goals for Management Motivational Tools & Empowering Staf Positive Modeling & Mentorship Resistance & Ethical Considerations Measuring Goals & Improving Employee Morale Challenges For Management Making Employees Happy Increasing Employee Moral Develop Ways To Evaluate Employee Performance Evaluation's Need...

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HCS 490 Education Campaigns

 Education Campaigns Carrie "Shellie" Cobbs Health Care Consumer: Trends and Marketing HCS 490 Lacey Berumen October 06, 2013 Education Campaigns Education campaigns are a widely used method of sharing information with consumers. According to the Centers for Disease Control National Prevention Information Network (CDCNPIN) “Health communication can take many forms, both written and verbal, traditional outlets and new media outlets” ("Communication," 2013, p. 1). Public health campaigns found...

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Effective Communication Hcs/325

Effective Communication Paper HCS/325 Effective Communication I am currently not working so I can’t explain what is currently being done at my prior job. I can explain what was done when I was employed in the past for effective communication. In this paper I will discusses what techniques were used for effective communication, what was ineffective techniques, how they were applied I the health care work place and how technology impacts effective communication. Effective...

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HCS 433 Funtionality Paper

Running head: LESS THAN FUNCTIONAL Less than Functional HCS 433 December 23, 2013 1 LESS THAN FUNCTIONAL 2 Less than Functional System integration Wilhelm Ostwald (n.d.) once said, “In specific circumstances the period of aging decline can set in earlier in a particular organ than in the organism as a whole which, in a certain general or theoretical sense, is left a cripple or invalid”. As a person ages biology and environment can have a variety of affects on the systems...

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HCS 430 Week 2

 Legal Issues In Health Care Alexandra Marie Canfield HCS 430 9/8/2014 Christie Artuso Regulatory Agency Paper The agencies that are in charge of monitoring health care facilities and practitioners are known as health care regulation agencies. These agencies also provide the organizations with information about changes in the industry. At the federal, state, and local level the agencies establish rules and regulations that health care organizations have to follow mandatorily. Some agencies...

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Hcs 325 Effective Communication

Effective Communication HCS 325 8/12/2013 Robert Clegg Effective Communication Effective communication is key to promoting knowledge within any healthcare organization. Not only is staff affected by poor communication, but patients as well; who depend on that communication between staff to receive the best quality of care. Poor communication opens the door for errors which could lead to a disaster when it comes to patient care. Since there is so much room for mistake, it is important to understand...

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Hcs 490 Final Assignment

Communication Paper July, 22, 2013 Keith Cecil HCS/490 Dr. Green One specific mode of communication utilized by health care workers and consumers alike is electronic health records (EHR). We will discuss the benefits of this method of communication for the consumer, how it assists in maintaining patient confidentiality, the effectiveness of the EHR for communication between providers and the consumer...

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Hc Careers Diagram and Summary

Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary Plaridel B. Quileza HCS 531 - Health Care Organizations and Delivery Systems November 12, 2012 Doreen Gounaris Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary In the delivery of healthcare every member of the healthcare team plays important role in ensuring that the most appropriate care is provided to the patient to the best of their expert capabilities. The role of a pharmacist is critical in delivering quality healthcare. The article “What Pharmacist Do...

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Hcs/341 Training and Development

Training and Development Tiffany Holland- Sandifer HCS/341 November 2, 2012 Pamela Trent Training and Development Training is a very important tool to have for the new and existing employees to enhance their skills. Employees must be ensured that that have all the tools necessary to exceed beyond what is required to be successful. Opportunities and training materials should be a consistent trend within the working environment. Training managers must have the proper knowledge in order to be...

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Article Summary HCS/490

 Article Summary HCS/490 July 21, 2014 Healthcare reform is a multifarious issue; entailing altered attributes. The prime objective of healthcare reform is to deliver healthcare coverage for Americans unanimously and diminution the cost of health care services (The New York State Government, 2014). According to New York State Government (2014), "Many people feel that providing healthcare coverage to the millions of people who are currently uninsured...

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Week 3 Hcs 465

Applying the Results and Conclusions of the Research Process to Problems in Health Care Ryan Abels HCS/465 March 27, 2013 Ann Impens Applying the Results and Conclusions of the Research Process to Problems in Health Care Abstract Childhood obesity leads to gastric bypass which is the operation recommended by the National Institute of Health for treatment of morbid obesity because of its low morbidity and mortality rates and excellent long-term results regarding weight loss”....

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Hcs 545 Presentation

HIPAA (1996) compliance HCS/545 10/29/12 By Sunao Slayton, Bonnie Zapletal Julienne Auguste, Toccara Grant Introduction      Responded to the situations in a way that meets HIPAA (1996) privacy, security, and HITECH (2009ond to the) breach notice requirements. Ethical issues that relate to this situation.  Follow-up with employees involved in the breach.    Recommend changes to ensure data security and privacy compliance under HIPAA (1996) Respond to the situations that meets HIPAA (1996)...

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Hcs/405 Week 3 Essay

Ethics your name HCS/405 /2012 Ethics There are four significant elements of financial management, “There are four basic financial statements. You can think of them as a set. They include the balance sheet, the statement of revenue and expense, the statement of fund balance or net worth, and the statement of cash flows.” (Baker & Baker, Chapter 4, 2011). Financial manager need to have a balance sheet to review or perform an audit so they can see the debt to income ratio for the...

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Hcs 301 - Personal Goals

Personal Goals HCS 301 September 25, 2010 Judy Ceppaglia Personal Goals It wasn’t that long ago that I had those new graduate nurse’s hopeless feelings of fear and despair, as whether or not I was ever going to be a competent nurse. Wondering whether I was ever going to feel like I know exactly what I am doing and why. Was I ever going to stop being nervous when starting an IV or inserting a Foley catheter. Was I ever going to handle a full assignment of four patients, in busy Emergency...

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Assignment 4 HCS 478

 Negligence Paper HCS/478 - Health Law and Ethics Negligence Paper This paper will discuss the differences between negligence, gross negligence and malpractice. It will discuss the article “Amputation Mishap” from the Neighborhood newspaper. The paper will also discuss the importance of documentation relating to the simulation and correlation to potential negligence. Finally, it will address what ethical principles would...

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HCS 567 Week 3

 Business Organization HCS 567 Business Organization Starting any business venture has many challenges. One of the most important decisions to be made to help ensure success is choosing the correct business organization. In order to choose the correct type of organization it is important to understand each type of organization along with the pros and cons for each. Sole Proprietorship The most prevalent organizational type is the sole proprietorship. Sole proprietorship is usually found...

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HCS 430 Week 3

 A Critical Regulatory issue in Health Care Debon Carter HCS 430 May 4, 2015 Lori Lewellen A Critical Regulatory Issue in Health Care The focus of this paper will address issues involving health care law and the individual lives it can effect. There are many critical regulatory issues in health care. However for the purpose of this paper, the critical regulatory health care issue chosen will be in the area of abuse in the long term care setting. This paper will provide an analysis that explains...

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BUS 446 Week 4 Assignment

This file includes BUS 446 Week 4 Assignment Just-In-Time Deadline: ( ), Business - Management Assignment 1: Demand Estimation Due Week 3 and worth 200 points Imagine that you work for the maker of a leading brand of low-calorie, frozen microwavable food that estimates the following demand equation for its product using data from 26 supermarkets around the country for the month of April. For a refresher on independent and dependent variables, please go to Sophia’s Website...

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Training & Development Hcs 341

Training and development HCS/341 October 1, 2012 Professor Tracie Mileski Training and development When the topic of training and developing is mentioned in organizations employees think that it only applies to new employees or they normally think of boring classes, pointless power point presentations or endless online modules. Training is an aspect of the workforce that is important to management and must become important to employees. Training tools are needed to ensure that employees...

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Communications Paper Hcs 490

Communication Paper HCS 490 University of Phoenix Electronic Health Records The primary focus of any organization is communication. Every organization has struggles with, areas of opportunity with, and plans on how to improve communication. Communication is a cornerstone that when properly used drastically increases effectiveness. Electronic medical records are still partially new to the medical field but will increase the effectiveness and speed in which healthcare providers communicate with...

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HCS/341 - Training and Development

Training and Development HCS/341 Human Resources in Health Care September 16, 2013 Gregory Guntly   Training and Development Initial training and ongoing development are critical in the health care industry. This field requires extensive skills and it is always changing. Continuous training and development is beneficial for the employee but it also benefits the health care organization in which the employee works. The organization is responsible for the training and development...

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Hcs /320 Communication Theory

Communication Theory Paper HCS/320 Communication Theory Communication is a two-way process of reaching understanding, exchanging information, and creating and sharing meaning. There are different types of communication such a verbal and non-verbal communication, we also have communication barriers like; gender differences, cultural differences, prejudices, and organizational environments. A speech doctor from Importance of Communication.org name Abale Hussein says, “Starting with...

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Hcs 325 Importance of Teams

Importance of Teams HCS 325 08/19/2013 Robert Clegg Importance of Teams In any organization, teams may serve many purposes. Having a team not only allows for the work to be divided, but it also allows for different points of view and a new ideas. With teams, also come many difficulties, but hopefully with the right leadership many of the problems can quickly be resolved. As a manager, my other priorities would be to improve the efficiency and satisfaction with both my staff and those we serve...

Management 872  Words | 3  Pages

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HCS 490 Communications Paper

 Communications Paper HCS 490 2/10/2014 Communications Paper In order for any business to operate efficiently, there are many things that need to be in place. One aspect that is possibly one of the most important is communication. Without effective communication, there is potential for many things to go wrong. In healthcare, there are many different forms of communication. A newer, but growing form of communication is Electronic Medical Records (EMR). EMRs are a computerized system...

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Hcs 475 Week 2

Implementing Change HCS 475 Pamela Bonner, M.P.A Implementing Change To successfully implement change, employees need to understand how this will benefit them and impact their daily work. One of the things is that something might look good on paper can have drawbacks that are not realized by the planners, but can be easily identified by the employees who must implement the change. Therefore as a manager you need to bring...

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Hcs 548 – Foundations of Gerontology

Field of Gerontology Michael Popowitz HCS 548 – Foundations of Gerontology February 20, 2012 Patti Yudelson, MSN, RN Gerontology is a fairly new multidisciplinary field focusing on several aspects of the aging process. Gerontologists study the aging process of the physical, mental and social changes in our aging population. Gerontology also includes investigating the effects on society resulting from our aging population. As humans, we are constantly trying to deny the fact that we are aging...

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Hcs 405 Simulation Review

Simulation Review Essay Macy Skalski HCS/405 Health Care Financial Accounting University of Phoenix- AXIA Instructor Sherida Douglass November 19, 2012 Simulation Review Essay The Elijah Heart Center is facing the financial distress common in specialized health care organizations. This is the combination of the need for improved technology, a reduced income, and the demand for expansion. Without the needed technology and expansion, there is little that the hospital can do to improve the...

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HCS 212 Medical Technology

 Medical Technology HCS 212 Medical Technology Medical technology is expecting to have many changes for the future. The Affordable Care Act is a major health care reform that passed in March of 2010. The goal is to protect patients’ rights and decrease the number of uninsured Americans and lowering the overall health care costs. The new reform will cause many new changes and medical technology will increase. The Affordable Care Act is promoting the development of electronic health records...

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Hcs 430 Week 2

Regulatory Agency paper Name HCS/430 Legal issues in Health Care: Regulations and Compliances September 27, 2010 Instructor Regulatory Agency paper The Joint Commission is an agency that maintains partnership with the government to help improve the standards of health care within the United States. The Joint Commission accredits health care organizations and health care programs by setting standards to help improve the quality and safety of health care. The Joint Commission work closely and...

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