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Grow And Be Like The Molave

Grow and Be Like the Molave By: Manuel L. Quezon National strength can only be built in character. A nation is nothing more or less than its citizenry. It is the people that make up the nation and therefore a nation cannot be stronger than its component parts. Their weakness is its failings, their strength its power. Show me a people composed of vigorous, sturdy individuals; of men and women healthy in mind and body; courteous, brave industrious, self-reliant, purposeful in thought as well as...

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Like the Molave

Brothers I 1903, it lasted only 12 seconds and covered 120 feet (37 meters) but it proven that a man could build and fly a heavier-than-air machine. In 1909, the first military aircraft in history was delivered to the Signal Corpse. This aircraft, like the original Wright Brothers’ flying machine, was a pusher-type design (its engine was behind the pilot and in front of the propellers) with a 30 horsepower engine, skids for landing, and room enough for a two man crew. By the end of the 1914, pusher-type...

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The Molave

Like the Molave is a poem written by Rafael Zulueta da Costa. He is a Filipino poet and a businessman, who was born at the time when the wounds inflicted by our Spaniard conquerors were still fresh, and it was written at a time when we were under the great influence of the stars and stripes, as mentioned in the poem, just as we all still are. Like the Molave By R. Zulueta da Costa Not yet, Rizal, not yet. Sleep not in peace:  There are a thousand waters to be spanned;  there are a thousand...

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Like the Molave-Rafael M. Zulueta Da Costa

Like a Molave I. Not yet, Rizal, not yet. Sleep not in peace: There are a thousand waters to be spanned; there are a thousand mountains to be crossed; there are a thousand crosses to be borne. Our shoulders are not strong; our sinews are grown flaccid with dependence, smug with ease under another's wing. Rest not in peace; Not yet, Rizal, not yet. The land has need of young blood-and, what younger than your own, Forever spilled in the great name of freedom...

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Like the Molave

Like The Molave By: Rafael Zulueta da Costa Not yet, Rizal, not yet. Sleep not in peace: There are a thousand waters to be spanned; there are a thousand mountains to be crossed; there are a thousand crosses to be borne. Our shoulders are not strong; our sinews are grown flaccid with dependence, smug with ease under another's wing. Rest not in peace; Not yet, Rizal, not yet. The land has need of young blood-and, what younger than your own, Forever spilled in the great name...

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Like the Molave

LIKE THE MOLAVE R. Zulueta Da Acosta Not yet, Rizal, not yet. Sleep not in peace; There are a thousand waters to be spanned; There are a thousand mountains to be crossed; There are a thousand cross to be borne. Our shoulders are not strong; our sinews are Grown flaccid with dependence, smug with ease Under another’s wing. Rest not in peace; Not yet, Rizal, not yet. The land has need Of young blood – and, what younger than your own, Forever spilled in the great name of freedom. Forever...

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like the molave

strong, Out of the depthless matrix of your of your faith In us, and on the silent cliffs of freedom, We carve for all time your marmoreal dream! Until our people, seeing, are become Like the molave, firm, resilent, staunch, Rising on the hillside, unafraid, Strong in its own fibre, yes, like the molave! II. The youth of the land is a proud and noble appellation, The youth of the land is a panoramic poem, The youth of the land is a book of paradoxes, The youth of the land is a...

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Like The Molave Critical Analysis

Bicol University College of Arts and Letters Audio Visual Communication In partial fulfillment in Philippine Literature March 31 2015 By: Marc Denzel A. Zenit LIKE THE MOLAVE I (1940) In Rafael Zulueta da Costa’s 1940 poem Like the Molave,the speaker entreats our national hero, Jose Rizal to inspire generations with his unwavering perseverance for nationalfreedom. Moreover, the poem foresees the future of Filipinos in our countrywide failings such as our dependence upon others...

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Like Move by Zulueta

Filipinos. “Forever spilled in the great name of freedom.” and “Forever oblate on the altar of the free?” means sacrificing for freedom like what Jose Rizal did. Meaning: the Philippines needs young people’s blood like Rizal so we can have the courage to fight for the country and we can have true freedom Stanza 3: Stanza 3 is about the how we should be strong like the Molave tree. “Not you alone, Rizal.” means Rizal is not alone in the fight for freedom. “O souls and spirits of the martyred brave arise...

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Love should grow up like a wild iris

existence love has earned a meaning of pure bliss and wild passion between two people that cannot be broken. Through out time the meaning of love has had its slight shifts but for the most part, maintains a positive value. In the poem “Love Should Grow Up Like a Wild Iris in the Fields,” the author, Susan Griffin expresses that this long lost concept of love is often concealed by the madness of everyday life and reality. In the poem, Griffin uses many literary elements to help convey the importance...

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The Grow Model

Coaching Tips: The GROW Model One of the most common questions asked about coaching is “What process should I follow?” There is no single answer to that, however if it is assumed that coaching is largely a structured interaction about a topic where the coach seeks to ask questions to encourage the other person to develop solutions to the challenge or problem they face, then the GROW model is one of the most popular. The GROW model describes 2 key elements and a 4 stage process model to develop...

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The Antipasmodic Activity of Molave Tree (Vitex Parviflora) Bark Extract in Albino Mice

The Antipasmodic Activity of Molave Tree (Vitex parviflora) Bark Extract in Albino Mice A Research Paper Presented to Mrs. Ferrera Oira In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement in Research II Georgette Mae P. Dineros Jone Zelita C. Orlina Anna Dominique G. Humbe IV- Analysts Andromeda Ramon Teves Pastor Memorial Dumaguete Science High School SY 2012-2013 ABSTRACT Diarrhea is a common condition that affects people of any age and of any gender. It is...

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grow up!

Grow Up! Have you ever had a single moment when you think, “ Everything’s different now. I’m grown up.”? Most people grow up too soon and they become “boring”. Some people grow up later in life . They have a hard time being serious. Others grow up at a gradual pace. These people are more mature than their peers but still enjoy whatever life throws at them. They go with it and don’t try to force growth (thus they would become “boring”). I feel as if I’m part of the last group. I can be serious but...

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Grow Model

GROW Model Questioning Establish your goal First, with your coachee, you must define and agree the goal or outcome to be achieved. You should help your coachee define a goal that is SMART. Useful questions as this stage include: * How will you know that you have achieved the goal? * How will you know the problem is solved? * What do you want to achieve (overall)? * What can we do in this session to help you towards that goal? * What will you have at the end of this session...

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The Molave

[Drake: verse 1] I've asked about you and they've told me things but my mind didn't changeI still the feel the samewhat's a life with no fun, please don't be so ashamed I've had mine, you've had yours we both know, we know.They don't get you like I willmy only wish is I die real cause that truth hurts, and those lies healand you can't sleep thinking that he lies still so you cry still, tears all in the pillow case,big girls all get a little taste pushing me away so I give her space dealing with...

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Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son In the preface of his book, Like Father, Like Son, Tom Smail gives us the reason for his writing: "This book is an attempt to discover what it might mean for our humanity that God is Trinity."(p. xi) He goes on to give his readers a general outline of what he'll be covering, beginning with how the view of Trinitarian doctrine has changed in recent times, and ending with a discussion on what we say about the triune God has deep implications with how we handle our relationship...

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Like Father, Like Daughter

Like Father, Like Daughter Let's face it; there comes a time in life when teenagers cannot stand their parents. Arguments ensue, many things that should never be said are spoken aloud, and the teenagers think that they have nothing in common with their parents. However, when Sarah Vowell shares her experience in the essay “Shooting Dad,” she gives the audience a complete, retrospective look at her teenage feuds, which contrasts her relationship with her father today. Vowell uses her past experiences...

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Uprooted to Grow

Uprooting to Grow When one thinks about Hispanics, all too often the image of a field full of migrant workers picking fruit in the hot sun comes to mind. This has become the stereotypical picture of a people whose determination and character are strong enough to create a new beginning. For each immigrant family an education was the "ladder by which the children of immigrants climbed out of poverty into the mainstream." (Calderon & Slavin, 2001, p. iv) That idea has not changed, as the population...

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Like Mother, Like Daughter

A lot of people assume that one’s daughter is a lot like their mother, and a lot of times that is true, in some aspects. I can tell you that my wisdom and common sense came from my mom. My sense of humor, my laugh, my eyes, and my strength also came from my mom. My mom is the reason I have chosen the career path I have chosen. So, I have a lot of traits in resemblance of my mom, the only trait I lack is her addiction. Growing up I imagined my life to be perfect, as I guess all children usually...

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a tree grows in brooklyn

 Sharanjit Kaur November 8, 2013 Period 3 Classic Novel Project Popularity A Tree Grows in a Brooklyn was a very popular book in the back days around 1943 and the thing that makes this book really popular was readers from all walks of life--young and old alike. The New York Public Library even chose this book as one of the "Books of the Century." The background of the story seems simple. And most about a girl coming to age and facing...

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Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son Man’s goal in life is not to do something incredible during his lifetime, but instead to leave something incredible behind for future generations to act and build on. In Cormac Mccarthy’s The Road, a man and his son struggle for survival in a post-apocalyptic era. The majority of this struggle revolves around the lack of food in the world and the boy’s constant fear of life itself. In order to combat these struggles, the man is forced to have all faith and must keep trekking...

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Think & Grow Rich

January 24, 2011 Think & Grow Rich Most people in today’s society define success as someone who makes a lot of money or has done something important to help form today’s society. People such as Bill Gates or Donald Trump are considered successful because they have lots of money. Even actors whose lives are wrecked and destroyed are considered successful because of the money they have. Others, like Thomas Edison, are considered successful because of accomplishments they achieved in their lives...

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How to grow onions

How to grow onions Today, most people simply eat onions raw or cooked, in about a thousand different ways. Onions are warm-season veggies and, however you plan to use them, you can grow them anywhere following the following easy steps: a) Buy started plants at the nursery. Otherwise, start seeds indoors 8 to 10 weeks before the last expected frost (see "How to Start Vegetable Seeds Indoors"). b) Choose a site that gets at least 6 hours of sun a day and has soil with a pH of 6.0 to 7.5. Onions...

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Money Does Not Grow on Tree

Money Does Not Grow On Trees by Ngoi Hui Chien In this modern society, what is the most important thing that people depend on to survive? Needless to say, it is money. Undeniably, money is needed for almost everything that we want. We need money to buy food, to have a place to live in, to go to school, to sit on the bus or even to go to a public toilet. There is an idiom which goes: “Money does not grow on trees”. It...

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The Grow Green Program

Try’s recycled products through a fundraising event, “The Grow Green Program,” to raise awareness about Try in the local community and assist participating organizations raise funds for worthy causes. In order to meet the target profit of $ 35,000 through this initiative, Try must determine which organizations present the most profitable opportunities and put together an effective marketing strategy to encourage them to participate in the Grow Green Program. KEY ISSUES 1) Customer Generation Graham...

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How to Grow Old

How to Grow Old Bertrand Russell In spite of the title,this article will really be on how not to grow old,which,at my time of life,is a much more important subject.My first advice would be to choose your ancestors carefully.Although both my parents died young,I have done well in this respect as regards my other ancestors. My maternal grandfather,it is true,was cut off in the flower of his youth at the age of sixty-seven,but my other three grandparents all lived to be over eighty.Of remoter...

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When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up I have always had a difficult time with the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" There are too many things that grab and hold my interest, for a little while at least. I have always known that I wanted to go to college, why I didn't do so immediately after high school is a mystery to me but, I'm finally here and I intend to get every possible thing out of it that I can. I know it's not necessary to decide on a specific degree tract freshman year but let's face facts;...

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Girls Like Us

Girls Like Us Girls Like Us is an intimate portrayal concerning four girls who grew up all with different ethnic backgrounds and various forms of parental guidence. Anna Chau is Vietnames with strict parents and good beliefs, Lisa Bronca is a Caucasion Catholic, De'Yonna Moore is African-American with strong goals who lives with her Grandma and Raelene Cox is a young white girl who comes from a broken home with little parental guidence. Girls Like Us shows examples of structural functionism...

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Does a plant grow bigger if watered with milk? or water?

The question being asked here would be “Does a plant grow bigger if watered with milk? Or water?” In my opinion the answer would be milk because milk contains vitamins and calcium that water does not have, but the answer is to be found out later during the project. Well, it is known that for a plant to survive it will definitely need air, soil, water, light, and space to grow, but maybe if we replaced water with milk, plants could grow bigger and quicker, you never know. To test my theory, every...

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Where the red fern grows

 Where the Red Fern Grows One day before leaving work, Billy Coleman spots a Redbone Hound being attacked by a mob of dogs. He gets them away and taking the dog to his home nurtures him/her before letting him/her free. This makes Billy remember his childhood memories of his Redbone Hounds. Billy Coleman, along with his 3 sisters and parents, live on a farm in the heavily forested Ozark Mountains in the Great Depression. Billy’s dream is to own not one, but two Redbone Coonhounds, and train them...

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A Time to Grow

society are dealt with in theories. For example, John Locke's theory stated that a child is like a blank slate and that it's experiences through life would fill that slate up. Jean Jacques Rousseau said that children's lives are predetermined and that a child's environment and the changes it went through helped to support this theory. Sigmund Freud believed that early experience caused what the child would be like later, while Erik Erikson felt that there was a less deterministic series of issues. He...

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Pliant Like a Bamboo

mango tree. And so every time the wind blew, it bent its head gracefully. It made loud protestations, but let the wind have its way. When finally the wind got tired of blowing, the bamboo tree still stood in all its beauty and grace. The Filipino is like the bamboo tree. He knows that he is not strong enough, to withstand the onslaught of superior forces. And so he yields. He bends his head gracefully with many loud protestations. And he has survived. The Spaniards came and dominated him for more...

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As You Like It Theme (Time)

clock stops does time come to life” (Faulkner 54). Time represents the ultimate decision maker throughout a person’s life, allowing for an individual’s triumph, but also for one’s downfall. In William Shakespeare’s play, As You Like It (1994), this time that destroys and grows may appear to freeze as the characters move into the Forest of Arden, without use or knowledge of time, but it most certainly does not. The fact that time, at least in the long run, will eventually destroy the entirety of one’s...

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Does Nobel Grow on Trees?

DOES NOBEL GROW ON TREES? While broadcasting a speech, the Prime Minister addressed the nation that money does not grow on trees. It appears that this is a favourite phrase used by our Prime Minister. In fact, on an earlier occasion, he said in the same language when a delegation from Odisha approached him for more grants. Now perhaps the Prime Minister has got a unique opportunity to pose a question in a similar vein, “Does Nobel Grow on trees?” The centenary session of the Science Congress...

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Like a Flower

Alejandra Luna Dr. White English 201 15 September 2011 Like a Flower Love blooms with love, like a flower blooms with water. “The Chrysanthemums” is a story written by John Steinbeck. This story takes place in 1937, a time when women were not appreciated. Women were supposed to stay home and raise their children. The main character, Elisa Allen, feels distant from her husband Henry. The fact that they didn’t have children, might play a role in that feeling, and is probably the reason she wants...

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The Kingdom of God is Like...

Ryan C. Heidenreich BIB 105: New Testament Historical Perspective May 14, 2014 Michele Pasley The Kingdom of God is Like a…. In the New Testament Jesus used many parables to illustrate the truths and characteristics of the Kingdom of Heaven. The word parable is derived from the Greek word, parraballo, meaning “to throw or place alongside (Nihinlola, 2007, P. 87).” According to Nihinlola (2007), a parable is “an extended metaphor or simile which compares a religious truth with a common experience...

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Where the Red Fern Grows

Where the Red Fern Grows by Fgosal Where the Red Fern Grows tells about a man named Billy Colman, whose mind drifted away back on his boyhood memories when he got his dogs. The young Billy was a boy who wanted two coon hunting dogs of his own more than anything in the world. He worked very hard by selling wares and saved money to pursue his dreams. After two years, he finally had enough money for two dogs. Billy made a difficult journey to get his dogs. He loved his dogs very much and spent...

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Faceook Likes

Few Simple and Easy Tips to Get Facebook Fans Free and Fast * 1Post A Status Update About your Page Let the world know that you have a new page and you would like them to visit it and like it. There is no reason for you to hesitate. Most people respond positively to such requests and announcements. Posting a status update is the first way to promote yourself and your FaceBook page. * 2Get More Traffic by getting Others To Upload and Tag Photos A good way to drive traffic to your FaceBook...

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asked the bank to raise CML抯 line of credit to $1 million, offering all CML抯 inventory as collateral. The loan officer at the bank has requested that audited financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2011, be provided. The bank would also like to know how CML plans to finance its operations in the longer term. Additional Information Practice Case Examination ?M3A4 Page 6 (9 pages) CMA Canada Management Report Hopps scheduled a senior management meeting to take place on February 1, 2012...

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Like for Chocolate

Talavera English 11o Professor Zollo Like Water for Chocolate   During the 1920 Revolution, Mexican men became combined in new relationships to Mexican women. In Mexican history, women developed their potentialities on a large scale beside the men and won recognition as companions, mates, and partners. Mexican screenwriter Laura Esquivel In the book "Like Water for Chocolate," is a main revolution that develops between mother and daughter, Mama Elena and Tita. Like Water for Chocolate shows revolutions...

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Fast Food Grows in India

Fast Food grows in India Fast food and eating out has dramatically grown in India. The advent of the technological economy and the adoption of modern life in India is fast contributing to this growth. By Amit • June 2, 2010 The market is dominated by global players Fast food is one of the world’s fastest growing food types. India is seeing rapid growth in the fast food and restaurant industries. It now accounts for roughly half of all restaurant revenues in the developed countries and continues...

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As You Like It

As a romantic comedy— Shakespeare is the master artist in creating romantic comedy. With the ushered notes of “Much Ado about nothing,” “Twelfth Night”, his “As you like it” add the beauty to romantic smell. In his comedies he does not apply the direct criticism of life. It is the human spirit, the internal world of the human microcosom created by God in an act of divine love springs the tunes of romantic easel. To quote Baxter— “Shakespearean comedy deals with man as he lives, not under the...

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“Like the Sun”

LIKE THE SUN” by R. K. Narayan ABOUT THE AUTHOR. R. K. Narayan (1906–2001) was born in Madras, India. After completing his education, he taught in a small village school. Narayan left teaching to devote himself full time to writing, and in 1935 he published his first novel, Swami and Friends. Two other early works, The Bachelor of Arts and Mr. Sampath, helped establish his reputation internationally. The Financial Expert (1952), his first novel to be published in the United States, was followed...

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As You Like It

Significance and Relevace of ''As You Like It" '' Shakespeare's As You Like It is a good play for anyone to read or see. Some readers would enjoy one aspect of it, some would enjoy another. But all would, in general, enjoy the play. Albert Gilman says that Shakespeare intended to imply that all that people need to live together in harmony is "good sense, love, humor, and a generous disposition." (Gilman lxvii) This play is deeper than the surface, and that is part of its...

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Bend It Like Beckham Essay

In the film Bend It Like Beckham, several characters go through both internal and external conflicts. Their minds are pulled in conflicting directions by two compelling desires, ambitions, obligations, and influences. In Jess’s case, she is conflicted with her desire to play football and her obligation to her family to follow cultural traditions (Bend It Like Beckham). She is torn between doing what makes her happy and her responsibility to her family (Bend It Like Beckham). Because of this, Jess...

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As Yo Like It

| The theme of As you like it:As You Like It is a pastoral comedy by William Shakespeare believed to have been written in 1599 or early 1600 and first published in the First Folio, 1623. The play's first performance is uncertain, though a performance at Wilton House in 1603 has been suggested as a possibility. As You Like It follows its heroine Rosalind as she flees persecution in her uncle's court, accompanied by her cousin Celia and Touchstone the court jester, to find safety and eventually,...

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i like

now there are three lawsuits going on. -One regards health insurance being covered for the athletes. Under N.C.A.A. rules, athletes are usually responsible for long-term health care for injuries sustained on the playing field. -New video games like Madden NFL 12 or NCAA Football 12 are now using the actual likenesses of real athletes. So athletes want to be paid for that. -And also because their lives are dominated by the sport they play. Most of them don’t have time to get a job. Therefore...

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The Movie - “Like Stars on Earth” Negative practices Intervention (in general) Intervention (literacy skills) Both the parents,,the teachers and the school were blind to the kid's immense difficulty. 1. Ishaan did third grade twice because of he practically failed all his subjects. How could he not without knowing how to read and write? The language teacher insisted that he would read, even after he told her that the letters were dancing. Despite his unease and embarrassment she kept yelling "read...

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We Like It

stomach, and lungs. According to the website Peta.org’s Animal Testing 101 article, “Monkeys are addicted to drugs and have holes drilled into their skulls, sheep and pigs have their skin burned off and rats have their spinal cords crushed. Tiny mice grow tumors as large as their own bodies, kittens are purposely blinded, and rats are made to suffer seizures. In archaic medical training courses, pigs and dogs are cut open and killed and cats and ferrets have hard plastic tubes forced down their delicate...

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Blue like Jazz

In chapter fourteen in “Blue like Jazz”, Miller writes “when a person has no other persons he invents them because he was not designed to be alone, because it isn’t good for a person to be alone”(Miller 158). Miller states that God created human kind to have communities and not to be alone. Throughout Millers lifetime, he lived alone for years and discovered the only thing that it led too was self-obsession. He soon learned how wrong this action was and how he needed to change his selfish ways...

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As You Like It

As You Like It: A Comedy by William Shakespeare Act I: Scene I Contextual Questions (Question Courtesy-Xavier Pinto) 1. Besides this nothing that he so plentifully gives me, the something that nature gave me, his countenance seems to take from me: he lets me feed me with his hinds, bars me the place of a brother, and, as much as in him lies, mines my gentility with my education. This is it, Adam, that grieves me; and the spirit of my father, which I think is within me, begins to mutiny against this...

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We Grow Accustomed to the Dark...

We grow accustomed to the dark... Darkness is a recurring image in literature that evokes a universal unknown, yet is often entrenched in many meanings. A master poet, Emily Dickinson employs darkness as a metaphor many times throughout her poetry. In “We grow accustomed to the dark” (#428) she talks of the “newness” that awaits when we “fit our Vision to the Dark.” As enigmatic and shrouded in mystery as the dark she explores, Dickinson's poetry seems our only door to understanding the recluse...

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As You Like It

As You Like It – William Shakespeare Theme: The relationship between characters and how that results to a sense of positive belonging 1. Technique: a. Characterization 2. Example: b. Rosalind and Celia 3. Effect: c. Responders are able to acknowledge that relationships leads to a sense of belonging 1. Technique: a. Direct...

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Dino Grow Lab

Nicholas Pancerella Dino Grow Lab I. Introduction The purpose of this experiment was to see if these toy dinosaurs would grow six times larger than their original size, as the package stated, if they were soaked in water for four days. My hypothesis for this experiment is that if the dinosaur is soaked in water for four days, then the dinosaur would grow six times larger than its original size in all four categories of measurement (mass, length, volume, and width). II. Materials ...

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the joy luck club, like mother like daughter

expressing how proud she is of her. Waverly misunderstands her mother. She thinks that she is competing with everyone else to see who has the best daughter and that she is only using her. But Children don’t just grow in the opposite direction of their parents, and then later as adults, grow up to be the same way as their parents. Instead, young people miss the similar traits and shared characteristics between them and their parents. They often deny them. But at some point, they can see that they are...

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Me Like

GPE + KE (at impact)  Because the hammer is dropped from rest, the KE at the top is equal to zero. Because the hammer is at base level, the height of the hammer is equal to zero; therefore the PE upon impact is zero.  We may write our equation like this: GPE (top) = KE (at impact)  This gives us the equation: ( mgh) (top) = 1/2 mv2 (at impact) A. Notice that the mass of the hammer "m" is shown on both sides of the equation. According to the math rules we have learned, what does this mean...

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Like a Virgin

most of all, it is lying to herself because imagining that she can restore a factitious virginity with a small piece of flesh is burying her head in the sand, like if it was this membrane that determines the chastity or even the value of a woman,” says Ms. Azzouzi. However, she is aware that in some cases, hymenoplasty is “acceptable” like for the examples that Dr. Derouich gave: little girls that had an accident when biking or riding a horse, or the 20% of women who don’t even have a hymen. Ms...

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How People Grow Reflection Paper by Cloud and Townsend

OF HOW PEOPLE GROW BOOK BY CLOUD AND TOWNSEND Villatoro-Ramirez Counseling Department Denver Seminary Monte Hasz Psy. D. Elisabeth A. Nesbit, Ph.D. CO 631 01 Career Development and Assessment October 8, 2012 Reading How People Grow (Cloud and Townsend...

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Case: Patients like me

Case: Patients like me, 23.09.2013 1.Why do patients join PLM? Patients like me(PLM) is a social network which covers different diseases. Members get access to a large database of information about other people who has the same illness as them selves. They also have access to forums, which lets them communicate with other patients as well. This enables patients to get information about their disease and gain new insight, the possibility to ask for practical advice, which doctors do not know about...

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Deaf Like Me

Takia Clayton 4/15/ 2010 ASL Research Paper Deaf Like Me By Thomas S. Spradley James P. Spradly Epilogue By Lynn Spradley Deaf Like Me is a story compiled together by Thomas and James Spradley. It is a compelling story about two hearing+ parents struggling to cope with their daughters overwhelming deafness. This powerful story expresses with simplicity the love, hope, and anxieties of all hearing parents of deaf children. In the epilogue, Lynn Spradley, herself, now a teenager thinks back...

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