• Graft and Corruption
    113TH INTERNATIONAL TRAINING COURSE PARTICIPANTS’ PAPERS GRAFT AND CORRUPTION: THE PHILIPPINE EXPERIENCE Nelson Nogot Moratalla* I. INTRODUCTION This paper will present a condensed report on graft and corruption in the Philippines. Information was compiled by the author from documents, article
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  • Graft and Corruption
    A. INTRODUCTION In 1988, graft and corruption in the Philippines was considered as the "biggest problem of all" by Jaime Cardinal Sin, the Archbishop of Manila. Then President Corazon C. Aquino likewise despaired that corruption has returned. In 1989, public perception was that "corrupt government
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  • Graft and Corruption
    GRAFT AND CORRUPTION A Report On the Subject Public Personnel Management Masters in Government Management Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila August 3, 2003 DEFINITION GRAFT AND CORRUPTION WHAT IS the exact definition of Graft and Corruption? GRAFT - is the acquisition of gain or...
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  • Reaction to the Book: Corruption in the Philippines: an Update
    This book is about an updated report of the information on the “negative and positive developments related to the fight against corruption in the Philippines. It is however stressed out in the book that “It is not an analytical piece that assesses progress on anticorruption activities but rather
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  • Apparently It Seems That No High Officials in Government Has Ever Been Jailed for Graft and Corruption, Is It Because Our Constitution Provides More Guarantees on the Rights of an Accused or Is It Purely Lack of
    Apparently it seems that no high officials in government has ever been jailed for graft and corruption, is it because our constitution provides more guarantees on the rights of an accused or is it purely lack of political will on the part of our leaders? Before I answer the question, we better cite
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  • Philipines Graft and Corruption
    Submitted by: Submitted to: Ang, Ann Bernice L. Ms. Amanah Fatima Villapando Malang, Dawn Isabella E. Mendoza, Mae Anne Nicole B. Philippines Graft and Corruption The headache that graft and corruption is causing right now had already been a decade. It’s horrible images and f
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  • Graft and Corruption
    Social Graft manipulation, flattery and other corrupt practices used to secure unmerited advantages or gains in social or business politics.If you lived with her you'd know she's enraged all the time. But as an expert at social graft, she's all smiles and platitudes to the outside world. Corruption
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  • A Teacher: Corruption in the Philippines
    Corruption in the Philippiness In the early 1960s, the Philippines was an economic power. In fact, during the era, the archipelago nation boasted one of the largest economies in Asia, behind only Japan. Today, while it remains an important part of Asean and the world community at large, it's
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  • Graft and Corruption in Military
    The Perception of I-FAC Students of San Beda College on the Issue of Graft and Corruption in the Philippine Military A Research Paper Presented to the Faculty of the Department of Languages College of Arts and Sciences San Beda College In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for ENG02
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  • A Better Look at Corruption in the Philippines
    A Better Look At Corruption Prepared by: Marta Eugine Sanchez Abbrielle Angela Billones Billy Flores Elorraine De Luna Ma. Lizli Tao-on IV-Br1 Table of Contents: • About the Research ➢ Research Problem ➢ Purpose of the Researc
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  • Graft and Corruption
    Graft and corruption are like deep wounds that permeate every society. It happens everywhere. Unfortunately, the Philippines has emerged as one of the most corrupt countries not only in Asia but also in the whole world. Why is this so? Is corruption a part of our culture? Or is it only committed out
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  • Effects of Corruption in the Phil.
    INTRODUCTION Our report covers the major effects of corruption in the economy of the Philippines. We focused on the many issues caused by corruption being faced by the government today. We also included some essays and opinions from several users online. The first part of our report is the defin
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  • Graft and Coruption
    Introduction: Graft and Corruption is a rampant and malpractice among government agencies whether in the national, local government-owned, or controlled cooperation’s. It is a part of our culture, bad habit and foremost among others. It is deeply rooted and embedded among the Filipinos. In 1988,
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  • Election in the Philippines
    Life’s Greatest Paradox “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities,” said Dumbledore of one of my favourite books, Harry Potter. Was my ‘direct speech’ properly-written? *stereotypical-cheerleader-giggle*   Being a democratic country, we are give
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  • Corruption
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  • Corruption
    GRAFT AND CORRUPTION IN THE PHILIPPINES Ven Del Pilar Faundo The prevailing graft and corruption in the Philippines should be blamed on World War ll hero, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, he of the “I shall Return “fame. After the conquest of Japan, the revered General gave the impetus and necessary as
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  • corruption
     MANILA, Philippines—The Philippines is still perceived as one of the most corrupt countries in the world, getting a score of 34 on a scale of 1 to 100 with 100 being very clean, according to the latest Corruption Perceptions Index of Transparency International. But the Philippines has at...
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  • Corruption—Its Stability Despite the Changes in the Civil Service System in the Philippines
    Whatever the reasons behind my pessimism are as I read through the article "Stability and Change: The Civil Service in the Philippines", I bet they're obvious; everyone has a tinge of negativity whenever the topic is public service in our country. The system of civil service in our country has ne
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  • Corruption the Philippines
    A Completely Non-corrupt Philippines: Is it even possible? To my dear audience, fellow students, classmates, teachers, and other concerned citizens, a pleasant day to each and every one! Today, I would like to convince all the Filipinos that corruption can still be eradicated from our beloved count
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  • Corruption and Neoliberalism in the Philippines
    International Development SIS 637-002 International Development Paper #2 November 17, 2013 Despite this year’s onslaught of devastating earthquakes, factional rebel sieges, and most recently, record breaking typhoons, the Philippines is doing surprisingly well for itself. In fact,...
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