• Good News Letter
    Letter: Good News Heading Parametrics, Inc. 350 South Street Pittsburgh, PA 15213-1821 15 January 2000 Terry Miller 238 Chestnut Street, #3B Butler, PA 16001-0238 Dear Ms. Miller: It gives me great pleasure to confirm our verbal offer and your acceptance to join Parametrics, Inc., as a techni
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  • How to Write a Bad News Letter
    How to write a bad news letter Reporting negative news sometimes is unavoidable in the business world. Here's how to shape a bad news letter to get good results. No news is good news, the old saying goes. But sometimes bad news is unavoidable. Rather than blurt it out in the first paragraph, w
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  • Good News About Injustice
    Good News about Injustice Part one is titled "Taking Up the Challenge." This first section of the book is expressing the news about injustice and how it exists today. The question that it asks is, "How will I respond?" This question will be answered in this section of the paper. Chapter one tal
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  • Spread the Good News
    SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS!!!!! How often have you heard someone say, "I've got some good news and some bad news, which one would you like to hear first? Personally, I usually opt for the bad news, hoping that the good will ease the pain of the bad. It doesn't always work, however. Are we spreadi
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  • Article for News Letter
    ARTICLE FOR NEWS LETTER :COIN The history of coins extends from ancient times to the present, when coins are still widely used for monetary and other purposes. Since 643 to 630 B.C. in Lydia, coins have been the most common embodiment of money. These first coins were made of electrum, a naturall
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  • Cover Letter Sample
    (Hard copy: sender address and contact info at top. Your address and the date can be left-justified, or centered.) Your Street Address City, State Zip Code Telephone Number E-mail Address Month, Day, Year Mr./Ms./Dr. FirstName LastName Title Name of Organization Street or P. O. Box Addre
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  • If It Bleeds It Leads- Society's View on a Good News Story
    Society has a very morbid sense of pleasure, we are always looking for a story in which someone get hurt or dies. Death in the media completely surrounds us, because people in the media business are just trying to sell their stuff. That brings around the question why do we as a society find death so
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  • Letter Writing Techniques
    When you are writing a bad news letter to your audience you should always start the letter off in a positive, neutral way. Bring up positive past experiences and ease into the bad news last. For example, you could start out saying, “For many years your commitment to this company has been very mu
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  • The Bad News About Looking Too Good
    THE BAD NEWS ABOUT LOOKING TOO GOOD by Carol Austin Bridgewater Mademoiselle, May 1981 If you could snap your fingers and be absolutely gorgeous…would you? Before you decide, consider this: While there are definite advantages to being beautiful, there are also some very real drawbacks.
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  • Indian News Broadcasting
    Aberdeen Business School RESEARCH METHODS BSM577 Research Proposal THE DYNAMICS, CHALLENGES & PROSPECTS OF INDIAN TELEVISION Submitted by Kalyan Priya Dasgupta (0701626) MSc Management Date: 25th April 2008 Submitted To: Dr Seonaidh McDonald TABLE OF CONTENT Sr. No. Titl
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  • Report on Covering Letter
    WRITING COVER LETTER FOR résumé September 06, 2010 Writing Cover Letter For Resume Business Communication Project Rachit Shukla (/2010) Ruby Pasricha (94/2010) Akanksha Bhatnagar (102/2010) Kuntal Panja (106/2010) Submitted to: Ms. Rashmi Sharma Lal Bahadur Institut
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  • Was Colonialism Good for Uganda?
    <b>Introduction</b> <br>The past is another country, where it is only possible to go as a tourist, and which we will never fully understand. We can describe what we see, but it is far more difficult to know why people acted in the way they did, or what they believed, and why they believed it. <br> <
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  • Good Writing?
    Good Writing: The Key to Business Success Due to the fact that the word "good" is a subjective term, "good" writing can be defined in a number of ways, as the opinions of "good writing" are as varied as the types of writing genres. Most writing experts agree, however, that good writing has several
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  • Civil War Letter
    Civil War Letter To my beloved family, Not a day goes by that I am not constantly reminded of my stupid decision to leave home, in search of a name for myself. People told me that joining the Confederate Army would be a grand adventure. Let me tell you, Father was right in more ways than one.
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  • Writing Business Letter
    Writing Business Letters A good business letter is brief, straightforward, and polite. If possible, it should be limited to one single-spaced typewritten page. Because it is so brief, a business letter is often judged on small, but important, things: format, grammar, punctuation, openings and closi
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  • ‘Debate Whether Galtung and Ruge's (1967) Model of the News Value Is Still Relevant in an Age of New Media, Citizen Journalism and User-Generated Content.'
    ‘DEBATE WHETHER GALTUNG AND RUGE'S (1967) MODEL OF THE NEWS VALUE IS STILL RELEVANT IN AN AGE OF NEW MEDIA, CITIZEN JOURNALISM AND USER-GENERATED CONTENT.' The media in Western society provides a ‘fourth estate' that alleges a neutral, objective and balanced perspective, independent of polit
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  • Advertisers Response on Various News Papers with a Special Reference
    TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1: Theoretical Framework 1. Main Subject 2. Topic related concepts 3. Review of Literature Chapter 2: The Present Study 1. Need Significance of Study 2. Objectives of Study 3. Scope of Study 4. Research Design 5. Limitations of the Study Chapt
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  • Letter to Linda (Death of a Salesman)
    Dear Mother, Since I have been visiting your sister’s family for a while now, I do believe that I must inform you of the state in which this family is in. I have some concerns in regards to the well being of the four members living under this tension-filled roof. I am watching a horrible trai
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  • Are We Good
    n a popular science news website, an eye-opening article suggests that researchers are beginning to understand the psychology of why people continue practicing bad habits even after they learn those habits are harmful to them. For instance, they want to know why a smoker will continue to puff even a
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  • Good Wine Guide
    Good Wine Guide Contents Becoming Familiar with Wine......................................................................................................................3 Choosing a Dessert Wine..................................................................................................
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