"Give Reassurance And Comfort To Those Involved In The Emergency" Essays and Research Papers

Give Reassurance And Comfort To Those Involved In The Emergency

 Informed Consent in Emergency Situations Danyale Via Professor Kreinbrink Have you ever wondered in an emergency situation as you are lying there on your death bed or in critical condition unable to make conscious decisions, who would give consent for your medical treatment? In emergency situations, there may be insufficient time for potential research participants to engage in the usual informed consent process. Furthermore, the emergency situation may impair the ability...

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Emergency management is the discipline of dealing with and avoiding risks. It is a discipline that involves preparing, supporting, and rebuilding society when natural or human-made disasters occur. Similar, it is the continuous process by which all individuals, groups, and communities manage hazards in an effort to avoid, or better the impact of disasters resulting from the various hazards. In fact, “emergency management is a relatively new field but one that can call upon an 88-year tradition of...

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Japanese Comfort Women

Japanese Comfort Women It is estimated that between one and two hundred thousand female sex slaves were forced to deliver sexual services to Japanese soldiers, both before and during World War II. These women were known as comfort women and the Imperial Conference, which was composed of the emperor, representatives from the armed forces and the main Cabinet ministers, approved their use by Japanese soldiers. (Walkom) The term "comfort women" refers to the victims of a "premeditated systematic plan...

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Responding to Emergency Services

Emergency Services P1 – Emergencies like earthquakes and floods cause more harm than others and are more visible than others. Larger scale incidents are known as major incidents whilst smaller ones are known as smaller incidents. Smaller incidents can still be classed as an emergency. The government defines an emergency as an event or situation that threats a person safety, property or war and terrorism that threatens serious damage to the security to the county. This is defined by the Civil...

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Community Emergency Preparedness

Community Emergency Preparedness Janell Mings Nur 408 Epidemiology: Global and Public Health October 29, 2012 Amy Reagan, MSN, RN Community Emergency Preparedness The Neigborhood events that have taken place in episode 5 are related to a forest fire that has been burning in the local community for over five days. The articles summarize the events and the effects of individual by the forest fire that has struck the community. The firefighters cannot contain the fire causing smoke to...

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Community Emergency Preparedness and Response

Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Brittiany Taylor NUR 408 February 19, 2012 Felita Patterson Community Emergency Preparedness and Response This paper discusses subjects in newspaper articles and scenarios in the Pearson Health Science Neighborhood in season two, episode five in the University of Phoenix student website under the course materials section. A fire began in the Neighborhood community and the residents developed respiratory complications related to the smoke from...

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comfortable environment where they can give their best for a company or organization. Moreover, there should be friendly communication between the employees of a company/organization. In such a way, every person will give his hundred percent and the company will progress by leaps and bounds. There are different elements of negative communication. In these elements misinformation, rumors, incomplete information and misinformation are present. These are those elements which become the cause of conflicts...

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Veterinary Emergency Preparedness for the Day Practice

now what?” Emergency tips/techniques for technical staff Intro: Welcome and thank you for coming today. Please feel free to ask questions or offer comment as it occurs to you. We will have an additional questions/answer session at the end of the talk as well. For those with time constraints, we provided a question sheet at the back of your handout. If you fill it out and provide contact information, we will get you an answer. 1. Proactive planning A. Game plan for emergencies ...

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Comfort Taxi

 Enhancing Competitiveness: Comfort Taxi 1.    Describe the customer value proposition and the profit model that underlay Comfort Taxi’s business model. Customer Value Proposition Who is the Customer. Comfort Transportations customers are taxi cab drivers (internal), and those who need taxi services (external). What does the customer value? Taxi Cab Drivers value easy access to external customers and ease of use for the other problems they must worry about such as rental fees and gas...

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An Emergency

The kid leaned forward a little. “Yessum.” he said. I nodded. “Exactly that means I get to do whatever the hell I want.” I said angrily. The kids jaw dropped. “You swore!” He screeched. I pushed down on the pedal and turned on the emergency alarm. This was an emergency....

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emergency disaster

Write a clear and well thought out essay on the following problem: “Your County Manager has just gone to a federally sponsored program on getting volunteers to support the management and administrative side of disaster and recovery portions of emergency management. The Manager attended a seminar on a program called ‘Professional Volunteer Disaster Survey Team (PRO-V-DST)’ which had been developed in Texas in the mid-1990’s. She was quite enthusiastic about the program as it provides: ...

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Emergency Department Overload: Creating Positive Changes Under Conflicting

Emergency Department Overload: Creating Positive Changes under Conflicting Circumstances Creating Change Within Organizations HCS 587 Emergency Department Overload: Creating Positive Changes under Conflicting Circumstances Every day in life, we face conflict and change; whether it is large in its impact or small. Generally, change is often perceived as something that is negative, or at least does not come with great ease. Many of us are creatures of habit, and it can be difficult to change...

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Comfort: Death and Lewis

"Comfort," by Alice Munro, is a short story based on life, death and dying, suicide and religion. With the depth of all four topics, controversial issues arise and compromising situations hold the main character, Nina, at a difficult crossroad. That crossroad is the wants and needs that Nina yearns for. "Comfort" illustrates a ride through what Nina experiences after the passing of her husband and her dire need to get what she wants or at least to obtain comfort. From the beginning of the story...

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informative speech comfort women

My topic today is “comfort women”, one of the war-related rape. A. Aniko Varga, wrote in an 2009 article published in Association of studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism that the term “comfort women” is a direct translation of the Japanese Jugunianfu or ianfu, a euphemism for young women ,drafted ,deceived ,sold or abducted to serve as military sex slaves during the war. B. The Japan Foundation explains on its web site that as the chinese characters慰 安 [i : an ] (comfort or solace ) and 婦 [fu]...

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Interpersonal Communications in the Emergency Service

Link: How Communication Problems affect Emergency Personnel Since Sept. 11, 2001 communication has worsened with dispatch and emergency personnel, which has resulted to lack of information, situation updates, and incident command. Communication issues will always be around, but communication problems in emergency situations could be costly. With the lack of the right information something could possibly go wrong. It starts with the caller the information they give can be misleading. What could go wrong...

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Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Plan for Little Rock Arkansas It is important that all members of a community and country prepare themselves in the event of a disaster or incident. The emergency response plans assign roles and responsibilities, maximizing human safety and preservation of property, minimize danger for everyone. Emergency response plans usually include key elements such as: specific procedures to respond to, mitigate and recover from emergencies; the chain of command in an emergency within the...

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State of Emergency at Mercy Hospital

STATE OF EMERGENCY AT MERCY HOSPITAL Issues:  Dr. Jason Diliper is a physician in the emergency department in University based Mercy hospital. He has a strong reputation for being a team player and an outstanding physician. His escalating lack of professionalism while handling a shortness of breath patient, Mr. Samson, has come to light by a complaint filed by his daughter. Also Davis witnessed Diliper scolding a medical student in front of a patient who he was examining.   Seriousness...

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Emergency Operations Plan

Emergency Operations Plan Roland Brown University of Phoenix Critical Incident Management CJA/560 Ian Moffett November 22, 2010 Emergency Operations Plan Emergency planning has changed very much since the 9/11 attacks. Law enforcement agencies focus more on prevention, preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation. With planning and efforts made by law enforcement agencies, the law enforcement community can provide a comprehensive emergency management and security program (EMHSD/MSP...

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Support Children and Young People’s Health and Safety.

concerned. Prior to an event taking place at the school, the H & S officer together with the Head should think carefully about the H & S implications and in many cases, produce a risk assessment that summarises the likely dangers. All staff involved with the event should then work closely with the H & S officer to try to maintain a safe and accident free outcome of the event. 1.4 – Identify the lines of responsibility and reporting for health and safety in the setting. The health and...

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Comfort Theory

Katharine Kolcaba: Comfort Theory Sarah SchlenvogtPresentation College In my nursing practice with long term care residents, I frequently care for dying residents. Instead of simply providing these patients with medication to ease the pain, I wanted to learn about ways to enhance the comfort of the dying patient and assist their beloved family throughout the difficult process. This desire led me to undertake a concept analysis of comfort. Through my research at the end of life, I discovered Katharine...

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Emergency Preparedness

further assistance in matters that need to be attended further by individuals with certain specialties. Chain of Command In the Franklin County crisis, the team put an Emergency Operations Plan in place to establish a clear line of people in the chain of command. At the top of the chain of command was the County Emergency Manager as the Commander, followed by the Operations Chief, Logistics Chief, Financial and Administrative Chief and lastly the Planning and Intelligence Chief. While the Commander...

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Emergency Procedure Plan Assignment

Emergency Procedure Plan Assignment Emergencies occur in many situations, it is important that the caregiver in any early childhood education situation be prepared to handle emergencies. Caregivers should avoid unnecessary emergencies by providing prevention and protection in the care environment but unfortunately emergencies can happen at any time when you have children in your care. At that moment, when you have done to prepare and what you do in reacting to the emergency can make all the difference...

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Emergency Evacuation and Assembly Area

fire / earthquake evacuation procedure. What are the steps that the school must observe during such emergency cases? * Before Fire or Earthquake: -Assist in training of emergency personnel under their command. - Designate an assembly area (or areas) for the building.Occupants of the building should be directed to assemble in this area when required to evacuate the building in an emergency. This will facilitate checking that all occupants are safe and enable speedy return to the building...

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ICW 6 Illness And Injury Assessment 1

208 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 202 2.4 a, b, c Respond to emergency situations Following on from your group work in class please read through the following scenarios and complete how you would respond. (Please make sure you include, where relevant, how you would follow setting’s procedures, give reassurance to those involved, give other people clear information about what has happened and follow procedures for reporting and recording the emergency or accident) Accident Alice was book monitor for the...

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Out of My Comfort Zone

OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE One first impression people have of me is that I’m very quiet and reserved … which is true.My general tendency has always been to keep to myself and speak when spoken to. One story that my mother likes to tell about me is about my first day in preschool when I was only about 3 years old. She came to pick me up and the teachers were very concerned and said, “She was very good, but she only played by herself. She didn’t interact with any of the other kids. Is she ok?” To...

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Out of My Comfort Zone

Cadero Smiley Date: December 4, 2011 Application Essay #2 Question: The Watson Fellowship encourages Fellows to move outside of their “comfort zone.” Briefly describe your “comfort zone,” focusing on the world beyond family life, and then describe an instance in which you moved outside of your “comfort zone.” In 2003, Together with fellow classmates we formed an Activism group, bearing our high school name. With a plethora of issues to confront, we reached consensus...

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Emergency Management

Emergency Management When an emergency happens, it is best to be prepared and understand where to go and how to arrive there. Most people will go to his or her local hospital to seek assistance, whereas some may be brought to the facility by an emergency vehicle. In any case emergency management needs to know what he or she needs to do to protect their community and themselves. Emergency management (EM) entails An emergency is the unplanned events that cause harm and death and can happen within...

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Emergency Room Boarding

Running head: BOARDING PATIENTS IN THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT 1 Boarding Patients in the Emergency Department Lauren Wiese University of Scranton BOARDING PATIENTS IN THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT 2 Abstract A patient who is boarded is one who remains in the emergency department even after they have been admitted to the hospital. Boarding patients in the emergency department has become a problem for many hospitals in America today. It has affected the health and safety of...

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Emergency Medicine and the Ethical Dilemmas

Emergency Medicine and the Ethical Dilemmas Luisa Martin HCA 322 Instructor Thomas December 5, 2010 Picture this scenario: You are working in the emergency room of a public hospital where the   inflow of patients is higher than the available beds. You are treating an elderly man who is breathless and cyanosed. While you assess whether he has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or heart failure, he becomes drowsy and starts gasping. You quickly intubate him with some difficulty...

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Emergency Contraceptives

Emergency contraception should be seen as a respectful pregnancy prevention method rather than just a “morning after pill” for promiscuous women. It has been an available healthcare option for a number of years and has prevented countless abortions. Many couples, teenagers and young adults approve of emergency contraception. However, other categories of people such as parents of teenagers and members of the Catholic Church remain unconvinced that this health-care option is actually beneficial. It...

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P4;explain possible priorities and responses when dealing with two particular incidents or emergencies in a health or social care setting.

responses when dealing with two particular incidents or emergencies in a health or social care setting & M2; discuss, health, safety or security concerns arising from a specific incident or emergency in a health and social care setting&D2;Justify responses to a particular incident or emergency in a health or social care setting. My health and social care setting is an under 5's nursery, within my setting there may be many incidents or emergencies. There could be incidents within my setting such as...

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Nonverbal Communication in an Emergency Room

communication patterns would differ from my own. I made my observations over two days. The environment I chose to observe was an emergency room waiting area. I chose this because I figured the people that I would be observing would not necessarily be very different from me, but I figured that they would be in a different emotional state then I was. I was just an observer in the emergency room while everyone else was there because of some sort of serious medical issue. During my observations I tried to identify...

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Workplace Emergency

for Workplace Emergencies James J. Johnson Columbia Southern University Abstract At the heart of safety is good planning. That is why a company has an emergency action plan in place. Facilities or manufacturing plants should be aware of certain procedures to protect themselves and others from injury during fire and other emergencies. Company’s conducts regular emergency drills so that workers know what to do and where to proceed during an emergency. Emergencies can occur in an...

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Emergency Department Bottleneck

Emergency Department Bottleneck Proposal Joyan Thomas University of Phoenix Online OPS/HC 571 Patience McGee March 7, 2011 Emergency Department Bottleneck Proposal Introduction Most hospitals experience the affects of the unexpected, ambiguity and uncertainty, and as a result, face challenges with quality. Middletown Hospital is a 200-bed general not-for-profit hospital. The hospital has a 20-bed Emergency Department (ED). It averages 100 patients per day. The CEO of the hospital...

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The Comforts of Home: An Overview

In “The Comforts of Home,” the interloper is a 19-year-old named Sarah Ham (note the surname), who has been incarcerated for passing bad cheques. The mother of a 35-year-old history writer named Thomas takes pity on Sarah (who refers to herself as Star Drake) and hires a lawyer who secures the girl’s parole. After the crotchety old woman who has agreed to give Sarah board kicks the girl out for drunkenness, Thomas’s mother takes her in over the objections of her son. As with many of O’Connor’s best...

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Emergency Contraception

idea of Emergency Contraception is not a new to society, however it is still igniting many debates just as it did when it was first introduced to the United States. Emergency contraception continues to be a highly emotional and controversial issue, both for advocates who believe EC will lower the number of unintended pregnancies and abortions, and for opponents who believe that using EC amounts to an abortion. The controversy fueling this debate centers around one of the ways that emergency contraception...

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Medical Emergencies

Prevention is the most important phase of treating medical emergencies, despite all the efforts of prevention emergencies will still occur. An emergency is a medical condition that requires immediate treatment. Emergencies do occur in the dental offices. A survey of 4,000dentists conducted by Fast and others revealed an incidence of 7.5 emergencies per dentist over a 10 year period. Here are three steps to prevent medical emergencies in the dental office: Medical History, Patient Evaluation, and...

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Disaster Planning and Emergency Response

Disaster Planning and Emergency Response Disasters, both man-made and natural, occur on a regular basis. It is the responsibility of community officials to prepare ahead of time for these disasters, to ensure residents receive needed care immediately following the disaster and in the following weeks while the community recovers. Because of this communities have created emergency response plans and have trained personnel already in place when such events occur. The following is a discussion of the...

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Study of the Psychological Impacts of the Malyan Emergency

psychological tactics of the British help to end the Malayan Emergency, from the period of 1948-1958? To what extent did the psychological tactics of the British help to end the Malayan Emergency, from the period of 1948-1958? Image from: http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/media/photo/malayan-emergency-map Image from: http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/media/photo/malayan-emergency-map Plan of the investigation The Malayan Emergency (1948-1960), was a period of guerrilla warfare between Commonwealth...

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Emergency Supply Management During Disasters

four-page paper on emergency supply management during disasters. The upward trend in natural disasters has led to increased attention in supply chain management. It is evident that the number of those affected can be reduced by having capable and effective response operations. Supply chain management consists of approximately 80% of relief efforts and therefore, much attention must be given to it. This paper relies on seven sources and is in APA format. Emergency Supply Management...

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Unit 7: Support Children and Young People's Health and Safety.

the UK have a health and safety policy, in which they have to adhere to requirements. There are many current health and safety legislations, policies and procedures. These include the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 which was created to protect those at work by following procedures in order to prevent accidents. In a school setting, it is compulsory to follow the rules of this act. Schools must have an annual risk assessment so that they can determine areas of the school which could be dangerous;...

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Community Emergency Preparedness and Response Paper

An emergency occurs when a urgent situation takes place that can be detrimental to a person’s life. Emergencies are not a common occurrence; however do arise on occasion. The response and outcome of emergencies can be positively amplified with an organized plan or preparedness technique. In “The Neighborhood” community, there was an emergency, forest fires, which left the residents to experience unfortunate residual respiratory effects. The many that suffered include patients and staff in the hospital...

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Emergency Preparedness

 Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management Emergency preparedness is vital for the safety and security of the general public. Disasters, according to Powers (2010), are events that cause damage to lives and property during which community resources cannot keep up with the demand. In the unfortunate event of a disaster, having a plan in place as to how a it will be managed allows for the smoothest possible...

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Comfort Place

George Joosten Prof. Haudek Eng 101 Jan 29, 2013 Comfort Place My comfort place is not like most. I happen to be comfortable and at peace while at sea. I spent thirteen years in the US Navy and have over time, become comfortable out in the middle of nowhere floating in the endless blue. While trying to think of my comfort place, I thought of all the places that I have been, lived, seen, and so on, but the one place that tugs at the heartstrings is the ocean. Being out at sea hundreds of miles...

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Emergency Contraception

The question of whether emergency contraception poses a moral dilemma and/or a health risk has been addressed for many years throughout countries in the entire world. Although most moral issues have biased views based on religion, personal beliefs, and family standards, the more important objective question is how are people who choose to use emergency contraceptives putting their own personal health at risk. Today, emergency contraception can be used after a rape or sexual assault, any time unprotected...

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The Role of and Emergency Room Nurse

The Role of an Emergency Room Nurse The role of an emergency room nurse can be demanding and may require a nurse to use many different nursing skills at certain times to take care of a variety of patients. The main role is the nurse must be skilled in client assessment, priority setting, critical thinking, multitasking, and communication. The nurse must be knowledgeable and able to make some decisions independently. The nurse also needs to be able to prioritize so the pts who are at highest...

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Emergency Room Nurses Face Increasing Danger

Emergency Room Nurses Face Increasing Danger Emergency nurses are starting to get hurt. According to the Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services International Conference held in Berlin this year, 98 percent of emergency room nurses in the Unites States reported verbal harassment and 67 percent reported physical violence. While in Canada, 84 percent of the nurses in the emergency department witnessed verbal harassment once in every shift. While there are 90 percent of them claimed...

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identify the statutory and voluntary agencies who may work together at the scene of an emergency incident

 Responding to emergency service incident P3 - identify the statutory and voluntary agencies who may work together at the scene of an emergency incident Statutory and voluntary agencies: Statutory agencies are services like the police, fire and ambulance. These will always join an emergency incident. However at some incidents they will be helped by voluntary agencies like: St John Ambulance - St John Ambulance is a charitable organisation staffed by trained volunteers. The organisation...

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Give Life, Give Blood!

Give life, give blood! Imagine your mom, dad, son, and or, daughter in a tragic car accident, or diagnosed with cancer. The only chance of survival is a blood transfusion, because your blood type is not a match. We all expect that blood will be there for us or a loved one; however, hardly a fraction of people that can give blood actually do. At some point of our lives we may face a time of susceptibility where we will need blood. The day-to-day need for blood never ends. Statistics...

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Comfort of Strangers Commentary

IB SL English 2 Commentary on The Comfort of Strangers In one part of the novel, The Comfort of Strangers, the English writer Ian McEwan describes the admiration with which his male character, Robert, contemplates his sisters playing dress up. Though the speaker’s age is never divulged, we readily jump to the conclusion that he is around ten years old because of the childish and rudimentary language. The structure of the sentences is also very reflective of the child’s young age, as well as...

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Frankenstein- Can Comfort Be F

consequently, they make wrong decisions. They seek refuge in nature, and try to use its beauty to find answers and to fill their void of friendship. Yet, none of the characters ever overcomes their bouts with loneliness because they never find true comfort in nature. Victor Frankenstein claims, “No human being could have passed a happier childhood than myself” (Shelley, 19). His early life was filled with love and nurturing from his parents, his beautiful and adored companion Elizabeth...

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To What Extent Did The Slave Trade Have A Positive Impact On Those Involved In It?

The Atlantic Slave Trade had a both positive and negative impact on those involved in it to an extent. Britain’s economy benefited greatly from the slave trade as many industries flourished. This was an immense opportunity for those who were unemployed as it provided thousands of jobs. People were employed in industries like the building and repair of slave ships, selling the goods produced by slaves such as sugar and cotton, and banking. This resulted in the slave trade becoming the financial base...

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Emergency Management

How would you rate the four phases of Emergency Management for meeting the challenges confronting this nation from terrorism? The information the National Situation Update for September 12, 2001 gives us on the activities following the attacks largely focuses on the response of resources. There seems to be an abundance of resources available to respond to each disaster area including emergency response teams, disaster mortuary teams, disaster medical assistant teams, urban search and rescue task...

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Teaching Assistant

abilities. Sometimes it’s good to offer them challenging environment for them to deal with risks under our observation also when a child sustain or witness injuries they gain direct experience of their action and choices. 4.1) Recognise and respond to emergency situations. Evacuation: raise the alarm, collect register, evacuate the children, once outside take register and inform parents. Missing child: Inform head teacher, find out child’s where about, search rooms, outside areas, inform police, parents...

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Ethics of Emergencies

Ethics of Emergencies “The Ethics of Emergencies” explains Ayn Rand’s radical and unique view of altruism. She believes that there are 4 consequences of altruism, all of which are negative. These, simply put, are lack of self-esteem, lack of respect for others, a pessimistic view of life, and an indifference to ethics. She says that altruism hinders acts of true benevolence, and instead people act out of an obligation to others that has been internalized over time. Rand then argues that one should...

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Web or Mobile System Paper

this app. The purpose of the Red Cross hurricane app is to give local citizens and visitors the ability to track, and monitor hurricanes from their mobile phone. Hurricanes can be unpredictable, and there is never a clear picture about when or where it will strike. Most people have a cell phone in today’s society and according to a recent Nielsen report 88% of those are smart phones. The new Red Cross App is free, and it gives its users the ability to track storms, shelters, and other important...

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Hygiene and Comfort Room

  a. Trash can   b. DustpanCleaning Materials:   c. Broom   d. Floor wax   e. Rag   f. Board eraser | | | | | II. Laboratory | | | | |     a. Trash can   b. DustpanCleaning Materials:   c. Broom   d. Rag   e. White board eraser | | | | | III. Comfort Room | | | | |     a. Toilet flush   b. Water supplies   c. Trash can   d. Pail   e. Deeper   f. Black plastic bagCleaning Materials:   g. MopSanitation Supplies:   h. Soap   i. Sanitizer   j. Albatross   k. Clogged pump | | | | | IV. Corridor |...

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Accident, Illness and Emergency Policy

Accident, Illness and Emergency Policy Accident and emergency: It is my policy that when children are in my care I will keep them safe. My premises have been checked and they meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage in England. I also regularly review, update and practise my safety routines, including fire drills. As a registered childminder, I am legally required to have a valid first-aid certificate before registration. I can administer basic first-aid treatment,...

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Comfort Theory Research Paper

Final Paper in Comfort Theory Ruben Perez NGR 5110 July 15th, 2013. Prof. Dr. Daniel Little Nursing Scenario I chose this scenario which is appropriate for the application of Kolcaba’s Comfort theory: You are a nurse on an inpatient oncology unit. Your patient is a 72-year-old competent male who has been told his cancer is terminal and that further treatment is unlikely to have any benefit. He accepts that and would like to explore hospice. However, his two adult children insist that he...

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Nursing: Academic Degree and Emergency Room Nurse

is an emergency room nurse. Emergency room nurses play an important role in the nursing industry because there can never be enough nurses in the ER. Emergency room nurses are growing in high demand. Within the next 10 years, the ER nursing industry will increase with twenty-six percent. One reason they are in high demand, is because it is becoming harder and harder to get in to see a regular doctor. Instead, you could go to the emergency room and get immediate attention. Being an emergency room nurse...

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