• Philippine Literature Part I
    Philippine Literature Part I – The Historical Background of Philippine Literature   Chapter 1 Introduction to the Study of Literature   Definition of Literature:   The word literature is derived from the Latin term litera which means letter. It has been defined differently
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  • Philippine Literature
    Sonnet to a Pilgrim SoulBy Santiago B. VillafaniaWhen the sun gilds the sky in the morning And deep darkness makes a noble retreat O hear the music in the air fleeting For you can never recapture the beatWhen the morning spreads her warm golden wings And the sapphire sky is wordlessly deep Look yond
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  • Philippine Lit.2
    Philippine Literature The variety and abundance of Philippine literature evolved even before the colonial periods. Folk tales, epics, poems and marathon chants existed in most ethnolinguistic groups that were passed on from generations to generations through word of mouth. Tales associated with th
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  • Philippine Prehistory
    Philippine Prehistory - The First Inhabitants - 40,000 BP The Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands in the South China Sea situated between Taiwan to the north and Borneo to the south. Just 2,000 of its islands are inhabited and only 500 are larger than a kilometre square. The nine larges
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  • Philippine Literature
    Philippine Literature Part I – The Historical Background of Philippine Literature Chapter 1 Introduction to the Study of Literature Definition of Literature: The word literature is derived from the Latin term litera which means letter. It has been defined differently by various writers
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  • Understanding Poetry
    Understanding and Appreciating Poetry 1 Note to Teachers Set Poems 2012-2014 Teachers have been speaking about the lack of critical material on some of the literature set pieces (particularly the poems) selected for study at the Caribbean O’Level. Diverse interpretations make an exploratio
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  • The Language of Poetry
    The Language of Poetry This accessible satellite textbook in the Routledge INTERTEXT series is unique in offering students hands-on practical experience of textual analysis focused on poetry. Written in a clear, user-friendly style by an experienced writer and practising teacher, it links pract
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  • Trruth Behind the Philippine Economy
    The Philippine economy has grown by about 5 percent a year on average over the last ten years, significantly higher than in the previous two decades. Yet the number of people living below the poverty line has actually increased. What does the administration of President Benigno “Nonoy” Aquino II
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  • The Study of Philippine History and Its Origin
    CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction The history of Philippines dates back to some 50,000 years ago. It may be surprising but there is sufficient archaeological evidence to back the claim, though we may not conclude that it is the 'history' of 'the Philippines' that dates b
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  • Poetry – Elizabeth Bishop
    [2013] Poetry – Elizabeth Bishop Aoife O’Driscoll www.aoifesnotes.com Elizabeth Bishop – Brief Biography Elizabeth Bishop was born in Massachusetts in 1911. Her father died when she was a baby, and his death caused Bishop’s mother to have a mental breakdown. When Bishop was five h
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  • Sonnets as Lyric Poetry
    Sonnets as Lyric Poetry The word “lyric” comes from the Latin “lyricus" meaning “of or for the lyre.” Some of the best examples of lyric poetry come from Italian and English sonnets. In lyric poetry, the mood is musical and emotional. The writer of a lyric poem uses words that express his
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  • Classical Chinese Poetry Re-Created as English Poetry
    1 Lost in Translation or Gained in Creation: Classical Chinese Poetry Re-Created as English Poetry1 Roslyn Joy Ricci Centre for Asian Studies University of Adelaide Introduction The well-known Robert Frost2 witticism that ‘poetry is what disappears in translation' is only valid if poetic tr
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  • Donne, Herbert and Crashaw's Biblical References in the Poetry of the 17th Century
    The 17th century was a period in which religious reformation spread to England. Many Catholics converted to Protestantism. One of those is John Donne. He was a priest and was known for addressing God directly in his poems. He has a personal relationship between him and god. Donne carried the metaphy
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  • In the Paltos Ideal State the There Is No Place for Poets & Poetry
    'Crucial indeed is the struggle, more crucial than we think - the choice that makes us good or bad - to keep faithful to righteousness and virtue in the face of temptation, be it of fame or money or power, or of poetry- yes, even of poetry' Plato's theories of love and beauty have inspired th
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  • On a Philippine Parliament
    Just recently, issues regarding Charter Change through a People’s Initiative became the main content of all major broadsheets and news programs on television and radio. Advertisements by the group called Sigaw ng Bayan advocating this People’s Initiative were also shown in several local channels
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  • Changing Ang Raising the Economic Requirement in Philippine Airlines
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  • Poetry
    IF *The message of “If,” although it may sound generic, is an inspirational one— it is a message of perseverance and determination. Throughout the poem, situations are described that all relate to the theme of self-belief and perseverance. The first line of the first stanza reads, “If you
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  • Perception of Philippine Politics Based on News Program
    Perception of Philippine Politics Based on News Program Submitted by: Alba, Emmanuel Evan Cabildo, Angeli Mercado, Aizel Kristel Pagdato, Gladys Rodenas, Zaira May Varona, Nicodemus Zaragosa, Roselle Submitted on: March 3, 2010 Chapter I: Introduction BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Pe
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  • Philippine Lit
    Philippine Literature  Literature and history are closely interrelated. In discovering the history of a race, the feelings, aspirations, customs and traditions of a people are sure to be included . . . and these feelings, aspirations, customs and traditions that are written is literature. History
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  • Philippine Report: Election
    CEPPS Philippines Election Observation Program Strengthening the Electoral Process IFES Final Report August 2004 Authors: Peter Erben Beverly Hagerdon Thakur Craig Jenness Ian Smith Acknowledgements The IFES team wishes to thank the government and authorities of the Republic of the Philip
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