"Give At Least Two Examples Of When Customer Service May Be Limited By Organisational Goals" Essays and Research Papers

Give At Least Two Examples Of When Customer Service May Be Limited By Organisational Goals

Customer Service Research Paper Before I get into further analysis of my own personal experience, I am going to explain about different characteristics that are involved in customer service. Most businesses will tell you that quality customer service is the keystone to success. An essential component of outstanding customer service is the possession of a great staff. Larger companies may be weighed down by employee handbooks that specify the customer service guidelines. Independent, smaller businesses...

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Customer Service

understanding of customer service for Diploma in Customer Service Level 3. Learning Outcome 1: Be able to follow their organisation’s accepted customer service language Assessment Criteria: 1.1 Communicate to customers their organisation’s service offer, how it balances organisational and customer needs and how it meets customer expectations 1.2 Compare the service offers of commercial, public sector and third sector organisations and how they each meet customer expectations 1.3...

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Report on Possible Improvements to Customer Service

Report On Possible Improvements To Customer Service 1. Why it is important to improve what is offered It is important to improve what is offered in a business as it will keep current customers satisfied and maintain existing customers. It is also important to remain competitive in the current climate and not to lose customers to competitors. Through improving what is offered the business will expand and gain new customers through good reputation, and good reputation should reduce the number of...

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The Goals for Customer Service

strives to provide great customer service, especially in times of need. When a customer’s home floods or catches on fire, the property claims process begins. In this process the customer must be in the production system relative to the total time needed to deliver the service is nearly 100% of the time. During the claims process, all three service designs: the production-line approach, the self-service approach and the personal-attention approach, are applied. When a customer calls in the claim, they...

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Customer Service

Assessment You should use this file to complete your Assessment. • The first thing you need to do is save a copy of this document, either onto your computer or a USB drive • Then work through your Assessment, remembering to save your work regularly • When you’ve finished, print out a copy to keep for reference • Then, go to www.vision2learn.com and send your completed Assessment to your tutor via your My Study area – make sure it is clearly marked with your name, the course title and the Unit and Assessment...

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Customer and Ac

Administration Unit 2: Principles of providing administrative services Assessment Section 1 – Understand how to make and receive telephone calls 1. Complete the table below with descriptions of at least two different features of a telephone system and how / when they would be used. [AC 1.1] Feature How / when used Good. MDA 22/11/12 2. Prepare a brief report advising people on: How to follow organisational procedures when making and receiving telephone calls The purpose of giving...

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Public Sector and Customer Service

organisation and the customer service role 1. Complete the table below with a description of the products and services for at least two commercial organisations, public organisations and third sector organisations. Please ensure you provide a description for each organisation, rather than a list. Organisation type | Name of organisation | Description of products and services | Commercial organisation | Cleaning firms | Cleaning company offering cleaning services. This company...

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6 Facets of Customer Service

Business Relations The 6 Facets of Customer Service What does “customer service” mean? According to Melvin Richardson’s article “What does customer service mean?”, Customer service means: listening to your customers, satisfying every want and need, taking ownership of the customer’s account, showing appreciation, smiling and following up with each and every customer. These are all simple tasks to complete individually but they become more complicated to fulfill when they are all lumped together and...

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Organisational Performance and Customer Satisfaction Equation.

been provided with an Organisational Performance and Customer Satisfaction equation: Consumer Expected Quality - Organisational Actual Quality = Customer Perceived Quality EQ > AQ => Dissatisfaction EQ = AQ => Mere Satisfaction AQ > EQ => Delighted Customer An Organization Performance includes multiple activities, that help in establishing the goals of the organization, and monitor the progress towards the target. It is used to make adjustments to accomplish goals more efficiently and...

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Customer Service Level 2

Assessment You should use this file to complete your Assessment. · The first thing you need to do is save a copy of this document, either onto your computer or a USB drive · Then work through your Assessment, remembering to save your work regularly · When you’ve finished, print out a copy to keep for reference · Then, go to www.vision2learn.com and send your completed Assessment to your tutor via your My Study area – make sure it is clearly marked with your name, the course title and the Unit and Assessment...

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customer service

deal with the impatient customer, and how training the employees to treat this kind of customer, to make this professional and effective, we will use some useful tool and way, which including training need, training design, development and implementation, also, training outcomes and needs assessment will be mention. Customer service and good customer service: Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. Customer service is a series of activities...

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Customer Service

intend to be successful need to design products, services and product/ service bundles to meet customer needs. How can they do this and how can they ensure that the organisation’s plans achieve quality, time and cost specifications agreed with customers? What data and records might be drawn upon to make plans intended to meet customer needs? Organisations that use market research to gather feedback from consumers regarding product design and product/ service bundles tend to be more successful that those...

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Service Diary

SERVICE ENCOUNTER: Harry Beckwith mentioned service as “Selling the invisible”.(Barlett, 2001). Service encounter is a dealing in which one person supply a good or a service to another person. (for example selling a product, selling a service an appointment with a doctor etc..). There are different types of service encounters. Service may be direct contact services( like service in an hospital) or indirect contact services( like service produced in a call center). Examples: ...

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Customer Service

Customer Service What is Customer Service? Customer Service is any contact between a customer and a company that causes a negative or positive experience by a customer, it also means being able to exceed the needs and expectations of all their customers rather than just meeting them. “Excellent customer service is about creating a good impression: meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of visitors, and making them feel welcome, excited and valued.” (http://www.rmg.co.uk) Who are...

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Discuss the Four Dimensions of Customer Service in a Company.

the four dimensions of customer service in a company. Give examples to illustrate your points. It is known to us, “in each industry, the customer is god, is operator's food and clothing parents.” This tells us that customers are important to organizations. With the current intense competition in logistics nowadays, most companies can provide high quality goods, even are willing to cut down prices if reasonable. However, how can suppliers gain a competitive advantage when high quality is expected...

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Customer Service

Providing customer service Since our restaurant can exists only because of customers, and in particular repeat customers who voluntarily choose to return here and spend their money and time to our food, beverage and service. Without our customer we don’t have a restaurant, they are the only reason we are here. As a result, taking care of our customers is our highest priority, in fact a privilege, never an interruption. At our restaurant the customer always comes first. b. Dealing with customer complaints...

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Exceptional Customer Service

our customers and, in doing so, exceed their expectations for service, quality and value.” (Enterprise Rent-a-Car, 2007) Enterprise strategy to achieve and fulfill its mission started by Jack Taylor’s simple philosophy: “Take care of your customers and employees first, and profits will follow.” The key elements of Enterprise Strategy are:  Strive to earn customers’ long-term loyalty by working to deliver more than promised, being honest and fair to provide exceptional personalized service that...

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Customer Service

Assignment Customer service Submitted by:Gergana Tsareva Id number: GT21132 Submited to:Chika Ugoji APRIL 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1.INTRODUCTION……………………………………………………………………………...3 2.Task 1: CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICY…………………………………………………..3 - Meaning………………………………………………………………………………...3 - Examples……………………………………………………………………………….3 - Table presentation…………………………………………………………………….4 - Reason of using customer service…………………………………………………..5 3.Task 2: REFLECTIC SUMMARY FOR GROUP WORK…………………………………...

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Customer Service Standards 2 2

HARWARD INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE BSBCUS402B – address customer needs Assessment 2 Student Name: GURDEEP SINGH Student ID: HIC-140705 Submitted to: SHAMIR TABLE OF CONTENT custmore service standards 3 Introduction 3 Defining custmore service standards 3 Policies and procedures of custmore service standards 4 Planning and implementation 6 Monitoring custmore service standards 7 Conclusion 8 Customer service standards Introduction We are used to such phrases...

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Organisational Behaviour

: FIDELIS NYAMAZANA REG NUMBER : B0923867 PROGRAMME : BBS HUMAN RESOURCES COURSE : ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR COURSE CODE : BS 432 YEAR : PART 4 ASSIGNMENT TITLE: CONFLICT IS AN INEVITABLE ASPECT OF INDUSTRIAL OR ORGANISATIONAL LIFE DISCUSS? {25marks} The proceeding text tries to discuss how inevitable conflict is to organizational life. The factors of concern includes limited resources, unmet expectations, unreasonable or unclear policies, interdependent tasks, organizational...

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Customer Service and Holiday Retreat

analyse the data and material presented to make recommendations for changing the customer service processes and culture. Specifically, you are required to: • identify Brad’s major customers • prepare a customer service policy for Brad’s business • prepare a standard for handling complaints • prepare a work instruction for handling a complaint • give an example of how you would change an element of the customer service system in response to the complaint about the quality of the meals • outline...

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Understand organisational structures

1 Understand organisational structures 1.1 Explain the differences between the private sector, public sector and voluntary sector A private sector is usually composed of organisations which are privately owned and not part of a government; whereas a public sector is composed of organisations that are owned by the government and voluntary sectors are composed of individuals of who seek help in charitable activities. Private sectors include corporations such as partnerships and charities, like the...

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Demonstrate understanding of customer service

Demonstrate understanding of customer service. QCUS3-001 1) Describe how their organisations service offer meets customer expectations. In this particular type of industry it is impossible to offer some “service offers” that other companies may be able to offer. We can’t offer big sales, buy one get one free and other types of promotions that companies follow. The cost of materials keeps rising and in order to keep competitive we do only sell work at a fair price, not like some other...

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Customer Service

Customer service | Customer-Centric | An introduction on how to provide superior customer service skills. | | | | An informational essay on how to provide superior customer service using these seven skills: The right attitude, Understanding the customer’s needs, Clear communication, Dealing with difficult customers, Business telephone etiquette, Customer service and technology, and Serving diverse populations. The essay provided also uses examples of these situations and may include...

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What Is Customer Service Culture

What is a customer service culture? If you look at companies lauded for their superior customer service, you almost always find that those companies create a culture that supports excellence in customer service. It's not that they simply train their employees in customer service skills. What they do is ensure that customer service is interwoven into everything the company does. Customer service excellence simply becomes the way things are done around here. In fact, the way things are done around...

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Marketing: Customer Service

distinctive about services marketing that it requires a special approach, set of concepts, and body of knowledge? Services are defined in as “deeds, processes and performances”. None of these physical objects are physical objects in which a customer can take ownership of, because it is so different from products, service marketing requires a special approach, set of concepts and body of knowledge. 2. What do you mean by variability of inputs and outputs in services? Give two examples. The presence...

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What Is the Principle-Agent Relationship? Using Examples from the Public Sector Explain Why Inefficiencies May (or May Not) Arise Because of a Principle-Agent Relationship. Is There a Way to Resolve Any Problems?

or dismissal for failure to act in the principles interest.” (Black, J. 2003). The actions however, may not always be apparent so it is not usually adequate for the principle to state payment on the actions of the agents. The reasons why we expect the public sector to be inefficient has to do with the incentives and restrictions of the individual and organisational levels. There are at least two important reasons why perfect contingency markets have not developed as stated by Broadway & Wildasin...

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Customer Service and Order Processors

Human Side of Management Assignment   Repairing Jobs That Fail to Satisfy    Learning Goals   Companies often divide up work as a way to improve efficiency, but specialisation can lead to negative consequences. DrainFlow is a company that has effectively used specialisation to reduce costs relative to its competitors’ costs for years, but rising customer complaints suggest the firm’s strong position may be slipping. After reading the case, you will suggest some ways it can create more interesting...

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Customer and Hr

problems that may arise and to put solutions in place. The HRPM has been designed to assist all HR professionals in any business however large or small. Leading HR is more focussed on the personnel area and is mostly involved with leadership within a business, to give personal advice and offer ideas. Specialist Professional Areas Organisational design: Being able to deliver business objectives, foreseeing any issues that may arise, assessing and developing these. Organisational development:...

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Customer Service

for using customer service policies. Current Customer Service policy of Café Fusion: 1.2 Evaluation of CSP and how this affects staff training. 2.1 Communication Methods for CS. 2.2 Customer perception and the influence of Customer service provision. Conclusion: Recommendations: Bibliography Executive Summary: 1 Reasons for using customer service policies. Customer service is the provision of service to customers throughout the course of each customer interaction...

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Logo] Customer Service Plan [Insert Date] This template includes directions and examples. Please remove all text in italics and replace with content for your Department’s customer service plan. Please note that the total length of your plan should be approximately ten pages. Executive Summary The Executive Summary should be 1-1.5 pages. In this section, provide an overview of the purpose of the document, that it was required by Executive Order 13571, and overall goals for the...

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Customer Service

Good Service Encounter Mr Harry had made a large room reservation on 5th October at Golden Hotel for his son birthday function. Upon the booking of the function room, he received the confirmation slip from the service personnel, Susan, who look forward to seeing Mr Harry on 5th October. She then acknowledges the customer with a smile as she direct him to the door. On the 4th October, Susan made a phone call to Mr Harry to confirm the booking of the large size room for the following day. She then...

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Compare and contrast two theories of motivation explaining how the two approaches may differ and how they may be similar

coming from within the person (Incentive Theory). Compare and contrast two theories of motivation explaining how the two approaches may differ and how they may be similar. Does one theory seem to explain motivation better than the other? Support your argument with examples from each theory. Motives are reasons people hold for initiating and performing voluntary behaviour. They indicate the meaning of human behaviour, and they may reveal a person's values. Motives often affect a person's perception...

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Business Environment. Understanding the Organisational Purposes of Business

organisation meets the objectives of different stakeholders and explain the responsibilities of an organisation and strategies employed to meet them. I am also going to give examples based on my own personal experience. Identify the purposes of different types of organisation Business organisations can be divided mainly into two sectors. The private sector, which is formed by sole traders, partnerships, companies and franchises. The sole trader is the most popular form of business ownership...

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Describe How Two Businesses Are Organised

Describe how two businesses are organised (P3) I am going to talk about two organisations and how they operate. The organisations I am going to talk about are McDonalds and Chester Zoo. McDonalds is a fast food restaurant and its purpose is to provide the best and fastest customer service so in this way it will give the organisation a good reputation and help them to make more profit. [pic] This shows how stuff work in McDonalds. If there would be a problem with customers for example, then the...

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Quality customer service

PROJECT 1 Reasons for customer service problems include the following: 1. Not listening to or collecting information from customers. It is surely self-evident that listening to the customers is fundamental to providing a high level of customer care. Self-evident it may be, but surprisingly few organisations and individuals possess and use good listening skills. People are all so very different. We come from such a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures.  We all have different ways of thinking...

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Customer Service

Minitex CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a strategy used to learn more about customers' needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships with them. It plays an important role in understanding customer’s needs by gathering the information about the customers that helps in marketing and selling the company’s products. With an effective Customer Relationship Management strategy, an organization can increase revenues by providing better services and selling products...

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Customer Service Plan

primary research goal of acquiring new knowledge to help prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat disease and disability from the rarest genetic disorder to the common cold. The NIH mission is to uncover new knowledge that will lead to better health for everyone. In 1993, President William J. Clinton issued Executive Order 12862 challenging Federal agencies to improve customer service. Further, Executive Order 12862 tasked agencies to survey their customers to identify what kinds of services they really...

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Organisational Commitment (Types, Job-Related Outcomes, Are Commited Employees More Valuable?)

What is organisational commitment? Explain the links between the various types of organisational commitment and job-related outcomes. Are committed employees necessarily more valuable to organisations than less committed employees? There are various definitions for the concept of organizational commitment but they all agree that it refers to a psychological state, which can be described as the bond or the attachment between an employee and their organization. McShane and Travaglione (2007:119)...

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Lands End with the Limited Inc

Compare the adoption and implementation of information systems of Lands End with The Limited Inc Business background of Lands’ End and The Limited Inc Lands' End is a leading direct merchant of traditionally styled, casual clothing for men, women and children, as well as soft luggage and products for the home. The company's products are offered through regular mailings of its primary and specialty catalogs and via the Internet. Lands' End is known for providing products of exceptional quality...

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Manage Quality Customer Service

Manage quality customer service SECTION 1 Assessment Activity 1 Develop and document, on behalf of an organization for which you do or might work, a detailed process whereby it will possible to investigate, identify, assess and include the needs of customers in planning processes. Private Schooling The first process is investigating why Parents would choose Private Schooling for their child/ren. The School would investigate the following. Investigate the needs of families in the local area...

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Evaluate the Importance of Business Processes in Delivering Outcomes Based Upon Business Goals and Objectives.

Activities to Achieve Results | Table of Contents Introduction 1 Body 2 Evaluate the importance of business processes in delivering outcomes based upon business goals and objectives. 2 Appendix 22 Bibliography 26 Body Evaluate the importance of business processes in delivering outcomes based upon business goals and objectives. Structure of an organisation is the way the people and different departments are set out. XXX School’s structure is shown in Appendix 1. It’s is widely...

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organisational effectiveness

OF CLEAR AUTHORITY AND DISCIPLINE WITHIN AN ORGANIZATION ELTON MAYO: EFFECTIVENESS IS A FUNCTION OF PRODUCTIVITY RESULTING FROM EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION APPROACHES TO MEASURING ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS: • Goal Approach: Effectiveness is the ability to excel at one or more output goals. • Internal Process Approach: Effectiveness is the ability to excel at internal efficiency, coordination, motivation, and employee satisfaction. • System Resource Approach: Effectiveness is the ability to acquire...

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D2: Report to Assess the Positive and Negative Impacts of Customer Service and Sales Techniques

D2: REPORT TO ASSESS THE POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE IMPACTS OF CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SALES TECHNIQUES 1.0 TERMS OF REFERENCE: I have been asked to produce a report to assess the positive and negative impacts of the customer service and sales techniques of my selected organisation. The organisation I will be looking at is Clarks. 2.0 PROCEDURE: In order to obtain the relevant information, I followed the following procedures: 2.1 I will be using my previous assignment P3 role play which was based...

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Customer Service and Walmart

Wal-Mart: Customer Service Development and Training Wal-Mart: Customer Service Development and Training Walmart is a world leader in helping to save people money, but the company also strives to provide excellent customer service. This paper will address the training and development of Walmart’s employees to uphold this value. Through one-on-one training mixed with online courses, the HR department of Walmart can achieve this goal. The Training Need Walmart’s training needs...

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Customer Service

CUSTOMER SERVICE: CASE STUDY. Customer service is the interaction between customers and the providers of goods and/or services on sales and thereafter. But sometimes it can be more than just a customer being served. I would like to look into a case of a policeman and a bus driver, and what should have been done to prevent it. A witness explained that on one morning at a bus station, there was an argument between a policeman and a bus driver. The policeman stopped the bus driver on a regular...

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Human Resource Development and Organisational Perfomance


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Incentive Pay Programs for Customer Service Representatives

Quality of Customer Service becomes critical for company's success on the market. If planed properly, incentive pay plans may increase customer service representatives' interest to providing better service to the customer. Specifics of Customer Service brings its difficulties to setting standards for quantity and quality measuring of the Customer Service productivity, as basics of incentive pay determination. Customer Service definition and role in the business. Customer Service topic is both...

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Customer Data

CUSTOMER DATA In the term of customer data, technology now day give a big role to evaluate the concepts by the overall to moving ownership of the customer when they are away from the individual departments and different it at the enterprise level. In the customer relationship management concept, individual that in the each department has responsible for the customer. The success factor for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is by deploying technology that provides various levels of data access...

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What Determines the Type of Strategy a Firm Adopts? Consider Both the Levels of Strategy (Corporate, Business and Functional) as Well as the Strategy Options in Your Answer and Provide Organisational Examples to Justify Your Answer?

three of them refers to competition from external sources, which Porter (2008) refers to as the micro environment. They are the threat of new entrant, threat of substitute products or services and rivalry among competing organisation, which will be discussed. The other two forces that are bargaining power of customers and suppliers. Porter's five forces theory emphasizes on the external impact on strategy formulation and advises organisations to evaluate these forces in an industry to position themselves...

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Customer Relationship Management

CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management. It is a strategy that a business or a company to adopt so as to reduce cost and increase profitability by increasing customers’ loyalty and satisfaction, i.e. the knowledge about their customers’ needs and wants… etc. By knowing their customers, companies can store customers information so as to for future analysis and manage the customers relationship. In CRM, it will mainly go through 4 processes, i.e. identify the customers, differentiate them...

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Mission, Vision and Objectives of Agrani Bank Limited, Bangladesh

Agrani Bank Limited Introductory Words: The ultimate challenge for a company in today’s fast growing and rapid changing world is to survive in the competition by achieving superior performance relative to its rivals. To achieve this, it requires strategic planning and one of the major components of the formal strategic planning process is to select the corporate mission, vision and objectives or goals. The Mission: A company’s mission describes what...

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The Service Encounter Determines the Quality of the Service on Offer. Discuss

A service encounter is simply defined as a customer’s actual interaction with a service company. Shostack (1985) defined service encounter as the period of time that a customer interacts with a service. Merritt (1977:198), a linguistic scholar, views a service encounter as an instance of face to face interaction between a server who is ‘officially posted’ in some service area, that interaction being oriented to the satisfaction of the customer’s presumed desire for some service and the server’s obligation...

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customer service paper

Maverick’s Customer Service By Ronnie Holmes MGT 350 February 12th, 2013 Introduction Maverick’s Poker Room has issued a survey to its customers to determine the level of customer service the patrons think they are receiving. Understanding the customer expectations is vital to a business’s success. The location of Maverick’s is directly across the border from Canada and many patrons come from across the border. This means not only does Maverick’s deal with local customers but international...

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Customer Service Matters

21 January 2015 Customer Service Matters Introduction Organizations are complex collections of various groups working toward the same common goal. In order to create the effective use of limited resources and to focus on stated goal, organizations’ structures are established. The most common structure, Functional Structures, have 3-5 levels each with their own specific responsibility and expectation. The most commonly recognized levels include the following: Human Resources (Hiring employees...

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Customer Service: Improving Nonverbal Communication

raspy, hoarse and harsh-sounding. This can affect the meaning of the message because people are less likely to listen to you when your voice quality is as such. Given a negative voice quality people tend to shy away from interaction. If our voice quality is a pleasant one, non-raspy, hoarse or harsh-sounding we are likelier to get our message across. 3. What are some examples of inappropriate work-place attire? Attire is a type of nonverbal communication. What a person wears at work says a lot about...

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customer services

discussing the customer service policies a. A discussion about the usage of customer service policies(1.1) page 3,4 b. A discussion about the evaluation of customer service policy(1.2) Task B Communication and information research a. Evaluation of the different communication methods(2.1) b. Analysis of the influence of customer perception by customer service provision (2.2) c. Assessment of sources of information on customer requirements...

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Organisational Culture

organisation from other organisations. Culture has its origin in the organisational interaction. The model put forward by Schein (1985) Schein divides organisational culture into three levels: Outer layer: These outer layers are at the surface, those aspects (such as dress) which can be easily recognised, yet are hard to understand; Values and beliefs: beneath the outer layer are “values & beliefs" which are conscious strategies, goals and philosophies Basic Assumptions and Values:...

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Customer Service

McDonalds believe that good customer service is the responsibility of everybody in the company. Every employee has a part to play in providing with a service with best practise found anywhere in the trade. Products McDonalds provide high quality products, such as burgers, fries, drinks, muffins, etc, which are safe and reliable that it does what it is supposed to do, but not only does the quality of the products matter, the good value for money affects the business. E.g. buy one extra value...

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Measuring Customer Satisfaction

practice for Measuring Customer Satisfaction, how it relates to my organization’s current practices for measuring satisfaction of customers and provides a detailed analysis of our current trend in meeting or exceeding these best practices. Customer satisfaction measurement allows an organization to understand the issues, or key drivers, that cause satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a service experience. When an organization is able to understand how satisfied its customers are, and why, it can...

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