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Gibbs Model Of Reflection Example

Reflection based on Gibbsmodel of reflection (Gibbs, 1988) Description: I spent a week with other professionals from the Health Professions Council. The aim was to learn from each other to enable us to become better professionals and to help with our individual learning. the session also gave me an insight into how we work together with other professional groups in practice (Miller and Freeman, 2007). For this reflection I shall be reflecting on teams roles. As a professional I will need...

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Johns Reflection And Gibbs Reflection in Nursing Practice

elaborate is of an elderly woman who was of a non-British ethnic origin and spoke little English. A junior nurse visited her home to provide care but her attitude towards the patient has been discriminatory and abrupt, a situation that calls for serious reflection on the issues of racial discrimination at the clinical setting. The patient was apparently treated with leg ulcer. The questions that have to be considered here are: Where in the observation did discrimination occur and how this could have affected...

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Reflections Theory

------------------------------------------------- Reflections theory Introduction In this report I will be comparing two reflective theories, outlining their similarities and differences. I will be choosing the one I believe to be the best in my opinion. This will be the one I will be using in my end of year reflective account. The two reflective theories I will be looking at are, Johns Model of Structured Reflection and Gibbs’s Reflective Cycle. Theories There are two main differences between...

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Reflection on the nursing process, using Gibbs 1988 model

could use this situation for my reflection the patient will be referred to as "Mr H". This is in order that his real name is protected and that confidentially maintained in line with the NMC Code of Professional Conduct to "Treat information about patients and clients as confidential and use it only for the purpose for which it was given." In order to help me with my reflection I have chosen Gibbs (1988), as the model to help with my reflective process. This model comprises of a process that helps...

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Reflective Models Used by Nurses

Introduction: Reflection its self is looking into personal thoughts and actions. For nurses this would mean looking at how they performed a particular task taking into consideration their interaction with their colleagues and other members of staff, patients and in some cases relatives This then enables the nurse to assess their actions and thought processes. There are various frameworks of reflection that one could choose and the examples used for this work is by Gibbs (1988), Johns...

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This essay will reflect upon an incident in practice when I administered a drug to a child. I will use Gibbs reflective model (Gibbs 1988)(see appendix 1). This model of reflection will be applied to the essay to facilitate critical thought and relating theory to practice where the model allows. Discussion on the incident will include the knowledge underpinning practice and the evidence base for the administration of the drug. A conclusion to the essay will then be given which will discuss my knowledge...

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Reflection on mental health nursing placement using Gibbs (1988) model of reflection

multidisciplinary team is that problems can be encountered when different professionals work together, there can be unclear goals, lack of direction and poor leadership (Darby et al 1999). In order to structure this reflection I have chosen Gibbs (1988) as the model to help with my reflective process. This model comprises of a process that helps the individual look at a situation and think about their thoughts and feelings at the time of the incident. Reflective skills help us to think about what could have been...

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Learning and Reflection -reasonable Analysis

Free elective- session 4 -2000 word reflective account- not about reflection it’s to take one of the reflective models and weave it through the essay What is reflection? -look at the negatives and see how we can change them -identify things and try to improve them -“reflection…. Means looking back on an experience and making sense of it to identify what to do in the future. It helps you repeat what worked and learn from mistakes.” -why didn’t it go well and what could you do to change it ...

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contribution of reflective practice for clinical nursing. Reflection has been defined as a way for individuals to “capture their experience, think about it, mull it over and evaluate” (Boud et al 1985: 19) Argyris and Schon (1974) suggest that practitioners often practice at less than effective levels because they follow routine. Johns (1995) implies that action can be taken through reflection to increase effectiveness in practice as reflection provides opportunities for self development as professionals...

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Gibbs 1988 Reflective Cycle 1

Gibbs’ (1988) Reflective Cycle Gary, Andrea, Nick & Omar  Gibbs’ reflective cycle is a common model for reflection. It includes 6 stages of reflection Gibbs (1988) reflective cycle • It is a never ending cycle, whereby theory and practice constantly feed each other • It can start as quite a shallow process, but the more you develop and the more you begin to analyse the tasks, the deeper your learning experience becomes • In professional practice, tasks do not always follow set procedures – you...

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Gibb s and Kolb s Reflective model

Gibb’s and Kolb’s Reflective model In this report I am going to evaluate the difference between Gibbs (1988) and Kolb (1984), drawing primarily on Gibbs’s reflective model. The Kolb cycle 1984 was published before Gibbs 1988, David A. Kolb published his conception after an experimental test on a book “Experience as the Source of learning and development” while Gibbs published his theory by developing on the existing Kolb cycle (ehow[07/10/2014]). Kolb’s theory is based on 4 cycles. It starts...

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Gibbs Model of Reflection: Nursing as a Profession

as a profession requires critical thinking and sometimes spur-of-the-moment decision-making as the lives of people depend on such decisions. (Reflective Model Used) This paper aims to apply my reflection on an incident that I encountered while doing my Supervised Practice at a nursing home. The model used is Gibbs Model of Reflection. (Gibbs definition) (Learning Outcomes) Discuss and reflect on the ethical and legal implications of nursing in the UK in accordance with the NMC Code of Conduct...

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reflect on my roles as student in the university based on Gibbs theory

knowledge transfer, may be the most important source of personal professional development and improvement. I am going to reflect on my roles as student In the university, The reflective model I have chosen to use is Gibbs model (Gibbs 1988). Graham Gibbs discussed the use of structured debriefing to facilitate the reflection involved in Kolb's "experiential learning cycle". He presents the stages of a full structured debriefing as follows: (Initial experience) Description: "What happened? Don't make...

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Nursing Reflection

Reflection on a clinical Skill This essay will discuss a clinical skill in which I have become competent in practicing as a student nurse. I will use a reflective model to discuss how I have achieved the necessary level of competence in my nurse training programme. The reflective model I have chosen to use is Gibbs model (Gibbs 1988). Gibbs model of reflection incorporates the following: description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and an action plan (Gibbs 1988). The model will...

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Reflections on "The Biblical Model" for Discipleship

 Reflections on "The Biblical Model" for Discipleship Beverly Manning Discipleship Ministries – DSMN 500 Dr. Homer Massey February 23, 2014   Table of Contents Methods Used by Paul . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Methods of Learning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Procedures, Resources, Plans...

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Reflection on Action

Reflection on action Introduction Reflection now a days is very important in health practises as it allows the practitioners to gain understandings from their professional and personal experiences .It has proven to be an essential utensil for development in their area. Reflection is seen as an influential resource of seeing accustomed events as fresh and inspiring. It is a way for critical thinking and learning. Thinkers have warned of the dangers of a life spent without reflection, but what...

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Gibbs Model of Reflection

some of the foods that you can gradually start giving your baby are: * Boiled and mashed vegetables. Use vegetables like potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, beans, etc. * Starchy foods which are rich in carbohydrates like rice, potatoes, cereals, and oats. * Ripe and mashed fruits, e.g., banana, apple. * Diluted fruit juice (1 part fruit juice to 10 parts of water). * Dairy products like cheese and yogurt. * Commercial weaning products contain a variety of ingredients to meet the nutritional...

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Johns Model of Reflection - Nursing

Summative Communication & Cultural Safety Reflection | | | Following an adaption of Johns’ model of structured reflection (Jasper, 2003), I will discuss an event that occurred during my residential placement as a nursing student, what I have learnt and how I would act if the situation arose again. Lastly, I will discuss what I have learnt in relation to the Nursing Council of New Zealand competencies for cultural safety and communication. Description...

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Behaviour Change Model-Reflection

BEHAVIOUR CHANGE TASK PREGNANCY DIET Refection piece using John’s Model for Structured Reflection (3) Description of experience The aim of the behaviour change was to follow the recommended diet for a pregnant woman and ensure all essential micronutrients were being consumed, paying particular attention to folate, iron and calcium. (2) Reflection I decided to tackle this by eating as I usually eat, but eliminate food items which have been deemed unsafe for pregnant women. I chose this tact...

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REFLECTION on academic development course

The reason for undertaking this assignment is to reflect up on my experiences and feelings during the Academic development module and how much it influenced in my career. Reflection is about reviewing an experience by analyzing, describing and evaluating and also understanding of what it means to be a practitioner (Rolfe, 2011). Continuing professional development (CPD) is very essential in health and social care for high quality patient care. I have decided to enroll for this course because the...

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Reflection on Study Skills

Reflection on Study Skills This paper will reflect on my study skills. I will use a reflective model to discuss this, I have chosen Gibbs model of reflection, and this model includes the following: description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, action plan and conclusion. (Gibbs 1988) The first stage of Gibbs (1988) model of reflection requires a description of events. We were asked to do three things designed to test our study skills, Information technology, Literacy and Numeracy. For...

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gibbs reflection

The purpose of this task is to produce a reflective account of a work based incident using Gibbs model of reflection. The reflection will be based on communication skills in the ward setting. To maintain confidentiality of the patient in this reflection they will be known as Mrs X, in accordance with the NMC code of conduct (2008). Mrs X was an elderly lady admitted to the ward for rehabilitation. It became clear from the morning nurse handing over that Mrs X had been very ‘difficult’ to nurse...

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I will reflect on an incident that occurred during my shift to develop positive attitude towards nursing informatics. In this reflection, I am going to use Gibbs (1988) Reflective cycle. This model is a recognized framework for my reflection. Gibbs (1988) consist of six stages to complete one cycle which is able to improve my nursing informatics and learning from the experience for better practice in future. The cycle starts with description of the situation, analysis of the feelings, evaluation...

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Reflection: Surgery and Reflective Practice

encountered I will utilize the Gibbs Reflective Model. Gibbs reflective model is fairly straightforward and encourage a clear description of the situation. Analysis of feelings, evaluation of the experience, analysis to make sense of the experience, conclusion and action plan where other options are considered and reflection upon experience to examine what you would do if the situation arose again (Gibbs 1998). Unlike many other models (with the exception of Boud) Gibbs model takes in to account the realm...

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Gibbs Reflection

confidentiality. NMC (2008). Reflection is an important tool for all health care practitioners. It can improve our skills and help us understand the choices we make while in practice. Williams (2001) states that “Reflective learning involves assessment and re-assessment of assumptions and critical reflection occurs whenever underlying premises are being questioned”. Critically reflecting on events we experience will continually add to our understanding and knowledge base. “Reflection makes the practitioner...

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Model of Critical Reflection

Part A: Model of Critical Reflection I work as a teacher aid in a mixed class of prep to year 3. One male child in year 3 has Asperger's and a low mental development equivalent to prep level. During the lunch break he refused to go outside to play on the swings which is normally his favorite Introduction play time activity opting to stay inside and to play the Lego. At the end of break when it was time for toilets and drink before lining up he disappeared and was found by his teacher playing...

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Reflection on a Brain Injury Clinic

Piece. Reflection refers to the process of learning from experience. In order to learn effectively we need to address our experiences and tailor them to our needs. Spalding (1998) stated that reflection has three main learning phases. The learning opportunity, the gathering and analysis stage and the changed perspective. Boyd et al (1985) suggest reflection to be an: ‘...important human activity whereby people recapture their experiences, consider them and evaluate them'. Reflection has been...

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Reflections on “the Biblical Model” for Discipleship

REFLECTIONS ON “THE BIBLICAL MODEL” FOR DISCIPLESHIP Introduction As Christian disciple makers, we would do well to remember that merely developing a curriculum simply for the purpose of conveying information will not suffice. God created us in His image, and just as Jesus loved us and commanded us to love our God with all our heart, mind and soul (Mark 12:30), those whom we disciple and teach need the engagement of all three aspects of their humanity to fully grasp the depth of God’s...

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This discussion will focus on the importance of reflective practice while bringing in an example of an event experienced in practice by myself and my mentor. Howatson-Jones points out that cycles of reflection help the user to define objectives and comprehend progression of skills and abilities at a later stage. Reflection within the profession of nursing is important. Within the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC) Code of Conduct (2008) a stipulation of continued practice within nursing is further...

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Linear Models Examples

Curve-Fitting Project – Linear Model: Average Sales Prices of new homes sold in the United States between 1964 and 2008 (LR-1) Purpose: To analyze the average sales prices of new homes sold in the United States from 1964 to 2008. Data: The prices were retrieved from http://www.census.gov/const/uspriceann.pdf. I chose to use the prices between 1964 and 2008 as they showed a huge increase (More data was available (see link)). Average sales prices of new homes sold in the US Year Time (seconds) ...

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Nursing Reflection

In the context of professional practices reflection is defined as the examination of personal thoughts and actions (David, 2004). In this essay I am reflecting on an incident that happened in my earlier years of working as a professional nurse. The incident I am sharing and the subsequent learning I have gained by reflecting it helped me in the later years of my nursing career. During my career as a professional nurse I have worked in several hospitals also attended several cases and those provided...

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Reflection paper of Study Skills

Introduction Reflection can be defined as “…reviewing experience from practice that it may be described, analysed, evaluated and consequently used to inform and change future practice.” (Bulman 2008:4). Study skills are important in university education as Cottrell (2013:7) states “… higher level study is different from their precious experience.”. Study skills enhance an efficient learning and lead you to success as a student. In this paper, I would like to show you the reflection on what I have...

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Reflective Writing Using Gibb's Model of Reflection

Reflective Writing Essay INTRODUCTION The following reflective writing essay will centre on a particular event that I witnessed. I will be using Gibbsmodel of reflection, from Gibbs, G. (1988). For confidentiality purposes, I will name my family member as Estelita who is a fifty five year old female. DESCRIPTION Estelita was experiencing shortness of breath and chest pain. She called an ambulance, whereby a FRU car arrived, followed by a backup ambulance crew. The FRU responder performed...

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Reflection Essay Example

Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie, I believed that a person should only set fairly easy and attainable goals for themselves. Now my attitude is that you should pursue what makes you happy, and you shouldn’t let struggles stop you. When I read examples about following a passion, overcoming a fear, and being persistent in your efforts, my prior opinion began to change. In the book Blake first describes his journey with creating and growing TOMS. Blake was on a vacation trip in Argentina when...

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Reflection Essay

that “Reflection is now a prerequisite for all nurses, midwives and health visitors. It is the method endorsed by the UKCC to promote the development of informed, knowledgeable and safe practice, and qualified practitioners are required to maintain a personal professional profile containing evidence of reflection on practice.” For my reflective portfolio assignment I will discuss a scenario where I felt dignity was not provided for certain patients. For this essay I will use a reflective model to...

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Reflection on Nursing Handover

REFLECTION on Nursing Handover I have decided to reflect upon the first time I did a nursing handover. In accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (2004) Code of professional conduct, confidentiality shall be maintained and the patient’s name is changed to protect indentity. Reflective writing is considered a key component of portfolio assessment because it provides evidence of skills development and increasing clinical competence (Smith 2005). What is reflection? Reflection is defined...

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Prepare a Report That Compares These Models and How You Could Use Them. Reflecting on Our Practices Enables Us to Identify Areas Where Improvement May Be Needed and Hopefully, This Will Give Us the Motivation Needed to Make These Changes.

U2.4.1 Promoting Professional Development Complete research on a range of models of reflective practice such as: * Schon D * Moon J * Gibbs reflective cycle * Atkins and Murphy’s models of reflection Prepare a report that compares these models and how you could use them. Reflecting on our practices enables us to identify areas where improvement may be needed and hopefully, this will give us the motivation needed to make these changes. Reflecting on our own practice is important...

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This reflection is divided into two parts: the importance of critical reflection and an evaluation of self. The first part will be drawing upon through the appropriate literature, and there are four points to prove the importance of critical reflection in personal development. It will be expounded and distinguish Reflection in action and Reflection on action. Then, the theory of Single and double loop learning will be introduced. Moreover, the reflection also includes the difficulties and challenges...

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What is reflection? Reflection is the examination of personal thoughts and actions. For practitioners this means focusing on how they interact with their colleagues and with the environment to obtain a clearer picture of their own behaviour. It is therefore a process by which practitioners can better understand themselves in order to be able to build on existing strengths and take appropriate future action. And the word ‘action’ is vital. Reflection is not ‘navel-gazing’. Its aim is to develop...

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Reflection on Assessment of Asthmatic Patient

reflect on the situation that taken place during my clinical assignment to develop and utilize my experiences on the assessment and intervention of asthmatic patient in my work place. In this reflection, I am going to use Gibbs (1988) Reflective Cycle. This model is a recognised framework for my reflection. Gibbs (1988) consists of six stages to complete one cycle which is able to improve my healthcare practices continuously and learning from the experience for better practice in the future. The cycle...

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reflection finished copy

strengths and weaknesses using two models of reflection to compare. I have chosen to use the models of reflection, Gibbs (1988) as this reflective cycle is fairly straight forward; it encourages a clear description of a situation. Kolb (2004) learning cycle shows; learning theory through your experience. My interest for the health care profession started when I was employed as a community care worker. This involved all aspects of care mainly with the elderly. For example, hygiene, nutrition, mobility...

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Experiential Learning and Reflection

Mairi Turner 2nd Reflection Introduction The following reflection is exploring some of the models that can facilitate the reflective process. The use of reflective practice has enabled me to gain experiential knowledge of teaching and learning. According to Jenny Moon (2005) Reflection is a form of mental processing that we use to fulfill a purpose or to achieve some anticipated outcome. It is applied to gain a better understanding of relatively complicated or unstructured ideas and is...

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reflection on team work

module. Reflection is educational and is used as a means of self-knowledge and to develop using a process of feeling and learning by thinking about what happened and what could have been done differently. (Rolfe, 2011, p.8-12) I will be using the Gibbs (1988) Reflective Cycle to do this. In this model there are 6 different stages to look at to help structure reflection, the description of the event, your feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and an action plan. There is more than one model and...

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Reflection: Communication and Reflective Model

For the purpose of reflection the essay will be written in the first person, In accordance with the School of Health and Social Care and NMC (2010) Code of professional conduct, confidentiality shall be maintained and no names will be mentioned to protect identity. The Purpose of reflection was started by John’s (1995) this was to promote valuable practice though the practitioners understanding and learning about their lived experiences. Bengtsson (1998) suggests that reflection can be understood...

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Personal Reflection

This reflection will discuss personal diffidence and how it has influenced my academic studies, including my practice within placement settings. Gibbs reflective cycle (Gibbs, 1998) has been utilised as it illustrates a clear structure for the process of reflection. To conclude this reflection will draw together the themes which have emerged and highlight a clear action for future learning that will be used in order to enhance my future practice. Within my previous occupation as a health care assistant...

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Reflection on Learning with Learning Contract

In this assignment, I need to reflect on the situation that took place during my working group. In this reflection, I am going to use Gibbs (1988) Reflective Cycle. This model is a recognised framework for my reflection. Gibbs (1988) modal of reflection consists of six stages to complete one cycle which is description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and an action plan. Description I was put in groups for a week to work through a set of tasks. There was a mixture of males and females...

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Models of Leadership

Models of Leadership There are a handful of ways to approach the actions of leading. Leadership involves a wide variety of characteristics and skills that vary based on different circumstances and motives for leading. Throughout our time here in South Africa, we have learned about these different stylistic approaches to leadership—all of which can be used in different aspects of our lives. The authentic leadership model and social change model both provide valuable resources for encouraging others...

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SPE 480 Self-Reflection and Learning Agenda Paper BACKGROUND: Describe your professional Identity: I am a dedicated person to the game of many sports and teaching. I have taught several different sports and also have been well trained in a classroom setting. Working with children of all ages, I have 8 years of coaching football, 4 years of basketball, 12 years of softball with private lessons as well and 3 years’ experience working with special needs students in a classroom. I have a bachelor’s...

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Reflective Essay on Negotiation Abstract This essay is about a reflection of the role play activity in class. In this essay, I will analysis about the gaining, the learning gaps and future actions. In addition, I will take about the difficulty in using influence tactics and evaluate about my performance. Keywords influence tactics, negotiation, in the future, reflection Introduction During the week 4 tutorial, we were required to participate in a role-play activity...

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Reflecting on an incident in the minor injuries department of A & E The concept of reflection as a learning tool in workplace education can enable the student to problem solve in practice. By exploring the individuals own unique situations and past experience they can, in order to learn, consider past thoughts and memories to achieve a desired outcome. (Rolfe, 1998). Taylor (2000) suggests that, to reflect on action from an event, we must remember our thoughts and memories. Then we must use the...

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Theological Reflection

What is theological reflection? How can I relate life to theology, and theology to life? What is practical theology? In what ways might we connect Christian practice with Christian thinking and writing? These are the questions that Theological Reflection: Methods seeks to address; and through the adoption of a typological approach and engagement with primary sources, it does so very successfully. The authors -- three eminent practical theologians in Britain -- recognize that while such questions...

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Reflection: Education and Reflective Practice

plan. It would involve using ‘The What? Model of Structured Reflection’ (Driscoll 2007) to analyse the experience of using a group designed assessment tool to assess my peers and the experience of being peer assessed. Additionally, experience of completing a group presentation would be reflected upon. A personal action plan which identifies areas for personal development and the designed assessment tool is attached as appendix 1 and 2 respectively. Reflection entails reviewing experience from practice...

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Reflection: Audience and Team Teach

Reflection For the purpose of my reflection I have chosen to use Gibbs (1988) Model of Reflection. More commonly used in the healthcare profession I have chosen Gibbs because I find this model simple, clear and precise helping me to stay focused and make sense of my experience. Also as it includes action planning it has helped me examine my actions in a way that perhaps they can be improved. I have also chosen to reflect separately on the planning of the Team Teach and the Team Teach presentation...

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Reflection of a Forensic Nursing Placement

specific practice area, for example whether it is forensic, community nursing speciality, what you have learned about yourself and the complexity of the Learning Disability nurse’s role within it. You are expected to apply a reflective framework of your choice and support your reflection with appropriate references. This piece of reflection will focus on my experiences whilst on practice placement; I will be using the (Gibbs 1988, cited in Jasper 2003) model of reflection. Gibbs cycle is set out in order...

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Marxist-inspired social analysis to assert that the problems of the Philippine society are rooted in three fundamental problems. Feudalism, bureaucrat capitalism and imperialism. Such analysis is sorely inadequate and does not go far enough. Our reflection in faith enables us o view our problems beyond the range of ideologies and temporal perspectives. In the poverty and underdevelopment of our nation, in its conflicts and divisions, we see the hand of human sinfulness, particularly the grasping...

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Reflection Assignment 3 Following Johns Model of Structured Reflection

Reflection Assignment 3 Following Johns Model of Structured Reflection For this reflective piece I am going to write about a situation I encountered whilst on my community placement with the district nurse. To write the essay I will be following "Johns model of structured reflection" as a basis to structure my reflection around. Johns Model of Structured Reflection (Johns 1998) 1.Write a description of the experience. Ask yourself: *'What are the significant issues I need to pay attention to...

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Nurse Reflection

conclusion of my reflective assignment, I mention the model that Ichose, Gibbs (1988) Reflective Cycle as my framework of my reflective. I statethe reasons why I am choosing the model as well as some discussion on theimportant of doing reflection in nursing practice. I am able to discuss every stagein the Gibbs (1988) Reflective Cycle about my ability to develop my therapeuticrelationship by using my interpersonal skills with one patient for this reflection. Reference...

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Reflection Assignment 1 Following Johns Model of Structured Reflection

Reflection Assignment 1 Following Johns Model of Structured Reflection Johns Model of Structured Reflection (Johns 1998) 1.Write a description of the experience. Ask yourself: *'What are the significant issues I need to pay attention to?' I was asked to complete a pre-operative assessment on an elderly lady for cataract extraction, using an I.C.P. for intra ocular surgery under LA. During the assessment process she expressed several times that she was extremely sensitive to things going near...

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Reflection Assignment 2 Following Johns Model of Structured Reflection

Reflection Assignment 2 Following Johns Model of Structured Reflection For this placement I was on an elderly male medical ward. As I have had no previous experience of care in a healthcare setting their where numerous thing with which I had to a customise myself with. Johns Model of Structured Reflection (Johns 1998) 1.Write a description of the experience. Ask yourself: *'What are the significant issues I need to pay attention to?' On my first day on the ward it was decided that I should...

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Reflection: Health Care Assistant

maintained and all names have been changed to protect identity. The purpose of reflection as stated by John's (1995) is to promote desirable practice through the practitioner's understanding and learning about his/her lived experiences. I have decided to reflect upon an incident with the nurse in charge in one of my shifts and in order to structure my reflection I have decided to use John's (1995) model of reflection. This model encourages practitioners to work through a series of reflective cues, the...

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