• Facts About St Mary
    Facts About St Mary St. Mary is located at latitude 18°09'N, longitude 77°03'W. It is bordered by Portland in the east, St. Ann in the west, and parts of St. Catherine and St. Andrew in the south The principal products are bananas, sugar, citrus, pimento, cocoa, coconuts, coffee, vegetables, bre
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  • Cxc Geo Sba
    3/30/2011 JAMAICA COLLEGE GEOGRAPHY SBA Coastal Morphology | Colin Campbell Table of Content 1. Aim of study . 2. Location of study .. 3. Method of data collection .. 4. Presentation, Analysis and Discussion of data . 5. Observation of findings .. 6. Conclusio
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  • Jamaica Sum Fest Analsis
    A critique of the target markets: Sumfest Reggae Sumfest Statistics SATURDAY, 10 MAY 2008 17:00 Reggae Sumfest StatisticsVISITORS Country of Residence USA 66% Europe (outside of UK) 11% UK 9% Canada 5% Others 9% Age Group 17 – 24 27% 25 – 34 44% 35 – 49 24% Others 5% Average Sp
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  • Geography Sba
    AIM OF STUDY The aim of this study is to describe the features found along the course of the Wag Water River at Golden Spring St. Andrew and Toms River St. Mary and explains how they were formed. . LOCATION OF STUDY AREA The Wag Water River is located in the parishes of St. A
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  • The Jamaica Christmas Rebellion of 1831
    In 1831 right after the Christmas celebration the slaves in Western Jamaica rose up in rebellion. This revolt is known to many though maybe varying in names it is none the less the same revolt in 1831. Popularly called the Christmas Uprising- due to the time of year it occurred, the Sam Sharpe Rebe
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  • Jamaica Travel Guide
    Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 3 Geography
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  • Economics Csec Sba
    AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE IMPACT OF THE MONOPOLY “THE JAMAICA PUBLIC SERVICE LTD” ON JAMAICA THROUGHOUT THE YEAR 2011 Centre #: 100016 Candidate #: 1000161860 Jessica Dewar Campion College Economics SBA An Investigation into the impact of the monopoly “Jamaica Public Service
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  • Oa Sba
    An investigation into the importance of the receptionist in an organization. 2010-2011 Office Administration SCHOOL BASED ASSESSMENT 2010 TITLE AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE IMPORTANCE OF THE RECEPTIONIST IN AN ORGANIZATION. Name of Candidate: Whitney Wright School: Montego Bay High Sch
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  • Spousal Abuse Social Studies Sba Essays and Term Papers
    Name: Christine Hurst Teacher’s Names: Territory: Jamaica Center #: Registration #: Title: Domestic Violence against Women Table of Contents Acknowledgement i Introduction ii Statement of the Problem iii Reasons for Selecting the Area of Research iv Methods o
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  • Office Admin Sba
    TITLE OF THE PROJECT “The researcher seeks to find out the purchasing procedures used at Ammars in the Purchasing Department” AIMS 1. To identify the different purchasing procedures used in the business 2. To examine how the different purchasing procedures are used to dete
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  • Alekyx Sba
    Table of Content Acknowledgement Introduction Description of Business Justification of location Selection of appropriate Labour
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  • Geography Sba on Coastal Features
    Geography School Based Assessment ( S.B.A) Topic: What Are The Effects Of Wave Processes On The Coastline Of Robin’s Bay St Mary. Centre Number: 100013 Candidate Name: ********* Registration Number: Year of Examination: 2012 School: Calabar High School Teacher: *********
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  • Jamaica Culture
    | | table of Contents 1. History of Jamaica 2 2. Geographical factor of Jamaica. 4 3. Culture of Jamaica 7 3.1. The people 7 3.3. Rastafariani
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  • My Sba
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  • river in jamaica
    Jamaica’s Rivers Objective: Explain the general direction of the flow of the main rivers. . www.caribbeanexams.com Page 1 Rivers Major Rivers in Jamaica www.caribbeanexams.com Page 2 Black River As the main mountain ranges in Jamaica run from west to east, the...
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  • social studies sba
     Acknowledgement First of all I would like to thank the heavenly Father for giving me the health and strength to do this School Based Assessment (SBA), without him nothing is possible. The successful completion of this study would not have been possible without the assistance and...
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  • Principles of Business SBA
    PRINCIPLES OF BUSINESS SCHOOL BASED ASSESSMENT ( SBA) On Production Name: Debbian Lodge Centre Number: Candidate Number: Name of School: St. Mary’s College Name of teacher: Ms. Howell Year of SBA: 2013 Table of Contents Topics Pages Acknowledgement I...
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