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Gender And Development Issues And Implications

Gender and Development: Issues and Implications N. Santosh Ranganath Faculty Member Department of Commerce & Management Studies, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar University, Srikakulam. The ‘women and development’ approach is introduced and focused on the relationship between capitalism and patriarchy which considered to be the women will be subordinated to men as long as capitalism is the dominant economic system. Critics of this perspective say it fails to address differences in the inequalities...

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Gender Development

Gender identity is an aspect of the developing self-concept. The main gender difference in early childhood is boys' greater aggressiveness. Girls tend to be more empathic and social and less prone to problem behavior. Cognitive differences appear early. This paper will focus on three gender development theories: social cognitive, gender-schema, psychosexual. Social Cognitive Theory Human isolation on the basis of gender is affects virtually every aspect of a person’s daily life. The social...

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Women in Development and Gender and Development

involvement of women in development.{12} b)Which of the two approaches have contributed more to the involvement of women in development activities?{8} a)According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,Women in development (WID) is an approach to development projects that emerged in the 1970s ,calling for treatment of women’s issues in development projects. Later ,the Gender and Development (GAD) approach proposed more emphasis on gender relations rather ...

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Gender Development

Gender shapes the lives of all people in all societies. The term ‘gender’ refers to the social construction of female and male identity. It can be defined as more than biological differences between men and women. It includes the ways which those differences, whether real or perceived, have been valued, used and relied upon to classify women and men and to assign roles and expectations to them (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender_and_development). Gender influences our lives, the schooling we receive...

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Women in Development vs. Gender and Development

are more likely than men to be impoverished. This is called the feminization of poverty.[1] In the 1970s, feminists and agents of development came up with an approach to address this problem called the Women in Development [WID] approach. As the years went by, this approach was criticized. A new approach emerged out of this critique called Gender and Development [GAD] approach. This paper makes two arguments: that GAD is the best approach to address the inequalities women experience in developing...

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Gender Issues

Gender issues in India and Trinidad . Gender issues in India 1) Female Infanticide and female feticide: Female Infanticide is the abortion or killing of a baby because of the female gender .This can either happen by abortion or within the first few years of birth .The murdering of the female child is carried out by either suffocating ,poisoning ,neglecting the child by ignoring their health issues ,by not feeding the child daily etc. There are more men than women in India , the ratio men to...

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the implications of gender dysphoria

The Implications of Gender Dysphoria in Children Gender Dysphoria or as it also known as its official diagnosis Gender Identity Disorder and was first introduced into the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders III in 1980. I am going to discuss the affects and implications of this condition on children. This is a psychological condition in which a child feels uncomfortable as their biological sex and it is when this discomfort becomes so unbearable that a child begins to live their...

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Literature Review: Gender Issues

With the significant manipulation in the representation of women in the society, it is surprising that the relationship between globalisation and gender inequality have attracted considerable attention in the recent decades. The stereotypic representation of Asian women has been an ongoing issue constantly in conflict within Asian countries. It has been acknowledged that women lacked in the benefits of rights and privileges. They are crucially restricted in terms of education, work, financial opportunities...

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Gender Issues in the Workplace

equation (2007). Meanwhile Mueller states that men prefer logic, objective values, and standards in making a decision (2007). A male would be far less understanding about someone not completing a task on time. However, Tanya is open to hear teammate’s issues. This evokes a collaborative team environment where technicians are not afraid to tell Tanya if they are running behind. She then works with technicians to find a solution. Everybody except managers feel comfortable talking to Tanya. The very trait...

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Duties of a Gender Officer

JOB DESCRIPTION OF A GENDER OFFICER IN AN ORGANIZATION The Gender Officer is responsible for gender mainstreaming and proactive technical support to the organization. S/he will work with all departments and partners to ensure that gender equity principles are incorporated into all policies and activities. S/he will plan, implement and follow up on gender-related activities and provide support to Counterpart staff, partners and grantees on mainstreaming gender in their programs and activities,...

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Role of Gender Equality in Development in Africa

Role of Gender Equality in Development in Africa Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name 25-10-2012 Introduction Several studies conducted over the years have clearly shown that to achieve long term sustainable development in Africa, women and men must be given equal opportunities to help them rise to their full potential. Gender inequality mainly affects women: they experience poverty in a different...

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Diversity in the Workplace and Implications for Human Resource Development Paper

 Diversity in the Workplace: Implication for Human Resource Development - Paper Week 3 Homer Bolden BSHS/425 March 30th, 2015 Dr. Patricia Mc Donald Diversity in the Workplace: Implication for Human Resource Development - Paper Week 3 A brief description of the event and the work environment the discrimination occurred (Omit identifying demographic information and use fictitious names as needed). True event: When I was a younger man back in 1973 or 74, I was out in (Royal Oak) near the (Detroit...

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Gender Issues in the Media

------------------------------------------------- Top of Form Gender Issues in the Media  Although the media is a pervasive and profoundly influential socializing force, parents and teachers can make a difference. Young children are especially vulnerable to the teachings of media because they don't have the critical capacity necessary to distinguish between fantasy and reality, to identify persuasive intent, or to understand irony and disregard stereotypes. The cumulative and unconscious impact...

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Factors Affecting Gender and Development in the Gambia.

FACTORS AFFECTING GENDER AND DEVELOPMENT IN THE GAMBIA. Gender is about both women and men, their socially defined roles, responsibilities, and the power and other relations between them. Like race, ethnicity, and class, being male or female shapes individuals’ opportunities to participate in the economy and society. Looking at gender in the sustainable development sectors means assessing males’ and females’ different needs for and uses of the infrastructure, services and other benefits of each...

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Gender Mainstreaming

Discuss how gender can be mainstreamed into the Zambian policies, giving examples where possible. The Zambian society is dominated by patriarchal structures internalized in both the traditional and cultures and in both political and economic systems. This is reflected in unequal gender roles, with regard to participation in decision-making and economic opportunities. The patriarchal system and practices constitutes an obstacle to poverty eradication and democracy, which requires gender equality...

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Gender Issues in the Workplace

Gender Issues in the Workplace Introduction Believe it or not women have had rights in the work force for over two hundred years. Women should be treated as equals with men in the work place, but that is not always the case. Companies need to be careful with gender issues; they could lead to law suits and cost millions of dollars. People whether it is men or women should be hired, promoted, or given raises based on their experience not their gender. Dealing with gender issues in the work place...

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Gender Roles

The Effects of Gender Roles in Early Childhood Development Kamille Culpepper Kennesaw State University Abstract Childhood development is one of the most influential times in a person’s life. At an early age a person’s brain is at its peak of learning. So everything that is taught during this time will affect the person’s life and our society. One thing that is implicated is gender roles. Gender roles are the overt expression of attitudes that indicate to others the degree of one’s masculinity...

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Gender Issues in Corrections

The issue of Corrections today focuses on female offenders and is a part of the American Correctional Association's long-standing effort to improve programming and services for women and girls in the criminal justice system. Until recently, women and girls were called the "forgotten offenders" because they were frequently overlooked in correctional research, policy development, program design and organizational management. Female and male correctional officers also face a wide range of issues as well...

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A Book Review on "Gender and International Relations: an Introduction"

Gender and International Relations: An Introduction Jill Stean 1998 Anna Rosenda Marie L. Rivera International Relations Number of Pages: 217 Synopsis The book on Gender and International Relations by Jill Stean consists of seven chapters which comprehensively discusses the different aspects of the emergence of the issues regarding gender equality especially on the issues about feminism. Chapter 1 Gender, Feminism and International...

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Gender Issues in Aeschylus Trilogy

Sibghat Ullah Professor Qayyum Bhatti Research Methodology 6 January 2013 Gender Issues In Aeschylus Trilogy ABSTRACT Throughout human history gender issues have remained a common and important topic of debate.Gender conflict has played very crucial role in the history and destiny of mankind.This essay analyzes the conflicting issues between genders in Aeschylus trilogy Orestia i-e man woman relationship,women status,their efforts for identity and patriarchical system in...

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Issues in Caribbean Development

ISSUES IN CARIBBEAN DEVELOPMENT Concepts and Indicators of Development DEVELOPMENT: is a multi-dimensional process which brings about a continuous enhancement of the capabilities and welfare of all individuals in the society and the country as a whole. Sustainable Development: a theory of development that views the process in a holistic light, encompassing social as well as economic development and emphasizing the importance of conserving the environment and natural resources. Economic...

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Gender Roles and its Implications on Adulthood

Gender Roles and its Implications on Adulthood In T. Coraghessan Boyle’s “Greasy Lake,” an unidentified speaker recalls an incident where he and his friends, who maintain a maverick lifestyle and reject moral values, face a threatening opponent. Though their challenger is physically stronger than all three of them, they manage to subdue him. In the end, their frightening experiences compel them to realize the futility of their adolescent misbehavior and understand that characters...

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GENDER EQUALITY IS YOUR ISSUE TOO. -Vinni Aggarwal We have seen enough instances in our life of gender inequality to know that the problem of gender equality still prevails in our society. For those of you who believe that we live in the twenty freaking first century and have already gotten over that problem (come on, nowadays women are a country's prime minister) are in a great denial. I have many examples to prove the people who want to prove me wrong, wrong. But right now I just want to ask you...

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Gender Development: Social or Biological

In a variety of contexts, the word "gender" is used to describe "the masculinity or femininity of words, persons, characteristics, or non-human organisms" (Wikipedia, 2006). More specific to psychology, gender role is a term used to describe the normal behavior associated with a given gender status. Those that do not follow this customary role given to their particular gender are said to have an atypical gender role. "A person who has normal male genitalia and identifies himself as a man will usually...

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Gender Schema Theory (GST) by Martin and Halverson explains gender development in terms of schemas, organised clusters of information about gender-appropriate behaviour. Such schemas provide a basis for interpreting the environment and selecting appropriate forms of behaviour, and thus children’s self-perceptions become sex-typed. In particular, children form in-group schemas. In-group schemas are formed concerning attitudes and expectations about one’s own gender, and out group schemas about the...

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Quality Issues in System Development

Quality Issues In System Development The period between the 1970's and 1980's was a time of great advancement in computer hardware technology which took an industry still in it's infancy, to a level of much sophistication and which ultimately revelutionised the information storage and processing needs of every other industry and that of the entire world. However, it was also during this period when the shortcomings of implementing such technology became apparent. A significant number of...

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Gender Discrimination

Article Title:Sectoral Gender Wage Differentials and Discrimination in the Transitional Chinese Economy Author(s): Pak-Wai Liu, Xin Meng and Junsen Zhang Source: Journal of Population Economics, Vol. 13, No. 2 (Jul., 2000), The purpose of study is to examine the impact of market transformation and economic reforms on gender wage differentials and discrimination in China .In last two decades china has moved from centralized to market oriented economy.Further it comapres the impact of economic...

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Gender issues in Home Economics

Essay: By drawing on lecture content and discussions, together with any additional sources you might wish to refer to, write a 1000-word essay to show how curricula and classroom pedagogy can be as free from gender bias as possible. Refer to the current Home Economics syllabus to give specific examples of what you would teach and how you would teach it. (Whilst you may take a generic approach to the essay title, you would need to make reference to the teaching of Home Economics all along.) ...

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Implications of Gender Roles in Oresteia

women were put to a standard and expected to maintain it through everything that they do. When any woman did anything out of the norm then they were most likely ridiculed for what they had done. In his play, Oresteia, Aeschylus highlights the implications of gender roles in Greek society with the foiling of Clytemnestra by Electra to illustrate the Greek ideals and views of woman in contrast to their men, the juxtaposition of Orestes and Clytemnestra as equal in their crime yet differing in justification...

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Evolutionary Explanation of Gender Development

Outline and evaluate the evolutionary explanation of gender development. Gender refers to the concepts o masculine and feminine whereas sex is the biological fact of being a male or female. According to the evolutionary approach, gender differences are neither deliberate nor conscious; they exist because they enhanced or helped men and women perform particular types of roles in the past. Therefore, the role differences we observe are more a product of our biological inheritance than acquired through...

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Current Issues in Lifespan Development

Current Issue in Life-Span Development Paper Danielle Watson University of Phoenix Dr. Terry Portis PSYCH500 June 28, 2010 From the time a person is born until the time a person passes away, they are changing constantly over the years. Most of the changes throughout life’s various stages are because of the common biological and psychological structure. Lifespan development is the physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of individuals...

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Describe the Role of Genes and Hormones in Gender Development

“Describe the role of genes and hormones in gender development” Biological sex is determined by chromosomes in your genes. At prenatal development, only a few weeks after conception, there is no notable difference between male and female structure until the Gonadal Ridges, the structure which develops either female or male sex organs, grows to determine the sex of the baby. All prenatal babies have genitalia that appears distinctly feminine until at three months, hormones- testosterone if the...

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Gender and Development

| Write your own definition of the terms “sex” and “gender”. Sex and gender are two separate but often interlinked concepts. Sex can be defined as the biological and physiological features which differentiate between male or female, such as males having testicles and females having ovaries. There are however more than two sexes, some people are born with both genitalia and are referred to as being intersexed. Gender is socially constructed and refers to the learned behaviours, practices...

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Promoting Gender Equality

Gender equality is the removal of deep-seated barriers to equality of opportunity and outcome, such as discriminatory laws, customs, practices and institutional processes. It also entails concern with the development of the freedoms of all individuals, irrespective of gender; to choose outcomes they have reason to value. It is integral to ideas of educational quality, as an education system would lack key dimensions of quality if it was discriminatory or did not develop capabilities in children to...

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Gender Issues in Pakistan

BOSTON UNIVERSITY Gender inequality in Pakistan October 20th, 2010 Pakistan’s founding father, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, proclaimed in a speech given at a meeting of the Muslim University Union, in Aligarh, on March 10, 1944, the following: “No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you; we are victims of evil customs. It is a crime against humanity that our women are shut up within the four walls of the houses as prisoners. There is no sanction anywhere...

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Implications of the Environmental Issues

IMPLICATIONS OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES Environment can have a major impact on all areas of the society, including Business Organization as well as Personal Life-Styles. Two of the major issues that I want to discuss are Global Warming and Acid Rain. Global Warming is also called the greenhouse effect, is believed to be caused by changes in the earth's atmosphere as a result of industrial processes. Rising global temperatures are expected to raise sea level, and change precipitation and other...

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Gender Issue in Legally Blonde

no common sense. The bulk of the movie is based around Elle going to Harvard Law School in hopes to impress her high society boyfriend. Throughout this movie the gender biases and the male dominance over the legal and field is so blatantly obvious you can't miss it. The main reason I selected this movie was because of its obvious gender biases and its very blatent patriarchal society from which Elle comes from initially and proceeds to go to at Harvard. In this movie the males are good looking,...

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Diversity Issue Towards Gender Change

Diversity Issue Towards Gender Change Joshua Managing a Diverse Workforce- B440 November 30, 2012 Diversity Issue Towards Gender Change An employee recently went through a major change. Over the course of time, a supervisor, Frank Curry had altered his look, and, then one day, came to work after an operation and was now known as Annie, a female. This change was quite a shocker for the entire company and rumors were going around the work area. This had caused a problem in the workplace...

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Impact the Development of Sexual and Gender Identity

Impact the Development of Sexual and Gender Identity Introduction It is hard for me to pinpoint the beginning of my sexual awareness. Throughout my rearing, questions about sex were never brought to my parents. However, my parents, family, media, social/educational, past relationships and religious upbringing had an impacted on the development of my sexual and gender identity. Looking back over my life, I realize my initial ideas and influences about my sexual and gender identity developed...

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Understanding Gender and Women’s Studies

1.1 Introduction Gender issues have been plaguing our society for several centuries. Discrimination against women exists in every area of life in varying degrees and forms. Women continue to suffer as the most disadvantaged group in spite of the efforts taken by the reformers and the Government. Hence, the concept of gender and Women’s Studies need to be understood to facilitate the process of women empowerment. 1.2 Gender Refers to the roles and responsibilities of men and women that are...

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Gender Issues in Sri Lanka

Gender issues In general, when considering third world countries, most would say that they have some very similar characteristics. Third world countries are often thought of as places that are impoverished, have significantly high birthrates, are economically dependent on advanced countries, and have not evolved socially in regards to equal rights issues. Although many of these characteristics do apply to Sri Lanka, the latter has definitely evoked some discussion on the topic of gender issues in...

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Gender Equity Issues in Antigone

Gender Roles in Ancient Greece In our present day, many believe they should be treated fairly regardless of their race, religious beliefs, or gender. When gender equity is put on the table as the main discussion we may find women to have more aggressive opinions and views rather than men. Some will suggest this is due to the thousands of years women have been limited to certain rights that men are so freely able to obtain. Greek men are born and viewed as the superior being while women face...

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Discuss the evolutionary theory of gender development

Discuss the evolutionary theory of gender development (8+16 marks) The traditional picture of evolution is of a man being the hunter and a woman being the gather and child bearer. The role division may have evolved because women would have spent most of their adult life either pregnant or producing milk or both. If a woman spent time hunting this would reduce the groups reproductive success, hence why they are left to grow crops and make shelter and clothing to contribute. Not only does this...

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Gender Issues: Women and Sex

Greenberg 1 Charmaine Greenberg Professor Macolm Introduction to Gender Issues 26 September 2010 Women and Global Sex Women having sex in this world by force or by choice is something that has been going on since the beginning of time. Women from every country have been taken advantage of in some sort of way, even if it wasn’t the actual act of intercourse. There are times when men from all walks of life, get the feeling that women were placed on this earth...

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Gender in Education

Preface Why should we learn gender issue? Because this issue is also a product of culture. It means that gender issue happen because of human behaviour, and usually it is related to unequality in the society. Students in Britain or in States learn from their school that there is human right that means there should be no descrimination among people. They also learn that people shoul have equal opportunities and understand their rights and responsibilities. Gender is sometimes defined as sex and...

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Issues in Caribbean Development

CARIBBEAN STUDIES MODULE TWO: ISSUES IN CARIBBEAN DEVELOPMENT TOPIC: THE INTEGRATION MOVEMENT 1. The evolution of: Federation, CARIFTA, CARICOM, OECS, ACS 2. The achievements and challenges of any THREE of the following: * Caribbean Community (Caricom) * University of the West Indies (UWI) * Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) * West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) * Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) * Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) * Regional Security...

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Gender Issue in Bend It Like Beckham

Exploration of Race and Gender Identity in the Movie ‘Bend it Like Beckham’ SCL 4110 - Gender and Culture Research Paper Zairen Tasnin 11 April 2013 Word Count: 1,754 Gurinder Chadha is a British filmmaker who wrote, directed and produced the movie Bend it Like Beckham (G. Rings). The movie was premiered in the United States in 2003 and it had won praise from both critics and moviegoers for its accurate representations of the...

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Jane Eyre - Gender Issues

Gender Issues in Jane Eyre In today’s society how many people like the feeling of being controlled? Not many people, because being controlled by some other outside force means giving up one’s sense of independence and the right to be free. Thus, this situation leads many into gender disagreements, because one may view men as controllers of women. These disagreements are one of the introductions to Charlotte Bronte’s novel, Jane Eyre, in that Jane Eyre strives to fight the gender gap of the early...

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Gender Bias

 Gender Bias in Educational Leadership Abstract This paper examines gender bias in leadership as it pertains to this research question: Gender bias, does it exist in education leadership positions and how does it impact biblical teachings? Gender discrimination is a devastating reality, which causes very few people to stand up, take notice and speak out about the issue. Upon examination, the components of this paper will review specific conflict as it relates to biblical...

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Gender and Leadership

Gender and leadership Leadership is the act of directing, motivating and managing a group of people towards a shared goal. Tasks often requiring leadership are generally complex and large. Leadership is used in these instances to avoid chaos and maintain a clear direction of work along with the management of time. Going back to nature into the most limbic slice of the brain, males are generally seen more direct and more involved in their approach to leadership. Little less than a century ago, this...

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Gender Issues in Tivet

Question 1: Explain the gender polarization in TVET and how it can be minimized. Gender is a social construction of the idealized masculine or feminine roles and abilities by the society. Societal norms and value system has therefore been used to describe the being of a man or a woman in relation to various activities. Gender polarization is the differences in positions, favors’, opportunities and consideration occasioned by the difference in gender. Gender parity in TVET is evident in respect...

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gender and development

For several hundred years, Westerners have been concerned to ‘improve’ gender relations in non-Western societies. What are some of the problems with this project? Gender and development Abstract For hundreds of years, the West has been trying to improve gender relations within non-Western societies through helping Third World countries develop. However this development process is firmly rested within the dualistic modernization framework which produces binary oppositions that limit both...

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Discuss psychodynamic explanations of gender development.

explanations of gender development. (10 marks) The psychodynamic approach assumes that development of gender identity is linked to interpersonal relationships between child and parent. Psychologists believe the parent-child relationship forms the mould/prototype which stays with the child their whole life. The approach focuses on the presence of the unconscious mind. Freud’s psychoanalytic theory is linked to ideas surrounding infantile sexuality. Children pass through stages of development and experience...

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Current Issues in Lifespan Development

Running Head: CURRENT ISSUES IN LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT Current Issues in Lifespan Development PSYC 500 17 December 2009 Current Issues in Lifespan Development Within the last two decades overweight children has been climbing in numbers. Many factors has cause the rising numbers of children obesity. Physical actives happen to be the main contribution among obese children. Today children do not want to involve in physical actives as in the past, but involved in technology actives. Physical actives such...

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Gender and Development

in the workforce, at the same time, women also contribute significantly to the social and development of the society at macro and micro levels. This essay seeks to investigate relations between poverty and gender inequality in the first part. Furthermore, the second part is to analyse the implications of gender inequalities for the social and economic development. The linkages between poverty and gender: Resources Allocation and Property Rights; Labour Market Distributions (Industry and Migration) ...

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Gender, Work and Organization

INTRODUCTION The paper begins through the introduction of masculinity within the workplace, the transformation of work in terms of gender separation. It then describes the how the research was conducted, discusses the findings and ending with the conclusion. Occupational segregation by gender remains the most prevalent aspect of the labour market. In the past, women have crossed over into men’s jobs. In recent years, men have crossed over into non-traditional jobs. The men who crossed into men’s...

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Gender Analysis

DEPARTMENT DEVELOPMENT STUDIES PROGRAMME BSsc HONOURS DEGREE STUDENT NAME FAITH SHARLEEN NKALA ID NO# L011 0310K MODULE GENDER AND DEVELOPMENT (HSDS 2102) LECTURER MR T. DUBE DEFINE GENDER ANALYSIS AND DEMONSTRATE ITS IMPORTANCE IN DEVELOPMENT WORK AND RESEARCH. DUE 28/09/2012 This paper seeks to draw attention at the meaning of gender analysis and its importance in development and research. However, one needs to first understand what is meant by gender and what it...

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The question invites the writer to give a valid discussion towards the view that Gender and Development (GAD) initiatives are more desirable than Women in Development (WID) endeavours. The Gender and Development (GAD) approach was developed as a response to the failure of WID projects to effect qualitative and long-lasting changes in women’s social status. GAD focuses on social, economic, political and cultural forces that determine how men and women participate in, benefit from, and control project...

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Gender Issues in Antigone

One of the most devastating problems for the Classical Greeks was the women's issue. Women in Classical Greece were not citizens, held no property, and indeed were not even allowed out of the house except under guard. Their status differed from that of the slaves of Greece only in name. This alone, however was not a problem -- the problem was that the Greeks knew, in their hearts, that this was wrong. Indeed, their playwrights harangued them about it from the stage of Athens continually. All of the...

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gender issues in "A Streetcar Named Disier"

Gender Issues In the "The Streetcar Named Desire" Introduction The play Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams is based on the idea that gender plays a crucial role in marginalization and empowerment in society. The characters in the play such as Stanley, Blanche and Stella follow the expected roles of women and men at the time. The play is about emotional, sexual and physical conflict. In addition, the play represents the struggle between genders characterized by the constant fight...

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