• William saroyan
    William Saroyan is an Armenian-American author whose family immigrated America before Saroyan was born from Bitlis, Ottoman Empire. He was born in Fresno, California and at the age of three, his father died. But there’s a strict thing that you can notice in his writings, Saroyan is influenc
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  • Text analysis of the short story piano by william saroyan
    Text analysis of the short story Piano by William Saroyan Piano by William Saroyan   Text Analysis   Saroyan, William (1908–1981) was a successful playwright. The eccentric, spirited author was born in Fresno, California, where his Armenian parents were fr
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  • An essay of the gaston story
      Family happiness is simply known that the parents and their children can live together, share their fun, difficulties and sadness with each other. As a matter of fact that nothing’s perfect; there’s still a lot people don’t have a happy family as they wish, there’s still many broken home
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  • Gaston the Lonely Bug
    Gaston the Lonely Bug Parents happiness is to have a family, and not to be lonely. Not all parents have an easy life, full of happiness and joy. There are those families that are happy, but there are also families with...
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  • Critical lens-william saroyan quote
    Critical Lens Essay “Good people... are good because they’ve come to wisdom through failure”. This quote from William Saroyan means that wise people acquire their insight from experiences, especially unsuccessful ones. I agree with the quote and the idea of people being knowledgeable becau
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  • Gaston
    Gaston I like the story of Gaston because the father in the story is similar to my father. The father, who is described by Saroyan, doesn’t know how to express his internal feeling- father’s love. For example, even though he loves his daughter, he doesn’t know how to show her. This is exactl
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