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    Bokaro Steel City From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search |Bokaro Steel City | |[pic] | |Memorial commemorating 50 years of Ind
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  • History
    History Harmandir Sahib - Golden Temple Amritsar Amritsar is one of Punjab´s principal cities, dating back in history over 400 years. It is known more for the world famous Golden Temple, the seat of Sikh religion.Situated on the north-western border of India, the city is also gateway for the tr
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  • History of Orissa
    History of Orissa ¤ Medieval History According to the Puranas Kalinga is known to be a powerful kingdom as early as the time of the Kurukshetra battle. Mahapadmananda conquered and instituted Kalinga to his extensive empire. Although Kalinga lost her independence, she became economically prosp
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  • History of Bihar
    Main article: History of Bihar See also: Timeline for Bihar, Magadha, History of Buddhism in India, and Decline of Buddhism in India Gautama Buddha undertaking extreme ascetic practices before he realised it was not necessary and his enlightenment on the bank of river Falgu in Bodh Gaya, Bihar.
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  • Ap World History Flash Cards Full Set
    Nicholas II Last tsar of Russia, he went to the frontlines in WWI to try to rally the troops, but was forced to abdicate after his wife made horrible decisions under the influence of Rasputin. Alexandra Last Tsarist of Russia, had a son who was a hemophiliac, and was put under the influence of Rasp
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  • Indian History
    115 THEME Through the Eyes of Travellers Perceptions of Society ( c . tenth to seventeenth century) FIVE Women and men have travelled in search of work, to escape from natural disasters, as traders, merchants, soldiers, priests, pilgrims, or driven by a sense of adventure. Those who vis
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  • Uttarakhand and Its History
    UTTARAKHAND Uttarakhand (Sanskrit: उत्तराखण्डम्, Uttarākhanḍam ?, Hindi: उत्तराखण्ड, Uttarākhanḍ ?), formerly Uttaranchal, is a state in the northern part of India. It is often referred to as the Land of Gods (Hindi: देव भूमि, Dēv b
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  • History of Indian Press
    History of Indian Press accounts for the prestigious growth of Indian newspapers and its significance in Indian history as well. James Augustus Hickey is considered as the "father of Indian press" as he started the first Indian newspaper from Calcutta, the `Bengal Gazette` or the `Calcutta Genera
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  • A History of the Americas
    Americas From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Americas Area 42,549,000 km2 Population 910,720,588 (July 2008 est.) Pop. density 21/km2 (55/sq mi) Demonym American[1] (but see usage) Countries 35 Dependencies 23 List of sovereign states and dependent territories in the Americas Languag
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  • Energy Efficiency in India History and Overview
    Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy TM Energy Efficiency in India History and Overview Energy Efficiency in India History and Overview Authors Reshmi Vasudevan Dr. Koshy Cherail Cdr. Ramesh Bhatia Nisha Jayaram December 2011 Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy TM
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  • Ap World History Chapter 14 Outline
    Chapter 14 – The Expansive Realm of Islam I. Chapter Intro A. “In 632 CE the prophet Muhammad visited his native city of Mecca from his home in exile at Medina, and in doing so he set an example that devout Muslims have sought to emulate ever since” (B&Z 355). Each year hundreds of th
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  • History Notes Class 10
    The First War of Independence: The Revolt of 1857 *Political Causes:- 1) Lord Dalhousie’s Policy of ‘the Doctrine of Lapse’:-if the ruler of a subordinate state died without a heir , his adopted son was not allowed to occupy the throne and the state was annexed to the British Empire in Indi
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  • Ilocos History
    Ilocos Ilocos collectively refers to two provinces in the Philippines: Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur. Inhabitants are called Ilocanos and they speak the language Iloko, also called Ilocano. The Ilocos Region, containing four provinces, is named after Ilocos. 28% of the inhabitants of the region are
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  • Ap World History Outline
    Terry Wei Traditions and Encounters AP World History Review Chapter 1: Prehistory The first chapter of Traditions and Encounters sets the stage for the drama of world history by presenting the major milestones in the development of humans from their earliest appearance on earth to the dawn of
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  • Yamuna River
    The Yamuna (Sanskrit: यमुना), sometimes called Jamuna (Bengali: যমুনা, Hindi: जमुना, Urdu: جمنا) or Jumna, is the largest tributary river of the Ganges (Ganga) in northern India. Originating from the Yamunotri Glacier at a height of 6,387 metres on the south western
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  • Fifty Years of Language Planning for Modern Hindi
    FIFTY YEARS OF LANGUAGE PLANNING FOR MODERN HINDI The Official Language of India 1. ABSTRACT Hindi - according to the 1991 Census of India, is the mother tongue of 233,432,285 persons (22% of the entire Indian population), and is spoken as a language (which includes 47 or so mother tongues cobb
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  • History of Man
    In the history of mankind, many cultures have come and gone but Hinduism has withstood many challenges posed by the time and has spread all over the world. The secret of this success of Hindu religion lies in the fact in its practical approach towards human life, belief in eternal truths, and modifi
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  • History of Pakistan
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  • History of Pakistan 1912 to Date
    An Un-Matched History of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1206 –Todate Compiled by Imran Ahmed emranehmed@yahoo.com +923004159514 1206-1526 The Delhi Sultanate Some of the earliest relics of Stone Age man were found in the Soan valley near Rawalpindi, dating back to at least 50,000 years. Pred
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  • Compound Word Formation in Hindi
    Abstract: Sanskrit, one of the most ancient spoken and written languages in the world and one of the earliest members of the Indo-European language family, is the primary source of Hindi. Hindi, like Sanskrit, is written in the Dev Naagari script, which is common to several other In
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