"Functions Of Guidance And Counselling In Schools" Essays and Research Papers

Functions Of Guidance And Counselling In Schools

ROLES AND FUNCTIONS OF THE GUIDANCE COUNSELLOR Guidance Counsellors are professionals who work in and out of the school system. Outside of the school system these professionals focus and interest is more on counselling and as a result are called counsellors. Guidance Counsellors form a part of the helping profession. They are professional helpers who have had graduate level training in the study of human behaviour, have a variety of helping techniques and supervised interships, counselling individuals...

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Guidance and Counselling Needs

Guidance and counselling needs A Detailed study of the Guidance and counselling needs for adolescents of Senior Secondary School A synopsis submitted to the Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak In the partial fulfilment of the degree of the Master of Education Supervisor: Investigator Dr. Sarika Sharma Meetali gupta Ganga Institute of (M.Ed. Student) Education, Kablana, Ihajjar GANGA INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION Village Kablana, 20 Km. Mile Stone, Bahadurgarh Road...

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Concepts of Guidance and Counselling

------------------------------------------------- Professional Education 5 – Guidance and Counselling Concepts of Guidance and Counselling GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING * defined as a planned and organized work aimed at assisting the trainee to understand himself and his abilities and develop his potentialities in order to solve his problems and achieve psychological, social, educational and professional compatibility. GUIDANCE * Guidance is a group of planned services that include counseling, it provides...

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Introduction To Guidance And Counselling

 INTRODUCTION TO GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING PERSONAL DEV JOURNAL (TOPIC 1) NAME : NURAIHAN BINTI HASHIM STUDENT ID : 2014589317 CLASS : ED2421A LECTURER : ASSOC PROF HJ THANTHAWI JAUHARI HJ AHMAD JOURNAL 1 Topic 1 : Introduction to guidance and counselling People nowdays mostly did not know about guidance and conselling. They just know that conselling just give an advise to who have a problem only and its strongly wrong. Guidance and counselling is a helping profession, not just...

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Guidance essay

Guidance is the process of helping individuals discover and develop their educational, vocational, and psychological potentialities and thereby to achieve an optimal level of personal happiness and social usefulness, Gladding (2000). The concept of Counselling is essentially democratic in that the assumptions underlying its theory and practice are, first, that each individual has the right to shape his own destiny and, and second, that the relatively mature and experienced members of the community...

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Guidance and Counselling

Planning: Students Need Help Starting Early and Staying Focused Many students rely heavily on their interests when making college and career choices. Understanding how interests develop and relate to academic achievement will help high school counselors and other educators determine both when and how to help students prepare for college and a career. Students make more informed educational and career plans if they receive individualized and accurate feedback about their interests...

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Guidance services

 GUIDANCE SERVICES IN ELEMENTARY, SECONDARY & TRETIARY LEVEL The school is expected to provide more than just teaching and instruction. A school programme includes all those activities other than instructional which are carried out to render assistance to pupils in their educational, vocational, personal development and adjustment. GUIDANCE SERVICES IN ELEMENTARY The elementary school counsellor serves the needs of all elementary students, to help them develop, academically, socially and emotionally...

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Developnment of School Counselling in Malaysia

Developnment of School Counselling in Malaysia Introduction Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia. It consists of a federation of 13 states and 3 federal territories. The 3 federal territories are Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya and the 13 states are Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Perak, Perlis, Penang, Sabah, Sarawak, Selangor, and Terengganu. Malaysia is a multicultural society. Based on estimation of U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s (quoted by See Ching Mey &...

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peer counselling

Peer counselling is the process by which a trained person provides counselling, support and information to one of their peers (in this case adolescent). Peer counselling can also be said to be a process of sharing, that enables two people, the counsellor and the counselee to enter into a relationship that makes possible the clarification of a problem, an issue or a situation at hand through good listening. IMPORTANCE OF PEER COUNSELING The aim of the peer counselling project in the school is to...

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functions of guidance

 The followings functions of counseling may be effective for any particular employee of an organization:1. Advice 2. Reassurance (confidence and courage) 3. Communication (upward) 4. Release of emotional tension 5. Clarified thinking 6. Reorientation DEFINITIONS, PURPOSE AND FUNCTIONS OF GUIDANCE COUNSELING CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION A. Background  The progress of human thought and consciousness of self and his world, has led to globalization. Global situation makes life more competitive...

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School Function

What is the function of schooling and how does schooling reflect the stratification system? In this paper I will be using two sociological perspectives conflict theory and social exchange theory. Conflict Theory is based upon the view that the fundamental causes of crime are the social and economic forces operating within society. The criminal justice system and criminal law are thought to be operating on behalf of rich and powerful social elites, with resulting policies aimed at controlling the...

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Critically Discuss Any 5 Roles of a School Counsellor

Discuss any five roles of a school counselor. What are the implications of these roles in creating and fostering a healthy learning process Introduction School counseling is now done in most secondary schools throughout Zimbabwe. School counselors consult and collaborate with the school head, other teachers, administrators, parents and other personnel or agencies to support student success at school. The school counselor therefore acts as a liaison between the school, the home, the community...

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Aims Of Guidance And Counselling Progra

Aims of Guidance and Counselling Programs The aims of the guidance and counselling service are similar to the purposes of education in general—to assist the student in fulfilling her basic physiological needs, understanding herself and acceptance of others, developing associations with peers, balancing between permissiveness and controls in the educational setting, realizing successful achievement, and providing opportunities to gain independence. The purposes of guidance and counselling provide...

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Guidance and Counseling

assessed the quality of guidance and counselling services in secondary schools with practicing school counsellors in Edo state. To achieve this, the researcher examined the qualification of personnel providing guidance and counselling services, availability of materials for the successful execution of Nigerian secondary school guidance and counselling services and the impact of guidance programs on students’ adjustment. 1.3. Significance of the study Guidance and counselling is the bedrock for...

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Principles Of Guidance

Eastern Philippines Pedro Rebadulla Memorial Campus Catubig, Northern Samar EDUCATION 834 Principles of Guidance HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT OF GUIDANCE (Second Part: The Present Status of Guidance) Submitted to: DR. GLENDA T. DE GUIA Professor Submitted by: ROWELENE O. CESISTA MAED-Student 2nd Semester SY 2014-2015 INTRODUCTION History and development of guidance around the world varies greatly based on how each country and local communities perceived its role and importance...

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GUIDANCE WORK WITH INDIVIDUALS Career planning is a process which helps someone to make a well informed realistic decision (WIRD) about a career. It is a step by step process to help make a transition and can help to measure the progress made (route map) by first establishing which way is forward. Step One: Engagement / Motivation. The first step is the most crucial one. There could be a number of reasons why someone is not engaging, such as fear or attitude. A person first of all needs...

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Guidance Curriculum

Guidance Curriculum  Three Major Components of Guidance Curriculum  Academic Development – the academic standards serve as a guide for the school counseling to implement strategies and activities that support and maximize student learning. These include:  Acquiring skills, attitudes, and knowledge to learn effectively;  Employing strategies to achieve success in school; and  Understanding the relationship of academics to the world of work, and to life at home and in the community  Career...

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The Study Investigated the Attitude of Secondary Students Towards Guidance and Counselling Services

ATTITUDE OF SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS TOWARDS GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING SERVICES IN CROSS RIVER STATE EYO, Mary Bassey PhD JOSHUA, Akon Monday PhD and ESUONG, Aniekan Edet M.Ed Faculty of Education Cross River University of Technology, Calabar mary_yo20062007@yahoo.com Abstract The Study investigated the attitude of secondary students towards guidance and counselling services. Descriptive research design of the survey type was used. Three hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. A total...

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Outline and Discuss the Major Roles and Functions of the Guidane Counsellor Within Our Jamaican Schools the Guidance Counseling Programmes Are Designed to Implement Core Principles as Stated by the Jamaican School

Guidance counselors are school professionals who specialize in helping students make decisions about their personal and educational needs while providing information about colleges and other life choices. To become a guidance counselor, each state has certain educational requirements. Most states require a college degree plus one to two years of special study in guidance counseling. Some states may also require teaching experience. Personal characteristics are just as important as educational requirements...

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Relational Counselling

Relational Counselling: History and Theories Essay One Relational model of counselling is a synthesis of both humanistic and psychodynamic theories. A central defining assumption of this approach is the importance of relations in the development of self, especially childhood and infancy. Environmental factors also play a crucial part (Stephen Mitchell 1988, 1993: Greenberg & Mitchell 1993).  The relational approach looks at the sum total of an individual’s relationships from early childhood through...

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Effective Guidance Counsellor

A guidance counselor is one who emphatically listens and helps people solve their problems socially, academically and emotionally. Their role is to work with both students and parents to help guide students’ academic, behavioural and social growth. It is important for each guidance counselor to have certain academic qualifications, but this is not actually enough. An effective guidance counselor has a variety of specific personal qualities that allows him to do his best in helping others. To be...

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The Challenge to Change from Guidance Counseling to Professional School

The Challenge to Change from Guidance Counseling to Professional School Counseling: A Historical Proposition I. Summary Professional school counselors (PSCs) and the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) have been working diligently to reconfigure the professional identity of PSCs from its historical guidance epistemology to a comprehensive developmental model. Nevertheless, the historical influence defining a school counselor’s identity has been difficult to alter. The purpose of this...

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Brief History of Counselling

background of counselling and develop a 500 word report to be presented to the class. The report needs to cover all of the following topics: • the purpose of counselling The purpose of counselling is to help individuals, couples or families to work towards living in a way that is more satisfying, rewarding and resourceful. Including physically, mentally, spiritually and/or emotionally depending on the clients wants and/or needs. The modern consensus as to what the purpose of counselling is, revolves...

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Counselling Theories

applies to counselling. Genetic inheritance defines the inborn biological traits that are the foundation of personality. It determines the developmental capacity of an individual to its potential. Understanding this concept helps the counselling process as it helps differentiate between the biological traits of an individual and the environmental factors that affect them and their potential capacity. 4. Explain Freud’s concept of the unconscious and why it is important in counselling. The unconscious...

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Counselling in Nigeria


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Guidance and Counselling Thesis

Comprehensive Guidance Programs That Work II Norman Gysbers and Patricia Henderson A Model Comprehensive Guidance Program Chapter 1 Norman C. Gysbers The Comprehensive Guidance Program Model described in this chapter had its genesis in the early 1970s. In 1972, the staff of a federally funded project at the University of Missouri-Columbia conducted a national conference on guidance and developed a manual to be used by state guidance leaders as a guide to developing their own manuals for state and...

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Ethics in Counselling

I intend to show an understanding of the ethical framework for good practice in counselling, relating it to practice and also my own beliefs and opinions, how this influences the counselling relationship, I will also show the need for protection of self and client. The importance of having a good ethical framework to work to is essential, it help’s to give guidance to counsellors as well as providing protection for the counsellor and client, the BACP ethical framework considers values, principals...

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Guidance History

A Brief History of the Development of Guidance and Counselling in Malta; 19681987 JOSEPH P. DeGIOVANNI INTRODUCTION The need for vocational guidance has long been felt in Malta where, as it has been stated over and over again, there are no natural resources except human resources. The optimal use of skills and abilities has historically been identified as the best, if not only strategy to ensure national and economic development. and as Sultana (1992) has pointed out, 'human capital theory' (now...

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Counselling Theories

COURSE ASSIGNMENT ONE V33201301: Diploma of Counselling CHC8D03V – Counselling Theories Question 1: 1. Freudian Theory 2. Erikson’s psychosocial stages 3. Piagets stages of cognitive development 4. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Question 2: The nature versus nurture debate gives consideration as to how much influence the genetic makeup has on a person’s behaviour/personality compared to the influence of environmental experiences. Question 3: Genetic inheritance...

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Career Counselling 1

 Career Counselling Career counselling is now a days an emerging field in counselling, which gives relevant information regarding different career. Career Guidance helps the students to select the career according to their choice and interest. Career counselling is now being increasingly stressed as an integral part of education.Inorder to secure the right job, the right career choice is formost in the minds of every job seeker with /with out professional qualifications. The demands of the modern...

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Marriage Counselling


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clients, this may mean that I would not be able to work with certain people as I could find it hard to put my value’s and beliefs to one side. I then went on to go in my triad that I had last week and went into another room so we could practise our counselling skills. I was the speaker first and Elaine counselled me which she done very well, I felt listened to and she used her skills really well, next I was to counsel Rachel and Elaine was to observe me and take notes, I don't think that Rachel was herself...

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Principals’ and Students’ Attitude Towards Provision of Guidance and Counselling Servises and Maintenance of Dicsipline in Secondary Schools of Nyamira District-Kenya

PRINCIPALS’ AND STUDENTS’ ATTITUDE TOWARDS PROVISION OF GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING SERVISES AND MAINTENANCE OF DICSIPLINE IN SECONDARY SCHOOLS OF NYAMIRA DISTRICT-KENYA BY: DR. OURU JOHN NYAEGAH ABSTRACT The overall running, control, tone maintenance, the general development of school education and all-round standards in secondary schools is the ultimate responsibility of the principals. They are particularly charged with the responsibility of fostering the right atmosphere for child growth...

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Understanding counselling theory.

 Macclesfield College ABC Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills Assignment 2 Understanding counselling theory. Unit 2- R/601/7575 Hana Lewis- 144383 ABC 17970-33 Contents Page 3 : Introduction. (157 words) Page 3 : Origins of Person- centred counselling (198 words) Page 4: Key concepts and principles of Person- centred counselling. (288 words) Page 5 : How does Person-centred counselling, influence the understanding of the development of concept of self? (245 words) ...

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Outline and Discuss the Major Roles and Functions of the Guidane Counsellor

Within our Jamaican schools the guidance counseling programmes are designed to implement core principles as stated by the Jamaican school curriculum. Guidance counsellors are the ones who play the role of effectively analyzing and implementing these programmes which ensure that all students are well prepared to manage these “exciting times”; every student needs support and guidance. This is imperative as they embark upon the academic, social, spiritual and developmental challenges of adolescence;...

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School Counselor

career decisions and problems” (“Counselors” 1). “While helping students plan for college and careers is part of their job, a guidance counselor’s overall function is to talk to students, give advice, listen to problems, help students develop coping skills and learn to become good problem-solvers and decision-makers on their own” (“Guidance Counselors”). Specifically, school counselors play a major role in the social, emotional, and academic development of their students. This profession interests...

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Bullying in Schools

School bullying is a distinct form of aggressive behaviour, usually involving a power imbalance. It can be physically, verbally and, more recently, electronically threatening, and can cause emotional, physical and psychological harm. Bullying in schools historically has been seen as a fundamental part of childhood. (Campbell, 2005 p68) It was seen as a social, educational and racial issue that needed little research and attention, until in the 1970’s and 80’s researchers began pioneering studies...

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5-1-2011 Against School-Engaging The Text 1. Question: Why does Gatto think that school is boring and childish? How does Gatto’s depiction of school compare with your own elementary and secondary school experience? Answer: Gatto thinks school is boring because the teachers and students are bored with material. The students say they already know the material. I can compare my school experience to Gatto’s depiction of school. My experience in elementary was a breeze and easy. Then I entered...

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School Counselling & Guidance Unit Action Plan

School Counseling and Guidance Unit Action Plan 2011 Date | Activities | January02/01/2011 - 03/01/2011(08.00am – 12.30pm)05/01/2011 - 06/01/2011(08.00am – 12.30pm) | [Academic Development]Orientation Form 1 * Explanation of the school rules and regulation * Introduction to the school surrounding and facilities * How to adjust to new school / surroundingOrientation Form 4 * Academic Placement Briefing * Exposure of different opportunities for ‘science stream’ and ‘art stream’ | ...

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Peer Counselling

1 PEER COUNSELLING My focus for this assignment will be on the Peer Counselling that takes place in various high schools around Johannesburg. My decision to focus on this area was prompted by my role as a Grd 12 teacher, as well as being the mother of two teenage boys aged 14 and 19. I felt, that as a result, not only would I be able to interact with the learners involved in the process, but I had the experience of dealing with many of the issues they would be coming face to face with. I dealt...

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High School and Guidance

CHAPTER I GUIDANCE: NATURE, MEANING, AND SCOPE Aim: This chapter consisting of four (4) lessons will familiarize you with the nature and definition of guidance and other related terms, trace the evolution of guidance, situate the place of guidance in the total educational set-up, and identify the need for guidance as bases for guidance work. Learning Objectives: Upon completion of chapter I and its corresponding four (4) lessons, you are expected to be able to: 1. Define guidance and...

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known as life events) involving bereavement, loss of status because of unemployment, and ill health can cause serious questioning of life’s purpose. Persistent losses overwhelm a person’s ability to cope; this inability can cause difficulties at work, school/college and in relationships. Most of the time we find ways of dealing with such problems in living by talking to family, friends, neighbours or well-wishers and if help is not available from this supportive network (friends or family), this may lead...

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Counselling Ppt

TOPIC 1. CAREER COUNSELING 2. CRISIS COUNSELING 3. SEX COUSELING Presented by: H.Rosemary 13SO1110 MSW CAREER COUNSELING INTRODUCTION:  National Career Development Association (NCDA) conceptualizes career counselling as “one-to-one or small group relationship between a client and a counsellor with the goal of helping the client(s) integrate and apply an understanding of self and the environment to make the most appropriate career decisions and adjustments” . The primary focus is on helping the...

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Student Counselling Business Plan

who has to forget about his ability to paint marvellous pictures, the condition which results in to loss of a potential painter and frustration on the part of the student. The service that we intend to provide can simply be expressed as career counselling for aspiring candidates. But the scope of the mission is not limited to just guiding a student to established career choices but to understand the candidate as a person, consider his family background and then providing him with the most suitable...

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psychologists, social psychologists, counseling psychologists, school psychologists, industrial-organizational psychologist, consumer psychologists, educational psychologists, experimental psychologist and sport psychologists (Ferguson 1). Writing skills is very helpful to most psychologists. Some psychologists become administrators who direct college or university psychology departments or personnel services programs in a school system or industry. While some become agency or department directors...

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guidance and counseling

GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING ASSIGNMENT- 6 BEHAVIOURAL COUNSELLING THEORY. The scientific development of behavioural theory can be traced directly from Pavlov’s 19th century discovery in classical conditioning and important foundations were laid down by J.B Watson (1913).Significant publications about behaviorism were done by Watson, Thorndike and the rest. Behaviorism is a set of learned responses to events, experiences or stimuli in a person’s life history. Behavior can be modified by providing...

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What Is Counselling?

Answer the question ‘What is counselling?’ by outlining what you understand to be the key elements that constitute the practice of counselling. This discussion will begin by considering two definitions of counselling, moving on to identify key elements of practice and what makes counselling different from other professions where counselling skills may be used. Finally the discussion will consider the role of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) which regulates the...

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The Roles of School Counselor

Roles of School Counselor Based on the counselor's log book listed 26 roles or responsibilities that must be done by a counselor. However, counselors are not necessarily bound by duties recorded because the scope of duties of a counselor is actually more than that. According to Mr. Zaifulnizam, role that can be played as a counselor must be based on knowledge of appropriate guidance and counseling so that they can deal with problems at school and managed to turn the actual functions of guidance and...

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Functions of Guidance Services

FUNCTION OF GUIDANCE SERVICES If a guidance program is to justify its existence within the scheme of the educational program, it must accomplish tasks and perform functions and services not normally made available in the conventional school programs. 1. To improve self-understanding. Test result, counseling, enrichment programs and proper utilization of records are some of the means by which students arrive at more objective, realistic and enlightened awareness and attitude about themselves....

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Vocational Guidance

What Is Vocational Guidance? A vocation is a career or calling and the word is derived from the Latin vocare, which means "to call." Vocational guidance means helping someone find his or her calling or at least a suitable career choice. Vocations or careers can be loosely categorized into areas such as service, technical, mechanical, creative, health and business. Vocational training rather than vocational guidance is available at career colleges and this is usually for entry-level careers...

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Workplace Counselling

Workplace Counselling – A Necessity The relationship between work and the psychological well-being of the worker is a topic that has received a lot of attention in recent years. Work stress is seen as a modern epidemic, which effects one in terms of health, absence from work, and costs to the national economy. Studies have reported a wide range of pressures experienced by workers, such as workload, too many tasks, poor work environment, problems with colleagues or superiors, organization culture...

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Skills in Negotiation and Counselling

INTRODUCTION Counselling is considered a learning process, especially for the client. An effective counsellor displays affirmation and nurturing behaviours whilst less effective counsellors use the ‘watch and manage’, ‘belittle and blame’ and ‘ignore and neglect’ behaviours (Najavits & Strupp, 1994). The role play that was undertaken was Michael the VCE student, whereby Karen Tran is the observer, Christian Brett is the Client and Sarah Boubis is the counsellor. A counselling session was...

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Essay Counselling

explore how diversity, equality and anti-discrimination practices need to be addressed in the counselling room. It will also explore how the BACP ethical framework helps inform and guide our counselling work and the legal requirements of being a counsellor. Clients come to counselling from a wide range of diverse backgrounds. Pederson (1994) sites Diversity as a broad definition of multicultural counselling which covers “ethnographic variables such as ethnicity, nationality, religion and language;...

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Function of Pupil’s Personnel Management

instructional program. Except in schools with very small enrollments, the main role of the administrator in pupil personnel services is one of integrating these services with instruction and coordinating the various kinds of personnel services (Campbell, Bridges, & Nystrand, 1977). Though the area of pupil personnel services has received very little attention in the professional literature, it is an administrative post that is critical to the effective operation of a school district (Duffy, 1990). Because...

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Counselling: Psychotherapy

can such a person counsel anyone. There are many reasons as to why people choose to undergo counselling, these reasons range from; Relationship difficulties, lack of confidence, Depression, Exam and study stress. We go in to therapy in the hope of getting some, quick release from the distress that we are experiencing. Therefore, these are just some of the reasons as to why individuals opt for counselling. Commonly held myths suggest that a good a counsellor will tell you what to do and how to sort...

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Counselling Skills

self-reflection of counselling skills The purpose of this essay is describing the counselling practices that I did in my class room. I n this reflective essay, I will describe the style of counselling that I used so far , the actions I had taken, the area of skills where I need further improvement, my perception about the feedbacks from other students and faculty supervisor . By discussing this particular experience in detail, I can start to aware of the specific skills and technique which counsellor...

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How's Importance of Couseling

Quality of Guidance and Counselling Services to Students’ Adjustment in Secondary Schools in Edo State of Nigeria E. O. Egbochuku Department of Educational Psychology and Curriculum Studies University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria E-mail: mamandidi@yahoo.co.uk Tel: +234-803-7190802 Abstract This paper focuses on the realities and assessment of the quality of guidance and counselling services on students’ adjustment in Nigeria. It was hypothesized that qualification of guidance and counselling personnel...

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The Library and It’s Function Among High School Students

treasure-house of knowledge. It helps the spread of education. A reader can either read the in the library or borrow the book of his choice and take it home. The library is a popular place in the academic curriculum. A well-stocked library is an asset to a school, a college or a university. There are also neighborhood libraries and district libraries which benefit the readers of the area. A student or a reader can increase his knowledge of various subjects by reading in the library during his spare time. One...

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The Need for Counselling in Kenya and the World Today

THE NEED FOR COUNSELLING IN KENYA AND THE WORLD TODAY On September 12,2011 over a hundred people were feared dead in a morning inferno that happened in the Sinai slums.Victims of the Sinai fire and relatives of the deceased needed counselling in order to cope with the trauma as a result of the fire.When one looses a cherished one ,one goes through various phases.This stages are denial,anger,bargaining,depression and finally acceptance.There is need for counselling as one goes through this painful...

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