• Teaching Approaches
    TEACHING APPROACHES/STRATEGIES AND INSTRUCTIONAL PRACTICES Over the years, schools have always been concerned with how to come up with effective teaching-learning experiences for the learners. In an attempt to attain this goal, the teacher is expected to possess a thorough knowledge of...
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  • Field study episode 3
    Episode 3 CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT AND LEARNING Name of FS Student: Shiena Mae T. Openia Course: BEED Year and Section: III Resource Teacher: Mrs. Perlita Celocia Cooperating School: Bato Primary School Your Target At the end of this activity, you will gain competence in
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  • Case method
    CASE METHOD It goes without saying that the case method is one of the most popular techniques in management training. The case method is different from lecture – cum discussion method. Cases provide an opportunity to simulate actual experience by analyzing problems and making decisions. This me
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  • Problem representation in teaching
    Expert and Novice Teachers 1 Running head: PROBLEM REPRESENTATION IN TEACHING Problem Representation In Teaching: Inferences from Research of Expert and Novice Teachers Tracy Hogan Mitchell Rabinowitz Fordham University New York, New York 10023 John A. Craven III Dowling College Oakdale, NY 11
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  • Case method
    Learning with Cases INTRODUCTION The case study method of teaching used in management education is quite different from most of the methods of teaching used at the school and undergraduate course levels. Unlike traditional lecture-based teaching where student participation in the classroom is mini
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  • An in-depth analysis of the entrepreneurship education in the philippines an initiative towards the development of a framework for a professional teaching competency program for entrepreneurship educators maria luisa b. gatchalian miriam college
    Volume 5, September 2010 The International Journal of Research and Review 51 An In-depth Analysis of the Entrepreneurship Education in the Philippines: An Initiative Towards the Development of a Framework for a Professional Teaching Competency Program for Entrepreneurship Educators Maria Luis
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  • Effect of powerpoint on literacy teaching
    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Background of the Study The right to education means the right to effective citizenship. To achieve citizenship and all it entails, children must be perceived not as mere recipients of knowledge, but rather as active players in the learning process (UNICEF, 2004).Ch
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  • My profession teaching with bibliography , synopsis and contents
    BIOGRAPHICAL LANDSCAPES: NURSES’ AND HEALTH VISITORS’ NARRATIVES OF LEARNING AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE Margaret Ann Volante A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the University of East London for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy January 2005 © Margaret A
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  • Teaching english
    Teaching Readers of English “A book of this kind is long overdue. . . . It is a giant contribution to the field. With its emphasis on a socioliterate approach to reading and literacy, it nicely captures the prevailing view of academic literacy instruction. Its extremely skillful and well-de
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  • Research method of education
    Research Methods in Education This completely rewritten and updated fifth edition of the long-running bestseller, Research Methods in Education covers the whole range of methods currently employed by educational researchers. It continues to be the standard text for students undertaking educational
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  • Communicative language teaching
    Communicative Language Teaching The aim of this unit • To make you think about communicative approach to teaching languages • To analyse the concept of communicative competence • To reflect upon the communicative teaching techniques What do you have to do in this unit? • Warming
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  • Theoretical foundations of teaching speaking pupils of junior form
     Contents Introduction Chapter I Theoretical foundations of teaching speaking pupils of junior form 1.1 The most common difficulties in auding and speaking 1.2 Psychological characteristics of speech 1.3 Linguistic characteristics of speech 1.4 Prepared and...
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    Chapter I The Problem This chapter presents the introduction, statement of the problem, scope and limitations, importance of the study and the definitions of terms. Introduction Today’s students inhabit a visual, networked culture. They connect and communicate with their peers and the...
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  • Teaching Strategies Adopted by the Teachers in Science High School Handling II-Acacia
    Teaching Strategies Adopted by the Teachers in Science High School Handling II-Acacia CHUA, Stephanie Llanes DOMALAON, Lorie Jae LOZARES, Lee Derek MAGDARAOG, James IV-Einstein Keywords: Teaching strategies, AUL, Science High School Abstract The researchers sought to...
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