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Fruit And Vegetables Speech

5 EXTRA-ORDINARY HOME ECONOMICS PROJECT THE IMPORTANCE OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FRUITS Fruit is a pluppy or juicy plant part (as rhubarb or a strawberry) that is often eaten as a desert and is distinguished from a vegetable e.g. Cherry, lemon. IMPORTANCE OF FRUITS 1. Fruits, eaten raw or consumed as fresh juice, are excellent ways to retain and balance the moisture level in the body. The low level of sodium in fruits plays an important role for people who would like to avail of a...

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Fruit and Vegetables

BNSB Q.Give your views on the in-store retailing of fruit and vegetables taking into account the high perishability and competitive pricing for F & V, in organised sector retail stores/formats such as Reliance Fresh (Reliance Retail), Food World (Dairy Farm)and More in Indian metro cities? Storage of fruit and vegetables The storage of fruits and vegetables in a store is to extend the life. Storage helps in reducing biochemical change in fresh F&V. Cold storage slows down the growth...

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Difference Between Fruits and Vegetables

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fruit) Several culinary fruits Culinary fruits In botany, a fruit is a part of a flowering plant that derives from specific tissues of the flower, one or more ovaries, and in some cases accessory tissues. Fruits are the means by which these plants disseminate seeds. Many of them that bear edible fruits, in particular, have propagated with the movements of humans and animals in a symbiotic relationship as a means for seed...

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Fruit and Vegetables Market in India

Fruit and Vegetables Market in India Market Definition: The fruit and vegetable market is taken to be the sale to consumers of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, including potatoes. Fresh fruit and fresh vegetables are the two main sectors of the market. Fresh fruit includes products such as apples and pears, bananas, berries, grapes, tropical fruits, stone fruits and citrus fruits. The vegetables sector includes products such as salad vegetables, potatoes, root vegetables, etc. This industry...

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Fit Fruit and Vegetable Wash

PRODUCT FIT Fruit and Vegetable Wash PRODUCT LOGO [pic] ABOUT THE PRODUCT Fit Antibacterial Fruit & Vegetable Wash kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria -- like E. Coli, Salmonella sp., Staphylococcus aureus, and Listeria – that have been associated with food-borne illness, and is only for use on cut chopped, sliced and other processed produce. Fit is 100% Natural, and unlike chlorine or other harsh chemicals, is completely safe to use. Fit rinses away clean, leaving no aftertaste or smell…just...

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Improving fruit and vegetable packaging

Improving fruit and vegetable packaging Share  Email 0 Comment(s)  Print Published 2006-08-28 00:00:00 FRUITS and vegetables are an important sub-sector in the agricultural sector because they are valued as protective food. They are very rich source of minerals, vitamins providing more energy per unit weight than cereals. Pakistan has a wide range of agro-climatic condition, which allows the production of a variety of fruits and vegetables. However, there is a wide gap between availability...

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Minimally Processed Fruits and Vegetables

least 7 days domestic consumption and 7-15 days for overseas consumption. Minimally processed products are also called fresh cuts, semi-processed, ready cut and fresh processed. This increasing popularity of minimally processed fruits and vegetables has been attributed to the health benefits associated with fresh produce, combining with the opening consumer trend towards eating out and consuming ready to eat foods. The minimally processing industries was initially developed to supply hotels...

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Enzymes and the browning of fruit and vegetables

so to avoid unreliable results the apples need to be at a cooler and constant temperature. The apples cannot have been refrigerated, if so they need to be cooled down to room temperature before use. Knife Needs to be steel or plastic because when fruit comes into contact with copper or iron, it speeds up the reactions process. This is also the case with a rusted knife. (As said by the experts at the University of California Science & Health Education) Uncontrollable Variables How Monitored ...

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Future Fruits and Vegetables Supply Chain in India

Future Fruits & Vegetables supply chain in India Kishore Biyani’s Future Group is making a vigorous push to increase its share in the fruit and vegetables business, a category that has traditionally been an Achilles heel for the country’s largest retailer. The group behind supermarket chains such as Food Bazaar and Big Bazaar is forming a specialized entity that will set up and manage an efficient supply chain for fruits and vegetables (F&V), marking a shift away from the outsourced model...

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Vegetables and Fruits

everyone should take more vegetables and fruit than rice or wheat. Rice and wheat contain much carbohydrate which is quite essential for energy. But more of rice and wheat and less of vegetables and fruit is not a balanced diet. Vegetables and fruit contain nutrients like vitamins, calcium, iron, phosphorus, folic acid, iodine, magnesium, zinc etc. Green leafy vegetables contain a lot of nutrients, especially calcium and iron. We should take one type of green leafy vegetable every day. Spinach is...

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Vegetables and fruits

A diet rich in vegetables and fruits can lower blood pressure, reduce risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer, lower risk of eye and digestive problems, and have a positive effect upon blood sugar which can help keep appetite in check. Eat a variety of types and colors of produce in order to give your body the mix of nutrients it needs. Try dark leafy greens; brightly colored red, yellow and orange vegetables and fruits; and cooked tomatoes. There is compelling evidence...

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Maturity of Fruits and Vegetables and Its Effect on the Finished Product

Exercise 3 Maturity of fruits and vegetables and its effect on the finished product INTRODUCTION For the quality of fruits and vegetables, it is important to take into account the maturity and ripeness of the fruits and vegetables at harvest as it determines the postharvest-life and their final quality, such as appearance, texture, flavor, nutritive value, etc. There is a distinction between maturity and ripeness of a fruit. Maturity is the condition when the fruit is ready to eat or...

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Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables Outline • This stuff is scattered in the book. – Pp. 92-101 – pp. 44-47 • • • • • • • • • Tomato Apple Citrus Brassica Banana Carrot Onion Squash and Melon Tropical Fruits Fruits: Botanical and Popular • Botanically, a fruit is the ripened ovary wall. The ovary is part of the carpel, the innermost whorl of a flower, the female reproductive structure. The ovary contains the ovules, the haploid equivalent to mammalian eggs. – Some fruits also contain parts of the flower...

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Fruit and Vegetables

What's in our fruit and vegetables? Fruit and vegetables are packed full of goodness and often contain a number of essential vitamins and minerals that cannot be found in other types of foods or they may contain higher levels of these nutrients than other foods.  They are made up of water, melons up to 94%, which is also essential for the body and their skin and seeds contain plenty of fibre, which our body needs to help cleanse and rid itself of waste and toxins. Fibre is needed to keep bowel...

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Determinants of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Among Canadian Adolescent and Young Adult Males

| | Determinants of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption among Canadian Adolescent and Young Adult Males In June 2011, CBC News.ca presented some interesting facts and figures about fruit and vegetable consumption among Canadians. Based on Statistics Canada report, for the first time collecting the data since 2001, Canadians consumed less fruit and vegetables (“Fruit and vegetable consumption declines”, 2011). Moreover, young males after age of 20 ate remarkably less in comparing with females, analyst...

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Informative Speech

UNIVERSITY HANOI. INFORMATIVE SPEECH OUTLINE Name: Tran Thi Huong Class: VISK2010D Subject: Public speaking BRAIN FRUIT General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about four kinds of fruits which provide health benefits that affect the brain: cherries, blueberries, grapes and apples. Central Idea : Those fruits increase blood circulation, which can increase...

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Sri Lanka expects fruit and vegetable exports to grow in 2012

Micro Economics Sri Lanka expects fruit and vegetable exports to grow in 2012 Supply and Demand Model Pemila Gunasekera ID Number: 00002073 12/10/2012 Introduction This article is based on exceeding demand for fruits and vegetables in Sri Lanka and exports will grow in 2012. Bellow explanation is about the demand and supply model we learned in the Micro economics class and how to relate the article to the concepts what we have learnt in the class. ...

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Fruits Professor Kelechi Mezu Introduction to Biology – SCI 115 March 2, 2010 We use our sense of taste to differ if fruit is sweet or sour. That taste depends on the components in the fruit. Fruits contain fructose, acids, vitamin, starch, proteins, and cellulose. All of these components contribute to the taste of fruit. Fruits with high fructose levels tend to be sweeter whereas fruits with high levels of acid tend to be sour. Oranges however, have equal quantities of fructose and acids...

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Is Tomato a Fruit?

A vegetable is an edible plant or part of a plant, but usually excludes seeds and most sweet fruit. This typically means the leaf, stem, or root of a plant. The non-biological definition of a vegetable is largely based on culinary and cultural tradition. Therefore, the application of the word is somewhat arbitrary, based on cultural and/or personal views. Vegetables are most often cooked in savoury or salty dishes. However, a few vegetables can be used in desserts and other sweet dishes, such as...

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Nutritive Value of Vegetables and Fruit

Nutritive Value of Vegetables All vegetables are valuable sources of nutrients. Some Vitamin A sources of vegetables are leafy green and bright orange vegetables. Cabbage, Tomatoes and potatoes are a good source of vitamin B. Iron and Calcium are the most important minerals. Leafy green vegetables are a good mineral source. Some vegetables contain carbohydrates- sugar like peas, sweet potatoes, corn and beans. Nutritive Value of Fruit Fruit of all kinds is valuable for the nutrients supplied....

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Both Fruits And Vegetables Are Living

Both fruits and vegetables are living, whole foods. They both grow out of the ground and usually contains seeds, although there are exception. In some cases such as tomatoes, cucumbers and squash, the seed is planted to create more of that particular fruit or vegetable. Both Fruit and Vegetables need sun, water and soil to grow. Both are also eaten by humans, animals and insects. Fresh fruits and vegetables have a relatively short shelf-life, spoiling if not preserved by freezing, chemicals or...

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Persuasive Speech: Why Should You Become Vegan? GP: To persuade SP: To convert meat lovers into vegan dieters Organizational Pattern: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Attention: In the United States, more than half of the population consume meat more than vegetables and whole grain foods. Let’s begin with the timeline of the United States food supply and how the consumption of meat has varied throughout the years. The beginning of the 1900’s, a person was considered a locavore; people...

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Classification of Fruits

Classification of fruits 1. Berries – usually succulent fruit and very juicy. The availability of berries is between May and August. But grapes are berries that can be found year round. Some foods classified as berries do not fit the botanical definitions like strawberries and raspberries but are berries. There are fruits that are true berries but are not classified into other categories e.g. bananas and grapes. Berries grow in bunches in bushes and on vines. They are small and juicy. Examples...

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Supply Chain of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit and Vegetable Supply Chain As the Indian population is increasing, the demand for fresh fruits and vegetables is also increasing. Owing to the perishable nature and very short shelf life, these items require storage and transportation facilities in order to reach to the customer in fresh state. This requires a considerable amount of effort from the involved parties. The entire chain is fraught with issues like lack of transparency in pricing (at the farmers' end), dominance of traders, weak...

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Organic Food Speech

Organic Food I have a question for you at the beginning of this speech. Who just eat organic food everyday? Obviously! According my research, which I gave the question to my friends. Most of them know about organic food, but only few of them just eat organic food which including the vegetable, meat and eggs and other people don’t take it seriously and eat fast food always. What is organic food? The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) states that animals raised on an organic operation...

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Fruit Battery

 Project Title: Fruits and vegetables have voltage? Problem & Purpose: The purpose of the experiment is to understand how battery works and find out which fruit and vegetables that we eat can be used as an alternative way for a battery source. I become interested on seeing how batteries where used to power up my flash light and toys. ...

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GROWING VEGETABLES There are several forms of vegetables which, while the culture is not specially dissimilar, may yet, for convenience, be divided into five classes: those the edible part of which is produced beneath the surface of the soil and are known as root vegetables; those which set fruit above ground; those whose fruit is produced on vines; such plants as are used entire, as lettuce and the various greens, and those perennial forms which include the asparagus, artichokes, rhubarb and...

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Fruits & Vegetables Logistics India

Dodal – PG12026 Saurabh Medda – PG12051 Hiba Sayed – PG12055 Ramya Balkrishnan – PG12059 India can become the food supplier of the world. It has the cultivable land, all the seasons for production of all varieties of fruits and vegetables, an agribusiness system that works although it needs to be vastly improved. The single most important problem facing the Indian agricultural industry is the highly inefficient supply chain. Because of lack of cold chain infrastructure and also...

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A Matrix on Fruits and Vegetables

Songs • game • matrix • Checklist Day 3 Language Lesson Topic: Name of Fruits and Vegetables At the end of a 1 hour and 30 minutes period children shall be able to: • Name different kinds of fruits or vegetables • Identify if it belongs to fruits or vegetables • Identify the benefits of eating these healthy foods • Recognize different kinds of fruits and vegetables • Categorize if it is a fruit or vegetableFruit and Veggie Print Placemats • Picture pasting • game • matrix • Checklist ...

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Lack of Fruit or Vegetable Consumption

the average Filipino eat less vegetable. Consumption of fruits and vegetables remains low, particularly among children despite of the benefits that can be gained from eating such. Vegetables are significant sources of essential vitamins, particularly vitamin a and c, minerals, ample fiber and . These are needed by the body in order to achieve proper nutrients. Nutritional inadequacies are a serious problem that most of the people have lack of food supply. Vegetables are very essential to our body...

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Storage of Fruits and Vegetables

DIFFERENT STORAGE TECHNIQUES FOR FRUITS AND VEGETABLE Food spoilage: Every change in food that causes it to lose its desired quality and eventually become inedible is called food spoilage or rotting. Factors affecting storage life The natural limits to the post-harvest life of all types of fresh produce are severely affected by other biological and environmental conditions: Temperature: An increase in temperature causes an increase in the rate of natural breakdown of all produce as food reserves...

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packaging of fruits and vegetables


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Tifany 06/19/2013 Speech 2 Strawberries General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the health benefits of strawberries. INTRODUTION I. Attention material A. If you’re not already a fan of strawberries, you should be. Not only are they juicy, summery and delicious, they’re a super food, too. II. Orienting material A. According to Best Health Magazine strawberries are nutrient-rich and packed with antioxidants (like vitamin C), strawberries...

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Persuasive Speech

without fully being aware of the side effects; I was combining my aspirin and herbal supplements, which caused me to have nosebleeds. C. Proposition: My goal is to make you aware that taking supplements is not beneficial and can be dangerous D. Speech Preview: It is unnecessary to take supplements it’s harmful, cannot be a food substitute has bad side effects and can cause death. Transition: Now, I will give you a few reasons why you should not take supplements. B. BODY A. First Argument...

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Informative Speech

INFORMATIVE SPEECH MULTICULTURALISM Title : The top 10 food that a foreigner must try in Malaysia. General Purpose : To inform the audience of what food that a foreigner must try in Malaysia. Specific Purpose : Top 10 food that a foreigner must try in certain states in Malaysia. Thesis Statement : This speech will inform the audience of why a foreigner must ...

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Fruit Glue

Fruit Glue While the idea of gluing fruit together may sound novel, it was pointed out that the process is nothing more than an extrapolation of a fruit terrine.  Still, we find that the ability to layer fruits and vegetables together is really exciting.  Especially when we look beyond using just gelatin, which is the traditional bonding agent in fruit terrines and only effective at cold temperatures.  Instead, we were inspired by the synergy of hydrocolloids.  The first combination of ingredients...

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Analysis of Vegetables and Fruites/

http://www.boardguess.com Analysis of Vegetables and Fruit Juices AIM INTRODUCTION MATERIAL REQUIRED CHEMICAL REQUIREMENTS PROCEDURE TEST , OBSERVATION, INFERENCE CONCLUSION • • • • • • • AIM To analyse some fruits & vegetables juice for the contents present in them. INTRODUCTION Fruits and vegetable are always a part of balanced diet. That means fruits vegetables provide our body the essential nutrients, i.e. Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Again their presence in...

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Dry Fruits

Dried fruit is fruit that has been dried, either naturally or through use of a machine, such as a dehydrator. Vine fruits make up over three-quarters of the total global dried fruit volume. Prunes (also referred to as plums) and dates are other examples of popular dried fruits in the EU. Dried fruit has a long shelf life and can therefore provide a good alternate to fresh fruit, allowing out of season fruits to be available. Drying is a good way to preserve fruit in the absence of refrigeration...

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Fruit and Vegetable Supply-

Fruit and Vegetable Supply-Chain Management, Innovations, and Competitiveness: Cooperative Regional Research Project S-222 J. E. Epperson and E.A. Estes As price increases have become largely infeasible, large retail concerns are pursuing profits through greater efficiencies in the distribution system and from suppliers. The pressures of Supply-Chain Management in the fruit and vegetable industry indeed have reached the producer/shipper level. This process is accentuated as the global economy continues...

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Persuasive Speech/Controversial

Current Event/Persuasive Speech General Purpose: To Persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audiences beliefs about a subject. Organizational Pattern: Comparative Advantage/Disadvantage Introduction: 1. Ever heard the saying “The way to a mans heart is through his stomach?” Well A proverb suggests that “A hungry man is an angry man” 2. Today I will be talking about genetically engineered food and food insecurity 3. It is important to listen to this speech in order to understand...

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Supply Chain Management of Fruits and Vegetables

Supply Chain Management of Fruits and Vegetables - A Case Study N T Sudarshan Naidu Abstract India is witnessing rapid changes in retailing with urbanization, increase in disposable income, changing lifestyle, preferences and eating habits of its population. India with diverse agro-climatic conditions offers both opportunities and challenges in retailing of fruits and vegetables. Concentration of production with small and medium farmers in remote areas without proper infrastructure facilities...

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Fruit Battery

ABSTRACT A Fruit battery is a device used in experiments proposed in many science textbooks around the world. It is made by inserting two different metallic objects, for example a galvanized nail and a copper coin, into an ion bridge (for example a lemon, a potato or paper soaked in salt water or acid). The copper coin serves as the positive electrode or cathode and the galvanized nail as the electron-producing negative electrode or anode. These two objects work as electrodes, causing anelectrochemical...

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Literature review of Vegetable Consumption

Fruit and vegetable consumption among young adults The World Health Organisation is predicting that chronic disease will account for over sixty per cent of deaths; with 41 million deaths by 2015.1 Up to 80% chronic disease could be prevented by eliminating tobacco use, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and the harmful use of alcohol.2 Chronic disease and obesity in Australia are continuing to contribute to premature death and burden of disease.3 Cardiovascular disease and cancer remain the...

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5 Fruit And Vegetables A Day Essay

 5 Fruit and Vegetables a day Introduction This essay explores public health promotions regarding wellbeing issues. The topic focused in on is diet, obesity and exercise. This is one of the five key areas of public health promotion in the United Kingdom (UK). This topic was chosen after completing a lifestyle self-analysis which showed that eating fruit and vegetables was one of the weaker aspects of the author's healthy lifestyle. This essay will specifically investigate healthy eating by consuming...

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Fruits As Battery

Using Fruits ( Lemon, Orange ) As Battery Purpose To demonstrate how an electrical current can be generated using citrus fruits (such as lemons or limes) that is strong enough to power a small light bulb. Additional information Batteries are devices that store chemical energy and convert it to electrical energy. Consisting of one or more voltaic cells, batteries come in various sizes and forms and are integrated into most electronic and portable devices.  Electrical current is the flow...

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Consumer Behaviour in Fruit and Vegetable Category

Buying behavior in fruit and vegetable category Seminar paper 12/16/2010 SUBMITTED TO: PROF. BRAJESH BOLIYA SUBMITTED BY: MOHIT JAIN ROLL NO: 18 (PGDM –RM) K.J. SOMAIYA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES AND RESEARCH ABSTRACT Better knowledge of the consumer is the presumption for preparing the efficacious selling concept. Our research is limited on the preferences, requests, habits and attitudes of the consumers which are buying fruit and vegetable from organized retailers. The main...

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Informative Speech Outline

INFORMATIVE SPEECH OUTLINE    SPCH1111  Brett Good  Deb Lawson 3/26/2015  Cancer  I. OPENING WOW​ : Did you know that more than eight million people are expected to  die from cancer just this year? That means there are over 1,500 people dying from this  disease every day!  THESIS​ : Cancer is a fatal disease that could be preventable and one day possibly  curable.   FORECAST​ : In my speech, I will discuss exactly what cancer is, ways to protect  yourself and prevent from developing cancer, and also different types of treatment if ...

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Speech Fast Food

Persuasive Policy Speech COMM 111 April 20th 2011 Topic: Fast food should not be served in schools. Specific purpose statement: Lunches served in schools should be improved. Introduction. I. Attention getter: 20.1% as of the year 2010. 5 to 10 is the number of meals a child eats at school. The percentage of obese children in the US. The number is 4 times higher than 1970s. If you have been to elementary, middle or high school, at some time, you have been exposed to canteen food. II. Thesis:...

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Vegetables: Nutrition and Food

Vegetables A vegetable is a part of a plant consumed by humans that is generally savory but is not sweet. A vegetable is not considered a grain, fruit, nut, spice, or herb. For example, the stem, root, flower, etc., may be eaten as vegetables. Vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals; however, different vegetables contain different spreads, so it is important to eat a wide variety of types. For example, green vegetables typically contain vitamin A, dark orange and dark green vegetables contain...

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Speech is the expression of or the ability to express thoughts and feelings by articulate sounds. It is the spoken expression of ideas. It is also defined as our ability to speak or the power of expressing or communicating thoughts by speaking. We often use speech to interact with other people. Social Interaction is the means and ability of two or more social beings to come into contact, communicate or acknowledge one another while each being is aware of the others. This is the way people talk and...

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Frozen Vegetables and Cold Storage

NSIC Project Profiles FROZEN VEGETABLES & COLD STORAGE 1. INTRODUCTION India is a large country producing variety of fruits and vegetables. The range includes fruits like mangoes, banana, papaya, orange, mosambi, grapes, pineapple, watermelon etc. and vegetables like potatoes, onions and number of green vegetables including lady finger brinjal, cabbage, peas, chillies and so on. Till recently, the fruit and vegetable industry is mostly concentrated in rural areas catering to the requirement...

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Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit in Vietnam has three main varieties: red-skinned fruit with white flesh, red-skinned fruit with red flesh and yellow-skinned fruit with white flesh. Since the white-fleshed dragon fruit (or Pitaya) can grow stronger, larger and produce sweeter fruit than other varieties, they are much more planted in the Vietnam. Dragon fruit with red and yellow flesh are also popular, but the area for red-fleshed dragon fruit in the rural areas in Vietnam is trivial and its productivity equals only...

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Determination of Fruit Firmness

Practical 4 Determination Of Fruit Firmness Introduction The development of sensors to measure fruit internal quality variable is one of the challenges of post – harvest technology. Several variables can currently be measured, including sugar content, firmness and internal disorders. Fruit quality is related to both internal variables (firmness, sugar content, acid content and internal effect) and external variables (shape, size, external defects and damage). Increasing consumer demand for...

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Speech Assignment Five Type of speech: Persuasive Persuasive type: Question of policy Time limits: 6-7 minutes Visual aid: Required Typed outline: Required Bibliography: Required Copy of Sources Used: 4 Required Assignment Synopsis: This is the most important speech of the semester. Start early and work really hard on this one. Students are to present a 6-7 minute persuasive speech on a current, controversial topic of state, regional, national, or international...

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Building and Planting Vegetable Gardens

Building and Planting Vegetable Gardens The structure of your vegetable garden does not have to be entirely functional but it should also look and feel good. Building some decorative arches and some tomato cages not only makes your garden look good but also helps it produce more crops. After all, there is more to planting vegetable gardens than just cultivating a spot of land. Function Over Form The most well known form garden structures are those that are built to sustain plants and give...

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prepare for your fi rst speech and as a checklist for all the speeches you give in your public speaking class. You can also use the guide as a handy reference for speeches you give aft er college. Presenting a speech involves six basic stages: 1. Determining your purpose and topic (Chapter 4) 2. Adapting to your audience (Chapter 5) 3. Researching your topic (Chapter 6) 4. Organizing your ideas (Chapter 8) 5. Practicing your speech (Chapter 12) 6. Presenting your speech (Chapter 12) Th ese...

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your own opinions and knowledge? Supporting materials are the materials used to support a speaker’s ideas. The three major kinds are examples, statistics and testimony. Strong supporting evidence is needed to get the listeners to believe what your speech is about. 2. Define brief examples, extended examples, and hypothetical examples and give an example of each kind. Brief examples is a specific case referred to in passing to illustrate a point. One example given was how Roger Charter lost...

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Mangosteen Fruit

MANGOSTEEN FRUIT | | | | The Mangosteen Fruit is by far the most exotic fruit in the world. It has been researched and studied so much that this site is dedicated to bring you all that information and research. | | The Mangosteen contains several classes of phytonutrient antioxidants and is the only place in nature to contain a broad spectrum of a new class of phytonutrients called Xanthones. The potent effects on human health of the Mangosteen have been observed for centuries in Southeast...

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n culinary terms, a vegetable is an edible plant or its part, intended for cooking or eating raw.[1] The non-biological definition of a vegetable is largely based on culinary and cultural tradition. Apart from vegetables, other main types of plant food are fruits, grains and nuts. Vegetables are most often consumed as salads or cooked in savory or salty dishes, while culinary fruits are usually sweet and used for desserts, but it is not the universal rule.[1] Therefore, the division is somewhat...

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