• Williamson Ether Synthesis of Phenacetin
    ´╗┐Procedure The procedure stated in Chem 2120 experiment 6 Williamson Ether Synthesis of Phenacetin laboratory manual was followed without any major changes. Data and results Compound Amount used MW (g/mol) Moles Stoichiometry/Comments acetaminophen 0.354 g 151.16...
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  • Synthesis of Acetophenetidin by Amide Synthesis
    The goals of this experiment are to determine if the products derived from amide synthesis and Williamson Ether Synthesis are identical, and if one of the synthetic routes is more advantageous than the other. In Part 1, an attempt to synthesize acteophenetidin crystals by amide synthesis was made.
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  • Synthesis of Acetophenetidin
    Purpose Acetophenetidin can be formed through two methods, Williamson ether synthesis and amide synthesis. By working in groups of two we were able to complete both methods of synthesis routes. The end result should be the synthesis of a similar product, by verification between the two individual
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