• Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972
    Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 |View Brief comments on the Act. | | | |SECTION
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  • Gratuity Act
    This Act may be called the Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972.     (2) It extends to the whole of India:     PROVIDED that in so far as it relates to plantations or ports, it shall not extend to the State of Jammu and Kashmir.     (3) It shall apply to-         (a) every factory, mine
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  • Production Management Case Studies N Articles, Research Papers
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  • Gratuity Act
    Payment of Gratuity The Payment of Gratuity Act 1972 is a social security enactment. It is derived from the word ‘gratuitous’, which means ‘gift’ or ‘present’. However, having being enacted as a social security form, it ceases to retain the concept of a gift but it has to be seen as a
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  • Nutrition Case Studies
    Please read the following case studies and answer the questions which follow them. The questions may have several right answers; I am looking to see if you have put some thought into the assignment and that you give accurate information in your responses. Please email your answers to me by June 24
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  • Case Studies: Sas Airline & Ryanair
    How did the deregulation of air transportation in Europe foster entrepreneurial behavior and innovation in the European airline industry over the last twenty years? Case studies: SAS Airline & Ryanair Master Thesis in Entrepreneurship and Dynamic Business Contexts Spring 2007 Supervisor: Håka
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  • Few Case Studies
    Case Studies* Case study number Title Objective Case study 1 Meera’s Boutique The objective is to enable students to discuss implications of the accrual system of accounting. Case study 2 God Bless Bipasha and Abraham The objective is to enable students to discuss the issues in th
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  • Case Studies in Finance: Estimating the Cost of Capital
    CASE STUDIES IN FINACE CASE STUDY 3: ESTIMATING THE COST OF CAPITAL QUESTION 1: a)b)c) The Capital Assets Price Model (CAPM) is used to describe the relationship between risk and expected return and is often used to estimate a cost of equity (Investopedia, 2009). The cost of equity(COE) of the
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  • A Review of Case Studies
    Reverse Logistics: A Review of Case Studies Marisa P. de Brito1, Rommert Dekker2 and Simme Douwe P. Flapper3 1 Econometric Institute, Erasmus University Rotterdam, P.O. Box 1738, 3000 DR Rotterdam, The Netherlands, debrito@few.eur.nl 2 Econometric Institute, Erasmus University Rotterdam, P.O.
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  • Is Psychology More Than Just Theories, Experiments and Case Studies?
    This essay will explore whether psychology is more than just theories, experiments and case studies. I shall explain, in depth, the difference between the humanist and the behaviourist approach towards psychology. By using various studies I have researched into, I will compare and contrast between t
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  • Supporting Sustainable Livelihoods - Case Studies
    Message The World Food Programme and the International Fund for Agricultural Development are in a strategic alliance in India to develop replicable models of sustainable household level food security. Both agencies work closely with the national and state governments, civil society institutions an
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  • Act Case Studies
    ACT Case Studies MKTG 311 4B Date: November 23, 2006 Case No. 1 – "Reviewing the Prospect Base" a) Designer's Associate can be ignored immediately as a prospect for making a potential purchase. Referring to the date, the four contacts that I would call immediately are: Able Prof
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  • Case Studies
    Motivation Motivation is derived from Latin word movere which means “to move”. In common understanding it is the activation of goal-orientated behaviour. Motivation is the collection of accounts of choices intensities and feelings of acts. Motivation is basically account of ideas about differe
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  • Case Studies on Kelloggs and Nestle Products
    ------------------------------------------------- Kellogg’s Special K® – Setting the (Cereal) Bar Higher   Once upon a time, the cereal category was simple, but over the last decade, food manufacturers have created a host of innovative new entrants to the category – and no brand has done
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  • Finance Case Studies
    The GTB-UTI Bank Merger Story INTRODUCTION On January 24, 2001, employees of the Hyderabad based Global Trust Bank (GTB) received an email from Ramesh Gelli (Gelli), Chairman and Managing Director (CMD), GTB. It read, “I am taking the opportunity of sharing some important and exciting news w
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  • Case Studies
    http://www.gajos.org/books/reviews/theVisit-page.shtml.en A once prosperous town of Guellen, located somewhere in Europe, has been turned into poverty and its citizens are struggling to get by. The opening scene of this play shows us a decrepit train station decorated for a special occasion: the
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  • Sec 28 Sec29 Sec 30 of Factories Act , a Case Study
    SECTION 27, THE FACTORIES ACT(1948) Section 27:- Prohibition of employment of women and children near cotton-openers:- No woman or child shall be employed in any part of a factory for pressing cotton in which a cotton-opener is at work: Provided that if the feed-end of a cotton-opener is in a
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  • Brand Case Studies.Docx
    Nestle's Brand Management Strategies ------------------------------------------------- Abstract: The case discusses Nestle's brand management strategies in detail. Nestle's brand portfolio consisted of worldwide corporate strategic brands, strategic worldwide product brands, regional strategic b
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  • Two Case Studies for Police Officers
    In life there are a lot of issues that involve social psychology. Being a police officer is a profession that encounters a lot of social psychology issues. One issue that all police officers have to encounter is prejudice. Police officers have to not be prejudiced against the citizens that they a
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  • Do You Agree That International Organizations Are the Ideal Solution-Providers for the Problems of a Globalizing World? Use Case Studies of Environmental Issues, Refugee Plight and Poverty Where Appropriate.
    Essay Question: Do you agree that International Organizations are the ideal solution-providers for the problems of a globalizing world? Use case studies of environmental issues, refugee plight and poverty where appropriate. It is inevitable that states have to put aside their national boundaries
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