• Holy Life of Muhammad Pbuh
    MSA NIU Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum (THE SEALED NECTAR) Memoirs of the Noble Prophet [pbuh] by Saifur Rahman al-Mubarakpuri Jamia Salafia - India Translated by Issam Diab Maktaba Dar- us- Salam Publishers and Distributors Saudi Arabia§ UK § USA § Pakistan TABLE OF CONTENTS Publisher Note Author’s No
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  • Interview and Essay on Qawwali's
    In modern society, diversity among people is an admired quality, which many feel strengthens all of humanity. Diversity in today's world is a result of many cultures coming together to share and celebrate their various backgrounds. Music is one of the largest facets of culture worldwide, and therefo
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  • English Proverbs
    [edit] A • o Play on 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' • A child that does not let its mother sleep at night will not sleep also [Nigerian and Ghanaian Proverb] • A boiled egg in the morning is hard to beat. • A poor workman blames his tools. o Possible Interpretation: Good workmans
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  • Behind the Burqa Essay
    Raechel Ruesch 2/14/08 Behind the Burqa Essay If you lived in a country that never let you have the sun rays shine on your face or even never let you leave the house with Man that wasn’t related to you. Would you rebel or fall back like every other woman, who
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  • Essay Reading
    University of the Punjab Syllabi and Courses of Reading of B.Com. Part I & II (New I.T Scheme) Two year Pass Course Examination effective from Session 2001-2003 and onward. The details of the scheme are given as under: B.Com Part-I Code No. BC-301 BC-302 BC-303 BC-304 BC-305 BC-306 BC-307 BC-308 T
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  • Hadhrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H)
    1. When was the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) born? He was born on Monday, 12th Rabi-Al-Awwal, April 22nd, 571 AC. 2. Where was the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) born? In Makkah-tul-Mukarama/Makkah Mauzama 3. What is the name of the Prophet's father? Abdullah Ibn Abdul Muttalib. 4.
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  • Essay Foundation
    ------------------------------------------------- Proton (carmaker) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Proton Holdings Bhd | | Type | Public (Bursa Malaysia: PROTON) | Industry | Automotive | Founded | 1983 | Headquarters | Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia | Key people
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  • Essay
    * Natural Disasters * Poverty Good or Bad governance corruption Economy of Pakistan * Foreign Aid Democracy Media and Press National Integration Food crisis War on terrorism and its effects on Pakistani Society Education Water & Energy crisis Islam with the reference o
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  • English
    JKAU: Islamic Econ., Vol. 21 No. 1, pp: 27-46 (2008 A.D./1429 A.H.) Islamic Marketing Ethics and Its Impact on Customer Satisfaction in the Islamic Banking Industry Abul Hassan, Abdelkader Chachi* and Salma Abdul Latiff** Research Fellow at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education, Leicester
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  • English for Communication
    FIK 3042 ENGLISH FOR COMMUNICATION 2 EDITORS AINON OMAR AHMAD ZAINURI LOAP AHMAD AZIZAH ATAN LEELA CHAKRABARTY Writers: Ainon Omar Ahmad Zainuri Loap Ahmad Farah Natchiar Mohd Khaja Goh Hock Seng Leela Chakrabarty Mariyatunnitha Shari Mohammad Sidik Ariffin Napisah Kepol Nor Azmi Mostafa Nor
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  • Essay on Corruption Culture in Pakistan
    Corruption is the misuse of entrusted power for private gains. It is of different types e.g. petty, grand and political. The petty corruption is usually linked with the lower salary employees and generally considered as facilitating payments, whereas, the grand corruption is associated with the high
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  • Preparing for Practice - Human Rights Essay
    PREPARING FOR PRACTICE 1 – FORMAL COURSE WORK ESSAY Public Legal Services Assessment 1 Consider, selecting and focussing on particular offences, the ways in which the criminal law limits freedom of speech. Assess the extent to which these limitations are compatible with the right of Freed
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  • Essays Free for 10th in Pakistan
    VILLAGE LIFE There goes a famous saying that “God made the country and man made the town”. Village life here is very different from city life. It is free from the troubles and problems we have in the city. First of all, we find village life to be quiet. No noisy factories run in the village to
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  • English Proverbs
    A Ability can take you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there. Zig Ziglar, in See You at the Top (1975), p. 380 Absence makes the heart grow fonder. From Isle of Beauty by Thomas Haynes Bayly Absence makes the heart grow fonder but makes the mind forget. The acorn (apple) never
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  • Essay
    TEACHETH MAN THAT WHICH HE KNEW NOT Independent University, Bangladesh Spring 2012 Semester Courses and Class Schedule Undergraduate Programme Vol. 19, No. 2 Plot 16, Block B, Aftabuddin Road, Basundhara, Dhaka-1229. Phones: 8401645-52 (Dhaka) and Email: info@iub.edu.bd Website: http://www.
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  • English Literature and Language
    For my first Seminar paper, I shall illustrate the fury - impotent as well as unleashed, with which Sir Salman Rushdie’s “Midnight’s Children” (1980) is filled, written in autobiographical form of the fictitious Saleem Sinai. Salman Rushdie, born on June 19, 1947, in Bombay, India,
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  • Essay
    HOLY QURAN Introduction Literally the word Quran means to recite and read but this tense is an exaggeration so we consider a meaning which is acceptable as well as agreeable. So it means a book which is read widely, and there is no doubt that this book is read widely and vastly throughout t
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  • Essay of Nuclear Zero
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  • Essay
    Role of mobile phones.. We are living in an electronic age. The whole world is taking a new turn with every fraction of time. It has given birth to globalization. The world has been contracted and concised at a tip. There are a lot of new means of communication which have made our life so simple a
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  • Prophet Muhammad as Role Model for Religious Teachers
    ENGLISH ESSAY: PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH) AS A ROLE MODEL FOR RELIGIOUS TEACHERS Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the example par excellence for his ummah, especially for religious teachers with his good example and noble personality. His behavior in all cases is the behavior that is not contrary with th
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