• Format of debate
    Policy Debate Format First affirmative constructive (3 – 5 minutes) can be completely written and learned in advance! Introduction • Opening - state your name and partner’s name and that you are speaking for the affirmative; express pleasure for opportunity to debate the topic; state
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  • Debate
    DEBATE Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, As a member of our school’s debate team, I have almost participated in more than thirty debate competitions. Today I want to share my understanding of debate with everyone here. Now here comes a question. What is debate actually? When hearing this
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  • Debate style
    Styles of Debate RULES OF THE WALES SCHOOLS DEBATING CHAMPIONSHIPS / SCHOOLS MACE Format The format for debate is 2 speakers per team, a chairperson and timekeeper. The chairperson and timekeeper should be seated between the two teams. Speakers should be provided with a table and ch
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  • Debate
    ✵ Argumentation and Debate Critical Thinking for Reasoned Decision Making TWELFTH EDITION AUSTIN J. FREELEY Late, John Carroll University DAVID L. STEINBERG University of Miami Australia • Brazil • Japan • Korea • Mexico • Singapore • Spain • United Kingdom • United
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  • Audio format wars
    Audio Format Wars By: Sheldon Khan Before buying a new car, getting married, or adopting a new audio format it is wise to ask a few questions, peer under the hood, and ask the advice of someone you trust. Will the new format satisfy your needs not only now but, also in the future? Will it lo
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  • The impact of postmodernism on the 'what is history?' debate
    To explain the impacts of postmodernism, we have to understand the very composite nature of postmodernism, which is a relatively new all encompassing philosophy and one that reputedly lacks a historiography. The nature of the title question is very philosophical to which an equally philosophical ans
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  • Gun debate
    The Brady act was created with the intention of interrupting firearm sales to individuals who are legally prohibited from owing guns, such as minors, convicted felons and the mentally ill. The 5 day waiting period provides the chance for the firearms dealer to perform a national criminal background
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  • The economical debate
    Adam Smith is a renowned British economist who contributed innumerable theories to modern economic thought and furthered ideas related to overall efficiency and effectiveness with regards to industrial output and production. It is safe to say that the views espoused by Adam Smith run in direct oppo
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  • 2Nd presidential debate 2008
    This debate was different from any of the former ones, for it applied the town-hall format. I like it because in this way the presidential candidates got the opportunity to have extended interaction with ordinary people. The questioners were all undecided voters, so their questions seemed more speci
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  • Vinyl vs. cd: the format war
    Running head: VINYL VS. CD: THE FORMAT WAR Vinyl vs. CD: The Format War Ty A. Graham Introduction to Effective Written Communication COMM/105  Verenice Gutierrez, PhD University of Phoenix  November 29, 2008 Vinyl vs. CD: The Format War Some people say vinyl long play records (LP
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  • Open source debate
    Open-Source Debate What I really love about ITEXPO events is the networking opportunities and how much I can learn in a few minutes of relaxed conversations with colleagues. I had a chance to hang out with close friends and new ones in the industry last night. I got to see Mark Lyons from Vonage fo
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  • The perfect learner-an expert debate on learning styles
    The Perfect Learner An Expert Debate on Learning Styles In reading “The Perfect Learner an Expert Debate on Learning Styles” by Martin Delahoussave, I found the debate to be insightful and informative. The researcher made some good points about learning styles and how we should utilize
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  • Standardization/customization debate in global marketing
    tandardization / customization Question 3, Week 3 * Summarize the standardization/customization debate in global marketing * Identify factors which promote standardization * Identify factors which promote customization * To what extent are consumers buying habits converging?
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  • Tomlinson, j. (2004) critiques the view that global integration is leading to cultural homogenization. identify the differing positions in this debate about cultural globalization and, using examples, justify your own
    Tomlinson, J. (2004) critiques the view that global integration is leading to cultural homogenization. Identify the differing positions in this debate about cultural globalization and, using examples, justify your own conclusion regarding which position you think is most valid. In the argument t
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  • Bcom 275 debate summary
    Arranged marriages: tradition or outdated ideals? Debate Summary The topic chosen by Team C is Indian Culture. Our title for the debate paper will be, “India’s Arranged Marriages: Tradition or Outdated Ideals,” we as a team will
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  • A proposal for a debate club of a school
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  • Debate formats
    Forms of debate Parliamentary debate Parliamentary Debate (sometimes referred to as "parli" in the United States) is conducted under rules derived from British parliamentary procedure. It features the competition of individuals in a multi-person setting. It borrows terms such as "government" an
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  • Debate ihrm
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  • Debate of gaming systems
    The Debate over Gaming Systems Sebastian M. Fiorentino COM/155 December 18, 2011 Anne Boyer The Debate over Gaming Systems While many people buy Xbox 360’s and PlayStation 3’s each year few realize the differences the systems have, and the effect on performance these differences contribut
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  • Debate paper
    Debate Paper Outline The outline for the Debate paper—the organization of the paper—is really quite simple. Here’s what it would look like. This is a template. It tells you the format, but does not tell you the content. That depends on your research. Don’t just copy this. Instead, fill in
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