"Foreign Literature About Peer Influence Affecting Poor Academic Performance" Essays and Research Papers

Foreign Literature About Peer Influence Affecting Poor Academic Performance

Factors Affecting the Poor Academic Performances of College Education Students The research consists of an investigation of students' behavior, attitudes, and home environment as it relates to misbehavior in school and the need for discipline. So that the study may be understood within the context of the existing work in the field, this chapter of the proposal presents a review of the research on school discipline. The review begins with a delineation of basic patterns of school misbehavior which...

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Factors Affecting Student's Academic Performance

FACTORS AFFECTING STUDENTS ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE There are various factors that can influence a student in their academic performance whether it is negative or positive Parent’s Motivation should be there to teach their children to appreciate their hard work and guide them as they move along. A student must learn to devote their time and effort and exercise diligence and patience while studying; parents and their family has a very strong influence that affects heavily their performance. The...

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Influence of Parents on Academic Performance

Influence of Parents on Academic Performance of Adolescents Authorities parenting, psychosocial maturity and academic success among adolescents, study of Steinberg et al. (1989) describes that when a parents treat their child warmly, democratically, and firmly, they will develop positive attitudes, they will achieve more and do better in school. Multidimensional conceptualization of parent involvement in children’s schooling according to Grolmck’s (1994), it describes that...

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Factors Affecting Academic Performance

accepted that student motivation plays a key role in academic learning. Students need active cooperation in class to become achievers in school. Highly motivated students actively engage more in the learning process than less motivated students. Less motivated students should be guided so as to develop a favorable attitude towards the learning process. That is why it is important to have knowledge about the factors that influence students’ interest that affect their commitment in participating...

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Peer Pressure Affects Academic Performance of Second Year Students

Title: Peer Pressure Affects Academic Performance of Second Year Students Dependent Variable: Academic performance of second year students Independent Variable: Peer Pressure Objective: To know how academic performance among second year high school students is being affected by peer pressure. Introduction: To be successful in life, one must begin by being successful in school. In high school, we were all told to work hard so that we could get good grades and scores that would get...

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Home Environment and Academic Performance

Environment and Academic Performance INTRODUCTION Background of the Study. Nigerian environment is associated with unclassified problems entangled with impoverish outlook and being devoid of most modern facilities and infrastructure that could sustain an urban area. This is clearly manifested on the standard of living and the contribution of the people towards national development. This circumvented problem in the rural areas has adverse effect on the students’ academic performance. It is...

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Factors Affecting Academic Performance...

FACTORS AFFECTING ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF FIRST YEAR COLLEGE STUDENTS OF THE DIVINE WORD COLLEGE OF BANGUED FIRST SEMESTER 2010-2011 Mary B. Gallardo,MST-Math, Alfreinell S. Castillo, BSC, Jessie T. Sibayan, AB, Marianito T. Taeza, AB, and G. Regil D.Valera, BSCE Registrar’s Office, Divine Word College of Bangued June 1, 2011. The objective of this study was to examine factors such as age, gender, high school graduated from, and Grade Point Average (GPA) in fourth year and to identify...

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Affecting Academic Performance

respondents regarding the Factors of Peer Pressure that affects the Academic Performance of BS AMT 2nd year Students of PATTS College of Aeronautics and hypothesized the significant differences based on the variables identified in the study such as self esteem, study habits, relationship and motivation. In addition, the study will qualitatively describe the experiences of the informants regarding Factors of Peer Pressure that affects the Academic Performance of BS AMT 2nd year Students of PATTS...

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Factors of Poor Academic Performances by Students

Reasons may vary on why most students have poor academic performance. Is it because of biceps such as smoking, drinking alcohol or even taking unnecessary drugs or is it because of peers? Peers which forces or influences you on how you are going to react and participate on class discussions or participations. Other reason could be: that particular student is a working student that instead of focusing only on his/her studies he/she would also make time and effort on his/her job duty. With this...

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factors affecting academic performance of undergraduate students


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“the Impact of Peer Pressure and Parental Involvement on the Academic Performance of 4th Year High School Students of University of Batangas”.

respondents, We, the researchers from University of Batangas, invited you to participate in a research study about “The Impact of Peer Pressure and Parental Involvement on the Academic Performance of 4th Year High School Students of University of Batangas”. The goal of this research study is to know how Peer Pressure and Parental Involvement highly influences the student’s Academic Achievement. You will be asked to answer a number of questions regarding you demographic information and the...

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academic performance

Learning performance talks about how do the student is accomplishing his or her duties,responsibilities and studies. There are some factors that determine the status and the rate of students. Learning performanceis what you have shown you can do in a certain subject. Ability is a talent,skills or proficiency in a particular area. It is what you can do, given ideal circumtance.You can think of it as being internal and hidden untilyou show what what you can do with your performance. Performance is the...

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Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of Working Students

Factors Affecting the academic performance of working students Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction The financial burden of education fees are rising. Due to the continues increasing price of tuition fees, school fees and other education finances, families tend to face financial crisis particularly on managing the budget of the family income. These includes the budget for food, education, electricity bills and other financial bills. The family is...

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motivational factors affecting the academic performance of the students

MOTIVATIONAL FACTORS AFFECTING THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF THE STUDENTS IN CAVITE STATE UNIVERSITY- IMUS CAMPUS Jessa C. Mercado Macario A. Cruzado III Armielyn D. Aguinaldo A research proposal submitted to Ms. Azelle Charese Agdon. Instructor, Department of Economics Cavite State University Imus City, Cavite. In partial fulfilment of the requirement for subject DCEE 28, Methods of Research Bachelor of Science in Office Administration INTRODUCTION Motivation is a process...

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Peer: Adolescence and Students

School Effect of Peer Influence in the Behavior of a Student in School Introduction One of the sources of a teenagers’ acceptance, trust and understanding is their peer. They usually replace their family with their friends as the center of young individuals’ social life. A lot of students have been influenced by the pressure of their peers and as a result they become confused. A student’s behavior is affected by his or her peer because he or she who spends more time with their peer, rather than...

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Factors affecting course preferences of first year Engineering and Architecture of Saint Joseph Institute of Technology, Butuan City (Chapter 1)

what course they are going to take. Another is the Entrance Examination which is administered by the Saint Joseph Institute of Technology to the freshmen to give additional information with their capacity. Various examination and various factors influence their decision towards their current courses. Students’ decisions with regard to course preferences are affected by various factors. Guist and Hagg (1998) stated that each student has unique personality with special drives and abilities. These...

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Factors Affecting dropout Review of Related Literature (Unfinished)

CHAPTER 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES This chapter presents a number of reviews of selected foreign and local literature and studies which have significant bearing with the present study. It provides insights and evidences that account on the topic and its related factors. Topics are subdivided into categories so as to provide a more comprehensive and detailed review. Local Literature Student-Teacher Relationships Improving students’ relationships with teachers has important...

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Nutrition on Academic Performance

Nutrition and Fitness on Academic Performance The health and overall fitness of adolescents and students has taken a radical turn in the most recent decades. Each year the overall body mass index of this particular group of individuals is steadily increasing. It seems to many that one’s health is a vital role in success, especially in the academic realm. Research was conducted to see whether this slight decrease of fitness and health has an impact on a student’s academic performance (Burkhalter 201)...

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Peer Pressure

to make important decisions about their commitment to academics, family, and perhaps religion. Young adults begin to ask questions such as, “Is school important to me?” and “How do I want to spend my time?” The choices that adolescents make regarding their motivation, engagement, and achievement in school (in life) and the satisfaction they obtain from their choices depend, in part, on the context in which the make such choices. (Ryan, 2000) Teachers, parents, and peers all provide adolescents with...

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High School and Academic Performance

State in Nigeria : Causes and Effects on Academic Performance Sarumi Abidoye, Ph.D1 & Okoji Olufemi Onweazu2 Department of Adult Education, Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. +23457239075 2. Department of Educational Management, Faculty of Education, Lead City University, Nigeria +23452610898. E-mail of the corresponding author : * femiokoji2008@yahoo.com ABSTRACT The study examined the causes and effects of indiscipline on academic performance of female secondary school students in...

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Literature Review

Running head: LITERATURE REVIEW Literature Review Western Governors University Literature Review The professional setting is a public healthcare facility that has licensed for 1,395 beds and budgeted to staff 745 bed. This facility provides emergency, inpatient, and outpatient services with 714 full-time physicians and 900 registered nurses (RNs). The hospital is also a teaching hospital that trains many medical professionals daily. The hospital has several units like children center, maternity...

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Peer Pressure


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factors affecting the poor study habit of high school

Factors Affecting poor Study Habits? There are many factors which may affect study habits. Study habits can be affected by the environment in which the student studies. The amount of time used for studying is another affecting factor. Introduction A major task of education programs is to come up with guidelines and tools to enable students to learn effectively. This is to ensure that students are able to acquire skills for them to carry out their academic and problem solving tasks. UNESCO acknowledges...

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Chapter 2 Effects on the Academic Performance of 1st Year Student in Patts

CHAPTER 2 Review of Related Literature Alice Langholt, (2012), wrote: “Some of the main causes of peer pressure are related to age-appropriate behavior. Adolescents develop a strong desire to fit in with their peers and be accepted by them. This desire makes adolescent peer pressure tough to resist. Peer pressure occurs when group of people force each other to go along with certain beliefs and behaviors. The group approves of the followers and sometimes harshly disapproves of those who don’t...

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Factors Affecting Academic Performance

important thing to give your child to prepare him to confront this world is a firm grasp of logical thinking skills. Without this refined skill — the ability to reason correctly — his thinking is not firmly anchored, but is "tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine." Children who can logically understand what they believe will hold fast to the truth and will be able to defend it throughout their lives. Logic is necessary to analyze other people’s beliefs. Logical fallacies are everywhere...

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Higher Education Learner’s Academic Performance Is Affected by Multiple Factors.

Question Higher education learner’s academic performance is affected by multiple factors. Discus 50[marks] Answer Student academic performance is one of the major determinants in assessing the quality of Education. Students at higher education are mature enough to mention the influential and hindering factors towards their academic performance. Identifying factors that influence students’ learning and thus academic perfomance continues to be an important objective of educators at all levels...

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The Influence of Teachers and Learners Relationship on Academic Performance

Unfortunately, students’ performance in secondary school has not been very encouraging as consistently highlighted by the moderators and chief Examiners reports and WAEC and NECO business studies results for past decade. This problem of poor performance is apparently assuming a dimension that could affect the entire economy situation in the country. However, effort has been made in this paper to assess the influence of teachers and learners relationship on academic performance, also solutions has also...

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“Peer Group Influence in Relation to the Academic Performance"

informal group is regarded as “peer groups”. Peer influence on behavior gradually becomes more dominant. Harris (1998, 2002) and Rowe (1994) maintained that peer groups have an even stronger influence than that of parents, although that extreme position has been refuted by other researchers (Berk, 2005). According to Castrogiovanni (2002), a peer group is defined as a small group of similarly aged, fairly close friends, sharing the same activities. In general, peer groups or cliques have two to...

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Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of Pupils

FACTORS INFLUENCING THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF GRADE V PUPILS IN SCIENCE: BASIS FOR DEVELOPING INTERVENTION PROGRAM _______________ A Research Proposal Presented to The Faculty of the Graduate School Marikina Polytechnic College Marikina City _______________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Major in Educational Management _______________ By SHERYL B. ROMERO January 2013 APPROVAL SHEET In Partial fulfillment of the requirements...

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Influence of Peer Groups

Research on Influence of Peer Groups To answer the question, to what extent do peer groups affect academic performance, in quantifiable terms is actually quite difficult. There are numerous variables to consider, however, here are a few statistics: According to a study published by the Williams Project on the Study of Economics in Higher Education, stronger students do have an impact on their peers and actually help improve the overall academic performance of the peer group. In a comparison...

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Factors Affecting University Students Performance

Factors affecting university students performance. We can define student as a learner or someone who attends an educational institution such as people who go to school or university. Not only that, anyone who seek knowledge or information can also be regard as a student. When it comes to learning, what we want to know is the end result. We can achieve this by scoring on exams and test or any other means to evaluate us during the whole learning sessions. Determinants of student’s performance have...

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Learning Enviroment and Its Effects on Student Academic Performance in Integrated Science

better academic performance of students in their pursuit of university education and in other higher institutions with the aim of producing competent manpower for the growth and development of the nation. Recent trends in this tier of education in Nigeria show poor academic results from our children. The preponderance of mass failure in the final examinations conducted by various examination bodies (WAEC, NECO NABTEB) has led to the hue and cry by all and sundry over students’ poor academic performance...

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Chapter 1 factors affecting academic performance

measured by academic performance or how well a student meets the standard set out by the government and the institution itself. Although Education may not be the only road to success in the working world, much effort is made to identify, evaluate, track and encourage the progress of students in schools. Parents care about their child’s academic performance because they believe good academic result will provide more career choices and job security. Schools though invested in fostering good academic habits...

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Factors Affecting the Academic Performance

developed advanced computer-based internal reports systems to allow for speedier and more comprehensive information. • The second market information subsystem is the marketing intelligence system, supplying marketing managers with everyday information about developments in the external marketing environment... See below for more information. What is the definitions of Marketing Research The systematic design, collection, analysis, and reporting of data relevant to a specific marketing situation facing...

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Foreign Literature

Chapter 2 Review on Related Literature and Structure This particular chapter presents the review of Foreign and Local Literature and Studies relevant to the present study. Related Literature Foreign Literature According to the book entitled “Call Center 100 Success Secrets” in December 6, 2007 authored by Gerard Blokdijk. The 100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of the call center. Instead, it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked and those we come across in forums...

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Peer Pressure Towards Negative Behaviour and Classroom Quality Effects on Academic Achievement

children’s development through the environmental influences that may promote or affect the development of behavior and achievement through peer pressure and classroom quality (Adams, Ryan, Ketsetzis, and Keating, 2000). The main question the researcher is curious is about understanding the effects of environmental factors towards children. How could peer pressure affect the behavior of children; and to what extent does it influence children? What about the quality of classroom and how can it be applied...

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The Effects of Peer Pressure on the Academic Performance

"The Effects of Peer Pressure on the Academic Performance of the Third Year Students in Roosevelt College Cubao during S.Y. 2012 - 2013“ In Partial Fulfilment Of Requirement For Graduation in Secondary Education. Group Leader: Venedict M. Cadeliña Members: Darwin Paul Sumugat Darwin Philip Sumugat Saimon Joshua Mulawin Joseph Dredd Rusuello Albert Joseph Joves CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND This chapter includes the main problem together with its specific questions...

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Effects of Learning Styles to the Academic Performance

Learning styles to Academic performance September 28, 2012 Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM A. Introduction Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan is one of the University that aims for a higher learning towards the students. It is also concerned on how students learn by means of their different learning styles, this only means that they learn differently and uniquely especially when they know what’s best for them. Students in Xavier University are being observed, guided and tested...

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Factors Affecting Academic Performance

A DESCRIPTIVE STUDY ON THE FACTORS AFFECTING THE ACADEMIC LIFE OF SEMINARIANS A Thesis Presented to The Faculty of the English Department In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of English IV- Methods of Research By Josiah Maxwell Beltran Felicilda 27 February 2013 APPROVAL SHEET In partial fulfillment of the requirements for English IV – Research Methods, this thesis entitled: A DESCRIPTIVE STUDY ON THE FACTORS AFFECTING THE ACADEMIC LIFE OF SEMINARIANS has been prepared...

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The Influence of Social Networking and Study Habit on Academic Performance

THE INFLUENCE OF SOCIAL NETWORKING AND READING HABIT ON ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE AMONG UNIVERSITY UNDERGRADUATES EKWERIKE ONYEDIKA 090651012 LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY, OJO (JULY, 2012) ABSTRACT This paper discusses in details the Research proposal on the influence of social networking and reading habits among university undergraduates. In particular the research will focus on the question “does social networking and reading habits affects the academic performance of university undergraduates?...

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Factors Affecting Academic Performance

Review of Related Literature Theoretical Framework Conceptual Framework Scope and Limitation The study focused on the factors that affects on the Academic performance of grade 2 students. The participants of the study involved 49 grade 2 students (23 males and 26 females) from Teodora Alonzo Elementary School. The study is only limited to the factors that affects the academic performance and not took consideration into other varies elements. Statement of the Problem The study is aimed...

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Impact of Stress on Academic Performance of Students

can impair academic performance and increase stress levels. For others, separation from home is a source of stress because for many students this is the first time they are living independently, and this independence often leads to great stress. University is a time for transitions, and the transition to adulthood may be a hard one. Some students have to come to terms with issues of sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and other deep issues. One may also face roommate issues and peer pressure to...

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Literature Review - Foreign aid

“Why do states contribute foreign aid?” Literature Review Christopher Bennett Introduction to International Research Professor David Mislan Introduction There are many competing theories underscoring why countries elect to contribute foreign aid to other countries. This is a difficult international phenomena to isolate, because there are many potential factors that could influence a country’s decision. Some countries are motivated to provide foreign aid to certain countries...

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CHAPTER V SUMMARY, CONLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS This chapter presents the summary of findings, conclusions and recommendations made by the researchers regarding the Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of Muslim Women in College of Education. Summary The researchers gathered 87 respondents in which 16 respondents from BEED-Science and Health, 15 from BSE-Gen. Science, 13 BSE-Biology, 11 BSE-TLE, 9 BEED-English, 7 BSIED-Drafting, 5 BSE-Chemistry, 5 BSE-Mathematics, 3 BSE-Physics...

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Effect of Relationship to Academic Performance

EFFECTS OF ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP ON SELF ESTEEM, IDENTITY AND ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE MUHAMMAD -. LUQMAN DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY BAHAUDDIN ZAKRIYA UNIVERSITY MULTAN Sponsored by: HUMA WASEEM (waseem.huma@yahoo.com) ABSTRACT The present study aims at studying romantic relationship and its effects on academic performance, identity and self esteem. Parent and peer influences on academic achievement are well documented, but little research has examined links to romantic involvement during the adolescent...

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Factors Affecting Academic Performance Among College Students

Title: FACTORS AFFECTING THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF SELECTED STUDENTS FROM BROKEN FAMILY OF OLIVAREZ COLLEGE, PARANAQUE CITY: A BASIS FOR STRENGHTENING THE GUIDANCE PROGRAM Buagas, Joana Melevo, John Jeckel Nama, Marie Clerizz Nietes, Chinky Barbie Wong, Ivy Russell Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Dr. Milagros Gundran Researchers: Degree: Adviser: This study was conducted to the selected first year college students who belong in a broken family at Olivarez College. The researchers chose...

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The Effects of Social Networking Sites on the Academic Performance of Students in College of Education, CLSU

Republic of the Philippines College of Education CENTRAL LUZON STATE UNIVERSITY Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija The Effects of Social Networking Sites on the Academic Performance of Students in College of Education, CLSU In partial fulfilment of the requirement in English 110: Writing in the Discipline Dilla, Rosalie D. Fernanadez, Jochelle C. Pangan, Regine Mae BSEd2-3 Engl Mrs. Jenalyn Pagay 1st Semester A. Y. 2014-2015 Chapter I Introduction The surge...

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Peer Pressure

CHAPTER 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE This chapter presents related foreign and local literature and studies. Related literature includes the writings of recognized experts; related studies include brief reviews on the topic. Related Literature As we grow older, your peers actually helped shape your personality towards your strengths.  you'll be faced with some challenging decisions. Some don't have a clear right or wrong answer. Other decisions involve serious moral questions, like whether...

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Factors Affecting Academic Performance


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related literature and studies about retention policy

Foreign Studies Studies on the effects of retention follow this design: Researchers identify a group of students who have been retained in a grade. Then they find another group, matched in relevant characteristics to the retained group, which had instead been promoted to the next grade. Usually, the groups are matched on achievement test scores so that they wereequally low before the retention or promotion occured. Then, the achievement test scores of the two group are compared at the end of...

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Foreign Literature

Foreign literature Point of Sales System I had been putting off changing from my trusty old cash register to a computerized point of sale system, as I was intimidated and daunted by the task. I kept telling myself, changing to a new system would not really benefit my business that much, and in any event, I don't have the time. A friend of mine, who had gone through the process a year earlier, was kind enough to sit down with me and share how he had handled the changeover process, and some of...

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Factors Affecting the Second Language Learners' Fluency.

Factors Affecting the Second Language Learners' Fluency. Although oral proficiency is a central goal of the language teaching, too little attention has been paid to the complex of factors that underlie the fluent of speech. This problem may encounter most second language teachers and learners. I have chosen to write about factors affecting the second language learners' fluency (SLLF) in order to increase teachers' awareness about these factors and to enable teachers to improve second language learners'...

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Social Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of Special Enhancement Classes in the Arts (Seca)

SOCIAL FACTORS AFFECTING THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF SPECIAL ENHANCEMENT CLASSES IN THE ARTS (SECA) STUDENTS: BASIS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF SOCIO-ACADEMIC SCALE Genalee C. Villanueva An undergraduate thesis submitted to the faculty of Cavite State University- Imus Campus, Imus City, Cavite in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Contribution No:_________. Prepared under the supervision of Ms. Janine Gale Fernandez-Ikan. INTRODUCTION ...

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Academic Performance: the Research Grid

Grid Research Title : Factors affecting the academic performance of Level 7 students in De La Salle Lipa S.Y. 2001-2002 Researchers : Macalintal, Catherine., Pena, Lirio Leynes., Paraan, Jaimliel. Year Conducted : March 2002 Research Problem : the study entails to determine the factors affecting the academic performance in mathematics of Level 7 students in De La Salle Lip S.Y. 2001-2002. Specific Problem : 1. What is the level of the academic performance in mathematics of Level 7 students...

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Poor Academic Performance

POOR ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE  IN SCHOOL Guidelines for Parents and Teachers The initial step in intervention for children not doing well in school is to determine the cause. The school psychologist may be the best source of information, and the either the school or the parents can request an evaluation to determine the causes of a child’s learning problems. The  following general causes and suggested interventions are based on the gross distinctions suggested by Rabinovitch:  1. deficits in specific...

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academic performance of tertiary students

life in the future. The issue of academic performance is of great interest to administrators, educators, researchers, students, parents and other stakeholders of education (Farooq, Chaudhry, Shafiq & Berhanu (2011). The variables that determine students’ academic performance can be from the student, home and school. This could be termed as Self/Family/School (Crosnoe, Johnson & Elder (2004). To Ballatine (1993) most of these factors affecting academic performance of students are demographic in nature...

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Parenting and Academic Performance

PARENTING AND ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE Name: Institution: Abstract The academic success of a student is influenced by many factors. The factors include the parental influences, school environments, teachers and the individual ability of the student. Parental factors may stretch to gender and the educational level of the parents (Rael, 2011). In many attempts, literature has tried to explain the immense impact of the styles of parenting to the college students. The parenting styles...

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Literature Review

Reviews of Related Literature This chapter presents the different readings, literature and studies that are closely related to adolescent stress and response. These were gathered from books and internet materials. Adolescence is typically a time of great strain on the body, mind and emotions. According to E.A. Peel (Essentials of Educational Psychology), “The adolescent is beset by problems of divided loyalties, accentuated by the lack of adult privileges and responsibilities. He thus appears excessively...

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Addiction: Effects of Playing on-Line Computer Games in Academic Performance

uncured until now , and this also affecting mostly the student society’s educative and productive activities. Related Studies: Title:The Effects of playing on-line computer games in academic performance of students? Background of the study: The aim of this paper is to investigate a comparatively untouched area of research into games and education: whether or not there is a link between the frequency with which computer   and video games   are played,   and   academic   achievement,   as measured by...

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Stereotyping Students: Improving Academic Performance Through Stereotypes

Stereotyping Students: Improving Academic Performance Through Stereotypes This paper will examine how the impact that stereotypes have depends entirely on the connotation that they are used with. Drawing on several essays discussing the consequences of stereotypes this essay shows the relationship between students and stereotypes. The paper aims to show educators and students the unintentional impacts that stereotypes have on the academic performance of students. According to Marlene Philip...

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