• Effects of Human Activities on Flora and Fauna
    The truth, that in the bid to improve our lives, we have put our own survival to stake, is finally hitting us hard. When is it that we are going to learn... when is it that we will understand that the well-being of the environment and our survival are intricately woven into each other. Good morning
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  • Proper Implementation of Government Programmes on Flora and Fauna
    A good environmental sense is the need of the hour. The goal of saving the environment should become the high priority, but people lack a practical understanding of what they can do on a personal level. There is a genuine need to create environmental consciousness among people through education and
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  • What Is Flora and Fauna?
    When people talk about flora and fauna, they are actually referring to plants and wildlife. The plants and the wildlife that are native to a particular geographical region is also called as that particular region’s flora and fauna. Both flora and fauna are collective terms because these words alwa
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  • "Explain How Biological Isolation, Geological Stability and Erratic Climate Make the Australian Continent and Its Flora and Fauna so Unique.”
    Biological isolation, geological stability and an erratic climate helps to explain how everything in Australia and everything in it. Biological isolation shows how the flora and fauna can easily adapt, in the isolation from other previously connected continents. The geological stability has been qui
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  • Why the Flora and Fauna of Australia so Unique
    Why is the flora and fauna of Australia so unique? Evolution is ultimately an unpredictable process. Although it can be predicted in the short term through knowledge of natural selection and inheritance, long term evolution is randomly altered by the interaction of highly variable factors. Such fac
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  • Flora and Fauna
    | Flora and Fauna | | 10/3/2013 | | Outline Australia’s unique flora and fauna: Australia has a large variety of unique flora and fauna spread all over the continent, from coast to coast, including in the ocean. More than 80 per cent of the country’s flowering plants, mammals, re
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  • Ocean Acidification: Consequences on Flora and Fauna
    Chelsea Zeller Dr. Andre Droxler ESCI 107 10 December 2012 Ocean Acidification: Consequences on Flora and Fauna The prosperity and health of our Earth is held within a delicate balance, a balance easily disrupted by any interference from natural and unnatural forces alike. The environment is current
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  • Australian Flora and Fauna
      Australia’s Flora and Fauna Using the internet and the websites provided, answer the following questions and complete the profile. Questions 1. Define the terms: * Flora Plants * Fauna Animals * Monotreme A primitive mammal which lays eggs. Marsupial A mammal of an
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  • Australia's Unique Flora and Fauna
    Australia’s unique flora and fauna Australia has over 1 million different native species. Australia’s unique variety of plants and wildlife has evolved as a result of our countries unique conditions. This is a result of Australia’s geographical isolation. From deserts to rainforests, mountain
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  • Flora and Fauna
     Flora and Fauna There was nothing but trees. The sun was shining, slicing through the branches and leaves. It lightly hit and reflected onto the ground, creating small yellow circles that illuminated sticks and small stones. What seemed to be white particles floated through the air and...
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    Redneck wallaby- The redneck wallaby is recognized by its black nose and paws, its medium grey coat with a reddish wash across its upper shoulders and the white stripe on its upper lip. This type of wallaby averages a weight between 13.80 to 18.60 kilos. A female redneck wallaby is able to...
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  • Promoting Conservation of Fauna and Flora
    Alexandra Vallarino Ricardo Acosta ENGL 101 16 November 2010 Promoting Conservation of Fauna and Flora Let’s take a look at our country. Panama is the tiny piece of land that joins North and South America. Our position in the globe gives us a climate and a type of land that holds a rich biodi
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  • Endemiz Fauna Species
    Endemic fauna species of turkey What is an Endemic species? * A species which is only found in a given region or location and nowhere else in the world * Such as an island, nation or other defined zone, or habitat type. * Flora is the collection of plants, Fauna is  the collection
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  • Fauna
    Fauna Lithuania is a very beautiful country. It is very rich with many plants and animals. But of course we must save what we have. The most beautiful part of nature is our thick forests. They cover 27,9% our all territory. So we can admire our woods. But they are not like they were 5 or 6 hundred
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  • Gujarat Boasts of a Rich Flora and Fauna1
    Gujarat boasts of a rich flora and fauna. It has varied landforms, ranging from dry deciduous forests to majestic grasslands, wetlands, marine ecosystems and rich moist deciduous forests. This has made the state suitable as the habitat of rare wildlife species. Asiatic Lion, Wild Ass, Black Buck, Fo
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  • The Environmental Impacts of 2010 Taipei Internatinal Flora Expo
    THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS OF 2010 TAIPEI INTERNATINAL FLORA EXPO ABSRTRACT Nowadays as the issues of environmental sustainability have been a heated theme in the event industry, environmental impacts caused by major events are always examined through a bias lens and they are widely believed
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  • Fauna
    Fauna of India From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Part of a series on the Wildlife of India Tiger sighted in Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary Biodiversity[show] Protected areas[show] Conservation[show] Organisations[show] Related topics[show] Portal v t e Bengal tiger Indian eleph
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  • Fauna in Asia
    Fauna of Asia is all the animals living in Asia and its surrounding seas and islands. Since there is no natural biogeographic boundary in the west between Europe and Asia, the term "fauna of Asia" is somewhat elusive. Asia is the eastern part of the Palearctic ecozone (which in turn is part...
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  • Aquatic Flora of Pulicat Lake
    AQUATIC FLORA OF PULICAT LAKE, NELLORE DISTRICT, ANDHRA PRADESH S.K.M.BASHA, E.RAJYALAKSHMI, P.UMA MAHESWARI NBKR Medicinal Plant Research Centre, Vidyanagar – 524413, SPSR, Nellore (Dt) Mail : drskmbasha@gmail.com, Swathisayani@yahoo.co.in ABSTRACT
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  • Primary Succession & Species Diversity of Flora on Mount St. Helens, 32 Years Post-Eruption
    Geoff Hibbs May 4, 2012 Primary Succession & Species Diversity of Flora on Mount St. Helens, 32 Years PostEruption On May 18 1980, Mount St. Helens, a stratovolcano in western Washington, erupted. The eruption scoured the slopes of the volcano removing vegetation and soil from the vicinity of the mo
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