• Personal Perspective on Teaching/Learning Model
    Personal Perspective on Teaching/Learning Model Paper University of Phoenix Personal Perspective Paper The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the benefits of three major components of The University of Phoenix's Teaching/learning model. The 1st is rEsource, which is a electronic delivery sy
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  • Teaching Learning and Assessment
    Teaching, learning and assessment have been the three main focus points for this unit of study. Teaching today is thought of differently to the way it has been thought of in the past. One major learning point of this was that we now know that students aren’t like tape recorders. Students don’t l
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  • Internal & External Analysis in the Form of a Field Study
    Field Study for a Robust Successful Integration, Appreciation, Communication and Diversification model to ensure globalization and “glocalization” success for Quintiles in Africa To: Tutor – Prof. K Naidoo From: Abraham van Wyk, Manager, Clinical operations, East Africa Date: 06
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  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment for Adults - German Language
    Table of Contents 1. Formative Assessment in Adult Basic Education? ................................................. 5 Progressive School: Alternative Assessment .................................................................. 6 Special education: selective and remedial diagnostics ...........
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  • Sylvan Learning Systems Case Study
    Sylvan Learning Systems Case Study The Sylvan case study illustrates the challenges of building value and improving business performance through an acquisition and diversification strategy that did not coincide with the capabilities and competencies that originally built the Sylvan brand. Sylvan
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  • Business Process Management for Smes : an Exploratory Study of
    Journal of Information Systems and Small Business Chong 2007, vol. 1, no. 1-2, pp. 41-58 BPM implementation factors for Australian wine SMEs Copyright © 2007 Deakin University 41 Business process management for SMEs: an exploratory study of implementation factors for the Australian wine industr
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  • The Use of Computers in Language Learning and Language Teaching
    The use of Computers in Language Learning and Language Teaching C M. G Research Paper for March 18, 2008 I. Introduction In defining the meaning of literacy, Luke and Freebody suggested that there are four sets of overlapping practices that literacy in
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  • Embracing Students in Programs of English as a Second Language: a Field Based Study of the English as a Second Language Program in Como-Pickton Independent School District (C-Pisd)
    Introduction Statement of Purpose Research demonstrates there are programs in the United States that have failed, or have struggled to meet the needs of English language learning students, or otherwise known as English as a Second Language (ESL) students. Guadalupe Valdés completed a two-year st
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  • The Implications of Learning Styles and Strategies for Language Teaching
    The implications of learning styles and strategies for language teaching Introduction Language learning styles and strategies are among the main factors that help determine how –and how well –our students learn a second or foreign language. A second language is a language studied in a sett
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  • A Case Study About the Motivation of Englishmajors for Efl Learning
    A Case Study about the Motivation of English Majors for EFL Learning 1. Introduction Learning English as a foreign language has been prevailing in China for a long time. Since the national language in China is Chinese which is different from English in many ways, and there is no English-speaki
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  • Implications of the Learning Organization Phenomenon for the Training and Development Field.
    SUMMARY This paper explores the implications of the learning organization phenomenon for the training and development field. In particular, it considers the following questions: what is a learning organization? - how and why has this phenomenon come about?; does the pursuit to become a learning org
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  • Proposed Study of the Effects Inclusion and Peer Acceptance of Students with Learning Disabilities
    Running head: INCLUSION AND PEER ACCEPTANCE Proposed Study of the Effects Inclusion and Peer Acceptance of Students with Learning Disabilities Necole P. Joseph HS5006 Capella University Fall Quarter 2008 Introduction The mainstreaming movement began in 1975 with the passage of Publ
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  • A Study of Learning Strategies in L2 Acquisition
    A Study of Learning Strategies in L2 Acquisition 【Abstract】With the concept of autonomy being part of the mainstream of research and practice within the field of language education, the study of learning strategies in L2 acquisition has drawn much attention. This paper discusses the issues cove
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  • Improving the Performance of Sss1 Students in Finding the Area of a Trapezium Through the Use of Relevant Teaching and Learning Materials (Tlms) in the Sunyani Secondary School
    Chapter one Introduction Background to the study Accomplished teachers use multiple paths to knowledge to help students learn and facilitate understanding. Such teachers know that students learn in different ways and use different modalities to take in information and demonstrate knowledge. I
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  • Dialogue as a Means of Teaching in Learning Environments
    Dialogue as a Means of Teaching in Learning Environments Harold Fraley Walden University January 31, 2010 Abstract Surveys, discussion, and reflection are great ways to promote dialogue as a means of teaching. Surveys provide information to develop inquiry concerning controversial issues. Res
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  • Teaching and Learning Activities
    Teaching and Learning Activities Background I currently teach an IT Essentials 2 course at Tritec Computer Training, the course is designed to teach individuals all aspects of network operating systems including web services, Linux and Windows. The IT Essentials 2 course runs for 96 hours distr
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  • Field Studt on Learning Environments
    Mark Gregory R. Abelardo Field Study 1 Focus: School as a learning Environment Specific Task: * School Visit Look into its faculties and areas that support learning, (i.e., library, playground, canteen). * Describe the School Environment * Prepare an observation log Learning Evid
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  • Learning Theories Applied to Teaching
    LEARNING THEORIES AND TEACHING INTRODUCTION “learning is commonly defined as a process that brings together cognitive, emotional, and environmental influences and experiences for acquiring , enhancing, or making changes in one’s knowledge, skills, values and world views” ( llle
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  • Teaching and Learning
    Authored by Kimberly Back in Teaching and Learning  Published on 07-08-2009 In many instances, teachers spend more time with their students than their parents do. School schedules are demanding, so it is important for teachers to be effective in their methods, instead of simply being the figure
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  • Report of Learning Study Case
    Introduction The concepts of learning study are to understand how a student to learn, the variation of students, and thus modify the teachings in order to maximize the students’ learning. The processes of learning study can be divided into three main parts which are pre-teaching, during-teachi
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