• Save Tree
    India - Chipko Anti-Logging Resistance by Amanda Suutari This was a defining moment in India's environmental movement, and a modern application of the Ghandian principle of satyagraha, or nonviolent resistance, which has characterized many later Indian grassroots movements including, for example
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  • Walt Disney World: How to Save Money and Time
    When many people go to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida they end up spending thousands of dollars for only a week vacation, thus limiting them to feeling that it’s a once in a lifetime trip. I have been to Walt Disney World nearly 20 times since October of 1999. In that time my family and I h
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  • Water Resources in Pakistan
    Overview of water resources in Pakistan The total land area of Pakistan is approximately 310,322 square miles or 88 million hectares of land, of which approximately 20 million heaters are used for agriculture purposes. The river system of Indus and its tributaries provides Pakistan some of the m
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  • Save Money
    A L A B A M A A & M A N D A U B U R N U N I V E R S I T I E S HE-562 101 Ways to Save Money Save on Transportation C 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 utting costs is a high priority for many Alabama families. The following suggestions can help you if you will practice them. Some won’t app
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  • Carnival Cruise Lines: Long and Short Term Strategies
    Carnival Cruise Lines: Long and Short Term Strategies Contents Contents 2 History of the Carnival Corp 3 Mission and Vision Statements 5 SWOT Analysis 6 Business Ethics for Carnival Cruise Lines 8 Social, Cultural, Demographic, and Environmental Forces 10 Social Forces 10 Cultural
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  • Save Cockpit Country
    FACT SHEET Prepared by the Cockpit Country Stakeholders Group in association with Jamaica Environmental Advocacy Network (JEAN) Introduction Cockpit Country is a rugged, forested area of western Jamaica, rich in biodiversity and home to the Leeward Maroons of Jamaica. The wet limestone forest of Co
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  • An Exploratory Study of Solar Water Heater Deployment and the Social Impacts in New Zealand
    An Exploratory Study of Solar Water Heater Deployment and the social impacts in New Zealand Abstract Heliotechnics acts an increasingly significant role in modem society, as environmental protection has become the most important issues worldwide presently. The research project intends to inves
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  • Bottled Water vs. Tap
    Bottled Water vs. Tap Water Jocelyn M. Atkinson COMM/215 3/28/11 Charlotte Babb Bottled Water vs. Tap Water Water is necessary to sustain life. With over fifty percent of our bodies being composed of water, we must replenish our body’s water resource through the consumption of
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  • Difference in Memory - Shadow Lines
    Difference in Memory MAHUA SARKAR Sociology, Binghamton University, SUNY Everyone lives in a story . . . because stories are all there is to live in, it was just a question of which one you chose . . . (Amitav Ghosh, The Shadow Lines)1 INTRODUCTION The study of popular memory is necessarily
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  • Water Pump
    AUTOMATIC WATER PUMP CONTROLLER The automatic water pump controller is used to control the water pump motor. The motor gets automatically switched on when water in the overhead tank (OHT) falls below the lower limit. Similarly, it gets switched off when the tank is filled up. Built around only one
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  • Water Water
    Water, water, everywhere 1 Introduction When we hear the name Coca-Cola we might not instantly think of water. However Coca-Cola Amatil’s brand Mount Franklin is the number-one brand of bottled water in Australia. In a market crowded with hundreds of competitors, Mount Franklin and the Pump rang
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  • Water
    You can run, you can hide but death will certainly find you any way. Your parents and your love ones will be dying in front of your eyes but you will be helpless to help them out. Believe me, just after next 5 years during the year 2015 about 10 millions people will die, about 25 million people will
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  • Dual Images of Water in Religious Context in the Waste Land
    T.S.Elliot is renowned for his notable poem ”The Waste Land”, which depicts people’s spiritual disillusion and loss of faith battered by World War I as a real waste land. As a modernist, Elliot has harnessed imagery to the point that those plenty images managed to convey the message of death,
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  • Water Resources
    Water Resources SCI/275 May 13th, 2012 University of Phoenix Water Resources What environmental issue I am going to write about is the issues that we are having with our water resources. With the issues that we are having with water pollution today, it affects everything around us. Our wa
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  • Air Water and Land Pollution
    air water land pollution ------------------------------------------------- Top of Form  Powered by JRank Bottom of Form Weather Explained Weather Almanac » Vol 1 » Air and Water Pollution Air and Water Pollution Ads by Google Culture of sustainability - Tools and resources to em
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  • Water Level Limiter
    The Water Level Limiter Input Information gathered from households, students and school officials. Observations from previous system as used in the industry Formulating a research project The Block Diagram Hardware and Software Design System Information Devices Process Analysis on Data
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  • Save as Many as You Ruin
    Save as Many as You Ruin In this short story we are exposed to the very shallow and superficial way of making relationships in most of the big cities. It is about a handsome man who unintentionally makes a woman pregnant while being in love with somebody else. The woman abandons him and subsequen
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  • Coca Cola's Water Neutrality Initiative
    Coca-Cola’s Water Neutrality Initiative 1. The public issue that the Coca-Cola Company was facing is this case was its impact on its water use in local communities. The company was depleting local water reserves and introducing dangerous levels of pesticides in its products in and around its g
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  • Deep Water
    i i Dedication This report is dedicated to the 11 men who lost their lives on the Deepwater Horizon rig on April 20, 2010 and to their families, in hope that this report will help minimize the chance of another such disaster ever happening again. Jason Anderson Aaron Dale Burkeen Donald
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  • Water Level Warning by Gsm
    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Our entire project is based upon Embedded Systems. In this project we are using Microcontroller which controls all the operations in regarding the level of water in the dam. For this process we require the components such as microcontroller, GSM modem, control circuit
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