• The active natural resource management of water
    The Active Natural Resource Management of Water Water is one of the most important resources available. Water is made with two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen and is essential for the sustainability of life for many reasons. Without the availability of water, plants and animals would be un
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  • Next world war could be on water
    “Next world war could be on WATER” "Anyone who can solve the problems of water will be worthy of two Nobel prizes - one for peace and one for science." John F. Kennedy Water Crisis: Water is a basic requirement for all life, yet water resources are facing more and more demands from, an
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  • Mineralised water from tap water
    PUBLIC WORKS TECHNICAL BULLETIN 420-49-05 2 FEBRUARY 1998 INDUSTRIAL WATER TREATMENT PROCEDURES DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY U.S. Army Center for Public Works 7701 Telegraph Road Alexandria, VA 22315-3862 Public Works Technical Bulletin No. 420-49-05 FACILITIES ENGINEERING Utilities 2 Februar
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  • Water conservation
    Water conservation refers to reducing the usage of water and recycling of waste water for different purposes such as cleaning, manufacturing, and agricultural irrigation. Water conservation and water efficiency Water conservation can be defined as: 1. Any beneficial deduction in water loss, us
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  • Water management
    Report on Water Conservation and Water Use Efficiency As Required by House Bill 1215 (Session Law 2002-167), Section 5 NORTH CAROLINA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES FEBRUARY 2004 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION………………………………………………………â
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  • Bottled water
    The Evil in the Bottled Water In the meeting room, a lot of boxes of bottled water are put on the floor. Some workers are taking the bottled water from the boxes to the meeting table. Lines of bottled water are standing on the table tidily. This view is easy to see before every important meeting in
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  • Water as a natural resource
    Water is an essential ingredient for life and may be the most precious resource the earth has to offer humanity. Many believe, however, that this valuable commodity is in danger as a result of man-made pollution. Through disrespect, shortsightedness and neglect, the species may be compromising its o
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  • Water conservation
    Water Smart What is the one thing we all cannot live without? I’m sure some people would say food, water, twitter, Facebook, and the crimson tide, or something else along those lines. Clearly the one I’m going to concentrate on here is water, the element that consists in three stages, gas, liq
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  • Rain water harvesting
    National Seminar on Rainwater Harvesting and Water Management 11-12 Nov. 2006, Nagpur STATE OF THE ART LECTURE 1. Rain Water Harvesting, Conservation and Management Strategies for Urban and Rural Sectors * Dr. R. K. Sivanappan 1. Introduction Water is essential for all life and used in many
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  • Deciding to save lives with the atomic bomb
    3 SEP 2002 DECIDING TO SAVE LIVES WITH THE ATOMIC BOMB During the crucial days and weeks in the summer of 1945, American officials from President Harry S. Truman on down, sought out a strategy to save as many U.S. soldiers and sailors lives as possible. As one may well imagine, these officials we
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  • Guardians of water
    Guardians of Water December 31st marks many great events in history, from the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, to the resignation of Boris Yeltsin as President of Russia in 1999, it therefore, comes as no surprise that yet another great event is to transpire on December 31 of 2005, not ov
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  • Siam winery; improvement on water usage in manufacturing process
    Factory Siam Winery Co. Ltd. Siam Winery Co. Ltd, Winery Bevarages Manufacturing factory, is located on 9/2 moo 3 Bangtorat district, Muang, Samutsakorn Province. A manufacturing process is divided into 2 main production lines which are Wine Cooler and Still Wine. Bo
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  • Water wars: the nile river basin
    Introduction In 1979, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat said: “The only matter that could take Egypt to war again is water, ”and in 1988, then Egyptian Foreign Minister, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, who later became the United Nations’ Secretary-General, predicted that the next war in the Middle East
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  • Water resource plan
    Fishermen are in a crisis when overfishing occurs. This is when the fish is being caught faster than the fish in the ocean can reproduce, which is causing a big problem. It is reported in the video that at least 90% of the large fish population is declining which leave the fisherman with 10% for com
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  • Can sustainable cities save the planet?
    Can sustainable save the planet? This is a good question and it deserves a good answer. But a more relevant question is, can sustainable cities save the United States? Our rising unemployment rate in the global economy has finally caught up with us—we are out of bubbles and are now a nation at ris
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  • Level of customer satisfaction of zero-b water purifier customers
    PROJECT BRIEF PROJECT TITLE To analyze the satisfaction level of the customers who are currently using Ion Exchange India Limited water purifiers and to generate service contract leads. OBJECTIVES • Study of the water purification Industry • Preparation of questionnaire to measure satis
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  • Water pollution in pakistan
    A Special Report Pakistan’s Waters at Risk Water & Health Related Issues in Pakistan & Key Recommendations Based on Information/Data drawn from Government Documents and NGOs / IGOs Publications February 2007 Endorsed by Report compiled by: Freshwater & Toxics Programme, WWF – Pakis
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  • Water pollution
    Thesis Statement: Water pollution is bringing down the economy, destroys the beauty of nature, and causing harmful dreaded diseases and sickness in precious health of many individual. INTRODUCTION Water pollution progresses every day in our lakes, oceans, rivers, and other bodies of water t
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  • Accessibility and utilization patterns of water points in selected communities of enugu state
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  • Blue water spring final project
    Assignment 11: Final Project – Marketing Plan Financial Goals 1. Blue Mountain Spring Water will increase our customer base and expand our distribution by reaching beyond the borders of Pennsylvania. We plan to start selling our product in the state of Florida, Georgia and other southern stat
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