• Mass Media in Pakistan
    CHAPTER 7 MASS MEDIA I n Pakistan, the availability of mass media falls much short of international standards. For example, i n Pakistan 1.8 copies of newspapers, 2.9 radio sets, 0.6 T.V. sets and C. 5 cinema seats were available for every 100 persons as compared to the UNESCO suggeeion of 10 ne
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  • Festives of Pakistan
    Festivals in Pakistan. Shab-e-Barat :*   Religious festival celebrated on 14th of Shaaban, the 8th Islamic month. Prayers, fire works, exchange of sweet dishes and visits.  Eid-ul-Fitr* :   Religious festival celebrating end of fasting month on 1st of Shawwal, the 10th month of Islamic 
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  • Festivals
    Fairs and festivals are as old as mankind, arising from the innate desire to congregate and divert from the humdrum routine of life. They provide as index "to 'the cultural, social and domestic life of the people. Many among them are based on legends and aim at propitiating deities and persons belie
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  • Pharmaceutical Industry Analysis - Pakistan
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  • Puppetry in Pakistan
    Puppetry in Pakistan Theatre and Performing Arts In order to understand and appreciate culture, beauty and art one has to study theatre and performing arts. It develops ones personality and teaches you how to critically analyze things. One of the oldest and most important art forms depicting a c
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  • Human Resource Manual of Atlas Honda Ltd, Pakistan
    HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEE HAND BOOK Atlas Honda Limited Karachi Plant F-36 Estate Avenue, S.I.T.E, Karachi Tel : (021) 2575561-5 UAN: 111-111-245 Fax : (021) 2563758 Sheikhupura Plant 26-27 Km, Lahore Sheikhupura Road, Sheikhupura,Lahore Tel : (0563) 406501-5 UAN: (0563) 111-111-245 Fa
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  • Pakistan on the Brink of Nervous Breakdown
    Nation on the verge of a nervous breakdown Fatima Bhutto[->0] This is the month of Pakistan's birth, the month that a generation once claimed for freedom and liberty. But on 14 August, its 63rd birthday, Pakistan was submerged. There was no fanfare as on previous anniversaries - no noisy street fe
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  • Hindu Culture in Pakistan
    Whether the Hindu culture is invading Pakistani society or not has remained a big debate among people. While some people take the prevalence as an invasion, others support it by saying that diversity in cultures is always a good thing. Hindu culture has so deeply seeped into our societal roots that
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  • A Guide Through the Vibrant Festivals of Bangladesh
    2011 “Baaro Maashe Tero Parbon”: A Guide through the Vibrant Festivals of Bangladesh Baaro Maashe Tero Parbon: A Guide through the Vibrant Festivals of Bangladesh Prepared for: Md. Mosta Gausul Hoque Course Instructor Bangladesh Studies (K 202) Prepared by: Walid Uz-Zaman (ZR-
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  • Poultry Business in Pakistan
    Poultry farming in Pakistan [pic][pic] Group leader: Ali Raza 2010-ag-1336 Members: Rehan Rasheed 2010-ag-1394 Sundas 2010-ag-909 MBA Sec.D Assignment Submitted to, Sir Zaheer Institute of Busines
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  • Trending: Advertisements in Pakistan
    This paper is being written in view of the advertising scenario of Pakistan. In an attempt to understand the evolution so far with respect to advertising strategies, past and present practises would be analysed and trends analysed. Introduction Advertisements are a tool to communicate a message a
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  • Marketing of Coca Cola in China and Pakistan
    MARKETING ACROSS CULTURES Marketing of Coca Cola in China & Pakistan Word Count - 1627 Contents Introduction 3 Culture and Customer Analysis comparison between China and Pakistan 3 Hofstede cultural dimensions of china and Pakistan 3 Marketing Mix 5 Pakistan 5 China 7 Porter
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  • Steel Industry of Pakistan
    OPINION POLLING IN PAKISTAN, Summary 2011 [ 3 ] TABLE OF Contents Introduction 5 Basic Summary of OPINION POLLS by Gallup Pakistan Highlights 11 Section I: Subject Wise Press Release 1.1 Social Attitudes and Lifestyle 23 1.2 Media: Usage and Attitudes 109 1.3 Religion 123 1.4 Miscellaneous
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  • Pakistan
    9 March 2012 Pakistan Pakistan has many gorgeous sites and when people go to Hawaii or Paris all they see is the same things. Pakistan is a third world country but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Many people in the world may think that Pakistan has trash all over the place but that’s only in mov
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  • Fairs and Festivals in Bangladesh
    Introduction Bangladesh appeared on the world map as an independent and sovereign state on December 16, 1971 following the victory at the War of Liberation with Pakistan, Bangladesh is a member of the United Nations (UN) and its various specialized bodies and agencies including ESCAP. She is also a
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  • Contrasting Cultures: Spain and Pakistan
    Contrasting Cultures: Spain and Pakistan This paper goes through the cultural differences of two countries, Spain and Pakistan based on four “culture-driving” factors: food, Religion, Clothing and Language. Culture may differ from country to country, family to family or even individual to ind
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  • Pakistan
    Pakistan Steve Olker Core 132 Pakistan is a country that, since its creation, has been rooted in turmoil. The recent years are no exception to this. Since 1988, power has been divided among the president, the prime minister and the military. Tensions between the three, however
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  • Functions of Festivals in Early Modern Europe
    <b><i>'What were the functions of popular festivals, etc. in Early Modern Europe? And why did the authorities, civil and ecclesiastical seek to control or suppress them?'</b></i><br><br>In Early Modern Europe festivals were the setting for heroes and their stories, to be celebrated by the populace.
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  • General Muhammed Zia-Ul-Haq - Pakistan History
    <b><b>Q. Discuss in detail the Islamization programme of General Muhammed Zia-ul-Haq as the president of Pakistan.</b></center> <br> <br><b>A. Islamization Programme of General Muhammed Zia-ul-Haq: - </b> <br> <br><b>Background: - </b> <br>General Muhammed Zia-ul-Haq proclaimed Martial Law in 1977 a
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  • Festivals and Holidays of India
    There are many holidays and festivals in India. In my report I will explain what the holidays of Holi, Diwali, Dussera, and Basanto commemorate. I will give details about their dates and customs. ****************************** Holi: The Fire Festival The Hindu Fire Festival, called Holi or Basa
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