• A Critical Analysis of Fdi in India
    Foreign Direct Investment: A Critical Analysis of FDI from 1991-2005 Kulwindar Singh Centre for Civil Society, New Delhi Research Internship Programme, 2005 Abstract The Concept of Foreign Direct Investment is now a part of India’s economic future but the term remains vague to many, despit
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  • Technology Transfer, Fdi and Economic Growth in Telecomm Sector: a Review
    International Journal in Multidisciplinary and Academic Research (SSIJMAR) Vol. 1, No. 4, November-December (ISSN 2278 – 5973) http://ssijmar.in/vol%201%20no%204/vol%201%20no%204.26.pdf Technology Transfer, FDI and Economic Growth in Telecomm Sector: A Review Dr. Rekha Acharya* Ranjana Pa
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  • FDI & Fiscal Policies
    Session #1 – International Business - Review Part 1: Main topics covered and their explanation - 1) Foreign Direct Investment – a) What is Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)? FDI is “investment for control” in a foreign country – foreign investment where control is acquire, vs....
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  • Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico (Fdi)
    FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT IN MEXICO (FDI) INTRODUCTION Mexico is the top trading nation in Latin America and the ninth-largest economy in the world. No country has signed more free trade agreements – 33 in all, including the two biggest markets in the world, the US and the EU. Altogether these si
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  • Opportunities and Challenges for Fdi in Tourism Industry in Malaysia
    Opportunities and Challenges for FDI in Tourism Industry in Malaysia CONTENTS 1 Introduction 2 2 Overview of the tourism industry in Malaysia 2 2.1 Arrivals and Receipts 2 2.2 Composition of visitor arrivals 4 2.3 Performance of sub-sectors and new investments 5 2.3.1 Hotels and Lodgings
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  • Fdi
    Main Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Location and Strategies employed by Transnational Corporations to maximise the net advantages of their locational decisions. Introduction: In the past few decades, the most important development has been of increasing internationalisation a
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  • Fdi in China
    Table of Content 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Summary 3.0 Conclusion 4.0 Text Analysis 5.0 References 1.0 Introduction I found this article "Foreign direct investment: Companies rush in with the cash" on the financial times website (www.FT.com) published December 11, 2002 written by J
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  • Fdi
    Contents Page thsis is shit Executive summary………………………..page 2 Introduction………………………………..page 2 Literary Review……………………………page 3 Country Overview…………………………page 4 Policy Framework…………………â
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  • Exchange Rate Volatility and Fdi
    INTRODUCTION Foreign Direct Investment brings various benefits to both investing countries, or home countries, and recipient countries, or host countries. FDI transfers not only financial resources, but also technology and managerial know-how from home countries to host countries. Therefore, FDI
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  • Impact of Fdi to China Growth
    Abstract The aim of the study is to investigate the impact of foreign direct investment on economic growth in China during the period 1992-2003. The research is based on data indicators of level of GDP and FDI for China during this time period. In research was used simple ordinary least squa
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  • To Study the Fdi and It’s Impact on Telecommunication
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  • Fdi Spillovers in Slovakia - Focus on the Automobile Industry
    1. Introduction Slovakia has outgrown the image of “no-name” countries. It is no longer known as a chunk of former Czechoslovakia but the biggest world car producer per capita by 2008. It’s growth rate in the third quarter of 2007 is a record 9,4% without overheating the economy (domestic
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  • Fdi Trends
    Introduction Foreign direct investment (FDI) is starting to shift more and more towards services; these services are also becoming more traditional. Almost all the countries in the world are affected by the rise of services FDI and the broad-based growth of service TNCs. The off-shoring of export-
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  • The Inadequacies of Fdi Determinants in Tanzania: Some Evidence.
    ABSTRACT. The paper dwells on the inadequacies of foreign direct investment (FDI) determinants in Tanzania. Despite of the several efforts , such as the far-reaching reforms in the economy, done by Tanzania to increase FDI inflows in the country, the results are far from satisfactory. The author
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  • Telecom Fdi
    Acknowledgements I would like to thank my supervisor Dr. Anders Hederstierna, and Dean Anders Nilsson for their guidance and helpful comments. I would also like to thank my colleague from Indian School of Business, Mr. Vinit K. Mishra, for his valuable suggestions. Last but not the least; I
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  • Fdi in Burmese
    Table of Contents Contents 1.0 Introduction 2 1.1 Causes 2 1.2 Current Situation 3 2.0 FDI in Myanmar. 3 2.1 Implication to and on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) 5 3.0 Recommendations 6 4.0 Conclusion 7 References 8 1.0 Introduction Since 1962 the Burmese government ha
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  • Overview of Fdi in Vietnam
    AN OVERVIEW ON FDI IN VIETNAM 1. A definition of FDI According to Article 2, Law on Foreign Investment in Vietnam 1996, “FDI means the transfer of capital in money or any asset into Vietnam by foreign investors to carry out investment activities in accordance with the provisions of
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  • Impact of Fdi
    The Impact of FDI on Economic Growth FDI is said to contribute to economic growth in recipient countries. This may be by adding to the existing capital stock in the host country, by stimulating technical progress in this latter or by creating new jobs. . Studies carried out before the 1980s confir
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  • Fdi in India
    FDI in India Table of Contents 1 Executive Summary 2 2 Introduction 2 2.1 Types of Foreign Direct Investment: An Overview 2 3 Objectives 2 3.1 Overall objective 2 3.2 Specific Objectives 2 4 To study FDI in India 2 4.1 Modes and routes of bringing in FDI to India 2 Modes of FDI 2 Entry
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  • Fdi vs Fii
    2009 FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT & FOREIGN INSTITUTIONAL INVESTMENT [Pro FII, not anti FDI] SUBMITTED BYTANVI ROHATGI 8/25/2009 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We express our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Kumar Bijoy without whose guidance and support this project could not have been made. 2 TABL
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