• What have the attitudes and actions of people in billy elliot revealed to you about venturing into society?
    HSC 2008 Question 12 – Elective 2: Into the world (20 marks) Question: What have the attitudes and actions of people in your texts revealed to you about venturing into society? In your response refer your prescribed texts and TWO texts of your own choosing. The attitudes and actions of the va
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  • Billy elliot family
    Describe at least ONE idea that was worth learning about in the text(s). Explain why the idea was worth learning about in the text(s) as a whole, using examples of visual and/or oral language features to support your ideas. The film Billy Elliot directed by Stephen Daldry, is set in the miners to
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  • Billy elliot
    Written by kim cropper “Into the world” is about individuals making big decisions and choosing new pathways. They choose these by their own determination, support and experiences which allows them to break out of their cocoon and transition into a new world with different experiences. These pat
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  • Billy elliot
    Billy Elliot Select scenes from this film and explain how the director has used filming techniques to create the atmosphere and develop the themes. ‘Billy Elliot’ directed by Stephen Daldry outlines the transition of Billy Elliot, from a constrained society with limited expectations and re
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  • Billy elliot
    Context Assignment For Billy Elliot Topic sentence: Different types of conflict often occur within a family. Families are portrayed throughout most films and texts, as indestructible, constantly supportive, and held together by a bond that is not able to be changed or broken. This ‘perfectâ
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  • Billy elliot
    Billy Elliot Scene Analysis Scene Title and Description - Sound (Diegetic and non-diegetic) Movement 1. Opening titles: The song Cosmic Dancer hand places record by T-rex is heard as boy delicately on is jumping up and down. turntable, boy is seen The responder jumping up and down immediately assum
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  • Billy elliot essay
    Billy Elliot Topic: “Societies often create gender stereotypes that set impossible standards for men and women, leading to unhappiness, loneliness and possibly violence.” How apparent is this problem in English society of 1984, as seen in the film, Billy Elliot? Stereotypes are generalization
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  • Billy elliot study notes
    Love and friendship plays a major role in everyday life. This is shown particularly well in the film Billy Elliot, directed by Stephan Daldry. It is set in Everington in 1984, during the miners’ strike. Throughout the film love and friendship is portrayed in a range of different ways as Billy, the
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  • Billy elliot
    1984: In a northern England mining town, miners are on strike and the atmosphere is tense. Eleven-year old Billy Elliot, whose father and brother are participating in the strike, whose mother has died quite some time ago and whose grandmother is not completely aware of what's going on, doesn't like
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  • Billy elliot
    Which character changes the most? Discuss Billy Elliot, directed by Stephen Daldry is a film set in County Durham, England during the Miner’s Strike in 1984. The theme change is portrayed in a range of different ways and the characters who are able to exhibit this are Jacky, Tony and Billy. Th
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  • Compare the harp in the south to billy elliot
    People depend on each other in impoverished communities. They depend on words of acceptance and rejection in the sameness of daily routine; that the people and the things that were there yesterday will still be there tomorrow. They depend on love being the same drunken love so they always know what
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  • Billy elliot
    How is the concept of Into the World conveyed in the film Billy Elliot? ‘Into the World’ describes a concept of a growth and change experienced by an individual – whether the change is physically, emotionally or intellectually- from the transition between one stage to another. In this transit
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  • Billy elliot
    Describe at least one idea that was memorable in the text. Explain why the idea was memorable in the text(s) as a whole, supporting your points with examples of visual and/or oral language features. ‘Billy Elliot’ is a film directed by Stephen Daldry that tells of a twelve year old boy called
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  • Billy elliot 2
    The poem is based on a strong father-son relationship which is contrasted by the film Billy Elliot. In the poem, the Boy seeks ambition through his father whom he sees as God-like and a great encouragement.     Analysis of  FOLLOWER  by Seamus Heaney An analysis of "Follower" by Seamus Hea
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  • Billy elliot - into the world
    Billy Elliot The experience of moving into the world can have multiple consequences. This is highly reflected in Steven Daldry’s direction of the film Billy Elliot (2000). The protagonist, Billy Elliot and his father Jacky Elliot go through many experiences that consequent in growth and change,
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  • Billy elliot
    Billy Elliot Summery: The film is about a boy called Billy. He likes to dance, but his father will not let him. He wants Billy to box. The father and Billy’s brother are miners, but they are on strike. Therefore the family are in trouble about money. Instead of boxing Billy dances, and his f
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  • Billy Elliot Persuasive speech
    Billy Elliot persuasive speech Dad, lastly my desire for dancing has been increasing and the only reason that is hindering me from doing what I really love is you and Tony. I know I’m not just a normal boy as everyone else who plays football or does boxing, but I am not like everyone...
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  • Impact on Billy Elliot life
    Explain the impact of the 1984 Miners strike on Billy's Childhood. In 1984 the british coal industry underwent a massive contraction from 700,000 employed in 1957 to 300,000 by 1970, as alternative fuels were used to produce energy. This period was...
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  • Film Analysis of "Billy Elliot"
    Film analysis of Billy Elliot Billy Elliot is a film about a young boy who discovers and starts dancing ballet. His father and brother work in the mines and are working class people. But still Billy’s father manages to let Billy go to boxing lessons. Billy doesn’t love boxing and isn’t...
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  • Billy Elliot
    Billy Elliot ! I think the message that is highlighted in this movie is that you should dare to stand for yourself. Billy liked to dance, but in the beginning he was afraid to show it for his dad, because he knew how Jackie (the father) would react. Finally Billy decides to show that...
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