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Fashion Among Students

Every person is fashion conscious. Fashion is very popular among the school boys and girls. They do it in a competitive spirit to look smart, up-to-date and attractive. Students like actors and actresses. Some of them see a film to copy the latest fashion. It is mostly the college students who look upon fashion as the very stuff of their conscience. Being fashionable is the only real passport to high society and popularity in the college. Students put on expensive and fascinating clothes of the...

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Smoking Among College Students

Ashley Smith Professor Joy Versluis English 121 24 Sept 2012 Smoking among College Students The reason why this topic motivates me is because I have many family members who smoke cigarettes. Both my grandfather’s heavily consumed cigarettes throughout their lives. They both became ill from cigarette smoking and got cancer which is a common disease in result of smoking. The disease eventually took both their lives. I would like to study this to learn more about tobacco use and the illnesses...

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Proposal on smoking among students

MB13-34 Rana javed Iqbal MB13-62 Research proposal:- Smoking among Students of grade (10th and 12th) Problem Statement: Despite knowing about the deadly diseases that smoking can cause, there is an increasing trend in its popularity . The problem on which we base the research are : Are all the students who smoke actually aware of the harmful effects? If they are then why they are still having it? Are...

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Obesity Among University Student

Obesity among University student A busy lifestyle and a pack schedule among University student is a common view, when they are pursuing their study at the higher level. We are all agreed that Education comes first but, how about healthiness?. Almost every student in University was not choosy about what they eat, as their eating habit can affect their study performance. They are not concern about their fat level in the body which can lead to obesity. It is proven that this problem become more serious...

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Stress Among College Students

Stress Among College Students Leaving home for the first time and going away for school can be very difficult for some people. In many cases for college freshman this is their first time being away from their home and parents. Many times they get home sick and want to isolate themselves. They have to get into a new routine of going to school, and change can be very difficult. It is definitely hard to get into the swing of college. They have to navigate through classes in a new format while living...

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Sleep Deprivation Among Students

 Language Centre Cover Sheet Please fill in all the blanks below for your assignment: Full Name (in pinyin) Xuecheng.Qian English Name (optional) Shelton Student ID Number 1406725 Class (e.g. EAP007/01A) EAP011 Programme EAP Industrial Technology Module Code 03B Assignment Title Sleep deprivation among students Submission Deadline 11.07 EAP Tutor’s Name Chris Which draft is this? (e.g. first draft, final draft) First draft Final Word Count 984 If you agree to let the University use your work anonymously...

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Financial Problem Among Students

happened among students especially when they further their study away from their hometown. Students always complaint about sort of money. 1.2 Statement of Problem This paper examines the reasons student have poor financial management, spending on non-necessary things or overspend and living away from their family are the causes of financial problems among college students. First of all, poor financial management is the main cause students are facing financial problem. For majority students, it...

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Cheating Among College Students

behavior of university students was investigated in a two-instrument study. In this study, 41 students evaluated the acceptability of an act of dishonesty under 24 different circumstances where a person's motive for transgressing differed. Results indicated that college students took motives into account when evaluating the acceptability of cheating. Acceptance of cheating behavior was expected to be more common among male students than females and younger students than older students. Research ...

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Reading Among Students

Reading Among Students   Reading Among StudentsByAbdullah I. Al FaifiIntroductionReading in general is a big word that branches into so many topics. Nations advancement is based on education which includes reading as a main part of its elements. Therefore, whenever a nation wants to advance, reading must be one of its characteristics. Reading is not dedicated to certain people indeed. It is a gift for anyone can read and understand as well. But, there are places where reading must take place. In...

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The Fashion

Pitoy Moreno - Jose "Pitoy" Moreno is the best-known Filipino fashion designer. Moreno is internationally recognized as the "Fashion Czar of Asia".[citation needed] A former student at the University of the Philippines, where he joined the Upsilon Sigma Phi fraternity, Moreno is one of the earliest advocates of the Maria Clara gown. Moreno was the president of the Philippine Couture Association, the very first association of fashion designers in Manila, Philippines. Moreno was the costume designer...

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Early Relationship Among Students

many high school students, having a partner is near the top of their priority list, and some individuals may feel left out or even feel like failures if they've not dated someone by the end of high school. While in the short term having a boyfriend or girlfriend can make a high school student happy or feel that they fit in, such a relationship can have other consequences for the individual which may not prove as positive. Disrupts Friendship Groups • High school students typically maintain...

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FOLLOWING NEW FASHION TRENDS AS A FACTOR AFFECTING THE DAILY ALLOWANCE CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING Introduction In these modern years, many latest or most up-to-date items, especially fashion trends, are continuous of entering the society, just like accessories, clothes and shoes and even different styles of hair, and people as we observed employed or engaged of spending money just for this....

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Unemploymeny Among Graduate Student

graduates for employment. The fact that many of them cannot converse well in English has contributed to redundancy of graduates who often finding themselves disillusioned after being rejected by employers, one after another. The issue of unemployment among fresh graduates is not new and has been lingering around for years. More than 50,000 graduates out there are currently stranded without jobs, and the number is set to increase in the near future. In the survey, good command of English became the...

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The Causes of Stress Among University Students

of Stress Among University Students. Students’ life on campus revolves around going to classes, studying in the library or in their own room, getting involved in co-curricular activities made compulsory by the university and sometimes hanging out with their friends at a mall to have fun after an exam. Life as a university student basically demands a good time management on the part of the student. Being away from their family will require them to be independent and some students need quite...

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Culture Shock Among International Students

 Culture Shock among International Students by Lyuba Makarova Group A-52 Instructor Olga Chuprakova 1 October 2013 Makarova i Culture Shock among International Students I. Introduction II. Culture Shock 1. Definition 2. Stages 3. Main aspects III. Culture Shock among international students 1. Reasons for fast overcoming Culture Shock 2. Different extent of effects of Culture Shock 3. International students are well-prepared for Culture Shock IV....

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Drug Use Among College Students

Drug Use among College Students\ Research Methods in Psychology I Tierra Adams 12/3/2008 Dr. Brenner Marijuana is the most frequently used illicit drug in the United States, with approximately 32 percent of all Americans having tried it at least once in their lifetime (Marijuana Use among Students, 2008). The Harvard School of public Health College Alcohol Study, conducted in 1993, examined the drug and alcohol use of 17,592 college students nation-wide (Marijuana Use among Students, 2008)...

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Stress Levels Among College Students

 Stress Levels among College Students Rebecca Mathews Iona College Abstract The purpose of this study was to examine the differing stress levels of college students while looking at their year in college and whether or not they are a member of an athletics team. This study utilized a consent form, a demographic form, a survey to determine the stress level of the participant, and a debriefing form for each of the participants. The results of this study showed that only the athletic...

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Factors That Contribute to Suicide Among Students

Assignment 3: Factors That Contribute to Suicide Among Students Afiqah Zainal Abidin B1100446 Department of Psychology PSY 113 Mr. Kenneth Phun Suicide is an act or gesture of self-infliction with the intention to take one’s own life (Mazza, 2006). Mazza (2006) suicidal behavior theory includes three stages. The first is suicidal ideation, which it is the thoughts of suicides by the individual to a more critical condition of suicide behavior (Mazza, 2006). The second is suicidal intent...

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Fashion Fashion plays an important role in the modern society. But people have different attitudes to fashion. Some are indifferent; they do not care what they wear. Others, especially women are very choosy and particular about what to wear and like to spend a lot of money on clothes. The styles of clothing have been influenced by different factors, such as geography, religion, climate, poverty or wealth. The way we dress also depends on our taste, on the season and the proper occasion. We...

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Underachievement Among College Students

and I didn’t like it” then the child is prone to that same attitude about math. 5. Activity choices what the student chooses to do and how much challenge is involved. Activity level is the amount of energy a student expends on an activity. Engagement behaviors the type and quality of behaviors a student displays when working on a task. Persistence the extent to which a student stays with a task. Continuing motivation the extent show of shown interest and desire to go above what is asked. ...

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The Effact of Study Loan Among Student

UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA The Factors That Influence Students Behaviour of Self Funded And PTPTN Sponsored Among UiTM Puncak Alam Students Supervisor: Ms Hazira Mohd Nasir BY WAN MUHAMMAD AKMAL DAHALAN (2009452926) FARA NURAINA ABD RAHMAN (2009201218) MUHAMMAD MIHRAB ZAIN AZMAN (2009255906) Faculty of Office Management and Technology Bachelor of Event Management (Hons) 28 JANUARY 2011 TABLE OF CONTENT Chapter Title 1. Introduction ...

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the impact of smartphone usage among students

LITERATURE REVIEW 2. Conceptualization of Important Concept ``The impact of Smartphone Usage among Students’’ 2.1 The impact of smartphone The impact have a lot of meaning and definition. The word impact has been used in a long time ago which is describe the what influenced the person about something ( Dr Colen, 2001). According to the oxford Dictionaries, impact means any forceful effect on something physically, such as something...

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Binge Drinking Among College Students

Castañeda August 3, 2011 HSC 421 Prof. Garrido Binge Drinking Among College Students With extreme rates of binge drinking among young adults, college students continue to be a primary focus for a range of alcohol prevention efforts. The rates of binge drinking among college students is nearly double the rates for high school students, which may indicate that the college environment encourages high risk drinking. Many students view heavy drinking as a rite of passage that everyone must go through...

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Stress and Suicide among College Students

Stress and Suicide Among College Students: As I thought about which topic I should use to write this research paper the ideas of health and illness, memory, and human development all ran through my head. When I realized the paper was due in a week, I suddenly became stressed. At that point my decision was made. In my paper I would discuss college related stress! Stress, whether it is in high school, college, or the working field, can take an incredible toll on a person. There are many thing...

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Alcohol consumption among international students

Alfonso Orozco Owen Rafferty Pre Degree III 4 September 2014 Alcohol Consumption among International Students INTROUDUCTION Norms are not the same for every culture, the legal drinking age differs creating a gap between the number of adults and youth who consume alcohol. Also, in some countries people drink very often for different reasons such as celebrations, in order to gain confidence, and also to get rid of stress, or just because they like its flavor. Moreover, some religions don’t...

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Dating and Sex Among College Students

Sociology 1001 Dating and Sex Among College Students In college, the cultural norm is that one should engage with the opposite gender casually until a meaningful encounter occurs. The University of Colorado at Boulder is known for its high rates of festivities, which is a leading factor in sexual behavior. The hypothesis of this study being, if students are in relationships during college they will be more inclined to have sex due to intimacy, whereas single students will not be as sexually active...

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Truancy Among Student

are valuable as they are currently used in many school districts and they introduce the idea of citizenship. Good Citizen is developing materials and resources that can be easily integrated into existing social studies curricula for teaching K-12 students how to be effective citizens. -friendly  smiles at people  -selfless  does things for others, not just themselves  -open  willing to work, make things better, volunteer, etc...  -caring  cares about others and the environment  -polite  ...

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Health Issues Among College Students

Health issues among college students In the United States today it is very easy to find something unhealthy or someone who is not so healthy themselves. This may come from many reasons; beginning with diet, smoking, or maybe just your lifestyle. These factors tend to host a very big problem for young college students. Most college students live a fast lifestyle and the things they eat reflect that lifestyle. A student doesn’t want to eat what’s healthy, instead they would rather eat what’s...

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Effect of Social Network Among Students

The popularity of the internet and online communities has grown exponentially (Alexa.com). Is the recent up rising of social networking websites enabling us to remain more connected? This research paper attempts to test the hypothesis that college students who have registered with social networking websites, actually spend less time socializing outside the cyber network. The research for this paper arouse from the rising popularity of social networking websites, such as Myspace and FaceBook. With...

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Common Study Habits Among Students in the Tertiary Level

STUDY HABITS AMONG STUDENTS IN THE TERTIARY INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY A research on the study habits among students in the tertiary level, the study investigated the common study habits among students in the tertiary level using school like St. Nicolas College as a case study. Thirty (30) students were given a questionnaire from different department and year level in the area. The instrument utilized for the study was a questionnaire named “Common Study Habits among Students in the Tertiary...

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Is Fashion Important

Is Fashion Important? Fashion means a general term of a famous style or practice; this is more especially in clothing, footwear, makeup, body piercing, and furniture. Also fashion may refer to a very distinctive and more often habitual trend speaking of the style which one dresses, as well as in prevailing styles in behavior. Fashion may also refer to the newest innovations of textile designers. On the technical form the term costume is so connected with the term fashion in which the use of the...

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Punk Fashion

What Was Punk Fashion in the Early Days of the 1970s? Today everyone knows what punk fashion is, but in 1970 it didn't exist.  Punk first emerged in the mid 1970s in London as an anarchic and aggressive movement.  About 200 young people defined themselves as an anti-fashion urban youth street culture.  Closely aligned was a music movement that took the name punk. Anti Fashion - Torn Fashion Becomes Punk Fashion The clothes suited the lifestyle of those with limited cash due to unemployment and...

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 Reflections on Fashion ‘‘Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.’ Oscar Wilde Fashion. For some it is everything, it merely represents a way of living; for others, it is a living hell! To look like nobody else is a sufficiently mortifying reflection; to be in danger of being mistaken for one of the rabble is even worse. Fashion constantly begins and ends in the two things it detests most, singularity and vulgarity. Every...

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professionally competent environment that encourages innovation and uses my skills and knowledge in fashion designing to make a mark in the fashion world is my career objective. I have always loved fashion and I have always been interested in business. Thus, working on the business side of fashion seems like the perfect marriage for me. I want to work for a fashion or retail company, working my way up the ladder on either the buying or the sales side. One day I...

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is because fashion builds the person´s identity. That’s why we should understand that clothing and fashion is important today as it was yesterday and will be in the future. For hundreds of years people have put some message in the type of clothing they wear. Long ago people started wanting to stand out from the “crowd” and be different changing their clothing. Some examples of these “standing out” became very popular and were followed by more people. This was the moment when fashion appeared. Nowadays...

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The fashion in the 1980's was very weird and crazy. The trends of the 80's changed almost every two years. This was a very weird decade, not just for women, but men and children also. The rapid changing of clothing was different each time. There were a lot of things that affected the way people dressed in the 80's, things such as music and religion. 1980s fashion history is memorable and quite distinctive. A variety of fashion looks ran parallel to each other in the 1980s. Women of this era began...

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fashions influence

Fashion is a popular thing for a period of time. It keeps changing and developing. Fashion and trend are very similar however fashion is almost always related with the way people dress. Trends are related more with technology and such. When asked the question 'What is fashion?' globally known model, icon and business woman Claudia Schiffer replies with 'It's become synonymous with clothing but ultimately fashion is anything popular in a culture at any given time.' The same question was asked to Pulitzer...

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Smoking and Alcohol use Among Bscrimonology Students

Smoking and alcohol use among college students remains the prominent problem in different colleges and universities in the country today. National survey results indicate that 4o percent of college students engaged in smoking and drinking alcohol. According to Windle (2003) smoking and alcohol use among college students is associated with a broad array risk behaviors, including tobacco use and drinking and driving. In addition, studies on college campuses have shown that students who do not smoke and...

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a study benefits of foreign language tutorial among students

 A Study on the Benefits of Foreign Language Tutorial among Students In the Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Course Research CHAPTER I The Problem and Its Background Introduction Why we need to engage in the foreign language tutorial ? What would be the benifits in learning other foreign languge? It is because it is a tool of a person for competitivenessangn...

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The Effect Doing Part Job Among Student University

job among FAB students in Universiti of Technologi Malaysia (UTM). In general, the side income was a very popular reasons among students while the reasons to pay fees show the uncommon reasons in three courses. Only students from Construction courses chose to pay university fees while doing part-time job. In Architecture courses, nine students chose to gain side income when doing part-time job. In Landacape and Construction courses both the number of students remain constant to 7 students. There...

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Ouantitaive Research: Stress Among College Students

Through personal experience, we each found that students who were in college are likely to report feeling stress. We tend to find a significant difference between college students with jobs and college students without jobs. Based on prior knowledge, we know that acute stress can be related to small daily hassles, while chronic stress takes place when several environmental stressors continue to be a worry for a long period of time, like finances and schoolwork. Emotional stress, such as anxiety...

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Date Rape Among College Students

Date Rape among College Students It’s a typical Saturday night at Purdue tonight. The biggest party of the year is happening at the Gama Alpha Fraternity, and you were invited. You don’t know many of the people that will be attending the party; you only know Jack from Psychology class. You say what the heck, start getting ready and off to the party you go. As soon as you walk in the door you’re greeted by Jack, which he offers you a drink, and you take it. But what you didn’t know is that...

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Study on Recycling Issue Among University Students

seems that university students are lack of awareness on recycling. If we ask a random individual on campus on what they think about recycling, 90% of them will tell you “It is good for the environment.” However, they don’t understand the importance of recycling. Even though the concept of recycling and reusing is preached in the campus, students are still not interested in any recycling campaign. This study focuses on the problem of lack of awareness on recycling among students from several public...

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Stress Among Students of Foso College of Education


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innovation See our website for useful workshop materials: www.forumforthefuture.org/projects/fashion-workshopmaterials about fashion futures • Joint project between Levi Strauss & Co and Forum for the Future • In consultation with over 40 experts, we constructed four plausible, stretching scenarios for what the global fashion industry could look like in 2025 • Began in October 2008 and launched at London Fashion Week in Feb 2010 – an engaging online report and printed executive summary – four short...

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that will be focused on throughout this essay is a ladies fashion boutique. The main argument will focus on discourses of management throughout the concepts of what is considered as work in the retail sector, how the working environment is managed throughout the fashion industry, commitment in the workplace and relationship of teamwork. All these aspects of work will be tied in together to form a research based argument in relation to the fashion boutique. In order to produce a contextual framework of...

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Internet Addiction Disorder Among American Students

 Internet Addiction Disorder among American Students Outline I. Introduction A. Opener: B. Thesis statement: This research paper investigates the impact of Internet addiction among students. II. There are advantages and disadvantages in playing online games. A. Interactive games and Tetris 1. improve our thinking skill and strategy planning 2. increase confidence and problem solving skill B. Consequences 1. violent effect 2. physical consequence like Carpel Tunnel...

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Zara is a Spanish brand of fast fashion with various styles and frequent update as its concept of design. Zara is a chain of stores belonging to the Spanish fashion group Inditex .It operates in addition to Massimo Dutti and Stradivarius, founded by Amancio Ortega Gaona is the company's flagship brand and is represented in Europe, America, Africa and Asia in 1483 major cities worldwide, 500 of them in Spain. In 2007 it opened 560 stores across the group. Some of its stores operating under the brands...

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became probably most used one. It is very important tool for all students, which provides them with a wide range of information and makes their work more effective and efficient. Because of lack of knowledge how to appropriate using sources, citations and because of laziness or lack of time the Internet is often used for plagiarizing. What is more, it offers so many web pages where someone else will write the assignment instead of student for some money. The Internet offers easy way to finish work in...

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The Illicit Use of Adderall Among University Students

The Illicit Use of Adderall Among University Students Victoria Milne 06248380 Ron Shore Monday Feb 4, 2013 The Problem: A Historical & Social Perspective: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is characterized by impulsive, hyperactive, distractive tendencies, and difficulties focusing.1 While the nature of this condition may be “maladaptive” in the context of modern society, some authors have viewed ADHD as having beneficial qualities in our evolutionary past.2, 3 Etiologic...

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Current Situation of Using Microblog Among College Students

Research Report: Current Situation of Using Microblog among College Students Microblog is one of the most popular broadcast medium in form of short sentences, typically with no more than 140 Chinese characters. Besides, individual images or video links can also be posted within one note. Messages made up of these small elements offer more brief information. The rapid updating of information provides abundant daily news, from individuals to national organizations. And the topics range from the...

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Fast Fashion

date. * ------------------------------------------------- Please add a “” into appropriate box to indicate your assignment type. Pre-course / Main Assignment Program / Intake : ONL-BBS 1 Pathway: Management | Student Name: | Mitchenko Kristina | Student Number: | 11272511 | Module: | Operations Management | Lecturer/Tutor: | Eamonn Ambrose | Grade: | | DECLARATION: I hereby declare that the attached assignment is my own work. I understand that if I am suspected of plagiarism...

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Utilizing Assessment to Improve Student Life The process of pre-University admission assessment can serve an important role in enhancing student motivation and achievement. Professors can help enhance student performance by sharing clearly defined learning goals. Through student involvement in the assessment process, students learn to take responsibility for their own learning. This feeling of accountability and control may increase the students’ intrinsic motivation to learn and can heighten...

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Action Research: Poor Reading and Writing Among Students

teaching/learning environment, to gather information about the ways that their particular schools operate, how they teacher, and how well their students learn. This information is gathered with the goals of gaining insight, developing reflective practice, effective positive changes in the school environment and other educational practices in general, and improving student outcomes and the lives of those involved. (Mills, 2000, p. 6). This research is about a problem that should be found within a school...

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| |Everything just seems more fabulous when it's covered in fur! Faux fur was seen all over the Fall runway shows and the pages of | |every fashion magazine. There are fashion trends that come and go, but faux fur is a trend that has stood the test of time. And | |no wonder, it is elegant and luxurious and looks just like the real thing for just a fraction of the cost! Nothing looks as chic| |and stylish...

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The Using of Mobile Phone Among Vietnam Students

everywhere. This study, based on primary research, discusses the use of mobile phones among FSD students. Particularly, the objectives of this study are: (1) To discover the time and purposes of FSD students in using mobile phones, (2) to indicate disadvantages of cell phones and (3) to provide for viewers some useful solutions to cope with problems related to the use of mobile phone. This research explains clearly why students chosen their model and spent a lot of time on it by giving benefits of cell...

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THE CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF SLEEP DEPRIVATION AMONG STUDENTS Did you wake up this morning feeling more tired than you did when you went to bed? If so, something is disturbing your sleep. However, do you know what it is? This problem is nothing new and yet more and more students suffer from sleep deprivation, which is a lack of sleep that effectively refresh the body, both physically and psychologically. Stress, unbalance diet, and interactive electronics could be the causes to sleep deprivation...

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Fashion Design Styles

FASHION DESIGN STYLES RECOMMENDED BY CONSUMERS’ SENSIBILITY AND EMOTION I. Summary Analysis of customers’ sensibility and preference is important in a market that is becoming increasingly more customer oriented. This study attempted a sensibility ergonomic approach to explore how a consumer’s sensibility is associated with physical attributes of design in the textile and fashion design fields. A sensibility fashion design system, which classifies a user’s sensibilities and recommends...

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The Causes of Tardiness Among Freshmen Students

Experts say that 10% of us at any one time are suffering from persistent tiredness. Persistent tiredness is more common among women than men. General Practitioners say they regularly see patients who come in complaining of severe tiredness. As a consequence of our busy and stressful modern lifestyles, most of us will at some time experience tiredness. On most occasions, fatigue can be relieved after a good night's sleep. However, this is not the case for everybody. Some people find that tiredness...

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Why students wear uniforms

 Why Students Should be Required to Wear School Uniforms Jacob Millerleile English 1551 Mr. Dickey November 12, 2014 “Administrators thought that some students were more interested in designer names and who was and wasn't wearing them than in schoolwork. They also suggested… would save teens and parents money by making it unnecessary, at least at school, to dress to impress” (2000, p. 3). As stated in “School Uniforms and Dress Codes: The Pros and Cons,” the reader can see that...

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