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Factual Description Of A Shopping Mall

INTRODUCTION A shopping mall is a building or group of buildings that contains stores. The stores are connected by walkways so that consumers can easily walk between the stores. Malls can be built in an enclosed or open-air format. These malls have brought a new revolution in the world of shopping. Nowadays shopping is no longer limited to buying stuff that you require but now it has extended its sense to have lip smacking food along with enjoyment, fun, refreshment and entertainment. In malls all these...

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Shopping Malls

HOW ARE SHOPPING MALLS CHANGING OUR SOCIETY? Program: Addictions & community Support Worker Module: Communications Name: Ismail Erten Date: June 3, 2013 Instructor: Burns MacLeod Assignment # 1 HOW ARE SHOPPING MALLS CHANGING OUR SOCIETY ? * How much do you really know about shopping malls? * How are shopping malls changing your life? * Are you aware of the influence shopping malls may have on future generations? In just under the past fifty years, small family businesses...

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The World in a Shopping Mall

In this world today, we as Americans live and survive on the presents of malls. Malls now are enacted into our way of living, our ability to consume the standards of social and economic impacts brought on by malls have and will continue to alter the composition of day to day survival. Margaret Crawford’s article (“the World in a Shopping Mall”) breaks down how the world is placed within a shopping mall, and because of this, the impacts that have resulted from the world being placed in such a situation...

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Synopsis on Shopping Mall

A SYNOPSIS ON To study the potential of shopping mall with special reference to Rewa city: Year 2011-2012 Submitted to Dr.AtulPandey Professor in-charge of BBA Programme Under the guidance ofMrs. Shikha Singh ChauhanFaculty of BBA | Submitted ByJaya PanjwaniB.B.A. (VIth Sem.) | Department of Business Administration A.P.S.U. Rewa (M.P.) ...

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How to Write Factual Description

Factual description of a process or an event requires a step by step account of an activity, experiment, procedure. The ideas should be systematically presented with important points coming first followed by not-so-important points. Heading is an essential part of it and should be short and crisp. Make a note of tenses used in your description as most often this is the place where students find greater difficulty in. Language The language used should be semi-formal in nature. Try to be...

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Term Shopping Mall

What is a Mall ? A shopping mall, shopping center/centre, shopping arcade, shopping precinct, or simply mall is one or more buildings forming a complex of shops representing merchandisers, with interconnecting walkways enabling visitors to easily walk from unit to unit, along with a parking area – a modern, indoor version of the traditional marketplace. Modern "car-friendly" strip malls developed from the 1920s, and shopping malls corresponded with the rise of suburban living in many parts of the...

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Synopsis on Shopping Mall

Synopsis on SHOPPING MALL FOR ENUGU STATE The role of mall as a cultural hotspot A seminar course Submitted by ------------------------- REG NO: ---------------------- LECTURER: Dr. J.A DATE: APRIL 2012 Enugu state, popularly known as “Coal city state” is the capital of the South-East Nigeria, has a population of approximately 5.6million people is in dire need of a state of the art world class shopping centre where its cultural heritage, the ibo’s and Nigerians in general...

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Role of Malls in Dubai Shopping Festival

Role of Malls in Dubai Shopping Festival Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) takes place every winter with its mammoth array of discounts, competitions, prizes, fireworks and entertainment. DSF offers amazing shopping discounts, attracting holiday makers from around the globe keen on grabbing a bargain. Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) started on February 15, 1996 as a retail event intended to revitalize retail trade in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It has since been promoted as a tourist attraction. This...

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Non Verbal Communication in Shopping Malls

of communicators during interaction. Importance:- Nonverbal communication is the process of communication through sending and receiving wordless (mostly visual) cues between people. It is one of the most important methods of communication in shopping malls as it needs to be communicated to a large number of people. When the other person or group is absorbing the message they are focused on the entire environment around them, meaning the other person uses all five senses in the interaction: 83% sight...

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Power of E-Commerce over Traditional Mall Shopping

POWER OF E-COMMERCE OVER TRADITIONAL MALL SHOPPING i. Most people with different ages can easily browse the internet for several reasons; however, the online shopping considered being one of the most amazing motives. Internet revolution and growing of online marketing shifted most of consumers’ preferences to rely on online shopping instead of the usual traditional mall shopping especially when it comes to convenience, easiness, and globalization. ii. Convenience a. Convenience is the key...

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Malls Affect People...They'Re Designed to

"Malls affect people. They're designed to." - William Kowinski I could not help but to think that the purpose of a shopping mall was for everyone to have one convenient place to buy anything they desired. But, the viewpoints expressed though "Community through Exclusion and Illusion" by George Lewis and "Shopping for American Culture," by James J. Farrell, have led me to believe that the shopping mall also serves as a community center. Another article which captured my attention was Ira Zepp's...

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Mall of Asia

SM Mall of Asia - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review SM Investments Corporation (SMIC) is a retail company. It operates services in retail, tourism, shopping mall, banking, and real estate development. The company through its subsidiaries engages in five operating business segments namely, Retail, Hotels and Conventions, Shopping Mall Development, Real Estate Development and Tourism, and Others. The Retail and shopping segment includes SM prime holdings, SM department store, SM supermarket...

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Suburban Regional Shopping Malls: Can the Magic Be Restored?

1. Imagine yourself as the manager of a struggling local suburban regional shopping mall. What do you think the mall should do to improve its performance? To keep a local suburban regional shopping mall from reaching its decline, there are a few things that must be done to keep your mall relevant in today’s society. One must spend time and money during the maturity phase to keep with today’s trends. Getting more or newer department or anchor stores may help to draw in business. Then fill...

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A Network Enterprise Management System for Shopping Malls

for Shopping Malls CASE STUDY GICEL Shopping Mall, Accra. Background GICEL Shopping Mall is just like an advanced supermarket that sells mostly home products such as home appliances and cosmetics. It provides other services like selling ice creams, beverages and most food items used at home. The Mall sells products to customers categorized from children to adults. A Brief study of an Existing System During my decision to present this project topic, I surveyed several shopping malls, studied...

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Shopping Mall

Far eastern university Institute of architecture and fine arts Shopping mall Delos trinos, Elaine p. Design 531 – ar36 CHAPTER 1 A. Background of the Study A shopping mall is one or more buildings forming a complex of shops representing merchandisers, with interconnecting walkways enabling visitors to walk from unit to unit, along with a parking area – a modern, indoor version of the traditional marketplaces. As traders moved into more spacious shops in the early 19th century high...

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Online shopping

 Online Shopping Mall project {Surjyendu Ray, Suvendu Bhattacharya, Sandip Shaw, Souvik Sett} {Web Application Final year Project} Project Synopsis Online Shopping Mall Description of the Project The Online Shopping Mall (OSM) application enables vendors to set up online shops, customers to browse through the shops, and a system administrator to approve and reject requests for new shops and maintain...

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Shopping Malls

MANAGEMENT SHOPPING MALL 1 MARKETING PROJECT ON SHOPPING MALL NAME: MRINMOY CHAUDHURY ENROLMENT NO: 011102003 PROGRAM: PGDIB 02 Term : 6 2 Contents 1. Introduction Pg. no. 4 What is a shopping mall? ................................................. Advantage and disadvantage Brief history Type of shopping malls Components 2. Objective……………………………………….. 9 What are the key factors which is making shopping mall hugely successful? Effect of shopping malls on the small...

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Shopping Mall

this study. The literature review cover the shopping behaviour, shopping value, consumer’s decision making styles, perceived shopping mall image, shopping mall brand loyalty and consumer segmentation. The conceptual framework of this study will be explained in the end of this chapter. 2.1 Shopping behaviour This section is attempts to provide an explanation on consumer shopping behaviour by review the previous study on the previous literature. Shopping is one of the distinct activities of consumer...

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Shopping Mall Impact on Small Bussinesses

Impact of Malls on Small Shops and Hawkers A small sample survey of the impact of malls on small shops and hawkers in Mumbai points to a decline in sales of groceries, fruits and vegetables, processed foods, garments, shoes, electronic and electrical goods in these retail outlets, ultimately threatening 50 per cent of them with closure or a major decline in business. Only 14 per cent of the sample of small shops and hawkers has so far been able to respond to the competitive threat of the malls with the...

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Shooping Malls

Disadvantages of Malls a) Over Spending by visitors, Shopping Malls are a drain of resources : Shopping malls incorporate a large number of products and services inside them. It is not always easy to go to a shopping mall and exit with only what you came to purchase. The temptation to browse is always present, and browsing often leads to buying things that are not needed. b) Electric energy is supplied to this industry too much. If we consider in the long way of the source of energy to continue...

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Traditional Shopping vs Online Shopping

Traditional and online shopping environment In the traditional shopping, one has to leave home, either walk or take a ride to a particular location in order to buy what one wants. There are many ways of traditional shopping such like shopping at shopping center, outlet village, markets or department stores. However, online shopping has been developing at a fast rate through recent years and more and more people are moving towards this mode of shopping. The online shopping is typically done at home...

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Lost in the Mall

Lost In The Mall: Misrepresentations and Misunderstandings Article Review Shane Raymer South-central Kentucky Community and Technical College Abstract The studies described in this article investigates whether people can be fed false memories, or believe false information, into believing that (for example) they were once lost in a shopping mall at a point in their life. Lost...

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Retail Shopping Mall Semotics and Hedonic Consumptions

and once you’ve found something you like you’ll find American sizing conventions. Dotted around the store are large plants, leather wingbacks and the odd sofa making navigating the store even more difficult. Although this may sound like a chaotic shopping environment, everything from the music volume to the assistants looks are strictly controlled.” In terms of looking at the atmospherics of Hollister, the aesthetics have been laid to purposely cause a reaction from the consumer. Hollister have...

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Mall Preferences

Summary: Mall Attractiveness and Shopping Preferences is a study conducted to find out what variables attract shoppers to a mall, their preferences and how mall operators should consider this significant analysis to implement an effective strategy to position their strategy. The study involved five major shopping malls in Davao City: SM City Davao, NCCC mall of Davao, Gaisano Mall of Davao, Gaisano South City Mall and Victoria Plaza. Factor analysis is applied for this study and complimented...

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The Shopping Mall as Consumer Habitat

The Shopping Mall as Consumer Habitat PETER H. BLOCH University of Missouri NANCY M. RIDGWAY University of Colorado SCOTT A. DAWSON* Portland State University Although large enclosed shopping malls represent signt$icant institutions in modem Western culture, consumers’ activities within malls have been surprisingly underresearched. In the present study, consumers’ interrelationships with malls as consumption sites are explored using the concept of a habitat drawn from the ecological...

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Online shopping vs. Traditional Shopping

 Shopping is an exciting part of American culture, whether you participate or not. With a boost from cyberspace, a person can buy just about anything without leaving the couch. Both types of transactions coexist with one another, yet window-shopping is a distinctly different experience from Internet shopping. Shopping is no longer as simple as it used to be, especially if you’re picky. Whether it’s web-based or face-to-face browsing, there are some benefits and downfalls to both methods that differentiate...

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Bluesky Shopping Mall

Analytical Report on Blue Sky Shopping Mall Executive Summary Blue Sky Shopping Mall is a large shopping mall in a thriving business center in Myaynigone. However, it is in a bad shape and its growth is declining. Several factors, such as the lack of vision and mission and long-term plan, unsuitable organizational structure, lack of target market and market strategies and the high turnover rate affect the growth of the Shopping Mall. This report sets out a plan and recommendations to reinvent...

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Online Shopping

PREPARATION OUTLINE (ONLINE SHOPPING) Specific Purpose • To persuade my audience to do online shopping in order to get an easier life. Central Idea • Online shopping will make our busy day become easier besides it will give us many advantages. INTRODUCTION I. How is your opinion toward online shopping? II. In my opinion, online shopping can give many advantages toward our life. III. We may have an easier life when we start to do online shopping to get whatever we want through our...

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shoppings mall

students, describes how his company, Envirosell, uses observation approach to understand and redesign shopping behaviour across a wide range of store types and shopping malls themselves, much of which comes down to intelligently repositioning elements such as mirrors, basket stacks, signage and seating. Poundstone (2010) cites a study by Sorensen Associates which used active RFID tags fitted to shopping trolleys to determine that US shoppers taking an anticlockwise route around supermarkets spend on...

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CONTRAST SHOPPING ONLINE and SHOPPING MALL In general, we all know that some people like to spend their money through shopping. There is also some people that hates the whole process of buying things. Basically, shopping at stores requires us to go to the mall but recently technology had exposed us that shopping can be much easier, by not going to the mall. Most people nowadays prefer online shopping rather than shopping at the mall for some reasons. Which one gives us the best benefits...

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Mall Culture

Shopping was never as convenient for people as it is now. The shopper gets the experience of one stop shop. From apparels to FMCG goods, the consumer gets leisure time visiting malls. Each store offers an individual a wide variety be it for choosing a stationery pen or a laptop. One of the reasons for the existence of mall culture is globalization. Products and brands from various places, cultures and communities are under one roof. One of the central features of conventional shopping areas...

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“The Science of Shopping” versus "The Signs of Shopping"- Two Sides of an Issue

“The Science of Shopping” versus "The Signs of Shopping"- Two Sides of an Issue Shopping has become a daily activity which happens a billion times in America and around the world. We cannot imagine how our lives would be affected if shopping was suddenly stopped. Malcolm Gladwell and Anne Norton both write articles about two sides of modern day shopping: how consumers have impacted the retail industry and how the industry influences consumers. In the article " The Science of Shopping," Malcolm Gladwell...

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Teen Shopping Habits

With “mall rat” officially part of the Canadian vernacular, it’s not surprising that shopping malls top the list of where both female and male Teens hang out and shop. Teens also shop in numerous other venues, including discount stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, and more. But as per this observation paper I elected to head to the renowned Fairview mall to see what I can find in teen shopping habits and trends and how they vary between genders. I think that as the age goes up, so does the...

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The Mall as Prison

Kimberly Campbell English 1013 Comp 1 October 4, 2010 “The Mall as Prison” Author David Guterson, journalist and novelist, spent a week in The Mall of America on assignment for Harpers Magazine. His essay, “The Mall as Prison”, tells his views on the Mall as a psychological effect on today’s society. He uses witty and sarcastic comments to get his point across. Is American culture being corrupted by what Americans consider a retail structure that is vital to the survival of our needs? He gives...

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Disadvantages of Online Shopping

Disadvantages of Online Shopping. According to Wikipedia (2004), online shopping is the process consumers go through to pay for products or services over the internet. An online shop, Internet shop, web shop or online store evokes the physical similarity of buying products or services at a bricks-and-mortar retailer or in a shopping mall. Shopping through the internet might have advantages and disadvantages. So, disadvantages of online shopping are has dull shopping experience, risk of online...

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Shopping Mall (Research Project)

ON MARKET RESEARCH ON SHOPPING MALL IN NCR A report submitted to U.P. Technical University for the partial Fulfilment of MBA Degree 2009-11 Submitted To:|Submitted By:| || Greater Noida Institute of Technology (MBA Institute), Code: 272 7, Knowledge Park-II, Greater Noida (U.P) 2009-11 CERTIFICATE This is to certify that the Research Project Report entitled Marketing Research on Shopping Mall in NCR being submitted by………fulfillment...

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The Signs Of Shopping

Signs of Shopping For me, it is the same question every month, should I go shopping or pay my insurance? Most of the time it comes down to going shopping until the insurance has to be paid, and I am sure I am not the only one that has been in this situation. There are different ways of shopping and each one of these ways are coded systems that construct our own identity. They each encourage consumers to buy products and then group the consumers with one identity. In “The Signs of Shopping”, Anne Norton...

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MALL CULTURE Mall culture is nothing but an exploitative phenomenon mastermind by materialistic sharks of a blind imitation of the wild west for personal gains – and even at the cost of small traders and entrepreneurs who provide spot service to the community while these huge magnet like sophisticated centralized retail chains attract the gullible customer through media and advertisement blitz craze. Where? Of course, not in villages and in towns but in metropolis like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Banglore...

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Electronic Mall

Electronic Mall By the increase in the internet usage in different aspects of today’s life, the amount of creative and innovative ways to utilize the electronic world have eventually increased. It is easy and popular among the users to use search engines as a method to gain access to a specific product or service. However, while using the internet for their shopping, they may face difficulties regarding to lack of enough information about the product or service they are looking for, such as...

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Shopping Mall

charges in the mall premises. This would help to increase conversion from window shoppers. 2. Include counters where all types of bill payments can be made. 3. Conduct some activities related to the local and regional festivals. 4. 24*7 hours mall-which is not popular in India. Mall management must try and trap BPO workers as well as young crowd which love spending time in malls till late night. Also for a household who might require any product in urgency. So 24*7 malls will increase...

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Call of the Mall

CALL OF THE MALL Meaning of Mall 2. A large, often enclosed shopping complex containing various stores, businesses, and restaurants usually accessible by common passageways. 4. A street lined with shops and closed to vehicles. 3. A shady public walk or promenade. South China Mall Location: Dongguan, China Year Opened: 2005 Gross Leasable Area: 7.1 million square feet Golden Resources Shopping Mall Beijing, China Year Opened: 2004 Gross Leasable Area: 6 million square feet SM...

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An essay on shopping malls and the power struggles going on within them: A critical analysis of Fiske's "Shopping for Pleasure", from "Reading The Popular".

An essay on shopping malls and the power struggles going on within them. In this essay, I have given a critical analysis of Fiske's "Shopping for Pleasure", from "Reading The Popular". In this analysis, I will be examining the main points in this chapter and discussing Fiske's explanation for including each one. I will also be examining counter arguments from other sources on his theories. There are five distinctive sections within this chapter: 'malls, power and resistance', 'consuming women'...

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construct shopping mall

Original Article Journal of Retail and Leisure Property (2009) 8, 39–55; doi:10.1057/rlp.2008.25; published online 14 January 2009 Towards defining shopping centres and their management systems Michael Pitt1 and Zairul N Musa2 Correspondence: Zairul N. Musa, School of the Built Environment, Peter Jost Enterprise Centre, Byrom Street, Liverpool L3 3AF, UK. E-mail: Z.N.Musa@2007.ljmu.ac.uk 1is currently Professor of Facilities Management and School Head of Business Development at Liverpool...

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Shopping Mall as a Leisure Destnation

SHOPPING MALL AS A LEISURE DESTINATION SUFIAN HAMAT SCHOOL OF HOUSING, BUILDING AND PLANNING UNIVERSITI SAINS MALAYSIA, PENANG SUPERVISOR: DR. NURWATI BADARUZZAMAN ASSOC. PROF. DR ABDUL GHAFAR e-mail: Sufian@iiu.edu.my Shopping mall has become part of a ‘way of life’. The place is a destination frequented by many levels and age groups of people during leisure time and weekends. The intentions of going to the mall now are no longer confined to shopping...

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A Day at the Mall Happy people walking, stepping, running, grabbing, chewing and talking wherever you turn. Upstairs downstairs, front and back people are constantly grabbing and letting loose of items. Twenty percent, fifty percent red signs all over the place. The mall is definitely the place to be after a stressful day at school. It makes no difference what mood one is in when approaching the mall because once the entrance door closes behind you-nothing matters. The mall consists of many wonderful...

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advantage of shopping at mall

A shopping mall is a building or group of buildings that contains stores. The stores are connected by walkways so that consumers can easily walk between the stores. Malls can be built in an enclosed or open-air format. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is an early shopping mall dating from the 15th century. In 1819,London opened a shopping center called the Burlington Arcade. Milan, Italy built a shopping center in the 1860s called the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. In the United States, people began...

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Mall as Disneyland

Sierra Larson ENG112-16PR Position Essay 2/10/14 The Mall as Disneyland Almost all Americans have heard the name Walt Disney. He created Disneyland, the happiest place on Earth. Walt Disney plays a large role in American society than just providing entertainment; many developers turned to part of his park, Main Street USA, for ideas when they started to design modern day American shopping malls. In “The Mall as Disneyland” Richard Francaviglia argues that Walt Disney played a key role...

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MillCreek Mall Review

 Millcreek Mall Review Erie is a city known for its beautiful bayfront beaches, rich history, and exciting downtown nightlife, but its shopping is extremely underrated. One of the highlights of shopping in Erie is the Millcreek Mall located on upper Peach Street. Although the linear layout may cause a lot of backtracking, the Millcreek Mall has large variety of unique and nationally known stores with several hotels and restaurants surrounding it, making the experience convenient and enjoyable...

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Shopping Mall High School

Shopping Mall High School is an expression used in reference to consumer-oriented secondary educational institutions presenting plenty of choices to the students within its program. The program includes choice of schedule, classes, and a wide variety of subject matter, subject difficulty, and extra-curricular activities (sports and hobbies). Schools dubbed shopping mall high schools make such various and different options for students in an attempt to allow students to achieve the customized, individualized...

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Shopping Addiction

What Shopping Can Lead To What is shopping? Is shopping something we do for fun, for fashion, or to make us happy? Is shopping in our culture? Is shopping something we have learned from our parents, growing up? Shopping can be defined in many ways, but when does shopping become a problem? In “Shopping Spree, or Addiction” by Heather Hatfield, MD, she says “shopping can be one of America’s favorite past-times, but shopping can also lead to a self-destructive addiction that will cause financial disaster...

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The Rise of the American Mall and Suburbia

What exactly are malls and what is their purpose? What has malls done for Americans? A shopping mall, also known as a shopping center, or shopping plaza, is a modern, historical marketplace. The mall is a combination of independent retail stores, services and has a parking area, which is used by many Americans primarily for convenience. Many malls also contain restaurants, banks, theatres, professional offices, and sometimes entertainment areas for children. There is also a mall in the U.S. that...

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Mall Observation

Shopping Mall Observation A sociological observation was conducted at Manhattan Village mall from 5:48 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. on Saturday, September 18, 2010. There were many different types of ethnicity and different ways of how people act. On the observation day, there were many people in groups of three or more. People tend to just worry about themselves and their own group. Many families brought little kids and let them play around the water fountain. People are so unique in so many ways such as...

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Safe Online Shopping Tips

Informative Speech – Safe Online Shopping Tips Online shopping is convenient nowadays. We are not restricted by geographical location. In past times, without Internet, we are limited by selection and prices in the stores that are convenient to us. Online shopping usually offers us best price for some of your favorite stuffs and the sellers provide fast shipping. Those are the reasons online shopping has become easier and convenient for consumers. However, online shopping has its risks. According to...

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Mall Goers

Mall Goers On a cold, sunny, Thursday afternoon, I head to the Christiana Mall, in Newark, Delaware. I pull into the parking lot and notice that it’s quite crowded; people are fighting over the closet parking spots. I drive around to find a place to park, passing by the bus station outside of Target. There are a lot of people of different races, standing there, shivering, and attempting to keep warm on the bitter winter day. As I pass, I notice an African American guy with head phones in his...

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online shopping

Top 5 Benefits Of Online Shopping Monday, March 4, 2013 Editor’s Note: Being web design and development firm with an eCommerce Department, we have quite a few customers coming our way to outsource their digital commerce projects to our team of graphic designers and web/mobile programmers. Ecommerce has become so popular and profitable because of a number of online shopping benefits buyers have discovered since the beginning of the electronic commerce era. This article tells about some advantages...

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Online Shopping Industry in China

Online shopping industry in China 2012/4/8 Online shopping industry in China The Table of content: Instruction of Online shopping industry----------------------------------3 The advantage----------------------------------------------------------------5 The prospect and interest---------------------------------------------------11 Conclusion--------------------------------------------------------------------13 The instruction of the online shopping in China today: According...

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Online Shopping

With increased use of the internet, more and more people drawn towards online shopping. Online shopping is one of the greatest aspects of the internet today. By choosing to shop online you will be able to enjoy many benefits, some of which are self-explanatory, others that are not so apparent. Online shopping is a multi-billion business and is constantly growing. Many individuals favor this kind of shopping because of ease. For shoppers who work for lengthy hours, it would be hard to visit a store...

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Mall Promotion

and Marketing, L&T Realty, the events organised by the management of a mall inside the property cost a lot of money. It is therefore important that these do not merely increase the footfall for its own sake, but actually contribute to the increased sales of the tenants by driving traffic to their stores. Typically, when we talk of mall marketing, we talk about increasing the footfalls and prolonging customer visits. Mall managers focus on events such as fashion shows for women, concerts for teenagers...

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Are Shopping Malls a Boon or a Bane?

Shopping Malls: Boon or Bane The world has witnessed rapid economic development in last twenty years. Countries specially, India, China, Brazil, Russia etc have seen rapid growth in terms of direct foreign investments, development of infrastructure and migration of rural population to urban centres. Shopping malls, expressways, commercial centres rule the urban landscape amidst sordid state of social structure and governance. Shopping malls are seen as weekend hubs for shopping, dining or anything...

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Shopping: Retailing and Open Air

What's better for shopping : an afternoon downtown or a few hours in a shopping centre? Say why. A whole day of shopping is the dream of every girl, especially the young ones, and the nightmare of parents, boyfriends and men in general. Going shopping is something very important, and almost necessary for some people, but what's the best place to go and do it? Nowadays, shopping malls are very big and beautiful, full of shops and places where men can have a rest and children can have some fun...

Chris Barrie, English-language films, Existential quantification 1567  Words | 4  Pages

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