"Factors That Affect Nationalism In The Philippines" Essays and Research Papers

Factors That Affect Nationalism In The Philippines

------------------------------------------------- Filipino nationalism Filipino Nationalism is an upsurge of patriotic sentiments and nationalistic ideals in the Philippines of the 19th century that came consequently as a result of more than two centuries of Spanish rule[1] and as an immediate outcome of the Filipino Propaganda Movement (mostly in Europe) from 1872 to 1892. It served as the backbone of the first nationalist revolution inAsia, the Philippine Revolution of 1896.[2] ------------------------------------------------- ...

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Nationalism: Philippine Revolution

Rizal’s Nationalism Filipino nationalism began with an upsurge of patriotic sentiments and nationalistic ideals in the 1800s Philippines that came as a consequence of more than three centuries of Spanish rule. This served as the backbone of the first nationalist revolution in Asia, the Philippine Revolution of 1896,[1] and continues up to this day. These nationalistic sentiments have led to a wide-ranging campaign for political, social, and economical freedom in the Philippines. -patriotic sentiments...

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Factors of Nationalism

The Factors in Developing Nationalism There are many ways in which nationalism can be shaped by the people of a country. Some factors include social, economic, political, geographical and historical aspects. These things give the inhabitants of a country realistic events and values to base their nationalities on. Many events in the French Revolution, Napoleonic Era of rule in France, and the Independence of Kosovo will be used in the explanation of this development of nationalism. Historical factors...

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The Birth of Philippine Nationalism

 The Birth of Philippine Nationalism Submitted By: Vince Clark P. Galeno BS Math 3-A Sheila Mae S. Geter BS Math 3-A The coming of liberal ideas from abroad, the Spanish Revolution of 1868, the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, and martyrdom of Fathers Gomez, Burgos, and Zamora were the factors that gave birth to Philippine nationalism, They ignited in our people the nascent sparks of nationality, the consciousness of being one nation with common blood and race, common custom and traditions...

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Philippines: Factors Causing Unemployment

Philippines: Factors Causing Unemployment Even with a booming economy, there are still some countries experiencing the imminent problem of unemployment. This paper analyzes the major factors affecting the high unemployment rate in the Philippines. The country has showed some positive progress on their economy; however, its unemployment rate still ranks highest among its neighboring Southeast Asian countries. Unemployment affects so many aspects of the economy, so knowing the root causes of unemployment...

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Comparative Analysis: Indonesian and Philippine Nationalisms Examined

 COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS: Indonesian and Philippine Nationalisms Examined Submitted by: Mary Grace A. Pelayo 2nd Year ABIS-ASST ASS2 I. Introduction. Southeast Asian countries are characterized above all by their diversity in terms of culture, religion and language to name a few and even their political and economic orientations may vary distinctively from each other. Certainly, being immersed in these Southeast Asian countries also implies being in contact with series...

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Midterm The idea of nationalism is a new and complex phenomenon. It is difficult to gain an exact definition was what and how nationalism came to be, however there are popular ideas and theories. Two of the main approaches to understanding nationalism is through Anthony Smiths idea of primordialist and Benedict Anderson's constructivist approach. The primordialist approach explained by Smith is the idea that nations are natural phenomenon which are that have been around since the beginning of...

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 Nationalism is a devotion of love for one’s country. A country’s identity is seen through its culture, traditions, religions, beliefs, and even the unity or togetherness of the people in it. The history of the Philippines reflects the kind of nationalism the Filipinos have. Their heroes stood and fought to preserve the Filipino identity and attain freedom and independence.   Respect the Philippine flag and value the Filipino identity Being Filipinos, we should respect our Philippine flag and its...

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Factors That Affect Supply and Demand

Explain Factors That Affect Supply and Demand [Name] [Institution] [Instructor] Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 Factors That Could Cause Changes In Supply and Demand 2 Substitute and Complementary Products 3 Product: Teabags 4 Necessity of Product and Price Elasticity 4 References 5 Introduction In business and economics, the relationship between potential buyers and sellers of goods is referred to as Demand and Supply. “Demand and Supply” was initially...

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Nationalism throughout History and the Modern Age With research and resources you will learn about Nationalism throughout History and the Modern Age. Nationalism because it is a political idea that involves a tough recognition of a set of individuals by way of a political being defined in nationalized conditions, for example a nation. And Modernity, because it is a take action of why and how thing develop and progress all the way through history. Because of these changes occurring allows us...

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Factors That Affect Climate

Factors that affect climate Latitude: Ocean Currents: Wind and air masses: Elevation: Relief: Near water: Global Factors that Affect Climate As the suns UV rays hit the earth they hit is directly at the equator causing more heat. Because these rays are direct and they hit direct at one spot. For part a, the earth start to slope, in which the sun’s rays have to hit a larger areas, and have to travel further distances. As the latitude increases, the average annual temperatures decreases. In North...

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Factors That Affect Students Learning

students to learn there are several factors that must be considered. Most of these factors are external; they deal with social or cultural values. Also, it may be determined by the school’s environment as well as the teachers and administrators that teach them. Still, another important factor falls upon the student’s ability and willingness to learn. Here are several factors that can affect the way a student learns during these formidable years. SOCIO-ECONOMIC FACTORS Students come from various backgrounds...

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Factors that affect talent planning

 A report to identify, discuss and assess the nature of Talent Planning in organisations 1. Introduction 2. Attracting talent 3. Diverse workforce 4. Factors that affect recruitment and selection 5. Recruitment and selection methods 6. Induction 7. Concluding statement 1. Introduction This report aims to assesses factors that affects organisations' approaches towards: attracting talent; recruitment and selection (including an investigatory approach to specific methods used); obtaining...

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Factors that affect exchange rate

Factors that affect exchange rates. Like any price, the exchange rate deviates from the cost basis - the purchasing power of currencies – under the influence of supply and demand of currency. The ratio of the supply and demand depends on several factors. It reflects connections with other economic categories - cost, price, money, interest, balance of payments, etc. There is a complex of interweaving and nomination of decisive factors. Among them are the following. • 1.The rate of inflation. The...

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Factors That Affect Management Function

Factors That Affect Management Functions University of Phoenix MGT 330 Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility David Mallory September 3, 2009 The Factors That Affect Management Functions Introduction There are many things that have an effect on the four functions of management; planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Defined as Enterprise Environmental Factors, or any or all external environmental factors and internal organizational environmental factors that surround or...

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External factors that affect companies

González Gómez Organizational Theory External factors When mentioning external factors that conspire to affect an organization we can take into account environmental uncertainty, organizational size and structure, government, raw materials, human resources, markets, economic conditions of the country, financial resources, technology, and a few more that truly create a challenging and complex operating environment. And the real impact is that all of them affect organizational performance as well because...

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Factors that affect enzyme activity

 Biology Coursework: Preliminary Work 8/12/2013 Intro I am going to investigate a factor that affects the rate of enzyme activity What are enzymes and how do they work? Enzymes are biological catalysts - catalysts are substances that increase the rate of chemical reactions without being used up. Enzymes are also proteins and thus have a specific shape. They are therefore specific in the reactions that they...

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Factors That Affect Learning

Factors That Affect Learning All children matter, regardless of their background. It is important that every child can fulfil its true potential, however there are factors that can affect a child’s learning to stop this. This essay will discuss the importance of emotional intelligence and how it positively affects a child’s learning and social class with its negative affect on education and solutions to combat it so deprived children have better opportunities in school. Social class has a major...

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Filipino Nationalism

WHAT IS FILIPINO NATIONALISM? - Mrs. Leticia R. Constantino Nationalism has had a long history in our country. In our struggle for freedom, there have been periods when strong nationalist feelings fired our people to action and other periods when nationalism seemed to be forgotten. Not only did nationalism as a sentiment have its peaks and valleys, nationalism as a political concept has been espoused at one time or another by different sectors of society which projected particular nationalist...

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Factors Affect Communication Process

Factors Affect Communication Process FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE THE COMMUNICATION PROCESS Perception Perception is a process by which the meanings of messages are interpreted. The way messages are perceived is related to a combination of a person’s social and cultural influences, gender, educational background and knowledge, and past experiences (Schuster 2010). This complex mix of influences means that no two people are likely to perceive the same message in exactly the same way. Some of the...

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What Factors Affect Longevity

HOW CAN YOU MODIFY YOUR LIFESTYLE TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF LIVING A LONG, HEALTHY LIFE? Life expectancy is affected by many factors. These include diet and exercise, smoking, mental state, environment, career, spirituality, social interaction and support. One of the most easily controlled aspects in my lives is my nutrition and exercise. My physical well-being directly impacts on my life expectancy. I am aware of the value of a well-balanced diet – rich in fruit, and vegetables, low in fat...

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A factor that may affect communication

 A factor that may affect communication is the use and abuse of power. In health and social care effectively every care provider has power over all patients on what standard of care they receive. The word power is defined as….. “The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of events” - http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/power Often when we communicate there is always an overall power within that communication. The speaker may create...

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Factors Affect Chinese Outbound Tourism

Running head:FACTORS AFFECT CHINESE OUTBOUND TOURISTS Factors Affect Chinese Outbound Tourists In Destination Choice Weiqi Wang Fairleigh Dickinson University FACTORS AFFECT CHINESE OUTBOUND TOURISTS Factors Affect Chinese Outbound Tourists In Destination Choice Introduction With the development of Chinese tourism market, the outbound tourism has attracted more and more attention in recent years and it has recently drawn much research attention in the...

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Modern-day Nationalism

     Modern-Day Nationalism                Nationalism is loyalty and devotion to a nation. It is a sense of national consciousness exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups. It is living by and for your country and your race. It is also standing by our culture, patronizing our own products. It is also being aware to promote our culture & heritage so that other nation may...

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Philippine Literacy in the Pre-Spanish Era - Position Paper

Philippine Literacy in the Pre-Spanish Era I. What is literacy? A. Literacy is defined by the society today. 1. Literacy is a person’s ability to speak and write. 2. Literacy is closely intertwined to English by today’s society. B. Literacy in the form of functional and basic skills. 1. Basic literacy is founded through the ability to speak and write. ...

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Factors That Affect Learning in Kenya

refers to the inherited characteristics of an individual, including traits such as height, eye color, and blood type. On the other hand environment is defined as, all of the external factors affecting an organism. These factors may be other living organisms (biotic factors) or nonliving variables (a biotic factors), such as temperature, rainfall, day length, wind, and ocean currents. Development is a pattern of change over time which begins at conception and continues throughout the life span....

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The Nationalism in the Philippines

The nationalism in the Philippines By Paolo Codilla Laquian In one of the most stunning display of nationalism in the world, the revolution known as the “People Power Revolution”, a series of popular demonstrations against the Marcos regime began in 1983 and culminated in 1986, set a new standard for displaying love of country whose example would be followed by multitudes of people all desiring change in their country. Nationalism is defined by Duhaylugsod (1999) is love of country with the advocacy...

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Factors That Affect the Growth of Microorganisms

different sugar types affects rate of respiration. The experiment showed that the yeast produces the highest volume of CO2 with glucose. It also showed the yeast respires at its lowest rate with sorbose and maltose was in between the rate of yeast respiration of glucose and maltose. Introduction In this investigation we are going to investigate the amount of respiration by how much carbon dioxide is produced, and how using sorbose, glucose and maltose sugar types affects rate of respiration. We...

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Factors Affect Chef Acquisition


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Japanese Occupation Affect Nationalism in Indonesia

4. Assess the impact of the Japanese Occupation on nationalism in Indonesia “Nationalism” is generally defined as the increasing desire in people to determine their identity, existence and destiny for themselves. For the Netherland Indies, nationalism movement can be traced back to around 1900, which finally led and gave rise to a new nation, Indonesia. Nonetheless, it is important to acknowledge that nationalism movement existed prior to the Japanese occupation and therefore should not be consider...

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P2 1 factors that affect development

P2 – Factors that affect development. There are five main factors that affect a person’s development, they are: Genetics factors. Environmental factors. Socio-Economical factors. Life style factors. Biological factors. Genetic factors Each cell in the body contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, half from your mother, and half from your father. The chromosomes contain the genes you inherit from your parents. For example, for the gene that determines eye colour you may inherit a brown gene and a blue...

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Southeast Nationalism

exaggeration to say that nationalist movements were thus doomed to fail. There were some conditions which could potentially lead to the growth of nationalism and even aided it to success, i.e. improved transport and communications, spread of vernacular press; and events happening in other parts of the world such as World War One also impacted the growth of nationalism. It must also be noted that nationalists in certain parts of Southeast Asia had also achieved some measure of success. Thus the negligible...

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How Abiotic Factors Affect the Biota

BKristen Gershkoff Mr. Zabel Ecology 1 October 2012 How Abiotic Factors Affect the Biota The variation of abiotic factors in both the beach and the salt pond greatly affect the biota in those areas. At the beach there was a rocky landscape that rounded the water, while at the salt pond, there was more of a wet grassy area allowing different life forms or biota to thrive in each. Also, physical factors such as temperature, salinity, or dissolved oxygen levels allow for different life forms to...

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Review on NATIONALISM, FUNDAMENTALISM AND DEMOCRACY IN BANGLADESH BY: B. K. JAHANGIR Reviewed by: MUHAMMAD TALUT C-325 53rd Foundation Training Course Bangladesh Public Administration Training Center Savar, Dhaka Submitted on: 18.03.2013 Introduction: “Book Review” is considered a very important and convenient module included in the Foundation Training Course at Bangladesh Public Administration Training Center. The Book to be reviewed in this paper is “NATIONALISM, FUNDAMENTALISM...

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Philippines BUSN 105 10/14/2012 Amy Westbrook The Philippines is a cultural anomaly. Situated in the heart of South East Asia, the Philippines are quite unique among the nations situated around it. Being heavily influenced by Spain, Mexico, The United States and the Catholic Church add to its uniqueness. Inhabited by around 92 million people the culture of the Philippines is quite diverse. The majority are of ethnic Malay stock. However, unlike neighboring countries such as Malaysia...

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The Philippines

Philippines: No Other Place But Up The Philippines is considered one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia. As of 21st century, the country is a member in several international organizations’ including the APEC, Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and World Trade Organization (WTO). In addition the Philippines also have a lot of trading partners and trade agreements. Though, the Philippines have suffered negative balance of trade for many years. In January of 2013, the...

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External Factors Affect to Fpt Company

In today’s climate of international trade, firms must consider several influences affecting to them to remain competitive and improve performance. This paper introduces a descriptive framework for understanding the factors that impact to FPT Software Company. They are globalization, global crisis, technology, social trends, workforce diversify, and social responsibility. FPT Software (Fsoft) was established in 1988 as a division of FPT Corporation and it quickly became a biggest Information Communications...

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Factors Affect Supply and Demand of Acuvue

This report’s focus is on analyzing the factors that affect the supply and demand of the products. There are several variables that can affect the supply and demand of a product, including consumers’ income, prices of substitute products, costs of inputs and so on. The product discussed for this report is Acuvue, I will analysis how the factors affect the supply and demand of Acuvue. Acuvue is Johnson & Johnson’s Vision Care Product. It is one of the most popular eye contact lenses products for...

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Nationalism on many levels can be extensively defined as the desire to devote and remain loyal to one’s own nation, a sense of patriotism, while aspiring for national advancement or in some more extreme cases, independence. Colombia, comparable to various other Spanish colonies, had a multitude of reasons for independence and its urgency but one of the most principle causes of all for Colombia’s independence was nationalism. Nationalistic views were inspired through influential movements such as...

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Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Public Secondary School Teachers in the Philippines

Background of the study Teachers play a very crucial role in achieving the objectives of Philippines’ vision 2020. Disgruntled teachers who are not satisfied with their job could not be committed and productive and would not be performing at the best of their capabilities. Teaching profession is facing problems related to teachers’ job satisfaction. The general perception is that teachers in the government school are dissatisfied with their profession. They are said to be dissatisfied with teaching...

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Internal & External Factors that Affect Management

changing business world companies from of all sizes have to be aware of the different factors that might affect the way they are managed and ultimately operate. There are two main areas where these factors can originate, internally and externally. According to "Businessdictionary.com" (2013), "Internal factors are inner strengths and weaknesses that an organization exhibits. Internal factors can strongly affect how well a company meets its objectives, and they might be seen as strengths if they...

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 NATIONALISM Nation and nationalism are two of the msot common word used in political science and in discussion of internatioanl politics. While using these words so oftenly most of us often tend to use them lossely and sometimes also misuse them. Statehood Demands in India’s Northeast: Bodoland   As anticipated, the creation of Telangana has had a destabilising domino effect on the rest of India. The most recent of these is the demand for a separate...

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Factors That Affect Enzyme Reaction Rate

Lab Report Factors That Affect Enzymes Reaction Rate Name of lab: Effects of temperature, pH, Enzyme Concentration, and Substrate Concentration on Enzymatic Activity Introduction: Enzymes are the most important types of proteins, they act as catalysis (speed up chemical reactions). If enzymes didn’t exist, biochemical reactions would act to slowly and they couldn’t keep up with the metabolic functions. Enzymes have a three-dimensional structure that is really complex. This structure consists...

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Factors That Affect the Time Value of Money

Factors that Affect the Time Value of Money Time value of money is the concept that an amount of money in one's possession is worth more than that same amount of money promised in the future (Garrison, 2006). The reason for this is that money today can be invested to earn interest and therefore will be worth more in the future (Brealey, Myers, & Marcus, 2004). This paper will explain how annuities affect time value of money (TVM) problems and investment outcomes. In addition, this paper will briefly...

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 FACTORS THAT AFFECT SYSTEM PERFORMANCE NT1110 Computer Structure and Logic ITT-TECH FACTORS THAT AFFECT SYSTEM PERFORMANCE Whether you are operating a multi-million dollar corporation or a student trying to get a research paper done, having a fast reliable computer is essential. Computers are extremely important resources in the modern world, especially in the business world where millions of dollars can be gained or lost in a matter of minutes. The problem is that most users don’t...

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Colonial Influences of the Spaniards in the Philippines

of the Philippines Santa Rosa Campus A Term Paper Entitled COLONIAL INFLUENCES OF THE SPANIARDS IN THE PHILIPPINES Presented by: Maybelyn U. Catindig, BSEM 3-1 Presented to: Prof. N. Silva I. Introduction Spain is known for its history of exploring and conquering lands during the Age of Exploration in 16th century. There were many undiscovered lands during those times and in search of the east countries of the world, Spain was able to discover the Philippine archipelago...

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Prostitution in Philippines

POVERT RATE IN THE PHILIPPINES A RESEARCH PAPER PRESENTED TO: Maestro John IN PARTIAL FULFILMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS IN ENGLISH IV PRESENTED BY: Juan Gabriel R. Calderon TABLE OF CONTENTS I Table of contents…………………………………………….3 II Introduction…………………………………………………….4 III Facts and Topic Concept…………………………………….5 IV Survey Content and Data…………………………………….6 V Survey question and Answers…………………………….…7 VI Analyzation of survey question and Evaluation…………..8 VII ...

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DIFFERENT FACTORS THAT AFFECT THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF STUDENTS Submitted by: Cayleen C. Capco BSIT- 1IT4 CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION A. NATURE AND IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY In educational institutions, success is measured by academic performance, or how well a student meets standards set out by local government and the institution itself. As career competition grows even fiercer in the working world, the importance of students doing well in school has caught...

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Identifying Factors Which Affect the Job Satisfaction of Nurses

Identifying Factors which Affect the Job Satisfaction of Nurses Daryl Tongalag Coleman University We live our lives aiming for satisfaction. The satisfaction we want to achieve can be from our studies, our business, our health status, our body image, or our jobs. In health care profession, the article “The Determinants Of Job Satisfaction Among Registered Nurses” discuss the contentment of nurses with their jobs. Job satisfaction has a lot of factors that affect it. These factors...

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Factor That Affects Accounting Practice in Nigeria

FACTORS AFFECTING ACCOUNTING PRACTICE IN NIGERIA AND THE WAY OUT Accounting Practice refers to the routine manner in which the day-to-day financial activities of a business entity are gathered and recorded. A firm's accounting practice refers to the method by which its accounting policies are implemented and adhered to on a routine basis, typically by an accountant and/or auditor or a team of accounting professionals. In another context, an accounting practice is intended to enforce a firm’s accounting...

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What Factors Affect The Labor Market

 What Factors Affect the Labor Market? Adrienne Rudy ECON 210 Professor Kenneth Tirpack February 14, 2015 As a professional recruiter, I would prefer a candidate with a college degree. Even if the degree obtained does not exactly align with the position I am looking to fill, a college degree can give me a lot of information about an applicant. One of the most important thing that a college degree tells me is that the person is a hard worker. It takes drive, hard work, and dedication to obtain...

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What Types of Internal and External Factors Affect Development

2.1 Explain how development of children and young people is influenced by their range of personal factors. There are two main factors which affect a child and young person’s development. The first is personal factors this can be linked to genetics, health and learning difficulties all of which influence the development of a child. Then there is personality which is linked to the environment which is influenced later on in the development. Genetics Genetic information about a child is important...

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What is the importance of patriotism in the lives of Today's youth? Yahoo answer Patriotism is a love for one's country and a desire to make her better. It is contrasted with simple nationalism (or jingoism) in that nationalism and jingoism represent a blind loyalty to one's country even when it wrong (an example would be the people of Nazi Germany). Patriotism, on the other hand, recognizes when its nation is wrong and fights to correct the wrong even as it supports that nation. Patriotism...

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Philippine Airlines Introduction

Philippine Airlines I. Executive Summary Philippine Air Lines also known as PAL, is the flag carrier and national airline of the Philippines, headquartered in the Philippine National Bank Financial Center in Pasay City. Philippine Airlines maintains aircraft with the highest degree of airworthiness, reliability and presentability in the most cost-effective manner; and conduct and maintain safe, reliable and cost-effective flight. It continues to achieve on-time performance on all flights it operates...

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Factors Affecting the Grades of Freshmen Engineering Students

College grading is an exceptionally complex phenomenon because it is subject to both external social forces and internal changes of the participants (for example, students, faculty) policies and practices (for example, grading policies) and other factors (Birnbaum, 1977)Ecoamists view grades as a reward for academic performance, which is assumed to be related to individual academic ability as well as the quantity and effort the student puts forth in educational activites (Becker, 1965; Hanushek 1979)Psychologist...

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The Philippines

Demographics The national population of the Philippines is approximately ninety million people. The national language of the Philippines is Filipino, which is also called Tagalog. English is also spoken and understood throughout the country. English is the language for commercial and legal transactions. The Philippines is the third largest English-speaking country in the world. The major religion of the Philippines is Roman Catholicism. The Philippines is divided into three different geographical...

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BACKGROUND Tourism is a major contributor to the economy of the Philippines, contributing 5.9% to the Philippine GDP in 2011. The country's rich biodiversity is the main tourist attraction of the Philippines. Its beaches, mountains, rainforests, islands and diving spots are among the country's most popular tourist destinations. The country's rich historical and cultural heritage is also one of the attractions of the Philippines. The Philippine tourism industry flourished in the 1970s and early 1980s but...

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Illegal Logging a Major Factor in Flood Devastation of Philippines

Illegal logging a major factor in flood devastation of Philippines MANILA (AFP) Dec 01, 2004 Decades of illegal logging, unusually high rainfall and geography have all contributed to the devastation wrought by storms that have lashed the Philippines, the government and environmentalists say. With hundreds dead or missing in floods and landslides in Quezon, Nueva Ecija and Aurora provinces, blame has fallen on illegal loggers who have stripped hillsides bare and turned lush green forests into death...

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Protestant Reformation and Nationalism

NATIONALISM HIS 104 Marek McKenna September Barron August 27, 2012 Nationalism; One might ask, what is Nationalism? Nationalism is popular political ideology that developed in the 18th century and that it identifies “people” and the purposes that control an independent “state” the key to “nation” is the definition in the identification of a “nation” This definition originally came from France and Spain prior to the 18th century, it refers to a small, elite group of men...

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Philippines * Known by many names in song and story. * Before Magellan’s arrival, Chinese traders called it “Mai” meaning “Land of Barbarians”. Pearl of the Orient Seas * The names which modern writers give. * The most romantic name of our country. * One of the beautiful land in the Far East. Philippines * Northernmost point: Y’Ami Isle 78 miles from Taiwan * Southernmost tip: Salvage Isle 34 miles from Borneo Philippines * An archipelago of 7, 107 islands. 2...

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